GUNNER: A Forsaken Riders MC Romance: Alpha Male Biker Club Bad Boy Romance (Motorcycle Club New Adult Contemporary Short Stories)

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A Forsaken Riders Standalone MC Romance

Book 4




Samantha Leal




Copyright ©2016 by Samantha Leal. All rights reserved.

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Saved by the Werewolf Billionaire

Into the Highlander’s Arms

Desired by the Billionbear

My Holiday Billionaire

My New Billionaire Stepbrother

Badass Billionaire

Love and Survival in the Time After

Rescued by the Alpha Bear

His Darkness Revealed

Into the Highlander’s World

My Holiday Protector

Wanted by Aliens

Taken by the Alpha Alien

The Highland dream

Mated to the Highland Wolf

The Bear Wants Babies

Into the Highlander’s Realm

For the Love of Zombies: Not so HEA

Babies For the Bear

A Baby for the Bear

DIRK: A Stepbrother Romance

Taken by aliens

The Billionaire’s Rumpus Room

What the Outlaw Wants

In the Time of the Caveman

What the Outlaw Needs

Taken By Alien Lords

The Highland Locket

Chased by the Bear

What the Outlaw Takes

What the Outlaw Must Have

The Highland’s Call

Sweet Love Returned: Clean Romance

Welcome to Zombie Island

Through the Gateway

Through the Highland Gateway

Touched Through Time

Finding Love in a Dark World

Finding Love in a Dark World:Book 2

What the Outlaw Demands

What the Outlaw Claims

What the Outlaw Craves







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Marv hunched over the bar top and poured himself another whiskey. It had been a long night, and he still didn’t know how long the last trucker was going to be there. He was sat near the front of the stage, a cigarette clamped between his teeth and a lazy trail of smoke curling up into the air. He’d been there for nearly two hours after coming in late with a couple of other regulars. But Marv had never seen this guy before. He was new to Red X and he was certainly getting well acquainted with the girls. Especially Destiny, who was currently snaking her hips around the pole in front of him and unhooking her bra to reveal the large swell of her breasts.

Marv snorted and rolled his eyes. When he’d hired Destiny, what he had really wanted was a barmaid, but for some reason most of his strippers had bailed on him over the past few weeks and he was only left with her. A dumb brunette from Ironhill, the next town over and ten miles away across the desert.

The trucker spread his legs wider and reached up to his mouth and took the cigarette between his fingertips before he exhaled a long plume of smoke up into the air. It caught in the glare of the spotlights and made it look as if the whole room was up in flames, smoke billowing out around them and leaving a dense cloud hanging in the air.

Destiny reached for her panties and hooked her fingers into them. For a broad who hadn’t worked a pole or a stage before she had come to Marv, she was doing alright. She looked at home there and she certainly wasn’t shy of showing this guy everything she had. She lifted her leg up and balanced her heel onto one of the speakers before she pulled her panties down and Marv realized she was fully naked, flashing her perfectly shaved box for the whole club to see. He almost choked on his drink and found himself spluttering whiskey across the wooden countertop, totally shocked but also turned on.

It had been a long time since Marv had had a woman… what he wouldn’t give to bend Destiny over the bar and slip himself inside of her. He reached down and grabbed at his crouch, feeling himself getting hard just at the thought.

Destiny bent over so her pert ass was right in front of the trucker’s eye line, and she ran the tip of her finger all the way down her delicate crease. Marv found himself averting his eyes. Almost ashamed that he was looking at her that way…



When Destiny had finished her dance she bowed to her lone member of the audience and blew a gentle kiss over her naked shoulder before she stepped down from the stage and slipped into her red silk robe. Even though it had been a slow night takings wise, she had done her best and Marv was starting to take notice of what a good little worker she was.

Maybe I’ll have to give her a bonus, he thought to himself with a dirty smirk.

“Can we shut off now Marv?” Destiny asked as she sat down, breathless in front of him, her robe gaping open just enough for him to glance a close up of her erect nipple.

“Do we look fucking closed?” he asked her with a slur.

He’d been drinking since 6pm and it was now close to 5am. Eleven hours on the booze and he had come out of the other side of drunk, but he could still barely string a sentence together. He had too much on his mind to stay sober. Sober lead to thinking, and thinking made him want to go out back to his office, open his safe, take out his shotgun and put it in his mouth and pull the trigger.

Marv was in such deep shit.

And now it didn’t seem how much he swam against the tide… he was never going to make it back to shore. He knew he was done for.

Destiny crinkled her face in disgust at him and turned on her heel and began to walk back towards the changing room doors. Marv watched her leave. The sway of her hips was almost hypnotic, like she was charming him into an easy sleep.

The only thing that stopped him from flopping down on the bar top was something Destiny did… as he watched her, he was sure that she turned her head slightly and winked at the trucker still sat on his own at the front of the stage.

Marv sat up straight and squinted. She was looking at him alright, and she was disappearing through the double swing doors out into the corridor and down towards the dressing room… It was as if they were old friends, like she’d known him her whole life and she was giving him an affectionate wave before she headed off for the day.

Something wasn’t right.

Marv squinted through the darkness and tried to focus through the glare of the flashing lights from the red, pink and blue strobes being projected out of the stage. The trucker had turned to follow her. He too was watching the way her hips danced and he had a little smile on his face. One that was warm and affectionate. One that suggested intimacy…

Seeing him from that angle it suddenly hit him… Marv was sure the guy was in fact familiar. When he had walked in with the regulars, he could have been sure that he had never seen him before, but now, looking at him smiling towards Destiny… he knew that wasn’t so…

This guy wasn’t a trucker at all… he was a biker… the cap and ripped up jeans and flannel shirt had thrown him. This guy, whoever he was, was there in disguise.

Marv felt his gut tighten.

Even through his drunken haze, he could sense that something wasn’t right.

He got to his feet, trying to silently get to the front door. If he could only sneak out and make his way around the back to the office, he’d be able to lock himself in there and get his gun. Or, grab his keys, jump in his truck, and get the hell out of there.

As he stumbled out from behind the bar he was both drunk and nervous, and he knocked off a stack of dirty glasses which came crashing down to the floor. The noise of the smash broke through the music and he knew he’d fucked up. He could feel the guys eyes on him from the front of the room, and Marv’s heart began to race with the tension.

He wiped the corner of his mouth and rubbed his eyes. And just when he was about to turn and face up to whoever this man was, he was aware of someone walking in through the front doors ahead of him.


He was clad in leather, a cigarette tucked behind his ear and the flames from his dragon tattoos licking the side of his neck.

“I’m here to collect, Marv,” Tanner said as he slung an empty bag down on the bar top. “Go and empty the safe.”

Marv’s mouth was so dry he couldn’t open it to speak. He wanted to tell Tanner that something was wrong, that there was someone else there who was going to be the death of them both, but he couldn’t make the words form.

Tanner shrugged and shoved Marv on the shoulder. The Forsaken Riders had never been ones to take tardiness, especially when it came to money, and the last thing Tanner had wanted at nearly 6am was having to come down to the filthy Red X and collect debts.

“T… Tanner,” Marv stuttered.

But it seemed as if he was too late. Tanner’s eyes had already settled on the man by the stage and his mouth was agape, his breath sharp in his throat.

“Well, well, well,” the voice came from behind Marv. “Ain’t this just perfect...”

The trucker took off his cap and revealed his skin head and Marv recognized him at once. He was from Ironhill and one of the Iron Riders MC. He felt his blood run cold.

“What the fuck…” Tanner whispered.

Marv could see in his eyes that Tanner could sense what was about to happen, but it still all seemed to happen in slow motion…

As the main door of the club burst open, so did the double swing doors that led down to the dressing rooms. Even though the back door had been locked… Destiny was down there and it hit Marv instantly that she must have betrayed him… she must have unlocked it and let them in…

Within seconds, the whole of the club was swarming with the Iron Riders, all of them brandishing guns and all of them ready to settle a score that had been turning bad for years.

“Don’t,” Tanner began but he stopped when each and every one of the mean looking men around him lifted their guns and aimed them at his head.

“Now,” the trucker in disguise said, “Which one of you is going to go first?” he had a wicked grin on his face, and both Marv and Tanner could tell that he wasn’t joking.

They knew they were going to die.

As the bikers opened fire and bullets rained down across the main room of Red X, Marv tried to dive behind the bar but hot pain punctured him all over his body.

His dying thought was of Destiny… how that little bitch had tricked him and the others into making her one of their own… She’d betrayed them all… she’d ruined the club and damaged the Forsaken Riders.

As his soul slipped away, Marv hoped he was heading to a better place, even though he knew he definitely didn’t deserve it.

His time as the owner of Red X, and his time on earth, had come to an abrupt end…


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