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Sam let her gaze travel over Gillian’s body—the full breasts almost spilling from the bra’s lace cups, the small waist and flat belly, the curve of hips that flowed into sculpted thighs. It was clear that Gillian worked out, probably with a private trainer or in one of those fancy studios. But wherever and however, the woman’s body was perfect, and Sam had a hard time not drooling.

Gillian blushed brightly under Sam’s scrutiny but remained where she was.

Sam whispered, “You are gorgeous, Gillian. Absolutely stunning.”

Her statement brought a pleased smile to Gillian’s face. She breathed a short, “thank you.”

“I’m going to touch you now and I won’t stop until you’ve come at least once,” Sam said. She waited a moment to let her words sink in and to gauge Gillian’s reaction before closing the space between them in a single step. Sam cupped Gillian’s sex. Those panties were already as soaked as a wet sponge.

Gillian whimpered.

Sam increased the pressure slightly and purred. “I promise to make you come right now if you promise I can take my time with you later. Deal?”

Gillian nodded. The muscles in her thighs trembled.

“Take off your bra.”

Gillian hesitated, but she undid her bra with shaking hands and let it fall next to her dress on the floor.

Sam licked her lips. Gillian’s breasts were firm and round, the nipples pert and just begging to be touched.

“Good girl,” Sam said. “Now your panties. Get them off.” She took her hands away.

This time Gillian complied without hesitation.

Sam took a step back to admire the view.

Gillian stood naked, shivering in the cool air while Sam’s gaze lingered on the short, damp curls between her legs.

Definitely a natural blonde
. A memory of another blonde, equally beautiful, arose. Cheri. Sam’s first love. And the chaos that had erupted after Sam’s mother had found them in bed together. She shook her head, desperate to cling to the reality of this moment.

“Are you okay?” Gillian’s soft voice cut through the darkness of Sam’s memories.

“Yes, I was a bit lightheaded there for a moment.” Sam plastered a grin on her face. “No wonder. Looking at you. You’re exquisite, Gillian.”

A shy, yet pleased smile crossed Gillian’s face. “Thank you.” She swallowed. “I think you are too. And very hot.”

An ache of hunger settled in Sam’s belly, replacing the knot of anger that had spread from her memories.
She’s real. You’re real. You’re going to enjoy this night and forget about the ugly stuff.
“So, two beautiful women. One naked. The other horny. What should we do about it?”

Gillian’s lips trembled. “Fuck me.”

Sam held her breath. Those words from the naïve-looking woman in front of her wiped every other thought and memory from her mind. “I will. The whole night.” She took a step toward Gillian and touched those wonderful breasts, slowly stroking the nipples.

Gillian moaned and pushed against Sam’s hands.

Fire surged through Sam. This was it.
Life. Joy. Fun.
Desire flared strongly inside her. She crossed the remaining distance between them and pushed a knee between Gillian’s legs.

Gillian grasped at Sam’s wrists to keep her balance.

Moisture seeped through Sam’s jeans where the hot pussy was pressed against her thigh. Sam’s arousal heightened. It was an itch that she was more than ready to scratch. She stifled a moan, not wanting Gillian to know how much she was affecting her. “Put your hands on the wall behind you and leave them there.”

Gillian had to release Sam’s wrists, but Sam took hold of her hips, steadying her until Gillian complied. Her body formed a graceful curve; skin and muscle tightened beautifully. Gillian’s eyes drifted shut.

“Look into my eyes, Gillian. Look at me. I want to see your gorgeous green eyes when I fuck you.”

Gillian’s eyes opened.

Sam put more pressure on Gillian’s pussy, knowing the denim fabric would feel harsh to the ultra-sensitized flesh. “Spread your legs wider for me.”

Gillian shifted, making it easy for Sam to replace her thigh with her hand.

That was what she had been waiting for. Sam eagerly slipped her fingers through the slick folds. “You’re so wet. I like that.”

“Please,” Gillian hissed, pressing harder against Sam’s hand.

Sam didn’t need more encouragement. Her blood pounded in her ears as her excitement surged. She rubbed her thumb around Gillian’s clitoris, spreading slippery moisture, and leaned forward to take Gillian’s mouth in a kiss. Her other hand found Gillian’s breast. The nipple hardened instantly in her palm. She rubbed the wet clit more firmly.

Gillian’s moan sounded more like a growl.

Riding the power wave that dominance gave her, Sam broke the kiss. “Want me to make you scream when you come?”

This time Gillian whimpered in reply.

Sam took that as a yes. She pushed a finger into the hot wet channel of Gillian’s pussy and after a few thrusts, added a second. This felt so damn good.

Gillian cried out sharply, closing her eyes. Her head slammed back against the wall when Sam added a third finger.

The muscles in Sam’s forearm began to burn as she pumped her fingers in and out, finding a rhythm that had Gillian’s hips rising to meet her.

Sam had a hard time concentrating. The smoothness of the inner walls that gripped her fingers drove her own arousal constantly higher and higher. She thrust harder; increasing the pace until Gillian mindlessly ground her pussy against Sam’s hand. The aroma of feminine arousal was heady, mingling with the fragrance of Gillian’s perfume producing a scent that Sam found absolutely intoxicating. Withdrawing her fingers and ignoring Gillian’s wordless cry of protest, Sam went down on her knees and scooted forward until she was positioned between Gillian’s spread thighs. “You make me so hot, Gillian. I’m going to make you come now.” She had to crane her neck as the position was awkward, but this was how Sam wanted to have Gillian. She pulled one leg over her shoulder.
Slowly, she licked and teased around Gillian’s clit, enjoying the taste of Gillian’s desire.

Gillian’s moans intensified.

Settling her mouth over the nub of flesh, Sam flicked her tongue—first slow, then faster. When she heard the first moans she shoved her fingers into Gillian’s heat; pushing them in as far as they would go before drawing them out again, until her fingertips were poised at the opening.

Gillian’s muscles fluttered, like a greedy little mouth trying to suck Sam’s fingers inside.

Sam stopped licking and pushed her fingers into Gillian several times, the movements smooth and powerful. “That’s me fucking you,” she said somewhat breathlessly. A sense of triumph was growing, fuelled by Gillian’s groans and the slickness that oozed from the wet opening. Sam fastened her mouth over Gillian’s pussy and lapped at her clit.

Gillian’s hands fell on the back of Sam’s head, clutching her short hair, holding her in place. Gillian was trembling all over. “That feels so good.”

Sam curled her fingers, seeking that special spot inside all women. She knew she found it when Gillian bucked wildly, almost spraining Sam’s wrist.

Sam increased her tongue’s pressure against Gillian’s clit and was soon rewarded. Inner muscles spasmed hard around her fingers and she tasted a gush of slightly bitter fluid—sure signs that Gillian had climaxed. But Sam was far from finished. She gentled her licking at first, to soothe the heated flesh, and then smoothed the flat of her tongue over Gillian’s clit.

Gillian stiffened and shuddered through a second orgasm, her hands still fisted in Sam’s hair.

Breathless, Sam carefully removed her fingers before she pressed a light kiss against Gillian’s pubic curls.

Gillian buckled.

Sam caught her and allowed her to slide down the wall. Cradling Gillian in her arms, she placed a kiss on her slightly parted lips, surprised at the feeling of protectiveness that bubbled up inside her. She sat with Gillian in her arms for some minutes, the quietness of the apartment only interrupted by the sound of their breathing.

Cradled in Sam’s arms, stars danced before Gillian’s eyes. Her whole body tingled. “Wow,” was all she was able to mutter.

“Wow?” Sam chuckled. “Good wow?”

“Unbelievable wow.” Gillian turned her head and nuzzled Sam’s throat, planting a gentle kiss on the soft skin. She felt safe. And relaxed. And simply very, very good. “You are a wet dream come true.”

“It is going to be a rather cold dream for you if we stay like this much longer.”

“So?” Gillian smiled. “What do you suggest?” She hoped that Sam wanted to stay and go another round or two or three.

Sam cupped Gillian’s breast and caressed the nipple under her finger. “I’m sure that somewhere in this apartment is a perfectly fine bed.”

Gillian moaned. Sam’s touch was driving her crazy.
I’m not going to survive this night.

Sam kissed Gillian tenderly. “You’re a very responsive woman, very sensual, very arousing. I love that. And I’d love to spend the whole night with you.”

Yes. Yes.
Gillian tried to gather herself to form a coherent sentence. “Thank you for asking me what I wanted. I…I really liked that, as you can tell.”

“So, want to show me your bed?” Sam’s grin was positively devilish.

“Hell, yes.”

Sam laughed and took her hand away.

Gillian groaned in protest.

“Come on. We have to get up so we can lie down again.”

It took a moment for them to untangle their limbs. Gillian took Sam’s hand and drew her toward the bedroom.

Sam stopped. “Hang on a second. Would it be okay if I took a quick shower?”

Gillian nodded. “Sure.” She pointed toward the door leading to the bathroom. “That’s the bathroom. Help yourself. Towels are in the cupboard. And there’s another door that leads directly to the bedroom, where I’ll be waiting for you. Naked.” She smiled. “Unless you don’t want to shower alone?”

A smile spread over Sam’s face. “Not this time. But hold that thought for later tonight. Now, off you go, warm the bed and wait for me. Won’t take long, all right?”

Gillian nodded and watched Sam close the bathroom door behind her. The room felt empty and Gillian shuddered.

She walked into the bedroom and stared at the king-sized bed in front of her. Rubbing her hands over her face, she remembered the very first time she had set foot in this room. How surprised she had been back then about the huge bed, wondering why Derrick needed something like that in an apartment he used for only the odd night he had to work so late that he didn’t want to disturb them at home.
How naïve and stupid I’ve been.

A lot of her questions had been answered as soon as she had opened drawers and found sex toys she hadn’t even known existed. And DVDs that had blown her mind. She had watched him with his sluts—and she had thrown up.

Running a shaking hand through her hair, Gillian sat down on the bed. What a stupid fool she had been. Setting aside her life for Derrick, supporting his career. “Your little housewife has changed, you bastard.” Her voice sounded as raw as she felt. “And I’m going to be happy.”

Sam couldn’t believe her eyes when she entered the bathroom. A lot of money had been sunk into this place. A free-standing, oval bathtub stood in the center of the room. It was light grey on the outside and white on the inside, matching the cool, understated, and good taste evident everywhere in the apartment. It could easily accommodate two people, and Sam smirked as possibilities came to mind. Well, a bathroom could become an amazing playground with a little imagination. And Gillian sure did seem open to possibilities.
Maybe later.

Giving in to her curiosity Sam opened the glass and steel bathroom cabinet. Body Lotion, a toothbrush, aftershave…
Did Gillian invite men as well? Sam scowled and closed the cabinet. Time to shower. She shed her clothes and stepped into the luxurious separate shower enclosure. The teak beneath her feet was smooth and cool, and she noticed with delight that the high-tech showerhead was adaptable.
Come to Mama.
Within seconds, Sam was enjoying the hot water cascading down her body, imagining that it washed away all memories of a past that had left more than enough scars.

It was time for good memories. With a grin on her face Sam recalled Gillian’s expression when she had let herself go, the feel of that soft skin beneath Sam’s hands. She imagined flicking her tongue over Gillian’s clit. A rush of arousal hit out of nowhere.
Yeah, that’s it.
Slowly adjusting the water temperature, Sam guided the pulsating jets over her body, circling her breasts. She growled. The powerful spray caused the most delightful sensations, and Sam would have liked to build up her arousal and savor the moment, but she knew she had to hurry because Gillian was waiting for her. Wasting no more time, she positioned the showerhead between her legs. The pulses hit her and caused a pleasure close to pain. “Yes. God, yes!”

BOOK: Heart's Surrender
5.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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