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Tell me whenever Faris. I’ll have
an ear open for you as long as you want to use it. Although sparing
me all of the details like you just did is anything but
informative, so also keep that in mind next time.”


With that, Dad just got up and out of the
kitchen, probably to laze around near the television during his
holiday vacation. It’s humorous how similar we could be with one
another even though I’m sure he’s just putting up an act to gain
any insight on if I’d absolutely fail his expectations when I’m a
few years older and more independent with my role in society; I
could empathize with that considering I told him a few months back
with a blank expression I didn’t even want any role and would just
get by silently, I still remember the look he gave me hearing
something so cliche for someone with a deadpan


Wondering what was to be done from now on, I
had resigned myself from the prospect that I would be able to pry
whatever information Mom desired so much to keep away from me at
the moment, but I could probably force her hand in a matter of time
to tell me whatever part of the truth she didn’t feel like telling,
I already have an idea of whatever she is feigning ignorance on,
but I’ll let her make her move whenever she feels ready to do so;
Dad and I are essentially anticipating it.


I’m proud of my achievements, it’s the only
thing to look at because regardless of the person, I would rather
not look directly at my own shortcomings that have built themselves
up to now; a dramatic end is not befitting myself so it would
probably be best to not ponder.




I sat at the table for quite a while, it was
happening again and this time I let it happen more naturally than
it often would. After derailing the thought goings through my head,
I packed and cleared the chess pieces still left motionless on the
tabletop. Dad was fast asleep and the outside light was more
brilliant than the frosty sky blue that was apparent earlier this
morning. Pacing myself up the stairs I cut myself some slack and
would just sleep for a little while more, what better si there to
be doing but to conserve energy for whatever pointless endeavors
I’ll be facing once I’m conscious back. Entering the humble
bedroom, I didn’t bother to worry about the repercussions of
continuing this cycle, but knowing that I was now set up for change
was enough pleasantries for the time being, even if it took a
lifetime to get here. When was the last time you did something for
the first time? This rhetorical question question seemed to
resonate so well with me as I took a look back at the void that was
my past. I few phrases seemed to have instinctively escape my


I just want to
move along each day sleeping, reading, and writing. There are of
course are other things I desire to do but I can do those all while



I would like to
thank my mom for helping me create this book, as it if

t for
her knowledge on the topic and
encouragement to finish, I would have probably
not been able to complete the entire premise of my story. This
story was inspired by research conducted on the developmental
disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, as I attempted to create a plot
involving a character with this particular disorder. Other people
that have helped me create this book was the few interviews I had
conducted in order to get my research to write my book. This
includes the people at the International School of Phnom Penh
), as the
both the teachers and students had contributed ideas and helped me
keep in track with my work throughout the months that I used in
order to create the book.


This book was
written for the sole purpose for my personal project that is needed
for the Middle Years Program at International Schools. The book was
the product in which I believe is a creative representation of
Aspergers that can help clear the stigma around this developmental
disorders and mental health as a whole through the narrative


BOOK: Hallmarked Fantasies
11.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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