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Forever Yours

BOOK: Forever Yours
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Forever Yours –Series

By Deila Longford

Part one


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~ Acknowledgements ~

This book is dedicated to all of the fans and readers of my
first three books.

Without you there would be no reason me to write.

Also dedicated to my family.


The rain pelts against the window of my beat up truck as I
stop firmly in front of my local Wal-Mart. The weather has been
terrible lately and I can’t believe my own stupidity for venturing
out into one of the worst storms that has ever hit Portland- Maine.
I glance out of the window and I see that everyone in the parking
lot is hiding in the shelter of their cars. I sigh heavily, as I
know that I have to get into that store, one way or another. I push
the hood of my oversized waterproof coat over my head, I tuck in my
frizzy brown hair and then I make a plea with god – please let me

I gently open the door of my truck, but it blows away from me
as the wind catches it. I manage to scupper out of the truck and
somehow I manage to close the heavy door against the rage of the
blowing winds. With one chance and my heart racing, I dart towards
the entrance of the store. I run too fast and straight into a
massive puddle. I stop momentarily, as my tired converses begin to
leak water. I flap my hood back down over my head, as I make
another darting run towards the entrance. This time I trip and I
land on my face -in a deep puddle of water. My knees are stinging
and I am soaked to the core, I can feel the eyes of the other
customers burning through me and I flush hot with embarrassment. I
try to pick myself up off the ground, but as I attempt to pull my
jean soaked legs out of the puddle, I feel a hand on my back. I
don’t turn around; I am mortified that someone has witnessed my
clumsy moment.

I feel the hand again, but this time I feel two of them and
this time they are lifting me off the ground. My face is on fire
and my embarrassment is building. I try to smooth myself out as I
turn around and look at my saviour. Holy crap is my first thought
when I lock my brown eyes on his.

“That was quite a fall you had. Are you alright?” He says in a
deep American accent. I can’t tear my eyes away from him – he is
captivating in so many ways. He has light blonde hair and cool blue
eyes. He is huge standing at around 6’2” with massive biceps. He is
dressed casually in dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket. His
hair is wet and he is soaked to the core, but somehow he doesn’t
look cold. I push my hood down from my face, as I feel stupid
standing here looking at this stunning guy, with a huge parka hood
over my head. I shyly smile at him as I pick up the courage to

“Thanks, I am fine.” He smiles at me and I can’t breathe at
the sight.

“You’re welcome, what is your name?” He asks in a deep voice.
I clear my throat as I respond.

“I’m Rose; it’s nice to meet you.” I say as I hold my hand out
to him. He smiles at me and then he places his hand into mine. I
shiver from his touch, as his hand is ice cold. I rudely pull back
as I can’t hold his hand for another second. He blankly stares at
me and then he introduces himself.

“My name is Dalton and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss
Rose.” I smile up at the unbelievably gorgeous guy and for a
second, I lose myself in his stunning good looks. His eyes are a
deep shade of blue and his hair is golden blonde. He has a very
strong jaw line and his smile is breath-taking. The rain is
continuing to belt against us, as we stand frozen in the parking
lot of Wal-Mart. I close my eyes and then I remind myself that I
need to get into that store. I flash the guy another thankful smile
and then I excuse myself.

“I really have to go, thanks for recusing me and it was nice
to meet you, Dalton.” He flashes me a wicked smile and then he

“Be careful, Rose,” I smile at him again, loving the way that
he says my name. I slowly begin to walk across the parking lot
towards the entrance of the store.

I enter the Wal-Mart supercentre and I immediately rush
towards the Subway restaurant –that’s where I work. I push my way
into the small seated area –which they call a restaurant and I am
instantly greeted by my co-workers.

“Rose, you made it! I was scared that the rain took over you,
girl.” I laugh at Ryan’s comments as I make my way to the workers
lounge. I push through the heavy door –followed by Ryan. I enter
the small, bright room, which only has a small table, a few chairs
and a coat stand. I quickly hang up my drenched coat and then I
smooth myself out as best I can, as I begin to go to work. I turn
around in the direction of the door and that’s when I notice Ryan
standing behind me, glaring down at me. I smile up at him, as I try
to push past his muscular demeanour. Ryan places his hand onto my
wet shoulder as stops me in my tracks. I look up at him and I
narrow my eyes at his childish behaviour. He is staring at me,
through his dark eyes and he is holding me in position with his
strong hand. Ryan and I used to be together –he was my boyfriend,
but things between us fizzled out and I feel that he still hasn’t
moved on. I shake my head at him, whilst I try to break free from
his grip.

“Come on, stop fooling around, I’m late.” I say playfully, as
I glide myself away from him. I am walking towards the door and I
as I reach for the door handle, I can hear Ryan laughing and I
smile because I know that he is only getting started with his
playful attitude.

I push my way through the narrow walk-way until I reach the
counters. I quickly make my way over to my till and I sign into my
account. I see that there is a long line of customers, so I waste
no time in serving them. A tall, skinny lady brushes up first, she
orders a skinny latte, skinny muffin all the while she is talking
heavily on her phone. I quickly make up her order and I place it
onto a tray, she pays me, grabs her food and then she walks away
–without flashing me a smile. I sigh, as I have had a year to get
used to this job and its annoying customers. I live with my Uncle
George and his wife Jen, I have just finished high school and I
have no plans to go to college. My parents died when I was six and
I have lived with my uncle ever since that night. He isn’t the
world’s richest guy, but he does his best. He is a mechanic and he
works over at AL’s garage, Jen is a first-grade school teacher and
they have two kids. Simon is twenty-five and he is currently away
at college in Boston, Rachel is sixteen and she is the most popular
girl in school. She has shoulder length blonde hair and a
sun-kissed complexion, her eyes are bright blue and she is a very
beautiful girl. Every guy in her school wants to date her, every
girl wants to be her and Rachel loves the attention. Every school
has a girl like Rachel, beautiful, cheer leader, stunning hair and
make-up and a sense of don’t come too close to me. I feel that
Rachel tries to maintain a certain level of attitude, but deep down
I know that she is soft and gentle, caring and loving. If only she
would snap out of her pretentious ways and let everyone see the
real her.

The customers are quickly being served and as I make sandwich
after sandwich, I can’t believe my eyes when I see him –again. I
quickly hand my latest customer his sub and then I gently fix my
hair as he approaches me. The guy from earlier, the one with icy
fingers and the deep blue eyes is heading in my direction. He
glides towards the counter and he smiles when he notices me
standing at the till, with my red subway shirt and my faded blue
jeans on. My heart slightly begins to race as he places his long
hand onto the counter. He towers above me and as he looks down at
me, I almost feel as if his eyes have flashed a deep shade of red.
His lips are quivering and he looks uneasy as he stares at me. My
face is flushing hot and I feel embarrassed that I cannot tear my
eyes away from him. He is without a doubt, the most beautiful guy
that I have ever seen and I can hardly catch my breath as lock my
eyes on his. He gently closes his eyes and he clenches his jaw, as
if he is sheltering himself from some type of pain. He looks
–uncomfortable and I feel that I am making him feel this way. His
hands are gently trembling as he looks at me and I quickly snap out
of my daze, as I begin to talk to this handsome

“Hello again, what can I get for you?” I ask as I stare at him
–again. He gently bites his lower lip in one sexy movement and my
heart nearly stops from the sight. I manage to compose myself, as
he places his order.

“Triple shot espresso,” he says in one fluid syllable. I nod
at him as I cannot bring myself to speak. I reluctantly step away
from the counter and away from him, as I make my way over to the
coffee machine. I grab a paper cup from the large stack and then I
pour him his drink. I secure the cup with a lid and then I rush
back over to the till. I smile at him as I hand him his drink –he
doesn’t smile back, instead he reaches out and grabs my hand. His
cool fingers are ice like against my skin and I flinch from his
touch. He notices my actions; therefore he quickly pulls his hand
away from me. My heart is pounding in my chest –who is this guy and
why did he just grab me like that? Why is he so cold? My head is
spinning in a million directions and I can hardly stand straight as
I look into his eyes. I clear my throat as I try to compose

“Three ninety nine, please.” I say in a cool voice. He reaches
into the pocket of his jeans and he takes out a hundred dollar
bill. I gently roll my eyes as he hands me the note. He notices my
reaction and he quickly questions me.

“Is there something wrong?” He says in a cool voice. “No,” I
say equally as cool. He smirks at me and then he hands me the
hundred dollar bill. I gently frown at the money and then I look
around for Ryan, as I need him to check the money. I quickly look
around, but he is nowhere in sight, I frown again and then I begin
to excuse myself when Lisa – the store manager rushes to my side.
She smiles at me and then she snaps the note from my hand. She
quickly checks the money and then she thrusts it back into my hand.
I thank her with a nod and then I slide open the till as I search
for his change. I look up from the stashes of money to see that he
is glaring at me, with a huge smirk on his face.

“Keep the change,” I narrow my eyes at him, as I can’t believe
his generosity or his smugness. I shake my head as I refuse his

“No, I really couldn’t,” he rolls his eyes at me and for a
split second, I can see the redness in his eyes forming again. I
slightly jump from the sight and I can’t help but ask him about

“Your eyes are changing colour,” he quickly closes his eyes as
he takes in my words. I can hear him begin to heavy breathe and I
can’t help but feel slightly scared of him. He seems –different to
everyone else, he has stunning beauty and ice cold hands, his eyes
change colour and he has the presence of an angel. I cannot tear my
eyes away from him and I have no words to describe him. He is a
mystery and I feel the urge to solve it, I know that I sound crazy,
but I feel drawn to him. His eyes jolt open and I jump as they are
bright red, he notices that I am staring at him, so he quickly
excuses himself. My heart is racing as I watch him march away from

“Who was that?” Ryan says as he gently places his hand onto my
shoulder. I turn to look at him as I explain.

“I have no idea,” Ryan narrows his eyes at me and then he
positions himself at the till next to me. I continue to stare after
the stunning stranger and then once he is out of sight, I serve the
next customer.

My working day is nearly over and I am exhausted as I slowly
make my way into the workers lounge. I grab my jacket from the
stand and I slip it over my shoulders. Ryan is also in the workers
lounge –talking on his phone as he gently winks at me. I smile and
roll my eyes at his actions and then I gently wave as I approach
the door. I reach out for the handle and then Ryan shouts after

“Rose, wait.” He says brightly as he gently slides his phone
onto his neck as he places his call on hold. He smiles at me as he
wanders over in my direction. His eyes are playful as he stares at
me. He leans in towards me and he gently places his hand onto my
shoulder and I narrow my eyes at him, as I know what he is going to
say. “Elliot, Charlene and I are all going out tonight; do you
wanna join us?” I smile at him and then I politely decline his

BOOK: Forever Yours
13.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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