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“Whatever you have to say, say it now,” Ruben whispered. “I have a few things to take care of before you all leave.”

Before Levi had a chance to say a word, Ruben left the building, unknowingly leaving his men to die.

For a total of five minutes, Levi fed the group of men a bunch of bull, then left them to talk amongst themselves. He quickly slid out the room and locked up the last exit to the building once outside. Levi jumped inside his car and drove around the corner to a secluded neighborhood. Sitting in the dark, he texted one of Bobbi's workers,
Do it.
Ten seconds later, a loud explosion was heard and car alarms went off. The text message,
it's done
, was sent directly to Bobbi's phone.

One hour later

Covered in darkness, Ruben reflected back on his life. The image of Robbi's decaying face sitting in plastic was frozen in his mind and encircled with the question of
who did this?
The heavy breathing from the naked, sleeping woman helped him maintain his sanity. He listened to her lungs suck air in and out with every breath she took. He focused more on not breaking down. While taking a temporary vacation to the past, Ruben's phone lit up and the sound of a cash register rang throughout the room, alerting him of a text message.

What time is the meeting?

Ruben smirked while shaking his head. Lawson was the irresponsible screw-up in his crew. He would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn't for his killer instincts and ties with Tabitha. In this business, Lawson was Tabitha's shadow and right hand. She was her brother's keeper and did everything she could to keep him employed, including degrading herself for Ruben's sick needs.

Ruben's fingers pounded down against the phone's buttons. It wasn't until then did he notice Lawson wasn't present at the meeting. In the middle of the text, he stopped, his mind drifting off to the group of men stationed in the warehouse.
Where was Tabitha? Why wasn't she at the meeting?
Ruben shot him the text, his leg shaking in anticipation of his response.

Tabitha's in New York, you didn't know?

Ruben's eyes grew and without giving it a second thought proceeded to respond, but before he got the chance to hit the
button, Lawson sent another text.

Your wife sent for her not too long after your girl's death. How didn't you know? Let me find out you can't keep up with all them females? Lol.

Immobile, Ruben stared into space. He had thought of everyone he figured had a reason to kill Robbi. Everyone except for Bobbi. And now that he'd seen the truth, he understood why she would want to hurt him and go as far as to murder her own blood. Bobbi had all the tools needed to carry out this mission and more than enough motivation. Ruben's free hand balled into a fist.

Why didn't you go with her?
he typed.

Minutes later Lawson responded.
She told me not to. She wanted me to stay behind and watch over your business.

•  •  •

Back to back Bobbi snapped pictures with her Polaroid camera. Like a running faucet photographs leaked from out the camera and splashed onto the surgical room's floor. A river of photos led from her feet to the middle of the room. Bobbi took her final shot, then lowered the camera from her face to admire her work. Tabitha's boob job had Harvey written all over it. She took her time when performing the surgery and allowed his voice to guide her hands. She missed him terribly. The more she practiced her craft, the more it validated that if Harvey were alive, she would have been his protégé.

Bobbi placed the white sheet over Tabitha's body, tucking her into bed one last time. The GHB worked better than she had expected. When she started the surgery, the drug sent Tabitha into
a coma, then fifteen minutes into the operation, killed her. The machines rang throughout the room, but Bobbi ignored them, continuing to insert the implants. “Moonlight Sonata” occupied the room, and memories of the month's past events, drove her to tears. Tears filled the surgical mask. Life was hard, but living it alone was harder. The tranquility and constant replay of “Moonlight Sonata” whenever the CD player tried to move to the next song, informed Bobbi of Harvey's presence. While operating in the past, Harvey never liked listening to anything other than that song. His tyranny over the music selection started many disputes between him and Smith, and left Bobbi with multiple headaches. But now that she stood there alone while operating on a corpse, she wished their bickering would return.

Bobbi touched the scar Harvey removed from her chest. She thought about the surgeries he never got the chance to perform on her face.

Finally, the music stopped. Bobbi stared down at the covered corpse. The sight of Tabitha's body told the story of how this situation came to be and made her question how Ruben found out about her infidelity.
He probably had eyes on me,
she thought. Drained, Bobbi gazed at the ceiling, her heart yearning for Harvey. Seconds later she walked inside the observation room where she removed her scrubs and plopped down on the couch, a need to reenergize illustrated on her face. Thoughts of Harvey filled her mind but quickly dwindled when the continuous ringing of her cell ripped her out of her place of solitude. Irritated, she dug inside her purse with the goal of turning it off, but when her cell phone touched the palm of her hand, it stopped ringing and a text message came through.

You bitch. I made you and now I'm going to kill you.

Bobbi smiled. After receiving his gift, some way, somehow, Ruben had solved the puzzle as to whom had killed Robbi.
Now this is going to be fun
, she thought.

You created a monster. Now watch me terrorize you. Keep your eye out for the mailman because your next delivery is on its way,
she texted.

There were two things in life Ruben loved most: women and money. So Bobbi was going to give him what he wanted—Tabitha stuffed with heroin-filled implants.

She exited out of Ruben's text message and saw Levi's notification that the job was done.
Get out of LA now
, was all she wrote back.


“Ruben didn't tell you his connects' current contact information, but I have everything that you need. So move fast and cut off his supply. He had his suspicions about Robbi's killer being in New York, but after being tipped off about Tabitha meeting up with you, he now knows you're behind Robbi's murder.”

“Who told him Tabitha was here?”

“Her brother. The only person who wasn't in the warehouse when it b
urned down. Ruben put two and two together after speaking with Lawson.”

“Did he receive Tabitha?”

“Yes. Her and the double D's filled with heroin. That's another reason why you have to move fast. You're hitting him nonstop and making it impossible for him to fight back. He's not going to be your punching bag for much longer. He told me to kill you, and to make sure it's done, he'll be flying Tabitha's brother out here.”

“Even after the warehouse burned down, he still hasn't connected you to any of this?”

“No, so contact his connect now because Lawson is on his way.”

•  •  •

It was the day after Ruben had contacted Bobbi, and her discussion with Levi that morning was fresh in her mind. Bobbi didn't know everything about her husband, but she did know he wouldn't strike
right away; he wanted her to live in fear and like a child, avoid every dark corner with thoughts of him being there. Ruben was addicted to control and once he had a hold of her mind, he planned to strike when she least expected it. However, her familiarity with his obsession to dominate her put her ten steps ahead and gave her more time to torture him. While he sat playing mind games, she kept throwing jabs and watching his world crumble. Going for the final blow, Bobbi dialed Priscilla. Three rings later, her Colombian voice came alive on the line.

“Long time no speak,” Priscilla sang into the phone.

“Hello, Cilla, how are you?”

“I am well.”

Priscilla was the wife of Ruben's connect, Jorge. She lived inside a world where they trusted no one and was locked inside a bubble her husband claimed was for her own protection. The hold Ruben had on Bobbi made Jorge comfortable with the two women forming a friendship. Priscilla didn't have a lot of friends, so meeting someone who understood her lifestyle was a breath of fresh air. The couple had no idea Bobbi didn't receive their new contact information. It was all a part of Ruben's plan to keep Bobbi beneath him.

“Tell me, old friend, what are your plans for tomorrow?”

Priscilla inhaled, then released her breath, frustrated that every day she had the same answer. “Nothing, but at least I won't be home alone. The exterminator will be here in the morning.” This was her way of telling Bobbi that Jorge would be home.

“You're right; you won't be home alone because I'll be visiting.”

“You lie!” Priscilla screamed, excitement punched in every word. Having a chance to entertain someone other than Jorge's business associates was a great distraction and made it possible for her to live a life outside of his.

“Nope, I speak the truth. If you'll have me, I'll be there tomorrow.”

“Of course you're welcome! But give me one second to check on my fish.”

Bobbi remained quiet, accepting that Priscilla had to go check with Jorge. Normal tell-all conversations didn't happen during their phone calls; they lived a life where everything was irregular. Priscilla muted the phone and returned in less than a minute.

“Sorry about that, I had to check my food. I can't have it burning, but like I said you are more than welcomed. Now let me go, I have a lot of work to do.” In Priscilla's world this meant she had to start preparing a large spread, put fresh flowers in her guest room and make a list of everything she wanted to speak about.

“I will see you soon.” Bobbi hung up her cell phone, her carry-on bag positioned beside her and ready for departure.

•  •  •

From the second Bobbi touched down on Colombian soil, she had either been running around or at a table eating. Priscilla ran her ragged while out on the town and constantly stuffed food down her throat in order for her to experience Colombia in its entirety. Bobbi was five pounds heavier and exhausted by the time they made it back to Priscilla's home. It had been years since Bobbi last had a girl's day out, especially one without people glaring at her face. All of Colombia knew who Priscilla was, so while she enjoyed the day with Bobbi, everyone kept their eyes straight and acted as if the women didn't exist.

“Bobbi, why are you here? Why visit?” Priscilla asked, her eyes taking in the sights of the city from inside the car. She didn't know when she'd be able to venture out again.

“I'm here to see you.”

“No you don't. You come a little to see me. What business do you have with Jorge?” After asking the question, Priscilla looked at Bobbi with sadness spread across her face. The defeated look reminded Bobbi that although she walked around with a damaged outer shell, there was one thing she had that Priscilla wished upon a star for—freedom. Priscilla was a prisoner within her own life. Nothing in her world was one hundred percent hers. She shared it all with Jorge.

Bobbi sat quiet for a minute. She didn't mean to use Priscilla in order to get to her husband, but it was the way of their world, and friendship couldn't come in the way.

“You know I can't tell you that, Priscilla.”

Priscilla shook her head and looked up; she lived her life for a man she could only know bits and pieces about. “You used me to get here, so now that you're here, you tell me.”

Hearing her speak brought Bobbi back to when they first met. Back then Priscilla knew very little English but listening to her now, Bobbi could see that she had come a long way. Jorge spoke English fluently and therefore, his wife sought to learn the language. Priscilla wouldn't look Bobbi's way while waiting for an answer she knew she wasn't allowed to hear, but she had to know. For once she had to be more than just a trophy wife. Bobbi looked out the window; her friend was fighting for an identity, dying to be someone other than her husband's wife. Telling her this little bit of information would give something to Priscilla she needed, a purpose.

“This is between us,” Bobbi informed her.

Priscilla nodded her head.

“Ruben will no longer do business with Jorge because I will be taking his place.”

“The only way Jorge will do business with you is if Ruben dies or betrays him. That I do know. That much he does tell me.”

“I know.”

Question marks were stamped all over Priscilla's face when she looked Bobbi's way. “What are you saying, he's dead or he betrayed Jorge?” Concerned, her eyes begged for Bobbi not to tell her a war was about to break out due to disloyalty.

“I'm saying that Jorge will
Ruben has deceived him, and as for him being dead, that will transpire in due time.” Bobbi looked closely into Priscilla's eyes. She asked for the truth and now that it was given to her, she had to swallow it whole. She told her flat out that she was going to lie on her husband and slide into his seat.

“Why? Why lie? You have freedom; isn't that enough?”

“You have beauty and love; isn't that enough?”

Silence stumped into the car like a bulldozer ramming into rubble. Priscilla had heard the rumors about Ruben forcing Bobbi to get plastic surgery and about her having an affair, but she and Jorge didn't believe it nor did they pay it any mind. When it came to Jorge's associates' private life, he turned a deaf ear.

BOOK: Gutta Mamis
3.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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