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Get-Together Summer

BOOK: Get-Together Summer
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Get-Together Summer

By Lotus Oakes

Copyright 2013

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When Simon was eighteen, his cousin Haley got a

His name was Dirk and he was tall and raw-boned,
nearly rangy, with brown skin that never seemed to burn and a
tangle of messy black hair. Compared to Haley -- and to Simon
himself -- who were pale in every way, he looked like someone from
a completely different world. He slammed doors and wore his shoes
inside the house, leaving dusty tracks across the polished hardwood
floors and plush carpets; he was loud and crude and swore at the
drop of a hat and he treated Haley like some sort of princess,
which was the most annoying thing of all.

It wasn't that she didn't entirely
deserve it; the Oakleys were an old family with a long range of
influence. "Modern-day royalty," Simon had heard them called, so it
was only right that people showed them respect, but at the same
time, it was
, snooty and icy and untouchable -- or so she liked to portray
herself in public, and so she should have stayed. Every summer
before this one, when his father and her mother brought their
families together for a month-long reunion, Haley preferred to
spend her time inside, curled up in the library with books that had
titles Simon couldn't even pronounce, and when the combined
branches of the Oakley family threw a party, she only deigned to
appear when physically coerced or outright ordered by her

Not that Simon himself enjoyed going out either. The
evening parties were always crowded and often boring, full of
people twice his age and older desperately trying to angle for some
hint of acknowledgment or gossip from an Oakley heir. Daytime
outings weren't much better. He burned if he so much as stayed in a
sunny room for too long. Most suntan lotions were too greasy and
smelled unpleasant, and he hadn't yet found a hat that didn't give
him a headache.

The point, though, was that Haley
was worse than he was -- at least he would
to events when they happened,
without it devolving into a shouting match. She was someone who
stayed in her corner and would sometimes play chess with him, or
read aloud from one of her books, quiet and just for him.
who went out and met people, let alone talk to them or start dating
them or
bring them home
when he was obviously not the sort of caliber of
person that deserved an Oakley ...

They were here again today. He'd
seen them come in, holding hands, and he'd heard them talking,
their voices echoing off the high arched walls. Haley had scolded
Dirk for leaving his shoes on (yet again), and he just laughed,
which in turn led her to laughing (how often did Haley laugh?
sometimes she would smile when Simon brought her tea, or an apple,
or asked her about this book or that author, but
seemed like such
a foreign thing to her before Dirk had come into her life), and
Simon hid himself in a small alcove and chewed on his index finger
until they were gone, then fled for his own room. He hadn't seen or
heard from them in over an hour.

After finishing with his hoarded collection of
magazines, Simon decided he was thirsty and got to his feet. He
thought idly of calling someone, especially if Dirk was still in
the house, but decided against it at the end. The housekeepers
always put too much ice in his soda, to the point where everything
tasted watery and bland.

(And if Dirk
still in the house, the last
thing Simon wanted was to come across looking weak or dependent.
One couldn't expect a
to understand, but he didn't like the heavy
feeling of judgment he could feel coming from Dirk at times. He was
perfectly capable of getting his own things, and he would prove

Halfway down the hallway, he heard it.

Or rather: he heard

The first moan was so quiet that he dismissed it as
his imagination: the creaking of the floor under his feet, nothing
more secret than that. The second one, though, was harder to
explain away, and the fact that it was Haley's voice was
unmistakable. He could hear Dirk too, murmuring low under her, and
faint rhythmic creeping ...

Simon's first thought was to storm in and let the
fires of outrage fuel him through his embarrassment. How dare they,
didn't they have any sort of shame?! Maybe he should have expected
it from Dirk, being that sort of person, but Haley should know
better! She was supposed to be untouched and untouchable, not ...
not ...

His face began to heat, spreading out as a flush to
his ears and his breath seemed to strangle in his throat. He sucked
in a deep breath until his lungs ached from it, then held it as he
crept step by hesitant step forward. The door to Haley's room was
just faintly ajar -- not enough to really be obvious, but still
enough that a sliver of the room inside was visible. Simon
plastered himself to the wall and craned his head just a little,

The first thing he saw was Dirk's
face, set in an expression of intense concentration. There was
sweat on his brow and a half-scowl on his lips when they weren't
moving, whispering a steady stream of low husky words:
yeah baby like that, fuck that's good, you're so
pretty, just like that, fuck--

He was completely and absolutely naked, sweat
gleaming across his exposed flexing muscles until he very nearly
seemed to be glowing. His eyes were heavy-lidded, focused on -- on

Simon didn't want to look at first, even though he
could hear her, gasping in answer to each of Dirk's whispered
endearments, but he glanced and found he couldn't look away. She
still had her shirt on, her bra pushed up over the curve of her
breasts, which bounced freely with each thrust. Her nipples were
small and dark pink, both tight little peaks, and every now and
then Dirk rubbed the flat of his palm over them, just barely
touching, which seemed to inspire her to thrash harder each time.
Her arms were curved up in an elegant arch, over her head,
clutching at the headboard with white knuckles.

Dirk smoothed a hand down her side,
and the movement drew Simon's gaze towards the movement of their
hips, watching as he pulled one of Haley's legs up to drape over
his shoulder. Her other bent at a graceless angle, slanted
downward, and Simon could actually see where their bodies joined
together; he could see the wet gleam of Dirk's cock sliding in and
out, and under his voice and hers Simon could hear the wet slapping
noises of bodies meeting -- bodies
, hard and fast and easier
than it should have been.

"Please," Haley gasped, her voice husky and deeper
than Simon had ever heard it. "Please, Dirk, please, I want--"

"What do you want, baby? Harder?" Dirk turned his
head, pressing his grin into the tender bend of her knee, then
opened his mouth and bit; she jumped with a small squeal and he
laughed, snapping his hips harder. "I got that, I got all of that
for you -- fuck, you're so tight, you feel good--"

"Shut up!" she squeaked, then tossed her head back
with a cry as he snapped his hips again, grinding a little at the
end of it. "Oh god, Dirk--"

"I love you, Haley," he said. Simon's gaze shot up to
his face at the same time Haley's breath caught. Dirk's expression
was softer now, his smile gentle. Haley turned her head to look at
him, and the look on her face made something in Simon's chest

And then Dirk shifted forward, bracing his free hand
against the headboard -- pinning Haley's wrists with the gesture --
and began to move harder and faster, fucking her with enough force
to make the bed creak. His other hand caught her ankle, as if to
keep it from slipping, holding her leg up as he moved. Haley tossed
her head with a high wail, her hands struggling weakly under Dirk's
grasp and her hips slamming up to meet his, hard enough that Simon
wondered if she wouldn't bruise later.

"Like this, baby?" Dirk crooned,
finally sounding breathless himself. "God, you're so fucking
good--" He groaned, cutting himself off, and hunched forward,
driving hard and fast for a few more seconds, before he froze, his
eyes wide and his mouth open. It took Simon a heartbeat to realize
Oh, he came, that's what that means,
he's inside of her and he just--

"Dirk," Haley whined, breathless and shaking. "Come

He shuddered, a full-body movement, then released her
hands. Slowly he shifted to lower her leg, then urged her onto her
side, facing the door. Simon pulled away slightly at that, but
couldn't make himself actually leave, watching as Dirk stretched
himself out behind Haley, one of his long-fingered hands creeping
down her belly. He kissed her ear as if in apology and she
shivered, as his hand dipped between her legs, spreading damp
blonde curls wide. Haley jerked at that and he kissed her again,
making a soft hushing noise.

"I've got you, beautiful," he murmured. "You just
relax and enjoy yourself ..."

Simon watched his hand curl, and he
made a deep satisfied noise. After a moment, he could hear soft
slick noises, punctuated by Haley whimpering and gasping. She
squirmed a little, hooking her top leg back over Dirk's hips, and
Simon could see flashes of wet pink amidst dark blonde curls.
Dirk's other arm curled under Haley's body, curving up to grasp one
of her breasts and squeezing it, his fingers finding and pinching
the nipple. Haley pressed her face harder into the pillows,
shoulders shaking, and Dirk took the opportunity to scatter kisses
across the side of her neck, up to her ear and down to her
shoulder, his hands never pausing; he found
that made Haley tense up
and cry out, and focused on that until she jerked hard in her arms,
and he moved his hand up to cover her mouth in order to muffle her

And as he did, he glanced up at the door. Simon
recoiled instantly, suddenly and painfully aware of the ache
between his legs and the pounding in his ears. Had he been seen?
There was no way Dirk could know he was there, right?

Terrified, he fled, running as lightly as he could.
He didn't stop until he was back in his own room, slamming the door
behind him and almost falling back upon it. His heart was pounding
hard in his chest, enough to hurt, and he pressed a hand over it,
twisting his fingers in his shirt. For a moment the door was enough
support, and then his knees buckled, sending him sliding down to
the floor. As he did, he was uncomfortably aware of his own
erection, hot and insistent between his legs, and he glared down at
it as if he could will it to go down.

Then he blinked and remembered Haley's red face, and
the heavy curve of her breasts, flushed gently pink, and the sweet
hard points of her nipples. The memory sent a hot flash through
him; he bit the inside of his cheek and winced at the flash of
pain. Long seconds ticked past with his traitorous cock remaining
throbbing and eager. When no one came to shout at him for seeing
(he'd never wanted to see in the first place, anyway!), he finally
stretched his legs out a little, undoing his fly with shaky
fingers. His cock was, like the rest of him, long and lean, an easy

Simon let his head fall back against the door and
closed his eyes as he began to jerk off, moving his hand as fast
and hard as he could. All he wanted was to get it over with, and
then maybe shower and sleep it off so later he could pretend this
hadn't happened. He didn't want to think about anything, but the
image of Haley's arched body seemed to be burned on his eyelids, so
even as he tried to empty his mind, it lingered ...

Haley's skin was soft, he knew from
personal experience: her smooth shoulders and arms were more like
silk than anything else. If that much was true, how would the rest
of her feel? Would she whimper if he licked her nipples? Would she
like it gentle -- but no, she had enjoyed it when Dirk had
manhandled her; she'd cried out and begged when he'd fucked her so
hard that you could
it, wet and fast. Simon shuddered, biting down on
his lip. Would she like it from him? His pretty delicate cousin,
with her stormy gray eyes and pink lips and her soft full breasts,
that he peeked at, whenever he could -- if he kissed her and opened
her legs and fucked her, how would it feel? If he just pushed
himself into her and let himself go the way Dirk had? He let
himself imagine it, the soft weight of her settled in his arms, his
cheek pressed to her hair and her ass pressed to his cock, the
sound of her voice calling his name over and over,
name, not

BOOK: Get-Together Summer
12.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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