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Harem Girl

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Chapter 1

I worshipped my
husband’s cock when he was here to give me a portion and that was
happening right now. I was kneeling on the floor in front of him,
we were both naked and he had a huge hard on courtesy of my right
hand, but now I wanted his cock in my mouth. I looked at it and
with the foreskin pulled back the purple head was there for me to
see, a lovely sight. I touched the little hole where his cum would
burst from later with my tongue. I teased it, just licking the hole
slightly. I looked up into the eyes of my husband and smiled, he
smiled back. He loved me sucking his cock and after three months
away from me would be bursting with lovely cum for me to swallow.
Stephen shuddered from the touch of my tongue as I delicately
flicked his knob head. I grasped his organ with my right hand, it
was more than a lovely hand full and I would know as I’d held
plenty of cocks in my time. Stephen’s cock was bigger than average,
longer and with more girth and for all those people that say size
doesn’t matter I say bollocks, the bigger the better as far as I’m
concerned and if he knows how to use it as well, heaven on

I put my lips
around the head carrying on licking at the same time. His prick
tasted lovely, nectar for my mouth. I slowly slid my mouth further
down relishing the feel of his skin in my gob. I’ve always loved
giving blow jobs ever since I found out about them when I was
seventeen. Ever since then I’ve practised the art and believe I’ve
mastered the technique of giving my men the ultimate satisfaction
with my mouth. Stephen always acknowledged my expertise and was
more than happy to let me blow him. Not that he ever neglected my
cunt, my hole needed satisfying too and the combination of his
tongue on my clit followed up by a good fucking from his cock
always sent me into orgasmic orbit.

I clenched my
lips around his erection and began to move my head up and down the
shaft, slowly, I wanted Stephen to feel every little bit of
pleasure I could give him. My mouth went further and further down
his glorious prick until I began to feel his knob head just
touching my throat, no problem for me, I tilted my head forward a
little so that Stephen’s cock could slide down my throat unimpeded.
With each stroke my mouth went further and further down his prick
until my forehead touched his belly, I held it there for a moment
and then straightened my neck and slid forward again taking the
last inch of his engorged cock all the way. I could now wank his
cock completely with my mouth. I rocked backwards and forwards;
feeling his cock between my tightened lips.

groaned. “You give the best head ever Sue.”

Now I had it in
properly I could make my moves more expansive, bobbing my head
further along his shaft with each stroke. This was delicious, my
first cock for over three months; I was determined to make this
special and enjoy every sexual nuance of the experience. Some
couples I know after a separation go at it like hammer and tongs,
not Stephen and me, it was always the same when he returned, slow
and easy so we could eke out every moment of sexual delight. By now
I was holding his bum with both my hands so I could control every
movement of my body and his. Stephen liked me to be in control of
this part of our love making. Later, he would take control but for
now I ruled the roost guiding the action and dictating the pace of
things. I sucked his cock for a while until I felt the need, the
desire for Stephen to go to my cunt. He like me was an expert at
giving head and I wanted him down there, with his head buried deep
in my crutch licking me, touching me stimulating my body until I
would crave his glorious cock in my fanny. I pulled away from his
cock and lay back on the floor with my legs wide open so he could
enjoy the view of my cunt. Stephen knew what I wanted but waited a
moment as he savoured the look of my fanny as I opened it up with
my fingers so he could see my hole properly.

“I am so
looking forward to this.” He said as he knelt down between my

He took one
last look and then buried his head between my legs. I gasped as his
tongue made contact with my cunt. He pushed my fingers away and
used his to hold me open and began to lick each of my cunt lips in
turn. He took it slowly enjoying the feel of my skin on his tongue
as I enjoyed the feelings his efforts were putting into my body. I
think he loved my cunt as much as I worshipped his manhood. He
would always give it time, time for him to enjoy sucking and
licking and for me to build towards the inevitable climax our love
making always produced. Later on or tomorrow we would fuck with
wanton passion, now it was all about love. He poked his tongue as
deep into my hole as he could, his face pressed tight into my cunt.
It felt wonderful as he licked my fanny walls, all around his
tongue went and then he slid it up towards my clit, finally
touching it, teasing it with the very tip of his tongue. Then he
pushed downwards onto it massaging the organ as hard as he could.
He grasped my legs and lifted them up wide so he could get to my
bum. He licked the outside and forced his tongue in that hole as
far as he could before sliding upwards slowly again burying his
head into my crutch so he could lick the inside of my cunt and then
upwards once more to my clit. This was pure sexual joy to me and I
laid there with my arms stretched out over my head accepting the
pleasuring my husband was giving me.

After a while I
knew I needed his cock inside me.

“Make love to
me.” I asked.

He put my legs
down gently on the floor and moved his body up so his prick was
just at the entrance to my cunt, his knob head just an inch inside
me. He fucked me like that for a minute just swaying slightly his
prick teasing my hole than suddenly he plunged into me all the way.
I gasped in surprise and pleasure. He laid his whole body on me and
we stayed like that for a minute both enjoying the feel of his
prick inside my fanny. Then he started to ride me, slowly, his
prick almost leaving my cunt, but not quite. Then he would plunge
into me once more, all the way and back out again. The joy this
style of fucking was giving my body are outside any words I can
say. Wonderful, gorgeous, marvellous just don’t describe the
enormous stimulation my body was receiving. Stephen has both
stamina and staying power and could keep this up until he knew I
was ready and at my request would speed up to fuck me with a fury
that would tip me over the edge. After three months it didn’t take
long and I begged him.”Fuck me hard, right now.”

He responded
instantly by pounding into me, the entire length of his cock still
nearly leaving my cunt and then thrusting all the way back in. Long
hard fast strokes that brought me into my orgasm. I’m noisy when I
climax and I screamed out as the waves of pleasure hit me. I
grasped his back pulling him towards me, needing to hold him as the
orgasmic joy shot through me. I bucked my hips up to meet his
thrusts compounding the absolute pleasure I was feeling. The orgasm
went on and on and still Stephen thrust into me, then just as my
high began to subside he groaned as his orgasm hit. I loved the way
his final few thrusts into me were harder as his cum shot from his
lovely cock deep inside my cunt. Eight, nine, ten times he pumped
his liquid into me. He laid the weight of his body back onto me and
we cuddled like that for an age our arms around each other. Then he
rolled off and lay alongside me holding my hand.

There was no
silly talk of was that good for you darling? We both knew we had
expressed our love for each other and fulfilled each others needs.
Life was perfect, if only.


My name is
Susan Monk, I married Stephen when I was eighteen and he was twenty
six, that was six years ago. I work as a legal secretary at a small
firm of solicitors in the local high street. Stephen, what does he
do? I have absolutely no idea. He says that he works for the
government but what he does is governed by the Official Secrets Act
and he can tell me no more than that. I do know he keeps two
suitcase permanently packed one for warm weather and the other for
cold weather. He will get a phone call on his work mobile anytime
day or night, pick up one of the suitcases and leave the house
within five minutes of the call. Sometimes he is gone for a few
days and other times like the last, for three months. When he is
away there is no communication from him at all, not a phone call,
text or email. I tell a lie, one time after a three week absence,
this was three years ago, he phoned me from Heathrow and said he
would be home in two hours. I waited and waited, he eventually
turned up one month later.

All he said
when he did finally get home was. “Sorry about that, a job came up.
I won’t phone you again.”

Now I first met
Stephen when he came into the solicitor’s office for conveyancing
on the house he was buying and we started going out, Mr Mystery man
was an enigma to me. I loved the secrecy of his life, it was
exciting and to an impressionable eighteen year old the tall good
looking chap just swept me off my feet. But after a while the
separation and not knowing when he would return and sometimes I
wondered IF he would return began to gall on me. This was our only
source of arguments, the only sour note in our relationship. Mind
you I say relationship, in our six year marriage we had taken four
holidays and on one of those Stephen had received a phone call and
left me on my own in Side and during those six years I reckon we
had actually been together for all of a hundred or so nights.

He is paid well
and his salary goes into our joint account each month without fail.
He is generous and tells me to spend the money as needed, but if
one day he didn’t return and the money stopped coming I wouldn’t
even have a phone number to call to find out what was occurring. I
don’t know where he works, what department or anything.

Stephen had
returned this morning from a ‘job’ at just after six. I was still
in bed when I heard the key in the front door. Naked I ran down the
stairs to greet him and we had gone into the living room and made
love. It was beautiful as you know but the loneliness and so many
unanswered questions left me feeling very sad.

After making
love Stephen made me go to work. “You can’t ever do anything out of
the ordinary when I’m home.” He had told me a long time ago.

“Can’t I just
throw a sickie?”

“No Sue, you
have an impeccable record and phoning in sick for the day won’t be
like you at all. So go on off you go, I’ll be here when you get

I’d heard that
before, three or four times I’d arrived home from work to find a
scrawled note. ‘A job’s come up; see you when I get back home.’

So very
reluctantly I went to work waiting for five o’clock so I could get
back home to my husband. The day dragged past and when my boss
asked my to type a letter at ten to five I nearly screamed. I
eventually left the office at five twenty five and was driving like
a maniac to get back home when I saw Stephen’s Jag heading down the
other side of the duel carriageway.

BOOK: Harem Girl
2.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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