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Fragrance of Revenge


By: Dick C. Waters


Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Dick C. Waters


No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in
any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including
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This is strictly a work of fiction; names, characters,
places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events, or
locales is entirely coincidental or fictionalized.





I thank Terri (Enos) Johnston for her friendship, support
and edits on this and my other novels.




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“Never throw a boomerang away…

It might come back to kill you.”


C. Waters




I felt
the cold damp air against my naked body. The boat raced and crashed against the
heavy sea. My head bounced in concert with the boat’s rise and fall and my butt
was almost numb from slamming against the rough deck. My shackles clanked a steady
beat in concert with the boat’s nose dive off each wave’s peak.

The boat
engines’ whine suddenly ceased. As it slowed, waves rocked the boat and splashed
against it. The smell of rope was replaced by the familiar scent of Gardenia. I
was still in darkness and couldn’t see anything through the blindfold.

now, look at you.” Her breath was hot against my cold cheek. I felt her tongue as
she lapped the tears escaping below the blindfold.

do you fear the end?”

made my plans…I’m ready.”

was no immediate response. “No, you’re not ready at all—not from the looks of junior.”
Her hand grabbed my naked body. This time there was no reaction to her touch.

didn’t wait all day for this.” She moved her fingers, but for once my body was
mine, not hers. She continued her usual best to get a response, but nothing was
working in her favor. “Did I hurt you too much earlier?”

I tried
to forget that torture.

she yanked off my blindfold. “Scott, open your eyes…I said
open your eyes

She was
kneeling beside me. She smiled and reached behind her and removed her blood
soaked bikini top. She slid it down my body, but there was no reaction. “Scott,
I have all night…you know I get what I’m after…sooner or later.”

She leaned
forward and started kissing and licking my body. My mind was thinking about the
safety of my friends and their rescue.

getting the result she wanted, she pounded on my thighs. Then she pounded again
and again. She screamed something, jumped up and rushed off. I barely had my
breath back when she arrived waving a flare gun.

pointed the gun at Denny, who was also lying naked on the floor, but he didn’t
move. “Scott, you will give me what I want or I will shoot him…
I swear

I tried
to recall the last time I heard Denny move. I hadn’t heard any movement since
she chained me here below deck.

“I’m not
sure he’s still alive, but do what you need to do. I’m going to announce to you
and God, that I love your sister with all my heart. I’ve made my peace and now
use that on me.” She just stared at me.
“Do it,”
I yelled.

Her eyes
opened wide. She turned and studied Denny’s lifeless and blood-soaked form. Then
she slowly turned her stare back to me. Her eyes looked like she was in a
trance. Then the gun followed her eyes down to my groin. I saw her finger slowly
squeezing the trigger. This was how my life was going to end.

For some
reason, she let up on the trigger and laid the gun down on the wood deck. She got
up and came back with a key, and started removing my shackles.

minutes later, with the chains still locked on my ankles and wrists, she had pushed
me to the stern. The only sound was the waves slapping at the boat. I knew she had
planned to shoot me minutes ago, but didn’t want the flare to ignite the boat.

why are you doing all of this?”

She raised
the gun to my head, but didn’t answer.

I asked you a question…answer me…why are you doing all of this?”

Even in
the limited moonlight I could see her eyes tearing up. “Scott, you have no idea
how much I love you. From the moment we were at the warehouse, I realized what
love could be like.” Her hand was shaking and her finger was twitching.

I didn’t
understand entirely what she was saying, but this was my opportunity. “I know
you do in your own way. You could really be a nice person, given the right

you love me?
” She brandished the gun.

someone could love you. You need to give up this crazy vendetta against
everyone. You have no chance of anyone loving you when you’re like this.” I
could see the tears running down her cheeks, and her body starting to shake.
“Melanie, do you remember your sister and your grandfather on his boat when you
were growing up?”

expression softened, and she nodded.

that a great and wonderful time? Can you remember sailing on his boat, just the
three of you? Wouldn’t he be ashamed at what you’ve done?” I waited for the
words to make any kind of impression. I could hear the distant whine of boat
engines. “Why don’t you be a good little girl and put that gun down?” She just
stared at me. “Your grandfather is telling you to
put the gun down now.
Be that good little girl he remembered and enjoyed.”

She was soon
sobbing uncontrollably and bent over like she was going to be sick. The gun was
still only inches from my face, but waving noticeably. She lifted her head and her
expression softened. She wiped at the tears. She closed her eyes and bent her
head. When she lifted her head again, I could see what looked like a little girl’s
innocent smile.

please forgive me. I didn’t do these things…
she did.”
She looked down at
my naked body. “Scott, I’m so sorry this happened to you and the others.”

tears were cascading down her cheeks. For the first time, I really felt sorry
for her.

Her voice softened. “This has gone too far. I can’t let her do these things any
more…please tell Mercedes that…that a part of me loves her and wants her to
forgive me. I hope you have a wonderful life together.”

suddenly swung the barrel toward my face. I flinched and yelled, “

Even with my eyes closed, the night sky seemed to explode.




wake up. Wake up Scott.”

I opened
my eyes and another beautiful redhead with bright blue eyes was staring down at
me. It was Mercedes.

cried out. You had that nightmare again, didn’t you?”

Only this time she was going to shoot me.” I felt the sweat on my face and body.
I went to wipe my forehead, but she beat me to it.

this is exactly why I need you to give up investigative work. You were almost
killed twice. You may not be so lucky the next time.”

stood beside the bed with her arms crossed. It was her bedroom, but it had
become our bed for the last few weeks. She looked incredibly sexy with her long
red hair hanging down only partially covering her breasts. She noticed my eyes
moving down her body and she started to smile.

look incredible this morning.” I reached for her arm, but she avoided my hand.

stop. I’m worried about you. You’ve had nightmares almost every night since we
returned from Bermuda. I can’t do this anymore.” She looked down at me and her
eyes started to glisten. “I love you Scott, but I can’t go to sleep each night
wondering if you’re going to have one of these dreams.” I reached for her
again. She avoided it and went to her side of the bed and sat down.

“Do you
want me to leave?” She bowed her head and put her hand against her forehead.
Her naked back was stretched to its limit and I had to feel her. I slid over to
press my naked body against hers. “Mercedes, I’m sorry. What do you want me to
do…do you want me to go to my apartment?” I rubbed her shoulder and kissed her
other one.

please stop.” I stopped, but the warm scent of Gardenia was captivating. In all
our days and nights, I had never seen her cry. Now she was truly upset and I
had caused it.

what do you want? Help me please.”

I know you love me. You made that clear to me. I love you too with all my
heart.” She lost control again.

why I can’t let this continue any longer. I almost lost you twice. Do you know
how crushing that is?”

watched her study the ceiling. “Honey, I know it must have been tough on you. I
owe you my life. You saved it twice. What do you want me to do?”

swung around and looked right into my eyes. “What I want is for you to promise
me that you will not get involved in any more investigations.” She studied my

that’s not your forte…it’s mine. I can’t spend any more days worried about
losing you. I might not be lucky the next time.” Her tears were dripping onto
my chest. “You want to know what I want…I want you to give up any investigative
work and stick to your business improvement focus. Will you do that for me?”

I didn’t
answer her. I couldn’t. She searched for my answer and then turned and buried
her head in her pillow.




I spent
the last hour on her couch trying to put the pieces of our conversation back
together. It was her comment that she might not be lucky the next time that
brought her to tears. In the years I’ve known her I had never seen her cry.

I was
having a problem dealing with upsetting her. But, I couldn’t ignore how much
she loved me. I didn’t mean to hurt her, but obviously my actions had and my
returning nightmare brought her feelings for my safety to the surface.

couldn’t defend myself. Mercedes was right. I was never formally trained to do
investigative work, and getting involved in investigations did put me in harms
way. Her sister had two chances to take my life and if it wasn’t for Mercedes’
intervention, I wouldn’t be here right now. I owed her my life, and although I
haven’t told her, I’m ready to give the rest of my life to her.

I unconsciously
felt the scar on my abdomen. I didn’t need to look at it to be reminded of the
arrow carved there. Melanie thought it was so funny when she carved it, and I
can still hear her words as she threatened doing something even more damaging
to other body parts.

still hard to believe that Mercedes’ sister could have been so different. It’s
no wonder why Mercedes gets so upset…looking at that scar is a reminder of how
lucky I am to still be alive.

I know
Mercedes wants me to promise to never do another investigation. I owe that to
her, and I’ve made up my mind to tell her why I can’t.

I considered
going to my own apartment, but I would rather be here in the morning.

I went
back into her bedroom and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I gently pulled
the covers back and smiled when I saw Mercedes’ long red hair cascading over
her shoulder and down her back. The limited moon light illuminated her
contours. The sight of her naked body, even her back, caused my body to react.

climbed under the covers and positioned myself lightly against her. I wrapped
my arm around her waist and kissed her shoulder.

please…not tonight.”

I was
glad she didn’t send me away. I was glad she was still talking to me. I was
glad to smell the wonderful fragrance of Gardenia. The thoughts of losing her
were too much for me. I leaned forward and kissed her on the shoulder. I put my
head on my own pillow, but kept my arm around her and my lower body pressed
lightly against her.

thoughts of losing my wife two years ago, the pain from my captivity, nearly
losing my life twice, along with upsetting Mercedes and bringing her to tears
got the best of me.

I took a
deep breath, and said a silent prayer and gave thanks for still being alive.

I closed
my eyes and took a deep breath, the sweet fragrance of Gardenia filling my
senses, but then realized I still had a problem. Yesterday, I promised her
father I would indeed investigate who was involved in blackmailing him. I tried
to control my breathing and hoped my heart racing wouldn’t be interpreted as
something else.

could Stephen Strong have done that he doesn’t even want his FBI daughter to
investigate much less know? What can I say when she brings up her request for
me to give up investigative work?

you should never hurt the one you love.

BOOK: Fragrance of Revenge
2.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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