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Green Gravy

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Green Gravy
Copyright © 1997
Beverly Lewis

Cover illustration by Paul Turnbaugh
Text illustrations by Janet Huntington

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Claire Badger,

a delightful young reader

who is full of great story ideas.

(Thanks for “friendly freckles”!)



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Carly Hunter's stomach did a flitterflop.

She looked up from her school desk.

The teacher had just called her name. But Miss Hartman looked happy, not frowny.

“You're the Student of the Week!” she said to Carly.

“I am?” Carly couldn't believe her ears.

“Please come to the front of the room,” Miss Hartman said.

Carly got up and walked toward the teacher's desk.

Dee Dee Winters, Carly's best friend, gave high-fives. “Three cheers for Carly Hunter!” she said.

The others joined in. “Three cheers,” they chanted.

Carly smiled and turned to face her classmates.

The teacher pinned a button on her sweater. It said
Student of the Week.
The words
Blossom Hill School
were spelled out at the bottom.

Miss Hartman gave Carly a piece of paper. “Give this to your parents. They can help you gather information about your life,” she said. “For your special day.”

“Thank you,” Carly replied.


This was going to be fun.

During the school year, Carly had paid close attention. Other students had been given this honor. To get picked, you had to
be a good citizen. An extra good one.


Before she sat down, Miss Hartman explained some things. “As you know, the honored student makes a wish,” she said. “It can be anything. Within reason, of course.”

For a moment, Carly thought. She glanced across the room at Dee Dee. Her friend was making hand motions.

What was she trying to say?

Dee Dee was pointing toward the wall calendar.

Carly looked at the calendar. She saw a big, green cloverleaf. It was marking St. Patrick's Day. March 17.

Now Dee Dee pointed to her own shirt. It was green-and-white checked.

The teacher was waiting. “Are you ready to make your wish?” she asked.

“I'm not sure,” replied Carly.

She glanced at Dee Dee again.

Then she noticed Jimmy, her adopted
Korean brother. He was leaning forward. His dark eyes were shining.

Carly could just imagine what he was thinking.
Wish for more recesses,
he might say.

But she stared at the calendar. She looked at the big, green clover. She thought about March 17.

There was plenty of Irish in her family. Mostly on her mother's side.

She looked around the room again.

Lots of kids were something else—not Irish. Dee Dee was one of them. She had dark skin and deep brown eyes. Her hair had natural curls. Lucky for Dee Dee.

And there was Carly's adopted brother. Jimmy had olive skin and straight, black hair. His eyes slanted up a little.

She took a breath and held it in.

Was her wish the right one?

Maybe not.

The teacher and the students were still waiting.

Carly decided to make a secret wish. It was a before-the-wish wish. A worrywart wish.

She wished that her
wish would be just right.

By now, Jimmy wiggled in his seat.

Dee Dee wrinkled her nose.

Other students were restless, too.

At last, Carly breathed all her air out.

It was time.

The Student of the Week's wish was ready.


Carly said, “My wish is . . .”

She looked at the calendar again. Today was Monday. Her special day was going to land on St. Patrick's Day!

On Wednesday. Just two more days.

“I want everyone to wear green,” she said. “Because I'm Irish.”

The kids started to clap.

All but Jimmy.

Their clapping made Carly smile.

That's when the greatest idea popped into her head.

“Oh, one more thing,” she said out loud.

The teacher looked surprised. “Only

Carly turned to her. “But this is lots like the other wish.”

“Well, let's hear it.” Miss Hartman leaned over so Carly could whisper in her ear.

“Everyone must eat green food for St. Patrick's Day,” Carly whispered.

Miss Hartman stood up straight. She was smiling. “I don't see why we can't have this wish, too,” she said. “It's a two-part wish. Part A and part B.”

Then she told the class, “We'll all wear green clothes and eat green foods. Let's make Carly's wish come true.”

Someone said, “Yucko.”

It was Jimmy. His hand shot up.

“Yes?” the teacher said.

“Everyone do this?” Jimmy asked in broken English.

Miss Hartman nodded. “It's Carly's wish. And she's our Student of the Week.”

Jimmy's cheeks sagged. “I not eat green food. I eat mashed potato and gravy.” He held up the school menu. “I buy hot lunch on Carly Hunter day!” He shook his head and made a fuss face.

Carly felt her neck getting hot.
Jimmy is a Sour-Pie brother,
she thought.

She wanted to stamp her foot and holler. But she walked to her desk and sat down.

She felt Dee Dee's hand on her shoulder. Dee Dee's desk was right behind hers.

“Jimmy's mad,” whispered Dee Dee.

Carly looked over her shoulder. “That's his problem,” she said.

Then she looked at Jimmy but couldn't see his face. He'd put his head down on his desk.

what?” Carly said softly, but mostly to herself.

Jimmy was pouting again. He'd just have to get over it.

Here in America, kids liked to have fun on special days. He'd have to start acting more American.

Like it or not!

BOOK: Green Gravy
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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