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The Art Models Club
Book 5

By Amanda Meadows

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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Published by Amanda Meadows Romance

Chapter One

Amber Holloway



Amber Holloway checked the clock and took a deep breath. The time was exactly nine o'clock as she walked into the bedroom.

"I'm ready," she said, wondering how the evening would unfold. She had agreed, upon losing a bet, to be totally submissive to Hunter for the next twenty-four hours.

Her boyfriend, Hunter Web, grinned at her. Even after the night was up, Amber would still owe him another twenty-four hours since the bet included forty-eight hours of submission.

"Let's go over the rules for this evening. First, you will address me as 'Sir' until I tell you otherwise. Understood?"

Amber bit her tongue. She reminded herself that she would have been just as controlling had she won the bet.

"Yes, Sir," she said, managing to keep sarcasm out of her voice.

"Second, I purchased a few articles of clothing that I would like you to wear. You can go and change into them in the bathroom now."

Amber turned and walked into the bathroom, curious to see what awaited her. Lying on the counter were red thong panties and a bra.  She wasn't used to the thong and it felt weird between her butt cheeks. She had to fight the desire to pull it out of her crack.

She giggled as she put on the bra, a flimsy piece of material with lots of lace. The nipple area was absent. But as she stared at herself in the mirror, she had to admit that she did look pretty damn hot. She was already a bit turned on just by the thought of what Hunter might have in mind. Her hard, pointy nipples jutted out of the bra. Tossing her hair back, she lifted her head and walked back into the bedroom.

Hunter nodded his approval. He remained fully dressed in a white, button down shirt and low riding jeans. As usual, his feet remained bare.

"Perfect," he said, holding out a new pair of strappy high heels for her to put on.

When she had finished slipping those on, she was stunned to see Hunter pick up a camera and slip the strap around his neck.

"I don't remember us discussing photographs, Hunter," she said, stopping in her tracks.

"Excuse me," Hunter said, scowling.

His stern voice gave Amber an unexpected tingle.

"Sir," she said carefully. "I don't recall us discussing photographs."

"Ah, that's interesting. I also have no recollection of that conversation."

Hunter smiled slowly, moving over casually to her laptop on the bed.

Amber stared in confusion until Hunter turned the laptop so that she could see the screen. Oh, shit!

Amber gaped at the photograph of Hunter. It was, in fact, one of her favorites. Hunter  stared at the camera with an intense focus. But the most delicious part was his fully nude body, complete with an enticing erection. Just seeing it sent a jolt to her groin. She had pleasured herself to that particular image several times before.

"Silly me imagined that his private stock of photographs was secure on his computer. After all, only one other person has my password."

Amber opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Really, what could she say? She had swiped the photos the night that Hunter learned of his internship.

"Now this is truly a momentous occasion," Hunter said. "The woman with an answer for everything is completely speechless."

Hunter sat down on the side of the bed and lazily unbuttoned his shirt.

Her eyes hungrily watching, Amber found her voice. "How long have you known?"

"Our first morning here, I couldn't find my laptop cord right away. So I borrowed your laptop. Saw a desktop shortcut with my name on it and clicked it."

Amber gasped. "And you never said anything? Does that mean that you weren't angry with me?"

Hunter finished the last button and shrugged out of his shirt.

"I was flattered as hell that you thought them worth viewing," Hunter said, standing and removing the laptop from the bed.

Amber heaved a sigh of relief. "I'm glad you took it that way."

"On the other hand, seeing as how you don't have a lock on your computer, I was more than a little upset that those photographs could get in the wrong hands."

Hunter began rubbing his palms together.

"And I don't recall giving your permission to drop formalities with me tonight," he said, his beautiful green eyes boring into her.

"Oh. Yes, sir," Amber said quickly, realizing that she wasn't anywhere near being off the hook with the photographs.

Hunter took one of her hands and led her over to the bed. He removed the camera from around his neck and placed it on the bedside table.

"You've been quite naughty, Amber," he said. "Under the circumstances, I think that a little spanking is in order."

Amber gasped as Hunter reached out and slowly caressed her ass. Looking down to his middle, she noted the bulge in his jeans.

"As a reminder, you did agree to spanking, gorgeous," Hunter murmured.

Amber swallowed, her core starting to ache as Hunter tugged on the thong.

Hunter let her go and unbuttoned his jeans. He stepped out of them and his erection strained against his briefs. Sitting on the bed, he patted his lap. His eyes smoldered.

"Come lie down on my lap," he said.

Amber obeyed. Her whole body tingled as she knelt to do as he had asked.

Hunter shifted her so that his swollen shaft was in contact with her pelvis.

"Ten little smacks," he said firmly. "For all the times I counted to ten to keep my temper."

Amber started to raise her head to object but was stopped by the sensual feel of his hand softly caressing her ass. And then, unexpectedly, his hand smacked her. Startled, she gasped, the sting nearly bringing tears to her eyes.

But just as suddenly, his hand was softly stroking her again. One finger slid between her legs and she groaned, growing wet almost immediately. Again, Hunter surprised her with another smack on the ass. The harsh sting was still there. But once again, his hand soothed her skin. Once more, his finger dipped between her legs. The feel of his hardening cock beneath her made her want to writhe.

"Stop moving!" Hunter ordered sharply.

"Yes, sir," she moaned, willing herself to stay still.

The next slap felt slightly harder. This time she cried out. But now she anticipated the soft caresses and the exploring finger. If anything, she felt a heightened pleasure.

Again and again, Hunter played his little game of punishment and pleasure. By the time he smacked her bottom the final time, Amber was trembling all over with desire.

Hunter picked her up and placed her on the bed. He was breathing hard and stared at her with those magnetic green emeralds. He kissed her hard on the mouth and then pulled away.

"My name," he said. "Say my name when I make you come."

He yanked his briefs down.

Amber stared at him, groaning as she reached out to grab him. She suddenly wanted him in her mouth. Getting to her knees, she moved her head down his chest, giving Hunter soft feathery kisses on the way down. Finally, she looked up.

"Shall I, sir?"

But she didn't wait for his response. She lowered her head, giving tentative kisses to the tip of his shaft. He was already dripping a few drops when she flicked her tongue out and ran it in small circles up and down.

Finally, Amber opened her mouth and took him in, sucking and using her tongue.

Hunter groaned and clenched her head. Finally, he pulled away.

"I'm too close to coming," he panted. "And I'm not finished yet."

He pulled Amber down on the bed and knelt between her legs. He peeled off her panties and then moved up to take an exposed nipple in his mouth.

Amber writhed beneath him as the ache in her core grew stronger.

"Please, take me now," she begged.

"Not yet, baby," Hunter said. He moved his mouth down between her legs.

"Oh, it's too much!" Amber said, as the jolt of his tongue made her hips begin to buck.

"Hunter, Hunter, Hunter!" she moaned as the pressure built.

But just before she climaxed, Hunter pulled his head away. He repositioned himself and plunged into her, his shaft causing her to groan in relief. He bucked against her fast and hard until she felt herself spiraling into one of the biggest orgasms she had ever experienced.

Her body writing out of control, she screamed his name over and over.

Afterward, she felt too spent to move. At some point, Hunter finally removed her high heels so that they could snuggle on the bed.

"Get a little sleep, my little submissive," Hunter murmured in her ear. "I plan on waking you up again in a few hours. Among other things, I have a little photo shoot organized."

Amber grinned as she drifted to sleep. Being a submissive was definitely more alluring than she had anticipated. If this was a taste of things to come, she was ready for the rest of the feast.


Chapter Two

Hunter Webb



Hunter Webb strode into his family's company office as though he owned the place. Well, he did in fact own a third of the company so it wasn't like he was simply acting brash or cocky. Sometimes he wondered why the company still gave him a thrill. His real passion, painting, captivated him much more than the board room. Still, he enjoyed working on special projects with his father every now and then.

Perhaps some of his feeling came from a sense of obligation. He knew that every advantage he had in life, and he had never lacked for any material possession he had craved, came directly as the result of both his parents and his deceased grandparents building up the company. Still, his parents had always kept him grounded, forever teaching by example that one could have a life of luxury while still practicing a certain humbleness. He wasn't sure how many other rich kids had grown up learning to clean toilets, scrub the shower, do laundry, and cook their own food. While he no longer cleaned the toilets, he appreciated his mother's insistence on him being grounded. 

“Bonjour, Monsieur Webb,” the perky receptionist on duty that morning greeted him, giving him a wide smile and batting her lashes.

Hunter forced himself to focus on the task at hand. He smiled at the thin, blonde woman who was trying to flirt with him. Although he found her attention flattering, he was mostly amused to think about how Amber would react if she was watching.

“Bonjour, Juliette,” he replied pleasantly. “Has Mrs. Ross arrived?”

“No, Monsieur Webb. Shall I call you when she does?” The receptionist shifted so that her cleavage was a bit more noticeable.

“That won't be necessary, Juliette. In fact, I do not wish to be disturbed. I would appreciate it if no one knows that I am even in the office today.”

“Certainly, Monsieur Webb. I'll make sure that no calls are forwarded to your office."

“Thank you, Juliette. That would be wonderful.”

Hunter took one quick look behind him when he heard the elevator ding and hurried through the office. It would be ridiculous to have avoided Mrs. Ross in the beginning and then be seen before he could get to his hiding place. As he turned the corner, he heard Kayla Ross question the receptionist.

“But I'm sure I just saw him,” he heard Kayla say.

“I'm sorry, Mademoiselle Ross. Monsieur Webb is not in the office today.”

Hunter didn't stay to hear the rest. He quickly approached his hiding spot. He hadn't expected Kayla to show up, but maybe it was for the best. Now he could see if she was a pawn for her mother or sincerely part of the conspiracy to steal company secrets through her father.

Hunter still couldn't believe that he was using Amber's hiding place. She was really something else. She drove him insane at times with her reckless behavior. But in spite of that, he was madly in love with her. For the first time in his life, he had found somebody who didn't appear to be after his money. If anything, she could be a pain about accepting the luxuries he was forever trying to give her.

He smiled, thinking of how her eyes blazed when she was angry. He even loved her fiery temper. In fact, he found her amazingly sexy when she got furious enough to punch him. For such a slight girl, she had an amazing bit of power behind her fists. When that power got transferred to the bedroom, sex became even more enjoyable. 

Hunter slipped into the supply closet across the hall from the photocopier where he fully expected Mrs. Ross to try to photocopy company secrets. As his eyes grew adjusted to the dimness, he saw the corner where the cleaning staff kept supplies as well as a huge metal mop bucket and several mops. Most of the staff didn't know that the closet also led directly to the women's restroom. Apparently, it enabled plumbers to reach certain pipes in an emergency.

Hunter pictured Amber lurking in the closet as she eavesdropped on the Ross family. Only Amber would have placed herself in that situation. He shook his head. She had once hidden behind a candy vending machine as well.

Hunter's palms grew sweaty as he thought about how he had finally confided to his parents that he planned to ask Amber to marry him. To be honest, he was afraid that she might not say yes. Even though she had assured him that she loved him, he knew that she found his controlling tendencies to be unacceptable.

But Hunter did not want to give her up. From the very first time he held her (passed out from hunger), he had felt an electricity between them.  And that was even before they had amazing sex for the first time.

Hunter's musings were interrupted by the sound of heels clicking in the corridor. He heard whispers and strained to hear. He couldn't see much from the slats of the closet door. Fortunately, he and the security guard had ascertained that nobody could see in the darkened closet. Realistically, he didn't even need to be here. But he wanted to be a first witness to what was happening.

He smiled. Yes, he was that controlling. There was no way he was going to stay away even knowing that the security team had set up hidden cameras and microphones over the weekend.

Mrs. Ross didn't even work at the company. But her weak-willed husband worked in accounting. Hunter's Dad had first suspected that somebody was embezzling from the home office in the United States. When the search narrowed down to Mr. Ross, Hunter and his father devised a plan to trap the man. They gave him a promotion so that he was forced to work here in Paris.

Over the last few months Mr. Ross started acting suspiciously, growing fidgety around Hunter, his father, and the other employees. He was never a particularly well dressed man, but now he often came to work in crumpled clothing. In addition to that, he appeared to have lost weight and he looked ill. Hunter's mom, not knowing what was going on, had asked if perhaps the man needed medical attention.

Hunter knew that his Dad normally didn't keep anything from his wife. But Hunter's mom would have never survived as a poker player or a spy. She simply could not keep secrets. Even when she attempted to, her face often gave her away. Hunter had not planned on telling Amber either, but she stumbled onto everything the week before.

Hunter frowned as he adjusted his mini digital recorder. He was trying to give Amber more space, even allowing her to participate today when he would rather have seen her safe at home. He tried not to think about the murderous look in her eyes when he told her that she was in charge of the “get away” car. Amber had looked so damn sexy in the spy gear she had insisted on wearing. She wore sexy black tights, a snug, black turtleneck, and her black boots.

Any marriage proposal was going to have to wait until she cooled off. She was definitely going to be pissed at him for several days. Was he being too controlling? He didn't think so. But why did he feel so damn guilty at the moment?

But dammit, he had a right to be concerned! It had only been mere weeks since she had been held at gunpoint, kidnapped, and left to freeze to death on abandoned property. And, yes, he had been a control freak and had given her a bracelet with a tracking chip. But that bracelet had been the only way that the police had been able to track her and save her life.

Hunter suddenly tensed as he realized that the footsteps had stopped near the accounting offices. Lifting the mini recorder to his eye, he poked a special lens through the slats and waited.

He couldn't hear anything for several minutes. Then he heard a door shut and heels clicking down the corridor once more. He pressed the record button. A moment later, both Mrs. Ross and her daughter Kayla paused at the photocopier.

“Let's get this done quickly. I don't know why your father is stalling on that last report. I'm beginning to think that he's chickening out.”

“I wonder why,” Kayla said, her voice low but angry. “Dad looks terrible. This whole thing is giving him a nervous breakdown.”

When Mrs. Ross responded, her voice was cold and uncaring.

“If he does what I tell him to do, he earns a nice vacation on a faraway beach. And when I divorce him, I'll even be nice and let him keep a little bit to live on.”

“Aren't you the generous one?” Kayla said, her voice cold.

“Don't use that tone with me, young lady, or you can live with your father when this is all over. Now make yourself useful and start copying these things.”

“I don't know how to use this thing. I'm not some low life secretary,” Kayla replied.

Hunter watched as Mrs. Ross stiffened. He knew from his mother that the woman had grown up in blue collar family. Mrs. Ross had worked as a secretary until she met her husband. Although Hunter knew that Kayla could be a bitch, he had never realized that she had gotten her attitude directly from her mother.

He didn't want to be sympathetic to Kayla. She had pursued him relentlessly for years in spite of his constant rejections. Worse, she had insinuated that he was dating her at the beginning of his relationship with Amber. Thankfully, Amber was a strong girl in her own right and had stood up to her. But that didn't make him like Kayla any better. Still, he couldn't imagine growing up with a cold bitch like Mrs. Ross.

That was another thing he loved about Amber. In spite of a shitty childhood, she was one of the most generous and loving people he knew. He was convinced she didn't have a selfish bone in her body. Another reason to want to make her his wife. Beautiful, kind, and smart. She was also a talented artist who understood the primal feelings that art created in him.

“Watch your mouth, young lady. Or you won't see a penny of inheritance.”

“The way you plow through money, there won't be any left anyway,” Kayla muttered in a low voice.

“What was that, young lady?”

“Nothing,” Kayla said darkly. “How many copies do you need of this?”

Hunter had trouble concentrating on their irritating chatter. This might be his hardest task of the whole day.

He was so absorbed keeping the recorder steady that he was startled by a sound in the corner of the closet. He jerked his head around and realized that somebody was in the restroom. Worse, they were trying to open the mesh screen that led inside the closet. He flattened himself against the back of the closet.

Who the hell would be on the other end?

BOOK: Fractured
13.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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