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Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Love


Ella Score


is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are
products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance
to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely

Chapter 1

SAMANTHA WHITE stood near the large glass
window from where she can see the park before her apartment. Early morning’s
sun rays falls on her, making her black long hair to shine and her
olive-skinned to glow. Her green eyes twinkled when she saw people having their
morning walk while few children wearing their school uniforms were walking
along the pavement.

They were laughing and jumping in
excitement. A small smile curved on her lips as she watched them leaving the
street. She saw young girls and boys cycling together and chatting with each
other. But the most amazing thing that she has been waiting since morning came
to her sight. She saw a middle aged man wearing black trousers along with gray
shirt walking along with his 5 years old daughter. She has blonde curls,
wearing her blue uniform and a tiny bag on her shoulders.

They walked along the pavement with hand in
hand, the man laughing at what she was saying to him. Sam leaned towards the
glass and closed her eyes. It’s the same scene she sees every day that reminded
of her.

“Daddy… Daddy….. Do you think I will become
a pilot?” she asked her dad while walking through the green fields.

“Yes, baby you will. But why do you think
so like that? You can become anything you want” her dad assured her.

“Really dad, anything? Even if I became a
model?” She eyed her father and looked excited.

“Why not? Anything for my princess” he
smiled and picked her up. They reached their house which is at a walk able
distance from her school. Her father, Mr. John White has a hotel business and
her mother Mrs. Michelle White helps him in his business.

“You always spoil her” Michelle accused her
husband while looking at her daughter, Sam.

“No, I am not…. She will become what she
wants… anything her heart wishes” John gave a strong word to her.

“Sam?” She looked at her accepting her

“Sam” someone called out her name. She
jerked back from the window and turned around to see her aunt Rose standing
next to the breakfast counter, hands on her hips and looking at her.

“Why do you always watch outside everyday
at the same time?” She asked her seriously. Sam thought of answering her but
later decided not to. Rose will never understand why she always watch outside,

“It’s nothing. I am just watching outside,”
she said casually and sat on the sofa. She picked up the newspaper and started
reading it.

“So…. What do you think?” Rose asked her
suddenly. Her voice had a hint of excitement. Sam kept the newspaper down and
eyed at her. She looks amazing even in her late twenties. She has the same
green eyes that her mother used to have and her regular Yoga practice made her
look young and sexy. Her blonde hair tied as a plait worked awesome on her oval
face with neat eyebrows. She wore her favorite black business suit.

“You look amazing, I think so” she teased
her. Rose frowned and looked at her.

“But I don’t think Philip would mind you
being so…. Sexy?” Sam continued when Rose didn’t answer her. Philip was her
long time boyfriend and they were so serious in their relationship that they
will marry at any time.

“Sam,” Rose yelled from the counter,” I am
not asking about me or Philip. I am asking about the matter we talked yesterday

“No…. Not again” she shook her head at
Rose. The whole evening they went on debating about it. She wants Sam to help
her in her business. She is New York’s best wedding planner and she wants Sam
to accompany to her next project. When Rose looked at her niece Sam, who is
totally refusing to work with her, decided to try her best to convince her.

"Sam, you need to help me this time,”
she begged her, “listen, this is the biggest contract I ever got. So, I don’t
want to lose it,”

Rose looked pleading at Sam. She couldn’t
watch her like that.

“Fine, but I don’t know about your business
and what the big deal with it. You have already made dozens of wedding
arrangements without any help so why this time?” Replied Sam confusingly.

“Oh dear, you don’t know but it’s very
special, so please promise me you will help me,” her aunt said pleadingly
already knowing that she is winning this argument.

Sam had no other choice but to say yes.
Rosalie is the only living relative for Sam. Sam lost her parents in a car
accident and Rosalie became her legal guardian. She gave Sam whatever she
wants, so Sam wants to make her happy by saying yes.

“That’s awesome. Now have your breakfast, I
am leaving for office,” Rose packed her bag, soften her dress and kissed Sam on
her cheeks.

“We will discuss about it this evening” she
reminded her as she smiled and waved at her. Sam waved her back and watched her
while she took out her Red Convertible car and speeded away.

Sam sighed and turned her attention to her
house. Practically speaking it is Rose’s apartment. Two years passed since she
lost her parents and Rose, her mom’s sister took care of her as a guardian.
They share a flat with neatly designed rooms. Sam feels like living in her home
although her house is far away. After cleaning the house and setting the clothes
for laundry, she went into the kitchen to prepare herself lunch

She prepared grilled chicken along with
cauliflower soup. She loves cooking and tries to prepare new recipes. Her
mother always used to experiment her daughter's recipes. Not every time it's
would have come perfect but if it comes perfect they would have included in
their hotel's menu.

Sam's parents used to have chain of hotels.
It was one of the city's leading hotels and people used to love arranging
parties and meetings. It's the perfect life for Sam until they died in a car
accident. It was then when their hotels were overtaken by the other leading
hotel companies. But they were kind enough to leave the hotel names and
management as per her parents used to have. She always blames herself for their
accident. A small tear rolled on her cheek.

Suddenly her phone buzzed. She lifted
without seeing the caller ID as she knows who will be calling her now.

” Hey Sam, watch the news.” Rose sounded

“Rose, now what happened?” her voice held
the hint of teasing and walked to the TV. She switched it on and sat on the

“Oh come on darling, you have to see the
biggest news,” there was a hint of excitement.

“Okay, I will see. Just wait,” she smiled

“Okay then, call me after seeing that. I
have work for you.”

“Fine” She sighed.

She flipped the channels until she got the
news channel. She remained calm as some commercials were coming.

“Oh god, I wonder why she wants me to watch
this,” she thought irritatingly.

Suddenly the heading arrived as breaking
news and a young news reader probably some twenty-five wearing blue Italian
suit along with a huge smile on his face.

“Italy’s most visited tourist attraction
which is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the
Palio, a horse race held twice yearly has one more thing to celebrate.” He

Sam scoffed thinking what is would be.

“Living in there, the smallest kingdom,
where people still want their king to come back from his health is celebrating
the wedding of their most eligible bachelor of Italy. Now he will not be the
bachelor for long but going to become the new king as he is going to take his
father’s responsibilities due to his illness. Let us then see our reporter
directly from the Siena,”

The screen changed into a woman in her late
thirties, catching her mike and smiling at the camera.

“As you can see” she continued” a large
crowd is formed right before the palace and everyone is eager to meet the new
couple,” she smiled and turned to see the palace. The camera zoomed as the
couple entered the balcony.

“And here they come” she said excitedly.

All the color drained from Sam’s face as
she saw the couple waving at the crowd.

The man was six feet with muscular built is
dressed in a black suit and white shirt and with handsome looks in which every
woman can feel for him. His eyes were blue which reflected the ocean. The woman
was dressed in white shirt and cream suit. She had short brown curly hair. The
couple was standing in such a position that the woman’s hand was resting on the
man’s elbow showing a pink emerald surrounded by white diamonds on the ring.

“Prince Stefan is officially engaged to
Miss Elena.” The reporter said excitedly as the camera scanned the crowd.

Sam couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw
the couple, smiling and looking at each other. All her time she was worried
about this situation and finally it happened. She was nearly in tears when her
phone started buzzing.



Chapter 2

Prince George William Stefan is staring
outside the huge glass window of his office room holding a glass of whiskey. He
is sitting at the edge of the table. His mind was repeating all the sudden
events that happened a month before.

Stefan is twenty-three, a right age to get
married according to his mother. Stefan never felt about marrying and ruling at
this early age but due to his father’s illness, the duty to his country comes
to his shoulder. His mother Queen Victoria was searching a perfect bride for

“Mom, why it is that I have to marry before
I rule,” asked Stefan while serving a cup of tea for her in the lawn.

They always share their tea everyday in the
evening discussing the country’s plan and problems. Stefan was wearing his
casual dress. He has those electric blue eyes with brown hair falling in his eyes
make a perfect match to his heart-shaped face. His mother with short hair and
well business suit dress looked elegant even in her old age.

“Oh dear, marriage brings responsibilities
and make you understand the normal life,” replied his mother.

“Oh come on mom, this is the 21st century,
you don’t have to get married to rule, responsibilities comes but not with this
way,” he tried to convince her.

“Your father married me when he was about
your age and ruled the country even your grandfather. You can’t break this rule
which is followed over generations.” She said while sipping the tea.

“Mom ...” He started to protest but his
mother went on “you are twenty-three; a right age to get married and your
father is not in good health to rule. So for his sake accept these
responsibilities.” She tapped his hand and smiled lovingly.

His mother finished her tea and started to
leave for a meeting when she finally said “as a matter of fact I have chosen a
bride for you. The photo is in the envelope. I think she makes a fine princess
and I hope you also feel the same.” Saying this she placed the envelope before
Stefan and went to the council.

Stefan stared at his mother and sighed
looking at the envelope. He knows very well that his mother would select a
perfect one. He opened the envelope and looked at the photo. The photo was of
Elena Meldon, only daughter of the businessman Richard Meldon. She was wearing
a strapless floor-length taffeta pongee dress with loose hair and simple jewellery.
She had pale skin and reflected beauty. She has a long black hair curled at the
end. Her smile is like a radiator.

“Well she looks beautiful,” he thought.

Few days later.....

“So, what do you think,” Stefan asked his
best friend Edward. He had been his friend since high school and shared everything
to him. Stefan seeks to advise from him and mostly consult him in various

“What? Are you having second thoughts?” He
eyed him suspiciously.

“Now I am just asking about her,” he
casually leaned back in his chair.

Edward smiled” don’t worry she is perfect
for you,”

They were in Stefan’s room and Edward was
watching Elena’s photo. Stefan raised his eyebrows in the comment of his
friend. Edward saw that and smiled while shaking his head.

“You know, you should talk to her. I mean
meet her so that you guys can know about each other,” Edward lifted his
shoulders and a smile formed on his face. He has a muscular body, being the
same height of Stefan, with brown eyes along with an Italian accent.

“So, you think I should proceed with her,”
there was a hint of doubt in Stefan’s voice.

“Hmm..... I think so you should. At least
give her a chance. Who knows when you may fall for her..,” Edward began teasing

Stefan remained silent and nodded. He knows
very well that he couldn’t fall for anyone. He still thinks of the girl who
made his life. Edward was watching him curiously.

“Is there anything you want to talk?” Asked

“Hmm ... Nothing. Okay then arrange the
meeting with her. Let’s see” saying this Stefan left the room.

Two days later, Stefan met Elena for tea on
the lawn. She was wearing a light pink top with denim jeans and Stefan in his
casual blue shirt and black trousers. It was a causal meet. Elena looked more
beautiful than in the photo.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she said sweetly
after settling in the lawn chair.

“It’s my pleasure,” Stefan smiled. The
servants came and poured the tea along with some snacks.

“So, you met my mother and I think she
already told you about this meeting,” he started the conversation after looking
how uncomfortable she looks.

“Yeah, actually she told me” Elena said
looking embarrassed.

“Listen it’s all your choice. I mean… I am
not forcing you into anything. It's only my mom who forces me,” he smiled.

“Which girl will lose this chance?” She

Stefan raised his one eyebrow while
smiling. She saw that and said quickly,” ugh… well I was just kidding, I mean
it will be my honor to be your wife,”

Stefan knew the answer. Well every girl
will love this opportunity but Elena is different. She was true from her heart
and not any teen-age girl that believe in fantasy. She is a highly educated and
independent girl. So far she didn’t have any bad remark.

They chatted for a while when the queen
arrived there. Stefan left them talking.

“So my dear you enjoyed here,” she asked

“Yes, your majesty,” she nodded her head
and bowed before her. The Queen smiled and made her stand straight.

“Hope I will hear the bells ringing,” she

After one week, the official engagement was
arranged and Stefan was engaged to Elena. All the media people came to take
their photo and finally released them. Sitting now in the office, he would only
glance at the photos and think about his future.

“Hmm…” someone cleared their throat. Stefan
rolled his eyes knowing well who came inside.

“When did you come inside?” Keeping his
glass on the table he turned to see Edward.

“When you were busy in thinking something,”
he teased and stood before him.

“It’s nothing,” he smiled.

“Why it is always nothing when I ask you
what you are thinking?” Edward asked him irritated.

When he didn’t receive any comment from
Stefan he reluctantly sat on the sofa and took the newspaper from the stand.

“You guys look great.” He turned the paper
to show him, Stefan just smiled.

“Thanks,” he muttered.

Edward saw the look on Stefan’s face. He
didn't want to interrupt his friend. So he stood up and fixed his suit.

“Anyways I just came to tell you that the
queen wants to see you,” he informed him.

“Why?” Stefan doesn’t need to ask that. His
mother was busy about this wedding and always asked him to join her.

“She wants you to meet the wedding
planner,” he said while shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Oh great! The wedding planner," he
sighed, “okay I will go. You are coming?”

"Nope, you carry on and don't scare
her away," Edward teased him.

"You bet," Stefan chuckled.

Edward left for wedding arrangement so
Stefan has to meet the wedding planner alone. He entered the hall and saw a
girl wearing in jeans and white top. She was standing backwards to him and
looking at the royal family portrait. She looked familiar from the backside.

“Ugh…” he cleared his throat.

She turned towards Stefan. His eyes popped
wide open and heart beat thumped harder. That face he saw two years back and
longed to see was standing right in front of him.

“You…. You are the wedding planner...?” He
asked her shocked.



BOOK: Forbidden Love
10.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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