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Caden couldn't believe she'd lost her mother too. It explained a lot about her—she clearly understood loss, even if her experience was different than his. But he had no doubt hers had taught her the empathy and compassion she showed when he'd told his story. He thought maybe he finally understood what people meant when they talked about kindred spirits.

Makenna's back arched when she stretched and yawned, and Caden stifled a groan when her bottom pressed back into his groin. The friction was fantastic but too short. His imagination took off at a sprint. All he could think about was grinding himself into her tight ass and feeling the sensual curves of her hips in his hands as he held her to him. He was surprised out of his fantasizing when she didn't lean against his chest again, but instead shifted around to face him. He could tell she was sitting on her legs because he felt her knees press against the inside of his thighs. The contact made his groin tighten. He clenched and released his fists, trying so damn badly to let her take the lead. He didn't want to push her past where she wanted to go. But her initiative was fucking sexy. When her hands landed on his chest, his cock twitched and fully hardened. He shifted his hips to make himself more comfortable. She leaned into him. He moaned his appreciation when her breasts fell against his chest as her lips found his chin.

"Hi,” she whispered.

"Hi.” He wrapped his arms around her body and hugged her to him.

Then her lips found his. Caden groaned as she focused first on the double piercing on the side of his bottom lip. He was relieved she seemed to like his spider bites, as they were called, though he suspected, for
woman, he'd rip them the fuck out if she didn't.

Her kiss was soft and slow, exploring, and he savored every pull of her lips, swipe of her tongue, and shifting press of her body. He ran his hands up and down her back enjoying the way the silk of her blouse skimmed against her body. When small moans and whimpers accompanied her kisses, Caden's erection twitched. He shifted his hips. He wanted more of her. He wanted to claim her, make her his.

But he also wanted to see her as he took her. He wanted to learn everything about her body. He wanted to watch her reactions as he used his mouth and hands to please her. And he definitely wanted her to have more than a quick fuck on a floor. She deserved better than that. Much better. And he thought maybe he wanted to give her everything.

Caden had to admit it. He was falling for Makenna. Before tonight, he would've put money against the idea of being able to fall for someone after only knowing them for one day. Good thing he'd never placed that bet.

Makenna's hands cupped his jaws. She leaned into him further, her breasts crushing against his chest. Caden threaded his left hand into the thickness of her hair and took control of the kiss, tilting her head back so he could get better access to her mouth. She tasted phenomenal and, combined with her sweat-heightened scent, was driving him crazy. He shifted his hips again, though she was frustratingly too far away to provide the friction he sought. She sucked hard on his tongue as she drew her head back. He growled and tugged a fistful of her hair. She gave in to his unspoken demand and tilted her head, then Caden laved his tongue against her throat, paying special attention to the spot just below her ear that made her squirm every time.

"I want to touch you, Makenna. Can I?"

She swallowed hard under his lips. “Yes."

"All you have to say is stop."

"Okay,” she whispered as she cupped the back of his head with one of her small hands.

His left hand still tangled in her hair, Caden slid his right around her body and cupped the underside of her breast. He paused there, letting her get used to the sensation, giving her time to halt his movements if she wanted. He moaned his approval into the soft skin of her neck when she pressed herself into his touch.

He squeezed her gently and brushed his thumb back and forth. When he stroked her nipple, Makenna rose up onto her knees and reclaimed his mouth. He ravenously swallowed her appreciative moan and set about to elicit others by repeating the movement until she was whimpering.

The darkness intensified every sensation. The sounds of their pleasure were amplified. Textures sprang out against his fingertips. He was swimming in her scent. He couldn't wait to see her, but as he sat holding this sensual woman in his arms, he wasn't complaining he couldn't.

He slid his left hand out of her hair and raked it down her body to her other breast. She rested her forehead on his. He groaned at the feeling of her warm, firm breasts filling his hands as her hair cascaded around both of their faces.

In between panting breaths, she pressed kisses against his forehead as he fondled and stroked and teased her breasts.

She worked her lips and tongue down his temple and he braced himself for her reaction to what she'd find at the edge of his eyebrow. Finally, he felt her tongue, right there. She gasped. “Oh God, more?” she whispered.

Caden had no idea whether her reaction was positive or negative until he heard her moan as she lightly sucked the barbell piercing into her mouth.

He grunted his pleasure at her enthusiastic acceptance and thanked her by concentrating his fingers over her nipples. She cried out, her breath fanning into his ear. He couldn't help thrusting his hips again. He was hard and aching and didn't think he'd ever been as turned on before from kissing.

"Under,” Makenna pleaded.

It took a moment for his brain to defog and realize what she was asking.
Hell, yes.

Together they fumbled at the little pearl buttons on her blouse. Caden slid his fingers inside the satin of her bra cup and found warm erect feminine skin. The proof of her arousal felt incredible, but all his mind could think about was how good he knew she would taste.

Makenna thought she should be worried about how far this was going, and how much further it might go. But then Caden tugged at her hair or sucked on that sensitive spot under her ear or asked her permission to go just a step further, and she lost all capacity for restraint.

Time and again, Caden's mouth and fingers played her just the right way, as if they'd pleased her many times before. She already thought him an attentive lover, as he repeated every action that elicited a moan or a whimper or writhing from her.

She was hot and wet and needed his big hands on her body. She wouldn't let this go too far, but she had to have something, she had to have more. And she couldn't recall the last time she'd felt so sexy, so passionate. So alive.

The pads of his fingers were rough and felt phenomenal as they gently rubbed and tugged at her sensitive nipples. She could tell her bra was restraining his movements, so she freed her hands from wandering over his body and reached down to tug the satiny cups out of his way.

"You feel so good, Makenna,” Caden murmured around their kisses.

She moaned as she felt him stroke his thumbs through the exaggerated cleavage created by the way her disheveled bra pushed her up and in. Needing to feel him too, Makenna's hands dropped to his stomach. She pulled at the softness of his cotton T-shirt until she could slip her hands underneath.

Caden groaned and squirmed when her fingers landed in the trail of small curls leading underneath his waistband. She played with them as she slowly walked her fingers upward, then finally splayed her fingers out until her hands were flat on him. His stomach twitched and flinched under the teasing touches of her hands. Makenna rubbed her thighs together. She soon found his nipples and lightly scratched her short fingernails over them.

"Aw, hell, Red,” he groaned.

"Like that?” She punctuated her question by fingering one of his nipples again while lightly tugging the other. When he grunted his answer, she smiled wickedly against his lips.

She was surprised and disappointed when his hands left her breasts. But then he slid them under her arms and lifted her up higher onto her knees.

"Oh, God, Caden,” she cried out when he kissed a circle around her right breast, then rubbed his nose back and forth over her nipple. Her anticipation was nearly at its breaking point for the feel of his mouth there.

He didn't make her wait long. One of his arms embraced her, locking her to his mouth, while his other hand teased the unattended breast. He pulled her so tightly against him she finally had to free one of her hands from underneath his shirt to brace against the wall behind them.

His mouth on her was a riot of sensation. His tongue flicked her nipples. His teeth gently nipped. His lips sucked and tickled and taunted. His piercing bit thrillingly into her skin. Back and forth he went between her breasts until she thought she'd lose her ever-loving mind.

Makenna clenched her thighs together rhythmically, so far gone from his stimulation to her breasts she didn't care if he felt her shifting herself against him.

"Tastes so good, Makenna. Feels so good."

"God, you're killing me."

He plunged his tongue into her cleavage and slowly licked up her chest. It was erotic and thrilling and wanton. She groaned imagining him plunge that skillful tongue elsewhere.

His fingers returned to her nipples and pinched and twisted as he tilted his head back. Makenna braced her hands on his broad shoulders and looked down, sensing him all around her even though she couldn't see him. She lowered herself slowly until their mouths rediscovered one another in the darkness.

Caden pulled back a little and rubbed his rough cheek against hers. “I want to make you feel good."

"I feel so good with you."

"Mmm...can I make you feel even better?"

Makenna's head grew dizzy from the promise of what he was offering. She couldn't believe she was even considering it, but her body screamed at her for thinking she might turn him down. She nodded her face against his.

"Tell me, Red, you gotta say it out loud. I can't see your face or your eyes, and I don't want to make any mistakes here."

If she'd been just a little unsure a moment ago, she wasn't any longer. “Yes. Please...make me come."

"Oh, fuck, you can't say shit like that right now."

His words brought a smile to her face. She hoped she was affecting him as much as he was her. His words also made her feel bolder, so she teased him, just a little.

"I need to come, so bad. Please?” She bit her bottom lip at her brazenness.

Caden growled, “Mmm, yes.” His hands flashed to her hips. He tried to pull her up onto his lap, but her skirt was too tight. Her thighs couldn't spread wide enough to straddle him. “Can I—"

He hadn't needed to ask. Makenna's hands were already at the sides of her thighs hitching her skirt up so she could put her legs over his. She was shaky with want and anticipation. He helped guide her. They both moaned in needy satisfaction when the heated junction of her thighs settled over the bulge in his jeans.

Caden eased her into it. She adored him for it. He started back at her mouth again, exploring her with his tongue while his thumbs and forefingers teased her nipples. She couldn't resist licking and sucking at the metal on his lip, never imagining how incredibly sexy she'd find such piercings. And she especially loved how her attention to them made him grunt in satisfaction.

Now that Makenna had a source of friction, she had to use it. She ground herself against his considerable hardness and whimpered at how good he felt, there. His hands fell to her behind and rocked her against him even harder. With a firm grip on her ass, Caden helped her find a rhythm, encouraging her to use him for her pleasure.

Makenna moaned every time he pulled her against him, though that was nothing compared to what she felt when he finally lowered his left hand to the outside of her panties. His fingers there unhinged her. She cried out and swallowed hard and fought for a breath to ease the dizziness the pleasure caused.

He cupped her mound and grunted. “God, you're so wet."

"Your fault,” she gasped.

His voice dripped with arrogance. “Happy to be blamed for this."

"Still smack you,” she managed as his fingers began to move, to rub, over the soaked-through satin.

"Maybe later,” he rasped. “God, you feel fantastic."

Moaning appreciatively, Makenna clutched herself to Caden's broad shoulders as he helped her thrust against him with one hand while he stroked her with the other.

"Oh God.” Everything—tension, butterflies, tingles, quivers—it all pooled in her lower abdomen.

"I wish I could see you come for me, Makenna."

"Oh!” was all she could manage to gasp out. He moved his fingers harder now, in a circle right over the nerves at the top of her sex. And it was just right. Exactly what she needed to get there.

"Yeah. It's okay, baby. Let go."

"Caden.” She let out a high-pitched whimper as pressure built up under his tormenting hand. Her mouth dropped open. He sped up his movements just a little. Pressed just a bit harder.

Her orgasm was going to be tremendous. The whole middle of her body was already tense from the build up of tingling pressure that felt impossibly hard to contain. His fingers were so good. She concentrated hard on the way he was stroking her, on the connection between him and the center of her arousal, and gave herself over entirely to the pursuit of pleasure.

God, just a little more...almost...oh God.

The elevator whirred and shook. The lights blinked back on.

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Chapter Six

Makenna groaned.

The light might as well have been a bucket of ice water—it was uncomfortable and dampened the fire that had raged in her body only seconds before.

She clenched her eyes shut against the unexpected brightness and buried her face in Caden's neck. The light seemed to affect him too. His now-still fingers remained wedged between their bodies, but his face was curled into her to block out the blinding onslaught of the lights.

Several moments passed. The lights remained on. Makenna guessed they were on to stay. Still tucked into Caden, she experimented with opening her eyes enough to get used to the brightness again. It was surprisingly hard. Her eyes protested, blinking and watering for what seemed like minutes.

BOOK: Hearts in Darkness
2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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