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Authors: A.L. Bridges

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Feros and the Underworld Prince

BOOK: Feros and the Underworld Prince
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Feros and the Underworld Prince

Book 3 of The Gods’ Executioner Series


Feros and the Underworld Prince

By A.L. Bridges

Copyright 2013 A.L. Bridges

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This novel is a work of fiction. All likenesses of people, organizations, or events are purely coincidental. All characters, organizations, events, and places are used in a fictitious manner.


I would just like to say that I do not advocate underage drinking; however, if you believe that it doesn’t happen, then you are just lying to yourself. Besides, if you’re from any country besides the US, then you probably don’t consider the age of 18 to be a candidate for underage drinking. Hell, in Denmark you can start drinking at the age of 16.





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Chapter 1: Ooh, Foxey Lady

In my dreams, I see a beautiful silver haired girl with icy-blue eyes, but something about her makes my chest ache. She is playing with a tan skinned baby with brown hair and hazel eyes. There is light in the girl’s eyes, but her face is emotionless. The ache in my chest intensifies.



[September 5th]

It’s time to wake up, Cole.” Kita coos in my ears. “Bacon, eggs, and toast are all prepared, but they will become cold if you don’t eat them soon!”

I roll over and catch an eyeful of Kita’s beautifully naked and tan backside as she wears the hell out of the lemon yellow apron that doesn’t confine her bushy white tail. I stand out of bed and walk into the kitchen of Kita’s small, one bedroom apartment. I look into Kita’s deep blue, almond-shaped eyes and I give her a kiss good morning before sitting down to eat the breakfast that has been prepared for me.

So have you recalled anything about your past yet?” Kita asks while cleaning a pan.

Not yet, but I promise that you will be the first to know!” I say as I stuff an egg, half a slice of toast, and two strips of bacon into my mouth simultaneously.

It’s an interesting story: about six months ago, I woke up naked in a grassy field without any clue where I was or how I’d gotten there. The only thing I could recall was my name: Cole Treyfair. Luckily for me, Kita had just been passing through that field when she noticed me looking perplexed. She brought me home and has allowed me to stay with her while I try to regain some of my lost memories. The only clues I have so far are the dark red bracelet that is stuck on my right wrist; the silver, three-swirl tattoo on my left shoulder blade; and the five-pointed silver tattoo on the back of my neck that resembles a crown.

Well, those and the reoccurring dream of the silver haired girl, but that isn’t something I’ve told Kita about because I don’t want to strain our relationship. Kita and I have grown close over the past six months; our relationship has evolved into a physical one, we sleep in the same bed, stuff happens… I’ll just leave it at that.

I have to get going, but I should be home at around 4pm. What are you going to do?” Kita asks as she takes off her lemon yellow apron.

I’ll probably wander around the city for a little while and see if I can’t find something that will jog my memory before work.” I reply.

Well, just be careful Cole. I’ve been hearing some nasty rumors about the liche from the Irkalla district that recently appeared. Apparently he has taken over the local vampire gang.” Kita replies. What can a Mesopotamian liche possibly want with a vampire gang?

Don’t worry, I will. Now you had better get going; don’t want to make the boss-lady mad, now do you?” I ask rhetorically.

Nope!” Kita says cheerfully before she kisses me on the cheek.

See you later!” She says as she jumps up and does a double front flip. On the first rotation, she morphs into her fox form and on the second rotation, she disappears.

I read the paper while I finish my breakfast.

In otherworld news: The one kilometer stretch of the Arctic Ocean in and around Ilulissat Greenland has been frozen solid for its fifteenth consecutive month following the massive explosion that destroyed half of the small port town, an event that still has leading experts baffled.

Ilulissat… that’s a strange name.





Chapter 2: Déjà vu… DENZEL!?

I wash my dishes while admiring the green/blue sky that reflects off of the grey landscape outside the kitchen window. I walk into the bathroom, take a quick shower, and get dressed in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a light grey hoodie. I lock up on my way out and proceed down the three flights of stairs to street level.

The streets are busy with various beings headed to their jobs, or perhaps just loitering around like me. I walk around for a few hours, trying to find something to jumpstart my memory in this world that is devoid of color with the exception of the sky. I’m told that the sky looks different in each district, but I’ve never been out of Adlivun.

I tend to enjoy my little walks around the district; there may not be much in the way of color, but the energy of the Underworld makes it a pleasant enough place to spend an afterlife, or just a regular life depending on who you are. Some people choose to skip their afterlife and fade out of existence immediately upon arriving. Other times, people are asked to pass on to make room for the more recently dead; I need to recover my memories before that happens, but since I can’t remember how I got here, I’m not sure whether I count among the dead or the living in the Underworld.

I head to the
bar, which is only about six blocks from the apartment. The
bar is a type of sports bar that displays the Citadel gladiator fights and also deals in gambling on said fights. I’m not much of a gambler, but I make decent money as a bartender and one of my few friends owns the place.

Cole! How’s that vixen of yours eh? She seemed a little sore when she was leaving my place last night!” Jericho Archer jokes as I step inside the empty
bar. Archer is the twenty-six year old demigod son of a South African man and a Mami Wata, an African goddess of beauty, water, and wealth.

Haha, not as bad as your sister; she wasn’t even able to get up out of my bed this morning!” I reply in similar fashion.

Nice! Take a seat, the match is just starting. Rum and Coke?” Archer asks.

Before work!? I’m not too sure if I can handle it, but if you insist, you are the boss!” I exclaim sarcastically as Archer mixes me a drink. I sit down and watch the match on a fifty-two inch LED screen.

BOOK: Feros and the Underworld Prince
3.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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