Hagen, Lynn - Oliver's Heart [Brac Pack 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) (6 page)

BOOK: Hagen, Lynn - Oliver's Heart [Brac Pack 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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“Cecil!” Maverick bellowed.

Chapter Five

Micah’s tongue played with the rod in Oliver’s lip as Oliver straddled his lap in the kitchen chair.

“Are you sure you like the piercings?” Oliver asked as he pushed his lip closer to Micah’s exploring.

“I’m sure. It’s sexy as hell.” Micah grabbed the rod with his teeth and growled. He wanted to lick and suck every damn pierced spot on his mate.

Oliver laughed. “In that case, I want a Prince Albert.”

“Really?” Micah’s eyebrows shot up. “I don’t know if I can handle someone holding your cock in their hands.” He nipped Oliver’s lip.

“They’re professionals. Please.” Oliver gave him a puppy dog look, bottom lip pouting out.

Micah chuckled as he skated his hands down Oliver’s sides. He was relieved that all the waiting for his mate to come of age, all the worrying that his mate wasn’t mentally ready, was finally over. Oliver shivered as Micah ran a hand over the nape of his neck.

“Let me think about it.” Micah hitched his groin up into his mate. His cock was rock hard, begging to tear away the denim and take what was now his to freely have.

“Oh, god.” Oliver moaned.

“Get room. No sex in kitchen.” Keata giggled as he walked to the fridge.

“Why don’t you tell my mate what your tattoo is?” Oliver asked over his shoulder.

“No dice.” Keata gave him a raspberry and walked out with a juice in hand.

“He got a tattoo?” Micah wondered who’s name the young man had inked on his chest.

“Yeah, but none of us know what it is. He wouldn’t let us see.”

Micah frowned. He didn’t like the idea of not knowing who Keata’s mate was. If he was a wolf here, why didn’t they claim him? It didn’t make sense to him.

Oliver draped his arms over Micah’s shoulders, giving him the sexiest look he could muster, “So, can I?”

“Can you what, babe?” Micah had been lost in thought.

“Get another piercing?” Oliver waggled his brows.

“Persistent little devil, aren’t you.” A faint grin touched Micah’s lips as he stood with his mate in his arms.

* * * *

Cody grabbed a beer from behind the bar as he watched the mates dance around with the controllers. He twisted the cap off and took a swig as Kyoshi yelled his victory. Cody smiled.

Keata climbed onto the bar stool and slapped the counter. Cody reached under and grabbed an orange soda, adding ice cubes to a tall glass. He tilted it as he poured. He slid the glass across and rubbed his fingers across the back of Keata’s hand.

Keata stared into his eyes then smiled.

* * * *

Oliver ran into his room to change into his sweats and a large T-shirt. He grabbed his pillow then shot back down the stairs. He jumped onto the couch in the den and curled up next to Blair.

Blair put his arm around his little brother as the movie began.

“Is it really scary?” he whispered to Blair.

“Kinda. I got ya.” Blair pulled him closer as the blood started flying.

Keata whimpered in the corner of the couch he sat in. Kyoshi pulled him near as Drew pulled Cecil close.

Johnny started yelling at the stupid girls once again.

“Is this seat taken?” Cecil looked up to see his mate smiling down at him.


Maverick pulled Cecil from Drew’s arms and cuddled him in his lap.

The other warriors claimed their mates as they snuggled down to watch the movie.

Oliver watched as Loco picked Keata up and pulled him to his chest, running his hands through Keata’s soft, silky black hair.

* * * *

“You have fun?” Micah asked as Oliver curled into his arms.

“Yeah, just a horror movie. No big deal,” Oliver said matter-of-factly.

“Liar.” Micah turned Oliver over in his arms then ran his tongue along Oliver’s lips. He skimmed his teeth as Oliver opened for him. Micah sucked Oliver’s tongue into his mouth as he kneaded his ass.

Oliver wrapped his arms around Micah’s neck as he pushed his cock into Micah’s abdomen. He broke the kiss. “Wanna taste you.”

Micah rolled onto his back. Oliver’s muscles drew tight with pleasure as he kissed his way down Micah’s body. A moan left Oliver’s throat at the taste of his mate’s skin. He had never given head before. This would be his first time.

Oliver’s cock ached as he licked the length of Micah’s dick. Micah spread his legs further apart, and Oliver climbed between them. He prayed he did it correctly. Was there a correct way? He should have looked it up on the Internet before confessing to Micah his desires.

He stroked Micah’s cock a few times before he glided the mushroomed head across his lips. He could feel his hand tremble slightly as he ran his tongue across the smeared drops, the taste exploding in his mouth. Oliver glanced up to see Micah watching him, his eyes slanted in lust. He must be doing something right for his mate to have that lusty look.

Oliver opened his mouth wider as he wrapped his lips around Micah’s cock.

“Fuck.” Micah groaned, his hand coming down to run over Oliver’s head.

It still felt like a dream. He was actually mated now, finally. Oliver laved at the opening, drawing the pre-come out as he rolled Micah’s balls in his hands. He was running on pure instinct here.

Oliver looked up once again at Micah, a blush fanning across his face and neck at the intimate way Micah was seeing him.

Micah gave a low growl. Oliver took him deeper, humming as his tongue swirled around the hard shaft. Micah thrust his hips, and Oliver gagged. His eyes watered as he pulled back.

“Fuck, Oliver.” Micah leaned up to his elbows. “Please tell me you’ve done this before.”

Oliver ignored him as he sucked harder, his mouth going up and down the cock, his hands feathering across Micah’s scrotum. He was not about to engage in a debate about cock sucking with a hard shaft shoved in his mouth.

“Oliver, gonna…” Micah warned as his hands locked onto Oliver’s head, thrusting his pelvis faster in short bursts. Oliver was thankful his mate took into consideration his inexperience.

Oliver grabbed the base and pumped as he swallowed further. Hot pulses hit the back of his throat as he struggled to swallow.

Micah howled as his hands pressed firmer on Oliver, his hips jerking until he collapsed.

Oliver crawled up Micah’s body, craving the feeling of that thick, long shaft inside of him. His heart beat faster at the thought of his mate watching him this time, facing each other. It was heady, exhilarating. Oliver wanted to throw his head back and laugh with the giddiness that was bubbling up inside of him.

He straddled Micah’s abdomen then leaned down to share the musky taste still lingering on his lips and in his mouth.

Micah devoured him. His hands grabbed Oliver’s hips as his tongue ravaged Oliver’s mouth.

“Need you.” Oliver moaned into Micah’s mouth. He reached over and grabbed the lube, setting himself back slightly to pour a generous amount down onto Micah.

Micah grabbed the base and held it up as Oliver placed his palms on Micah’s chest and braced his feet. Micah guided his cock as Oliver slowly worked the prick inside. He bit his lip from the pinch and burn, let out a breath, and then lowered a fraction more. Micah watched him the whole time.

Oliver looked down at his mate with all the love he felt in his heart. His chest swelled with the overabundance of emotions coursing through him. His. Micah was his. He hadn’t lost him.

Oliver blew out as he finally seated himself. This position opened him wider, the cock going deeper. Oliver pulled forward then rocked back, Micah’s hands on his hips helping him along.

He picked up his pace as Micah pulled his legs up, planted his feet, and then thrust deeply into him. Oliver cried out as Micah grinned then repeated the move. He hit Oliver’s gland every time he withdrew.

“Micah,” Oliver sang as his mate jetted into him. Fire licking his nerve endings, he slammed back to meet Micah’s thrust.

Micah’s canines extended, making Oliver’s cock throb harder. He grabbed it, but Micah pulled his hand away.

“Come here.” He grunted as Oliver leaned forward. Micah snaked his hand around Oliver’s neck, leading him down as his hips continued their assault. His teeth sank into the flesh where his neck ended and his shoulder began, Oliver’s soft skin relenting under the powerful bite.

Cries rang out as Oliver spurt ribbon after ribbon onto Micah, his nails digging into Micah’s chest.

Micah released him then pistoned so hard into Oliver that he nearly dislodged him. He would have if Micah hadn’t been holding onto him with a death grip. Micah shouted Oliver’s name as he released the wealth of semen that had erupted from his balls, depositing it in Oliver’s deep, heated sheath.

Oliver collapsed forward, kissing Micah’s chest and neck in a praiseworthy love.

“Love you, warrior,” Oliver cooed as he nestled into his mate’s neck.

“Forever, mate.” Micah wrapped his arms around Oliver as he twisted around and turned the lamp off.

* * * *

“Okay, now, I want all eyes front and center. No talking. No chewing gum, and you must raise your hand to ask a question.” Kyoshi cleared his throat then continued, “This is your first class in learning how to speak Japanese. Oliver suggested you mates learn for Keata’s benefit.”

“Oh, no. School,” Johnny cried. “I suck at school. I was always late.”

“Johnny, you live in the school,” Kyoshi reminded him.

“Oh, I still don’t like school.” He pouted as he crossed his arms over his chest.

The library had been converted into a makeshift classroom complete with a white erase board. Keata sat next to the board with a ruler in his hand, staring at each mate, daring them to disobey the rules.

“I have placed a sheet of paper and a number two pencil in front of each of you for notes.” Kyoshi walked to the board and wrote his first word.

“We have to take tests?” Johnny whined his question.

“Johnny, you will be put in the corner if you continue to speak without raising your hand,” Kyoshi gently reprimanded him.

Keata walked over to Johnny and rapped his knuckles with the wooden ruler.

“Ow, why’d he do that?” He shook his hand then rubbed the red mark that had surfaced.

“You must follow the rules,” Kyoshi answered.

“I’m going to be a dropout,” Drew complained.

“No, Drew. You must excel and achieve.” Kyoshi added another word to the board.

“Huh?” Drew scratched his head as he stared at Kyoshi.

“When is recess?” Johnny asked.

Keata tapped his knuckles again.

“Will you stop that?” Johnny glared at him.

“No, sunshine hair no listen.” Keata put his hands on his hips.

“I’m gonna tell the principal on you,” Johnny shot back. “Who’s the principle, Kyoshi?”

Kyoshi shook his head as he pinched the bridge of his nose to try and calm down. It was like he was in charge of a kindergarten class instead of adults.

BOOK: Hagen, Lynn - Oliver's Heart [Brac Pack 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
3.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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