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Stark Affair Book 2




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October 29, 2014


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As soon as I saw her I knew
it was her.

know how. I just knew.

it was the way she looked at me, right through me, with those penetrating brown
eyes. Gorgeous. Intelligent. Determined.

And humorously
out of place.

I swear
the music stopped. Actually, the entire world stopped as I swam in her eyes.

We seemed
to hold on together for a few long moments. Breaking the connection, she moved
toward the bar. Some chubby guy joined her.

Two things
are for sure. One, she’s the cop they sent. Obvious. I know cops a mile away.

I could study that face for days. Might even want to paint it.

And I
don’t paint.

it, I’ll learn how.

tried not to laugh as I chatted her up. It was almost as if she was trying to act
like the usual girls I talk to.

she didn’t stand a chance. Too much intelligence behind the eyes. Too much awareness
of her surroundings. Taking everything in, recording it, mapping it.

I love that. So refreshing.

Not to
mention the fact that she didn’t swoon all over me like every other girl.

I sensed
she wanted to but was distracted by something.

I was
right. She excused herself and went toward the restrooms, but didn’t go in the ladies’
room. Instead, she had a conversation with Jag, my restroom attendant, and went
in the men’s room. A girl came out of the men’s room looking dazed. I watched her
find her friends who sat with her on a couch.

I saw Sofia emerge with a lowlife in tow, heading out the side door.

knows there’s a side door. That alone is impressive.

I figured out the situation and called
, my manager.
He said he would take care of Jag and send down a replacement.

I walked
out the side door onto the street.

was something primal watching her beat up that guy. My dick got hard all by itself
as her fist rammed into his nose.

never happens anymore.

to. All the time.

Now girls
are just girls.

But this
one... brains and toughness... not to mention that body.

Holy fuck!

I could
be in some serious trouble.

She was
about to leave but I talked her into a drink on the roof deck.

Now I’m
leading her back in through the club, then over to a private door. A stairwell is
in front of us.

She follows
me up.

I pull
the chair out for her. She looks around, but I can’t tell if she’s impressed or
not. Most girls are in awe at the private little outdoor dining room I have up here
with its spectacular view of the beach and Ocean Drive on one side and the city
on the other.

arrives from the other stairwell, a tray in hand.

places two
on the table between us.

, Enrique,”
I say.

just nods and disappears as fast as he arrived.

I pick
up my drink and raise it.

“To kicking
ass,” I say.

smiles. A real one. It is spectacular. The lights of the city don’t even come

She picks
up her drink.

kicking ass,” she says. Her voice is all diaphragm, a growly challenging tone. My
dick moves.

you actually wanted the
,” I say. “I could get you
a protein shake or some Gatorade if you prefer.”

She shoots
me a dirty look. She can do that all night long. “What the fuck’s that supposed
to mean?”

have three other guys that need their asses kicked and I was going to send this
guy Bruno but I thought I’d ask you instead.”

Mr. Billionaire Colton Stark.”

Oh, God,
I love the way she says Mr. Billionaire Colton Stark. Like she’s completely
unimpressed. Not to mention the way she swears so easily.

My dick
is fully hard now. That used to happen all the time when I got a girl up here,
but it’s been a while. Months. No, years.


This girl, Colton? Really?

has a masculine edge, even though she’s all girl. Muscular shoulders. A hint of
biceps. Solid legs. Nice curves, though. Perfect ass, that’s for sure. Couldn’t
help staring at it as she pushed that guy out the side door.

I think
I’ll just lose myself in her eyes a little more.





Shit, what’s going on? Did I
blow this or not? He must have figured out I’m a cop by now.

I don’t seem to care. I’m lost in the netherworld of those amazing eyes. They’re
like vast universes to explore.

Not to
mention they keep staring at me like they’re trying to see into my soul. If he keeps
that up, I’m in trouble.

Criminal, Sofia! He’s a criminal! Stop it!

“So what
brings you to Heat tonight?” he says.

His voice
is deep, but with a soft and velvety edge. Like it bypasses his throat completely
and comes out of his massive chest.

to check it out. I’ve heard so much about it.”


take a sip of my
. “Some website.
, I think.”

snorts again. “You don’t strike me as the type of girl to read
. Which is now defunct anyway.
You must have done a Google search.”

this guy is smarter than I thought. And taller. And bigger. His shoulders
stretch the fabric of the shiny shirt. As he turns, I see his chest muscles
grow and shrink.


My clit is throbbing.

can’t be happening to me.

to take charge. I’ve got to throw his challenge back at him.

what are you saying? That I’m not a

not,” he says.

what leads you to this conclusion, Mr.

eyes widen and he shifts in his seat, tugging on his pants.

Ms. Badass,” he says, “a
would never refer to herself as a
She would also never come here alone. Not to mention kick a guy’s ass like that.
You box?”

, I
like the way he calls me Ms. Badass. Yep, panties getting soaked now.

Control yourself, Sofia! You’re a goddamned professional!

I take
a deep breath, uncrossing and re-crossing my legs.

to,” I say.

“Me too.”

“No you

got into it in college. Trained with a street hoodlum in East Cambridge while I
was at MIT. Went semi-pro for a couple of years under the name Johnny

I get
a mental picture of him in the ring pounding on another guy. Shoulder muscles flexing
and sweating under that glorious tattoo.

it, I’m melting. Don’t know how else to describe it. I think if he touched me, I
would dissolve into jelly.

Steady, Sofia, steady!

it. Whatever. I can’t seem to fight it. Go ahead, baby. Flow.

I take
a huge gulp of my drink.

, that’s

the fake name?” I say.

shit. My dad thought I was being an idiot. He wanted me to go to Wharton. I
wanted to knock out Floyd

“So what

never knocked out Floyd


He looks
down. “And, my dad died.”


not. He was the world’s biggest prick. I had to become the face of his business.”

is now your business.”

that’s a laugh. I’m the face of Stark Worldwide for the press. Just a puppet.
It’s controlled by my dad’s
, Jasper van
, and the Board.” He
pauses and frowns while folding his arms. “Why am I telling you all this,
Sofia? It is Sofia, right?”

it’s Sofia.”

you sure it’s Sofia?”

I say.

it came out as

God, the alcohol is hitting me.

do you do, Sofia?”

His eyes
narrow as he purses his lips. I imagine those lips forcefully pressing against mine,
his tongue probing my mouth without mercy, his stubble grazing my face.

a student,” I say. I had an entire spiel planned for this.

he repeats.

he’s definitely onto me. He’s not buying that. Alarm bells go off.

I’m studying criminal forensics at FIU.”

He takes
a sip of his drink and leans forward. “You are no student.”


a cop.”


look directly into his eyes. He knows. He knows I know he knows.


about the way he called me out so directly is so fucking hot.

the fact remains I’m blown. I’m a complete failure. This assignment is trash. I’m
going to be sent back to the Pit. Some fucking detective I turned out to be. Maybe
my dad is right.

I’d better go,” I say as I slurp down the last of my drink.

it’s okay. I like cops. Have a friend at MPD.
Know him?

I begin
to stand up. “No, I’m not a cop. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m also

you blew whatever it was by letting me see you kick that guy’s ass.
work on that, officer. OCS?”

Fuck me.

I grit
my teeth and nod.

He leans
back, putting his hands behind his head. “Hmm, next time I’d go with bodyguard instead
of student. More convincing.”

I stand.

to meet you, Mr. Stark,” I say.

Colton,” he says. “And, you’re not going anywhere.”

you know who I am. I blew it. We can drop the charade. I’m leaving.”

I pick
up my purse and move toward the stairs.

go for a ride in my Bentley,” he says as he gets up.

right. That may work on your usual
but Bentleys don’t impress me, Mr. Billionaire Playboy. I’m going home.”

I reach
the door to the stairs.

now up and following me.

I say as I open the door.

He moves
toward me, grabs my arm, and turns me toward him. My self-defense mechanism activates,
but I sense he’s prepared for it. His grip is just forceful enough.

I look
up into his eyes.

is a huge mistake.

they’re deep. Dark. And penetrating.

My knees
go weak.

He moves
his hands up to my shoulders, freezing me in place.

And kisses

I can’t
believe it, but I let him.

a hard forceful kiss. His tongue finds mine.


No, Sofia! Don’t! You’re kissing a criminal!

I push
him back. I have too much self-respect to allow this to happen.

leaving!” I say in my officer-in-charge voice. His eyes go wide. I swear I see his
cock move in his pants. I wonder what it looks like. My hand drifts down his shirt
from where I pushed him away.

Stop, Sofia!

I say and walk into the stairwell. I need to get the fuck out of here and
figure out what I’m going to tell


He follows
me down the stairs.

way,” he says, taking me straight down another access stairwell that opens into
the very same alley out back, completely bypassing the club, thank God.

step out of the darkness and over to the side street. There’s still some blood
on the ground from

I turn
and face him, my arms folded.

you for the drink,” I say.

walk you to your car. Not that you can’t handle yourself.”

fucking funny. No, please don’t. I’d rather just go.”

The look
I give him tells him I’m serious. Even though a part of me longs to stay. I’ve got
to get out of here and get a handle on all the conflicting thoughts in my head.

he says. “You win. But I want to see you again, Officer Sofia Badass. Tell you
what, let’s meet in a place you’ll feel comfortable. Monday at three at
Gym on 14th Street.”

Is he serious?


“So I
can kick your ass at boxing.”

I laugh.
“Don’t. You’ll only embarrass yourself.”

He takes
a step forward.

destroy you,” he growls with a squint that makes me think he really believes he


laugh. Shit, maybe I can still work this. Maybe I can get the info I need even
though he knows who I am. Think about it. I’ve already blown it. What could I
possibly lose by spending more time with him?

Not to
mention, I’d love to see the expression on his face when I knock him senseless.

Mr. Billionaire Playboy,” I say. “Monday at three.
Gym on 14th.”

at three,” he says. “
Gym on 14th.”

I turn
and walk toward Collins.

he says. I stop and look back.

going down.”

I give
him the finger and walk away.

at three.

Me and
Colton Stark.



BOOK: Flame
13.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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