Forbidden Games (Forbidden Ties Series Book 2)

BOOK: Forbidden Games (Forbidden Ties Series Book 2)
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Lauren Branford


First Edition, November 2014

Copyright ©2014 Lauren Branford


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Forbidden Ties Series

Book II of II


Table of Contents

First Game


The Visitor


Pep Rally

Never Alone

How to Win

The Negotiation

Road Trip

Rule of Three

First Game


(This chapter is previewed at the end of Book I)

              “Why monsters?” I asked Penny as we sat on the concrete stadium steps during the first football game of the season. All over, team supporters adorned sapphire jerseys, hats, and even capes with “Mayville Monsters” embroidered on them.

              “Because monsters are
,” Penny stated plainly. She looked at me as though she had lost all respect for my sense of teenage trend and style.

I think it’s stupid, too
,” Jill whispered to me. Only, even through the noise of the surrounding crowd, Penny had overheard her.

              “Team spirit, ladies,” she reminded us as she grabbed a fistful of popcorn. “Here they come!”

              Suddenly, the stadium exploded. Everyone stood to their feet as the Mayville Monsters ran onto the field in their blue uniforms. Near the bottom of the stands, my aunt and uncle clapped wildly. Tim wore a foam hat that looked like a ferocious monster was eating his head.

              The football team raised their hands in the air, engaging the crowd for more noise. Looking up, I noticed that Mayville Academy was extremely high tech. Cameras run by students from the Audio Visual Club raced around the field, projecting high-definition video onto a giant screen.

              I watched as it filmed each of the players, showing their names, positions, and class. When the camera circled Cade, my heart stopped.


              It had been over two weeks since Cade and I hooked up in my room. Since then, we had spent every night together. Each time he snuck into my room it seemed to be more intense than the previous. Cade was everything; gentle, raw, and insatiable. We began fucking all through the night so much that I had been losing too much sleep. Cade’s goal was to see how many times he could make me come before I couldn’t stand to have him inside of me any longer. By that time, the number was eight.

              Besides his lustful hunger, Cade was oddly attentive to my feelings. He started talking to me about school, and my friends, however, he shied away from discussing my mother. It was as though seeing me in pain was unbearable to him. Still, we did have a deep conversation about our childhoods and how terrible he was to me then. I received a full apology, which I gladly accepted, followed by kissing that led to more sex.

              “TOUCHDOWN!” yelled the announcer. I had been daydreaming about Cade for so long that I didn’t see the team make their first play. The game itself went by quickly as the other team struggled to make a single point against the Monsters.

              “We’re winning so easily that I’m almost bored,” groaned Jill.

              “What did I say about team spirit?” Penny scolded as she dug through the popcorn carton for remaining kernels.

“Isn’t this the worst game you’ve ever been to, Mairead?” Jill asked as she rolled her eyes.

              “This is my first football game,” I admitted. Suddenly, there was a gasp from my friends.

              “Girl,” Penny said with wide eyes. “You are

              We all laughed as we watched the halftime ceremony commence. The bands from the opposing teams marched around one another, playing their team’s fight songs back to back. When they were done, a video played on the massive screen.

              “Mayville Academy would like to recognize,” said a booming voice over the speakers. “One of our brightest, most talented athletes.”

              Suddenly, a photo of Cade in his football gear was shown. Then I saw him run out onto the field, followed by his coach and some other teammates. Cade removed his helmet and waved to the crowd that cheered for him.

              “Cade,” said the coach as he spoke into the microphone. “Ever since you joined varsity as a

              The coach paused for the crowd to stop screaming Cade’s name. I joined in for nearly a minute until the coach raised his arms in signal for us to calm.

              “You have been an inspiration for us all,” he continued as he held up a large golden trophy from a blue bag and handed it to Cade. “We’re here today at the start of a great season, to recognize you for breaking more athletics records than any other student in Mayville history!”

              The crowd went even wilder. I stood along with them as the coach made Cade aim the trophy high into the air.

              “Everyone, please give it up to our most valuable player, Cade Vandercamp!”

              Just as the crowd screamed so loudly that I thought I might go deaf, the screen changed behind Cade above the field. I couldn’t feel more proud of him until, all at once, the crowd became silenced by what they saw. Cade’s face was tossing up and down in the dim light.

              “Fuck, you’re tight,” his voice reverberated on the screen. Suddenly, people were cat calling and laughing, just as I realized that we were all watching the video I had recorded of us having sex.




              The jeers echoed all over the stadium like a never-ending game of ping-pong. Sweat formed all over my body as my heart raced in a panic. Just as soon as the screen was shut off, I looked down to see Cade rushing from the field. His head was low during the mocking he received from the other team. As soon as he reached the team bleachers, I heard him roar. His fist rushed forward, smashing into a concrete wall.

              “That was messed up!” yelled Penny as she came to my aid. “I’m sorry you had to see that.”

              “Yeah,” I said softly. It was a relief that no one had realized that I was the girl in the video my cousin was having sex with. Still, my mind was fixated on Cade. Someone had done this to ruin him and I knew exactly who it was.

              Half a dozen rows down and to the right of me was the bobbled Barbie head of Angie Oberstone. She and her friends were laughing uncontrollably.

              “It wasn’t me!” she giggled as on lookers pointed at her. “Cade is a slut and everyone knows that!”

              I wanted to punch Angie in her tiny little nose. I wanted to feel it break beneath my fist. I wanted to hear her crying at school that the plastic surgeon did what he could, but she would never look the same. Just as I was glaring at her, one of her emaciated friends saw me and tapped Angie on the shoulder. Together, they stared upward and laughed. I had enough.

              “Where are you going?” Jill called out as I started for Angie.

              “To kick her ass!” I yelled. All I could see was red. This girl needed to be taught a lesson and I didn’t care what the consequences would be for me. I was half the way to her when someone grabbed my arm.

              “Hey, kiddo,” said my uncle Tim. “We should probably all leave.”

              Looking over at them, I saw my aunt’s head down. She looked perplexed by the situation. I felt terrible having been part of this disaster though neither one of them could know the truth.

              “Okay,” I agreed as I stopped in my tracks. My eyes went to Angie again who was oblivious to my aim for her. She was sitting around with her friends still giggling as the players came back onto the field, without Cade.

              “Are you leaving?” Jill asked as she and Penny caught up to me.

              “Yeah,” I succinctly answered. “It’s probably better that we go find Cade.”

              “Take care,” Penny said as she wrapped her arms around me. Her red hair flew all over my face, making me squint. “I’m
sorry about my hair!”

              “It’s okay,” I laughed a little.

              “I keep telling her that she needs to shave it all off,” Jill joked. I laughed at this, too. It was nice having friends, especially during a time when I am in panic mode.

              “I’ll see you guys later,” I said as I followed Tim and Alice through the crowd. Cade was standing near the outside of the stadium. His handsome face wore a scowl as the assistant coach wrapped his hand in a white bandage.

“Cade!” Alice called out as soon as she saw him. He looked up to see his mother running toward him, and then he ducked his head. The entire situation was extremely embarrassing and he seemed to have just realized that his mom had watched the entire video.

“Not now, mom,” Cade said as she approached. “I’m pissed.”

“So am I,” Alice said as she stomped her feet. Then she opened her purse, wrote something on the back of a torn sheet of paper, and handed it to the coach. “I want you to give my number to the head coach
Principal Bale. I expect someone to call me

“Yes, ma’am,” said the assistant. He strapped on the bandage, looked back at Alice. “You should probably take him to the hospital; he punched that wall pretty hard.”

“Thank you,” Alice replied as she neared his hand. Cade glanced over at me and gave me a gloomy look. I returned it so that he would know that I felt for him. I wanted to run to him and wrap my arms around his broad shoulders. It was the first time I had truly felt the consequences of having a forbidden romance. Also for making tapes that should never have existed. Then a question dawned on me: what if Angie knew that I was the girl? She looked at me as though she had a clue. However, she didn’t leak it to everyone that night. Angie and I would have our confrontation, but it would have to wait until another day.


The Visitor


              I was reading in my room with the door open when I heard Cade and Alice come home late that night.

              “I’m exhausted,” Alice’s voice echoed around the large corridor leading up to my room. “Have a good night, sweetie, and please don’t let this get you down.”

              I felt terrible for Cade. Not only had he injured himself in the commotion, but also his reputation was likely ruined. Being in high school was difficult enough not to deal with these intense situations.

              “Hey,” Cade said at the entrance of my doorway. I was surprised to see that he had visited me, though I was grateful. Quickly, I jumped off of my bed and hugged him.

              “Are you okay?” I asked with my head pressed against his chest. He made deep, strong breaths that lifted his torso.

              “I’m fine,” he said as we walked back into my room. Then he kissed me on the lips as the door closed behind him. “How are you dealing with this?”

              “Terribly,” I admitted. “But all of it’s because I’m worried about you.”

              “I’m a big guy,” Cade smiled. “I can handle a little drama.”

              “That’s good,” I smiled back. I was happy that he was okay with the disaster, but something still made me feel uneasy. “How did this happen?”

              “I’m not sure,” he said shaking his head. “I’ve been going over this situation in my head and I don’t understand how Angie could have gotten a hold of that video.”

              “So you also think that it was Angie?”

              “Who else could it be?”

              “My thoughts exactly.”

              “Mom says that this is sexual harassment and that whoever did it will be expelled from the Academy.”

              “I hope they do expel her!” I said. “She’s a crazy bitch and I’m pretty sure that she had something to do with whoever tried to run me over with the black car the other night.”

              “The important thing is that we’re okay,” Cade said as he ran his fingers through my hair. It felt nice to have his touch on me even though I felt that I should be the one comforting him.

              We kissed, only this time with more force. His salt taste permeated my senses. Suddenly, his hands were under my clothes. Each movement was carefully planned to get me naked. I followed suit.

              Moving my arms upward, I assisted Cade in removing his shirt. Soon we were both half naked and pressed against one another. He always made me feel better and I wanted to return the favor.

              “On your back,” I commanded.

              “You’re in charge now?” he smiled.

              “I am,” I answered sternly.

              “Yes, ma’am,” Cade seemed to like the game of control, even if he wasn’t the one in command. He rolled onto his back as I instructed. I glanced over his perfectly formed body as my hands wandered up his legs, then to his pants. Pulling apart the fabric, I found the bulge of his cock inside of his underwear.

              “Ah,” Cade moaned as I gripped his meat. Then I took off his remaining clothes so that he was naked and vulnerable to my touch. Slowly, I lowered my head and enveloped his beautiful cock into my mouth. “Wow, you give amazing head.”

              This was my secret talent for him. I had pleased only guy one before him, but I knew what they liked. Though Cade was unlike any other man I had met before, I knew he’d like my slow, sensual movements.

              “Stop or I’ll come,” he panted.

              “Fine with me,” I grinned. Just as I was about to take him in again, Cade leaned forward.

              “My turn to be in charge,” he said. “Put on your uniform.”

              “From school?” I asked, shocked.

              “Now,” Cade was acting cold again, but in a way that turned me on. I climbed off the bed and headed for the closet.

              “Close your eyes,” I said. Cade did as I told him as I slipped off my clothes and put on a fresh uniform. “Okay, now open them.”

              “Hell yes.”

              “Want to know the best part?” I asked in attempt to sound coy. Cade shook his head as he rolled on a condom. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

              This set him off. Cade growled as he reached from the bed and pulled me on top of him. His cock was upward and hard as I sat on it. I worked my hips against him as he invaded me. Every movement and thrust seemed to touch new parts of my pussy that exploded with sensation.

              “Turn around,” Cade commanded. I went to move upward, but he had me pinned. “With me still inside of you.”

              I accepted his challenge as I turned my heels. I could feel his thick meat spiraling inside of me. It set off new waves of excitement both physically and mentally.

              “God, I love you ass,” he groaned as I assumed the reverse cowgirl position. I purposefully ground on him more as he grabbed hold of my sides. “You are gorgeous.”

              This was enough for me to find my defining moment. I let out a breath a Cade took control, pounding me from behind. I loved his untamed desire. It set me off until I found myself coming uncontrollably.

              “Again,” Cade instructed as I finished. Then his hands moved to my clit, where his made fast motions. Suddenly, I was coming again and again. He knew exactly where to touch me and how. Everything about him was sensual and erotic. “Yes!”

              Cade loved watching me come for him so much that he finished while still inside of me. Even through the condom I could feel his gushing pleasure filling me even more until we both were breathless and still.


BOOK: Forbidden Games (Forbidden Ties Series Book 2)
13.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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