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Have No Shame

Melissa Foster









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Have No Shame


A gripping and poignant novel dealing with a subject once taboo in American society.


Hagerstown Magazine


“Have No Shame is a powerful testimony to love and the progressive, logical evolution of social consciousness, with an outcome that readers will find engrossing, unexpected, and ultimately eye-opening.”

Midwest Book Review


A historical novel of love and its triumph, told with a unique and compelling voice.


Bestselling Author, Kathleen 


“[HAVE NO SHAME] Perfectly catches the South at the dawning of the Civil Rights Movement … an adventure that twists and turns unpredictably to a tense climax that renders this novel a true page-turner. Undoubtedly the best novel I have read in a long time.”

Author, Roderick Craig Low


“… a delightful eye opener and a rather poignant book that everyone everywhere should put on their ‘must-read’ lists.”

Readers’ Favorite


“A dynamic and heartwarming tale of young love, giving testament to those who struggled so we can live in an integrated society.”

Author, Rachelle Ayala


Overall Have No Shame is a stunningly impactful read.


Rabid Reader Reviews



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“TRACES OF KARA is psychological suspense at its best, weaving a tight-knit plot, unrelenting action, and tense moments that don't let up, and ending in a fiery, unpredictable revelation.”

Midwest Book Review


“What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about...desperately. This is psychological suspense at its most chilling. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked.”

International Bestselling Author, M.J. Rose


 “[TRACES OF KARA] Hannibal Lector, Freddie Kruger and the Tami Hoag villains combined with the emotional bond of Jody Picoult, Jane Fitch, and Steel Magnolia.”

Author, Rachelle Ayala


“TRACES OF KARA is a thriller that offers the readers unexpected twists and turns as one page follows another [and] will keep readers absorbed throughout its pages.”

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“TRACES OF KARA is a minute by minute thriller...[it] will test your bravery, loyalty and make you want to hug your own family.”

Stephanie, Beauty Brite Blog


“TRACES OF KARA is a tense and engrossing read.”




Megan’s Way


“A wonderful, warm, and thought-provoking story...a deep and moving book that speaks to men as well as women, and I urge you all to put it on your reading list.”

Mensa Bulletin


“MEGAN’S WAY is a fine and fascinating read that many will find hope in.”

Midwest Book Review



Chasing Amanda


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Author, Dean Mayes


“Secrets make this tale outstanding.”

Hagerstown Magazine




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Bestselling Author, Sue Harrison


“COME BACK TO ME is passionate, romantic, and moving. A vivid story of loss and hope—a fine read for a wide audience.”

Midwest Book Review





Megan’s Way


Beach Book Award


Readers’ Favorite Award


New England Book Festival,
Honorable Mention


Next Generation Indie Book Award,



Chasing Amanda


Dan Poynter’s Global EBook Awards


Readers’ Favorite Award (2 categories),



Come Back To Me


Next Generation Indie Book Awards,


Readers’ Favorite Award,


Kindle Book Review Best Indie Books Award,


Dan Poynter’s Global EBook Awards,

Author’s Note


Some stories just beg to be written, and Alison and Jackson’s story,
Have No Shame,
is one of those stories. I could not turn away from their voices if I had wanted to. I know there is ugliness in this beautiful world of ours, and for that reason, I feel that stories such as this one are so very important to be told.

I was lucky enough to be brought up by a woman who believes that love knows no boundaries, and I try to raise my children with the same conviction. In this very short life we live, we are lucky to find true love, and my hope is that society will accept—and even strive for—happiness for all, regardless of color, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

I hope you enjoy
Have No Shame
, and I thank you for picking it up.


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You will notice that this book is presented in two formats: With Southern Dialect in Narrative, and Without Southern Dialect in Narrative. I queried over 400 readers about their reading preferences, and the response was overwhelming, and almost evenly split. It became apparent that readers are very passionate about their reading preferences, and in this digital world of ours, we are lucky enough to be able to give readers what they want. Therefore, please make your reading preference selection below, and you will be taken to your chosen edition of
Have No Shame


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For everyone who has ever been touched by the harshness of society, and for my mother, for teaching me that the heart is color-blind, just as it should be.

Table of Contents
With Southern Dialect
Without Southern Dialect
Chapter One

It was the end of winter 1967, my father was preparin’ the fields for plantin’, the Vietnam War was in full swing, and spring was peekin’ its pretty head around the corner. The cypress trees stood tall and bare, like sentinels watchin’ over the St. Francis River. The bugs arrived early, thick and hungry, circlin’ my head like it was a big juicy vein as I walked across the rocks toward the water.

My legs pled with me to jump from rock to rock, like I used to do with my older sister, Maggie, who’s now away at college. I hummed my new favorite song,
Penny Lane
, and continued walkin’ instead of jumpin’ because that’s what’s expected of me. I could just hear Daddy admonishin’ me, “You’re eighteen now, a grown up. Grown ups don’t jump across rocks.” Even if no one’s watchin’ me at the moment, I wouldn’t want to disappoint Daddy. If Maggie were here, she’d jump. She might even get me to jump. But alone? No way.

BOOK: Have No Shame
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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