Forever Rain (Rain Will Fall Trilogy #1)

BOOK: Forever Rain (Rain Will Fall Trilogy #1)
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A novel by

Cindy Lou Moldovan

Published by Cindy Lou Moldovan
Copyright © Cindy Lou Moldovan, 2014
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Growing Up Third World

Chapter 1

I lay on my side with my back to my lover, my ass snug against his pelvis, his chest pressed against my back and our legs a tangled mass of limbs. His strong arms hugged me into him possessively. Sensing that I was awake, he ran his hand over my abdomen in a circular motion. Slowly, his large hand that I’ve become accustomed to on my body paused at my rib cage, then made its way up between my breasts and back down again. My nipples beaded into tight knobs, begging to be touched.

Knowing just what I wanted, his hand cupped one of my breasts that was heavy and needy for his touch. He palmed the globe in his hand; two fingers reached my nipple and squeezed firmly, sending a rushing heat between my legs.

I gasped and he repeated the action again. I covered his hand with mine demanding that he stay there and continue the erotic play on my skin, which he does. I squirmed against him, my ass rubbing against his cock that’s now steel hard and pushing against my back. Not to be ignored, he paid homage to my other breast as my body continued to move against him.

He chuckled behind me and pushed his face in my neck, inhaling the scent of my skin. My earlobe was pulled into his warm mouth as he sucked gently on it, emitting a needy sound from my throat. With one swift motion, he rolled onto his back and flipped me to lie on his chest. My breasts pressed against him. I straddled him with both of my legs and bent my knees causing my wet, puffy folds to rub against his steel hard erection.

His hands cupped both of my breasts now and he rubbed and squeezed the dark pink areolas, bringing his fingers to the knobs of my nipples that were elongated and deliciously sensitive. I moaned and held onto the rumpled bedding beneath us. My long auburn hair tumbled over my shoulders as I leaned my head back and rubbed my wet core onto his manhood.

He lifted my hips, and in a slow motion, lowered my moist slit onto his cock. I sank down on his long shaft that was rippled with veins, showing the power of his need. I bit my lips and moaned as I started to move above him. Knowing just what he liked when I’m on top, I circled my hips slowly on his pelvis which caused his massive cock to move inside me. The feeling of fullness lay low in my abdomen sending a shiver of pure pleasure up my spine.

I repeated the motion again and again, then leaned forward and braced myself on his broad shoulders, lifting my hips slightly to better accommodate his length. I put my weight on my knees and lifted my hips as I moved him in and out of me. My hair fell onto my breasts now, my grey eyes staring into his brilliant blues. His pupils were dilated and his breathing increased.

The sounds of our bodies mating with our combined fluids of pleasure made an erotic sound in the room. He pushed his hips up to meet mine and soon we were moving in perfect unison. The motion of our bodies together moved as one. I looked down at our joined bodies, the lips of my labia spread onto his cock as my juices glistened on his skin. I looked up at him and he was looking at us as well. His jaw was clenched as he gripped my hips with big hands. My body succumbed easily to the throes of our passion.

I pushed up from his chest and rode him harder and faster, my breasts jiggling now; he moved his toned body below me matching my rhythm. I moaned his name as my breathing become choppy. My body was feeling the need to let loose. The point of explosion was dangling right in front of me. I wanted to free-fall into the abyss where I knew he would soon follow.

I was chanting his name begging for release. It was right there, building fast, sending my body in a frenzy, seeking the promise of fulfillment. He pushed my hand to my clit and I felt the wet swollen knob of my pleasure. My fingers swirled in the warm juices of my pleasure as I rubbed my clit, enjoying the incredible feeling that was sweltering in my core now. My hand flew over the pleasure knob again and again. I screamed his name as I shattered around him, my folds clenching rhythmically as it milked his cock, demanding his release as well. He followed with a shout as his own pleasure crashed into him.

My legs were shaking from the incredible orgasm that I’d become accustomed to by the only lover I’ve ever known. He pulled me down to him and took my mouth in a scorching kiss. Our breath came in spurts as we descended from the moments of incredible pleasure. Our skin was moist with perspiration that mingled with the musky scents of our desire. I lay my head on his chest, his arms like a vise around my body. We stayed in the cocoon of each other’s arms, breathing each other’s air until his cock eased out of me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The digital alarm clock on the nightstand rudely interrupted me from my blissful state of sleep. I reached my hand between my legs and it was sticky from the orgasm I’d experienced in my dream. He still had this power over me; even when my conscious mind is at rest, my body seeks his. When will the dreams stop? When will I know such pure unadulterated pleasure again? I peeked at the time on my bedroom ceiling projected from the LCD of the clock. Yup, 6 a.m. Ungraciously, my hand reached the clock and silenced the alarm. Not one to snooze, I got up and out of bed. Like my alarm, this part of my day was necessary.

After using the bathroom, I hopped into my workout clothes and I make my way to one of the two spare bedrooms that I’d converted into a small home gym. I attached my iPhone into the small speaker and turned the music to my Pandora app. After finding Coldplay on my music list, I got on the treadmill and walked for five minutes while my foggy brain cleared. After that, I took off on a full-out jog for thirty minutes.

My phone rang as I stepped off the treadmill. I slid the indicator across the flat screen of the iPhone to see who it was from. Andre—an early morning call from my assistant wouldn’t be good news.

“Good morning, Andre,” I greeted him as I made my way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. The coffee maker was on auto timer set for 6:30 a.m.

“Good morning, Zoe. Sorry to bother you so early, but I wanted to inform you that Gail Haas was in an accident this morning.”

“How is she doing? Were others involved?’ I asked, as the coffee cup paused at my mouth and I listened to the report about one of my agency nurses.

“Apparently someone swerved in front of her in traffic and hit the driver side of her car. An ambulance is taking her to the hospital and her car is being towed,” Andre reported.

I wanted to breathe a sigh of relief that the accident was not as bad as it could have been, but would have to wait for further evaluation from the ER physician and other test results before fully exhaling.

“I covered her shift with another nurse. The nurse is in route to Metro Memorial Hospital for the shift in ICU.”

Andre rotated administrative call with Veronica, my Director of Nursing. They were two of the first people I’d hired when I started the nursing agency five years ago. Both were competent and professional. I was lucky to have their loyalty and friendship.

“Great. Follow up with the ER and Gail in about an hour. Also, let her husband know that we are aware of the accident and will check on her periodically.” After hanging up, I headed to my bedroom to continue my morning routine.

After a hot shower, another cup of coffee and a small toasted whole-wheat bagel, I felt energized. An hour later I checked my appearance in the mirror. The long tresses of my auburn colored hair bounced smoothly past my shoulders. The makeup I chose today was by Dior in neutral brown which played off the dark grey color of my eyes. I slipped on three-inch pumps, elevating my 5’4” a little more.

Turning off lights in the living room and kitchen, I made my way to the garage of my townhouse. I was out the door and in my car hoping that traffic would play nice today. My phone rang again as I engaged the push-start button of the engine. The Bluetooth in the car picked up the call.

“Hellooo,” I answered, grinning as I reversed the car into the street. It was my sister, Jenna, who called me at least twice a day to ‘check on’ me. I always give her a hard time for calling me so often, but secretly I was glad she did.

“Hi, sis; on your way to work?” Her cheerful voice always put me in a good mood.

“Yeah, just heading out and so not looking forward to traffic.” I tried not to sound as annoyed about the Houston traffic as I actually felt.

“Well, don’t let anything get you down today. I’m excited about this weekend! My baby sister is turning thirty.” The excitement in her voice was contagious and I smiled.

Jenna and her husband, David, are hosting a birthday party for me tomorrow night at their gorgeous ranch in Austin. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I would be just as happy having dinner and calling it a night.

The two lovebirds met a year after Jenna graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. She was working for an advertising agency and snagged the international bank as a client that David worked for. David was smitten! They dated for a year and got married when Jenna was 25 and David was 28. She quit her job a few months ago and has been trying to get pregnant.

“Get the hell out of the way, buddy,” I muttered at a motorist in front of me.

“Language so early.” Jenna constantly reminded me that she was trying to get pregnant and I needed to clean up my potty mouth or I won’t be allowed around the baby. Ha, as if! I was so excited about my prospective new role as an aunt. That baby will be so loved and spoiled. Jenna and David will be terrific parents.

“Um, Jen…thanks again for the party. Just don’t ever feel obligated, you know?”

“It was no problem at all, Zoe. Really, I chose everything with the party planner and she took it from there. It will be a gorgeous event! I even sampled the cake and it is divine!” Jenna was very much a part of Austin’s social scene and was also involved with several charitable organizations. Hosting and attending events came naturally to her. She has great people skills and loved to entertain.

“Speaking of cake, I’ve been running in Memorial Park once a week for the past month, in addition to my morning workout routine just so I can do justice to the spread.” Jenna does nothing on a small scale. She may have coined the phrase
anything worth doing is worth doing big.
I’m sure my party will be no exception. We ended our conversation a few minutes later with Jenna’s promise of another call later today.

Our parents died in a boating accident when I was two and Jenna was seven. Aunt Suzette, my mother’s only sibling, raised us. Her career as a sci-fi author was taking off with a series of popular books, but she took on the enormous challenge of raising two small girls as well. Although never lacking for male companionship, she never did get married nor have any children of her own. Jenna took on the role of being my protector and we have a very close relationship; she’s always worried about me. I constantly remind her that she’s done well as my big sister and I turned out just fine.

After graduating from Baylor University, I went to work for one of Houston’s largest hospitals as a nurse. Three years later, I saw the need for nurses working in hospitals on a temporary basis, which prompted me to open a nursing agency. With money left over from my parents’ life insurance, I started the agency in a small building not far from the hospital. The rent was affordable which allowed me to buy my town home in The Heights, one of Houston’s older, but trendy neighborhoods.

BOOK: Forever Rain (Rain Will Fall Trilogy #1)
11.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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