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“I’m just nervous,” I admitted. “I’m hoping you aren’t used to banging twenty-one-year-old model types.”

He arched his brows and laughed. I loved that rich, deep sound.

“I’m not used to anything, Joss. It’s been a while. And I’m not the banging sort, either. If you want this, just relax and I promise I’ll make it good for you.”

“I want this,” I said, letting my gaze wander from his dark, stubbled jaw line to his shoulders and biceps, which filled out the black t-shirt he’d changed into before picking me up.

“What kind of food do you like?” he asked. “So I can find a restaurant for our first date.”

“I love Creole food. Or pizza. Hamburgers. I’m easy.” I laughed at my last statement. “Obviously.”

“How long’s it been?” he asked softly.

“Turn left right here.” I sighed, embarrassed by the truth. “Almost a year.”

He was about to say something when I spoke again. “That’s my building there. You can park anywhere on this side of the street.”

He maneuvered the truck into a spot and turned off the truck, looking over at me. “Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to feel any pressure.”

I opened my door and glanced back at him. “Completely sure. Come on.”

I stepped out of the truck and closed my door, waiting for him. When he walked over to my side, his dark gaze was fixed on me. I was frozen in place as he reached for my cheek and stroked his thumb over it.

“I can’t wait to figure you out, Joss,” he said in a low tone. “Soft and sweet or hard and rough? What turns you on?”

“You do,” I said, tipping my face up toward his.

He closed the space between us and I found myself between him and the truck. His hard chest pressed against the softness of my breasts. He wasn’t going to make me wait any longer. His lips met mine and I finally got to taste the man I was craving so deeply.

It wasn’t a typical first kiss. There was nothing sweet or romantic about it. Carson’s mouth was hot and demanding against mine. He held nothing back, molding every hard inch of his body against mine and kissing me with as much passion as I was feeling for him.

My heart hammered in my chest. I was dizzy with desire and had to force myself to pull my lips away from his for a breath.

“Inside,” I said. “Let’s get inside.”

He backed up a few inches and I reached for his hand, leading him around to the side door of my apartment. I dug my keys out of my purse and found the one I needed. As I tried to fit it into the lock, Carson moved my hair over one shoulder and kissed the back of my neck. Goosebumps broke out on my arms from the feel of his lips and the brush of his scruff.

“That’s another spot I’ve never been kissed,” I said, moaning softly when his arm encircled my waist and pulled my body back against his.

“Let’s get inside so I can find all the other spots,” he said in my ear.

I was rattled and it was dark. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the key in the lock. Carson took out his cell phone and shined the light on the lock to help.

“I’ll show you around later,” I said as we stepped in, leaning up to kiss him. He closed the door and I pulled him toward my bedroom. My place was small so it wasn’t far.

We’d almost made it to the bed when he bent and picked me up, his hands cupping my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting my head fall back as he kissed my jaw line.

He put a knee on the bed and lowered himself slowly, with me still plastered to him. As soon as I unwrapped my arms from his neck, he pulled my shirt off over my head. The cool air in my apartment washed over my skin, which was quickly warmed by Carson’s chest on mine. He’d pulled his own shirt off, too, and the contact between us was blissful.

My inhibitions were forgotten as he slid my jeans off and kissed his way from one ankle to my inner thigh. I panted with desire and ran my fingers through his short hair.

When he pressed his face to the damp satin fabric of my panties, my back arched off the bed in response.

“Carson.” My voice was breathy and desperate. When his mouth opened and I felt the warm heat of his tongue on me through the fabric of the panties, I cried out loudly.

I felt his groan of satisfaction. My body was on fire for him, ready to combust at the slightest touch.

Seeming to sense how close I already was, he pulled back and hooked his fingers around the sides of my panties, sliding them down. He kissed my hips and stomach, my knees and my ankles—his mouth exploring every place but the throbbing ache where I needed him most.

He finally gave in, his tongue sweeping across my clit and sending my back into the air again. Sinking his hands into my ass cheeks, he held me in place and sucked on my clit for one short, mind-blowing second.

I was close—so damn close—when he lowered me back to the bed and kissed his way up my stomach to my breasts. He licked each nipple, swirling his tongue around them until I was whimpering with desire.

When he kissed me and I tasted myself on him, I dug my fingers into his back and pulled him toward me, desperate for contact with his hard body. But he held himself in place above me, giving me only his mouth.

“I want you so much,” I said against his lips. “Please, Carson.”

“I love seeing you this way,” he said, kissing my neck. “I’d keep you like this for hours if I could.”

I groaned and buried my fingertips in his shoulders. His low sound of amusement frustrated me and turned me on at the same time.

“Alright, baby,” he said, sliding his fingertips past my lips. I brushed my tongue over them. When he pushed them further in, my heart picked up speed at the sensation.

“Suck,” he said, his tone low and gruff. “Suck these like you would my cock.”

I moaned deep in my throat and wrapped my lips around his fingers, taking them past his knuckles. When he pulled them out, he replaced them with his mouth, kissing me deep and hard.

Lost in the kiss, I moaned into his mouth when his fingers dragged lightly down my pussy, landing on my ass, where he traced the circle of my opening with his index finger.

I’d never been touched there, and I jolted from the forbidden pleasure I felt. Carson’s mouth was back on one of my nipples now, and he licked and sucked and then nipped it with his teeth as his finger pushed inside my ass.

“Oh, God,” I cried, my back arching yet again. Pleasure and hunger swirled inside me.

He kissed his way down my stomach, his lips finally landing back on my needy pussy. I let out a long moan as he licked and sucked my clit while working another finger into my ass. What would have hurt any other time was about to send me over the edge.

I started to come, my moan guttural as the climax seized me, and Carson caught my hip with his free hand and held on. He never let up, his fingers and mouth working a long deep orgasm from my body. When I finally started to come down, he eased his fingers out of me and I dropped down to the mattress, panting.

He moved to lay down next to me on his side, leaning on one elbow, but I grabbed his face in my hands and pulled him to me for a kiss.

“I can’t even put into words how amazing that was,” I said. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”

He made a low sound of amusement and wrapped his big hand around my hip. “Your pleasure is my pleasure, Joss.”

Damn. I was so lucky to have met this wounded, beautiful man. I’d shown him my fears and insecurities, and he hadn’t blinked. And now, with his warmth next to me in my bed, those fears and insecurities were nowhere to be found.

hard but not feeling a need to do anything about it. I’d pulled Joss into my arms and her soft, beautiful body against mine had sent me into a deeper state of relaxation than I’d felt in a long time. We could sleep this way for the few hours we had.

She ran her fingers over one of my biceps and I kissed her one more time. I hadn’t wanted to kiss a woman in a long while, and now that I’d found one I wanted to kiss, I couldn’t seem to get enough. Fucking was one thing, but kissing was a softer, more intimate act. Joss made me want the soft intimacy.

Her free hand wrapped around my cock and I sucked in a surprised breath.

“This is a bit intimidating, but I think I can handle it,” she said, stroking me. It felt so damn good that I let my eyes slide closed so I could just savor her touch on me for a few seconds.

“My dick’s intimidating?” I said, surprised. “You mean ‘cause it’s so hard?”

It was straight as an arrow and hard as hell since I’d tasted her pussy.

She gave a low, sexy laugh and hooked one leg around mine. “That, and it’s awfully big too.”

I groaned as she stroked me faster. “It’ll be big and hard the next time you see it, too,” I promised. “You should try to get some rest. I know you’re tired.”

Her startled gasp made me turn my head in an effort to see her in the dark.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I thought you’d want to have sex. You want to sleep?”

“No.” I leaned up on an elbow so I could see the lines of her face. “You can tell how much I want you, Joss. You have to work today though, and you were up all night. I didn’t want you to think I expected it. I mean, I don’t expect it.”

“Well, I expect it,” she said softly.

I threw back my head and laughed. “Baby, I’ll put out for you anytime. You’ll never have to say it twice.”

I kissed her, starting soft and slow. By the time I’d eased her onto her back and was climbing on top of her, we were both digging in our hands and kissing each other with the pent up hunger inside us.

“Oh, shit,” she said suddenly. “Please, please tell me you have condoms.”

“I’ve got one in my wallet. Got it at a buddy’s bachelor party a few months ago.”

I reached over the side of the bed and found my jeans, pulling out my wallet and locating the condom. Joss’ legs were spread wide open. She wanted it as bad as I did. I wasn’t gonna make either of us wait any longer.

I’d barely gotten the condom ripped open and rolled on and she was reaching for me.

“Tell me if you need me to stop,” I said, leaning over her to kiss her neck and speak in her ear. I breathed in the warm, exotic smell of her perfume on her neck and said a silent prayer that this was only the first of many times I’d make love to this incredible woman.

“Just start slow,” she said, holding tightly to my shoulders.

I slid in slightly, pausing to kiss her and get ahold of myself. She was tight and my cock was throbbing for her.

Joss moved her hands down to my ass, easing me further into her. Her moan was half pleasure, half pain. I was going to slide out and let her adjust to me, but she locked her legs around my waist, urging me on.

Even at a slow pace, she felt so fucking good that I groaned against her chest. The easier I tried to go, the more she encouraged me by thrusting her own hips up to meet mine.

“I’m okay,” she said in my ear. “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Let yourself go.”

My body responded in an instant, sinking balls deep into her. We became a tangle of sweating, groaning bodies. I wanted it to go on forever. I could’ve slowed and stopped enough to make it last an hour, but when I felt Joss getting ready to come, I couldn’t deny her.

“Carson,” she cried, her nails embedded in my back. “God, don’t stop.”

I hooked an arm beneath one of her thighs and fucked her hard, and her pussy clenched around my cock as she came, her moans of satisfaction sending me over the edge right behind her.

We curled ourselves around each other silently, her stroking my back and me holding her close for fear this feeling would stop. I’d opened up to her and knew she’d done the same for me. For the first time in my life, sex had been more emotional than physical for me. I said another silent prayer that this was the first of many more times for me and Joss.

sensation on my arm brought me out of the deep sleep I was in. Carson was running his fingertips over my skin.

“Time to get up,” he said softly.

I groaned in protest. My body was sated and exhausted. It wanted to stay right here, wrapped around Carson.

But a glance at the clock on my nightstand told me I had to get up. “I just need to brush my teeth and fix my hair,” I said.

BOOK: Healing Touch
4.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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