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of the Jungle


2012 ©J.A. Bailey

rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations
embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This is
a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as
real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organisations, or persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



1: Lost and Alone

a groan, Georgina clambered to her feet and gazed around. A haze of greens
greeted her and she rubbed at her eyes to clear them. As she stood, her head
pounded and whirled. Pressing her palm to her forehead, she threw her hand out
for support and grasped the rough bark of a tree.

haze disappeared and the sight of the thick jungle vegetation greeted her. Her
stomach sank as she stared up the embankment that loomed over her. God knows
how long she’d been unconscious. She listened carefully for any voices but only
the sound of birds and the occasional monkey greeted her.

rest of the party was probably long gone by now. Who knew if they’d even notice
her missing? Without her fiancé, Harry, accompanying her, there was no one in
the tour group that knew her.

would realise soon enough though. He would come for her. Well, that is if he
wasn’t too busy, she thought bitterly.

eyed the slope she had slipped down. It was ridiculously steep with wild,
gnarly trees growing out of it. She probably knocked her head on one of those.
Lord knows she didn’t remember hitting the bottom of the slope.

as her head throbbed again, she chewed at her lip. Should she try to climb it?
Even if she made it to the top, she’d never find her way back to the hotel.
Georgina had a notoriously bad sense of direction, something Harry loved to
tease her about.

she might have a better chance of discovery if she was on the track the tour
guides used. She shuddered at the thought of spending a night in the jungle.

she had no way to tell the time, the sun shimmered brightly through the thick
jungle canopy. It couldn’t be much later than midday. Harry would still be with
his client. Damn, she should never have agreed to this.
Take a break
he’d said.
Explore the world. Live a little.

this for living, Harry?
Lost in the middle of the bloody jungle. She’d be lucky to make it out alive.
What if a wild beast decided she would make a tasty meal or a…a snake, God
forbid, liked the look of her?

Harry had failed to mention was that this was not to be a leisure trip for him.
Georgina sighed. And she had so hoped they could have some time together.
Between her mother and Harry’s work commitments, they were lucky to get any
time alone.  With the wedding looming, she really needed to talk to him.

onto a tree trunk, she began the precarious climb up the embankment. The soil
gave way underneath her feet and she squealed, clamping her hand around the
tree until the bark bit into her hands. Taking a breath, she put another foot
in front and continued the climb.
That’s it, Georgie, one step at a time.

Harry, this was all his fault. If she hadn’t been so bored at the hotel, she
never would have signed up for this tour. Who wanted to trek around a hot,
predator-filled jungle anyway?

hysterical laugh bubbled out of her mouth. Poor Harry, he was so occupied with
work that he hadn’t even realised she was having doubts about the wedding. In
fact, he hadn’t even noticed that she’d started faking her orgasms. Poor, poor
Harry. Never realising quite why she had to sneak off for a nap every now and
then, or have a long, long bath. He even heard her moaning once as she
masturbated but he still didn’t twig. Thank God. He’d probably offer to help
and then she’d have to pretend. Not once had a man made her come with his

ground underneath her feet gave way again and she scrabbled wildly for
purchase, wrenching her arm as she skidded over the ground. Soil filled her
mouth and eyes as she cried out and the rough terrain cut into her skin.

to a halt, Georgina pulled herself to sitting and scrubbed a hand across her
face, spitting the dirt from her mouth. A wash of despair flooded over her and
she sagged. What was she going to do? Should she try to find her way back?
stay where you are and I’ll find you if you get lost,
her mother’s voice
intoned in her head.  She snorted. That was all very well when she was a
young girl getting lost on her stepfather’s estate, but this was the

her arms around herself, she took a proper look at her surroundings. Well, if
she was to be here for a while, she should at least build a shelter…or something.

shakily to her feet, Georgina marched over to a tree and battled with a large
branch until it came free. She stared at the branch in her hand. Great, now
what? Oh, if only she’d paid attention when Harry was watching those extreme
survival programmes.

in her imaginings, she didn’t hear the creature rustling through the
undergrowth until it was nearly upon her.  Spinning wildly, she thrust out
the stick in her hand as her heart beat heavily in her chest. The end of the
branch shook. What could it be? A tiger? A bear? She didn’t have a clue what
lived in the jungle but she certainly didn’t want to meet it. Was it a snake?
don’t be a snake, please don’t be a snake.

scream bubbled up her throat and dissolved at the sight of the creature that
pounced through the greenery.

Georgina gaped at the wall of bronzed skin and muscle that greeted her. Her
eyes traced over the man’s shoulders and followed the stark indents of his
stomach, down, down, down to… She gulped. Bloody hell, he was completely naked.
She tilted her head. And he was becoming aroused.

her gaze to his face, she found the breath stolen from her as bright blue eyes
met hers. His hair was a golden hue, tousled around his head. Though long, it
was not what she would have expected from a tribal man and ended at the base of
his neck, curling in the heat.

thrust his spear at her in a pointing motion and Georgina jumped back with a


released a breath. “Yes, yes I’m lost. Can you help me?”

grunted. “Come.”

she eyed the man once more. He had to be over six feet tall and had more muscle
than she’d ever seen in her life. He was also most definitely aroused. Her
cheeks heated as his cock grew under her scrutiny. Lord, she didn’t even know
they could be that big! What would it feel like inside of her? Blinking, she
snapped her gaze to his face. Where did that thought come from? She must be
more sexually frustrated than she realised.

it embarrassed him, it didn’t show in his expression. Instead he viewed her
with disinterest. Would she be safe with him?

he said again.

she nodded. What the hell? Hopefully he would lead her to safety. He couldn’t
be any more dangerous than the night creatures and she couldn’t stay alone in
the jungle. She’d probably die of fright.

man turned and her eyes widened as his buttocks came into view. They looked as
hard as rock, shining and taut. And hairless. Georgina frowned. In fact, all of
him had been hairless. Her chest tightened and she fought the urge to grab at

clutching her stick, she followed him as he pushed through the wilderness.
Scurrying to keep up with him, he showed no sign of caring if she followed or
not and she had to duck several branches as they pinged back into her face.

She coughed. “Excuse me, Mr…um…”

paused and glared at her.

are we going? It’s just that I need to get to the hotel.” He stared at her
incredulously. “You know the place where people stay. It’s big and has a
swimming pool and…and people sleep there. For a holiday.”

Holiday. I take you home.” He motioned with his spear.

home. But I think my home is in the other direction.”


think it might be,” she said quietly.

I take you home. Hotel tomorrow.”

That is really very kind of you, but my fiancé will be worried you see…” she
trailed off as his expression darkened.

have man?”

I have man.”

with you?”

he’s not with me.”

grunted. “Man be with woman.”

yes, but he was working you see… and…and…” She sighed. “Okay, take me to your

man nodded and a faint smile came across his face. God, he was bloody
beautiful. His face was just as sculpted as his body with a strong jaw and
straight nose. He turned away from her and her eyes traced the swirling tattoos
that ran across the back of one shoulder and down his brawny arm. She snorted
as she followed after him.
Well, Harry, is this living enough for you now?


2: Meeting the Tribe

dripped down her back and her clothes adhered to her body as they continued to
make their way through the jungle. Georgina wasn’t sure how long they’d been
walking but it felt like ages. It wasn’t like she walked anywhere normally. Her
stepfather’s estate was in the middle of the English countryside and she relied
on chauffeurs to take her everywhere. She still exercised, riding her horse and
swimming in the pool, leaving her with a toned body, but her feet throbbed and
her thighs burnt.

undergrowth steadily thinned and gave way to a clearing. Small wooden huts sat
scattered around, much like Georgina had seen on travel programmes but the
occupants of those huts were entirely unlike anything she’d ever seen on T.V.

of them had the same dark golden hue to their skin and none of them could have
been under six feet. It seemed her guide was the strongest of them but they all
rippled with sinew and power. Some had long hair but all had varying shades of
gold and each was totally hairless. Her cheeks burned. And insanely
well-endowed. Everything about them screamed sex.

escort led her over to a large hut as the men dipped their heads in greeting to
her, eyeing her with interest. A shiver thundered down her spine. For some
unknown reason, she felt as if they were undressing her with their eyes. Damp
heat gathered between her thighs.

He pointed to the hut.


nodded. “Women. Clean you.”

that explained where the women were at least.
Lucky women.
If she had
men like that waiting outside, she sure wouldn’t be sat in a hut. She’d have
one of their cocks buried deep inside of her.
This is ridiculous,
All I can think of is sex.

studied her and her eyes widened at the knowing look in his eyes. No, surely he
hadn’t figured out what she was thinking. Before her escort could turn away,
she put a hand to his arm. He frowned and glared at her from under his brow.

you. Please, what is your name?”



smiled. “Tai.”

Georgina smiled back. Gosh, when he smiled he was even more beautiful. “I’m

he replied easily.

shivered as her name rolled off his tongue in his unusual accent. It sounded so
decadent coming out of his mouth. Shaking herself from her thoughts, she dipped
her head to him as she had seen the men do.

he snapped, pushing a finger under her chin. “We to you.” Tai gestured to the
men watching their exchange. “Women no.”

hastily, she whispered her thanks again and climbed the tiny ladder into the
hut. Her eyes took a moment to adjust and she blinked in the dim light of the
room. It was large, with thick furs across every inch of the floor. The women
lay sprawled across them or sat talking animatedly with each other. They
glanced up at her and smiled brightly. One approached and drew her onto a fur
in one corner. 

offered a hesitant smile as the woman brushed her hair from her face and
fingered her long brown locks. Another woman came to her side with a bowl of
water and some cloth and began dabbing at her face.

thank you.”

woman responded as their serene smiles remained. Unlike the men, the women were
all curvy with softly rounded hips and large breasts. Their skin appeared paler
in the dark of the hut and each wore a skirt but remained topless. Around each
skirt was a braided belt with a several carved pendants on them. As Georgina
studied then, she realised that some women had more than others did.

more women joined them, offering her a bowl of what she assumed was water and
some fruit of some kind. Not wishing to appear rude, Georgina took some of the
fruit and nibbled delicately at it. It was surprisingly nice and she found
herself finishing off the entire bowl. The other woman motioned for her to
drink and Georgina took the bowl and drank.  

coughed as the liquid burnt down her throat. “What…what is that?” she asked

woman didn’t respond and merely gestured for her to drink more.

well. Actually once she got used to it, it wasn’t half bad. And she was feeling
a lot less tense. Georgina finished the bowl and handed it back to the woman.
The two women at her side continued cleaning the scratches and dirt on her
limbs before tugging on her clothes.

no, please. I don’t have anything else to wear.”

woman pointed through the wide window at the back of the hut and Georgina
peered out with a frown. What was she pointing at? The woman tugged on her top
again and she indicated outside once more. She narrowed her eyes and realised
she was pointing to a waterfall that ran behind the settlement.

you want to clean them?”


I don’t have anything to wear.”

woman who had been tidying her hair picked up a fur and proffered it. Georgina
didn’t relish the thought of being naked aside from a bit of fur but she didn’t
seem to have much choice and she was a guest. So far, they had been very
attentive and she would be glad to be rid of her sweat-soaked clothes.

helped her pull off her sticky shirt and shorts, all the while making approving
sounds as they motioned to her small breasts and slender thighs. She blushed as
they tugged at her knickers and she reluctantly drew them off and grabbed at
the fur, wrapping it about herself.

her down to the floor, one woman mimicked sleeping as another brushed a gentle
hand over her hair. No, she was sure she couldn’t sleep. Not when she knew what
stood outside. The image of Tai’s magnificent body remained imprinted on her
eyelids as she drifted off.

BOOK: Georgie of the Jungle
3.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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