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Her Alien Masters

BOOK: Her Alien Masters

Her Alien Masters

Ann Jacobs


Book 6 in the Pleasure Partners series.


Garnet wants great wealth—and finds it in her new Master, the golden alien Romulus. But she soon learns Romulus also has a male slave, Antonio, his life companion. When they were young, Antonio was modified to be a near-perfect duplicate of his Master. Their bond is strong and Romulus expects Garnet to welcome Antonio into their bed. Though sex with the two men is wonderful, Garnet wants her mate all to herself.

Romulus has two jealous lovers on his hands. Wishing to make Garnet happy, he gifts Antonio with his own eunuch as a compromise…but Romulus misses him deeply. As Garnet’s love for Romulus grows, so does her need to make him happy as well. Her solution? All four of them—living together, sleeping together, loving together. Always.



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Her Alien Masters


ISBN 9781419932632


Her Alien Masters Copyright © 2011 Ann Jacobs


Edited by Pamela Campbell

Cover design by Syneca

Models: Alex and Lisa

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Electronic book publication October 2011


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Her Alien Masters

Ann Jacobs





The bridegroom cometh.

Eli the jeweler stood with Obsidion’s most successful matchmaker, his hand on her shoulder as they watched his daughter Garnet’s future mate stride up the walkway toward the matchmaker’s small, inviting home. Eli wasn’t certain that Meredith, an Earthling displaced long ago to Obsidion, had done right this time when she matched Garnet with this gold-hued Aurelionian.

“Are you sure, Meredith?”

She gave Eli’s hand a reassuring pat. “There is no man on this planet as rich as Romulus. Your Garnet swore she wants great wealth above all else, and Romulus is the richest man on the planet. Relax, my friend. I wouldn’t have made this match if I weren’t certain.”

Eli let out his breath. There was no need to be nervous. Meredith was a good friend, she wouldn’t take a chance on Garnet’s happiness, any more than she had with Emerald’s, Eli’s eldest daughter. She’d matched her with Obsidion’s crown prince, Arik. Despite learning last week at their mating that the prince had become horribly disfigured during the time he’d spent in exile from Obsidion, Emerald had assured Eli each time they’d spoken that she was thrilled with her mate and wouldn’t trade him for any other man.

He might as well face it. Meredith was uncanny in her ability to find the best possible mate for each of her clients, even when it didn’t seem that way at first. Eli made himself stop staring at the Aurelonian’s smooth, hairless, burnished-gold skin that rivaled the deep tone on one of the designer pieces he had in his shop. Eli had to admit Romulus was attractive enough. He might even call the man handsome, now that he’d gotten past the shock of the unusual, otherworldly coloring that made it obvious that, unlike most residents of Obsidion, his family had not relocated here from Earth.

Eli vowed to concentrate on the positive aspects of Garnet’s upcoming betrothal. One was that the Aurelonian sex-slave dealer wasn’t asking for a ruinous dowry. That was a huge point in his favor, as buying the prince for Emerald had nearly paupered him. “I know you wouldn’t steer me wrong, Meredith. And I do trust you. Let us meet Romulus at the door and make him welcome. We wouldn’t want to insult the richest man on Obsidion. I’m certain that if you think so, Romulus will make Garnet ecstatically happy.”

* * * * *


Romulus sighed. From the way Antonio was pouting, it promised to be a long, annoying evening. He hadn’t realized until he announced his plan to take an Obsidion woman as his mate that his body slave and life companion since his thirteenth birthday had the propensity to be so petulant.

No matter. Romulus knew how to placate Antonio. He stripped down and strode into the bathing room where his slave was bouncing curses off the mirrored walls of the shower stall. As always, the sight of Antonio’s tempting golden ass brought Romulus to instant arousal. When he grabbed Antonio from behind and tweaked the ring in his right nipple, the slave quieted and turned in his arms.

Romulus claimed Antonio’s mouth and tongue-fucked him, using his hands to press the other man’s groin against his own. They fit together perfectly, cock to cock, thigh to thigh, as lovers should. Their nipple rings caught on each other, tugged playfully against their flesh when they moved, turning his nipples and his slave’s rock-hard in the process.

He loved the closeness, almost as much as he loved sinking his cock inside his slave’s submissive asshole. Almost as much as he enjoyed pressing his slave’s muscular body beneath him and feeling the heat of his smooth, golden skin against his own. “On your hands and knees, slave,” Romulus ordered, his voice hoarse with the need to reassure Antonio he would always come first.

Water streamed over them when Romulus followed Antonio to the hard, tile shower floor, warm and wet. Steam blurred his vision as he grasped his slave’s muscular buttocks and drove into his tight, welcoming ass. “You think I’d give this up for a mere woman? Think again.”

“Then why, Master? Why take a mate at all?” Antonio held himself steady for Romulus’ slow, deep thrusts, letting out a little sigh when Romulus reached down, curled the fingers of one hand around his slender cock and began a rhythmic motion.

“We live on Obsidion now. It’s expected that I will mate and produce heirs. As much as I enjoy
…” He thrust harder, faster, keeping up the pace with his hand on his lover’s cock. “As much as I love you, I don’t delude myself into believing you could help me ensure my immortality.”

Romulus felt his climax coming, the boiling up of heat low in his belly, the urgency building. “Come now, slave.” Tonight he wanted Antonio to release with him. “I promise the love I feel for you will never change.”

* * * * *


Later in their massive bed, Romulus lay against the pillows, Antonio held tightly against his chest. Sated, he ran one hand over the slave’s golden scalp and smooth, muscular throat, stopping briefly to circle his nipples with a finger before moving lower and finding the thick cock ring that was Antonio’s pride and joy. “Do you remember when I gave you this?” he asked lazily.

“Yes, Master.”

It had been the week of Romulus’ fifteenth birthday, after he’d been pierced and presented with the platinum cock jewelry he’d worn since that time. The following week, knowing his slave had been envious yet fearful of defying the Aurelonian law that forbid the piercing of body slaves, Romulus had bought the gold ring and presented it to Antonio. The slave had worn it ever since, surrounding his slender cock and low-hanging testicles. “I’ve always loved the way it makes your flesh stand out for me.”

“I know. That’s why I never take it off.”

Romulus gave his lover’s cock an affectionate squeeze. “We’ve been together a long time. I find it hard to believe you worry just because I plan to take a mate.”

“Have you ever had a woman, Master?”

“No.” On Aurelion, decent men did not fuck women. “You know that back home such things were forbidden.”

“But here? You have access to hundreds of female slaves. I’ve often wondered—”

“Cease this idiocy. I do not mix business with pleasure. I have never contemplated sampling the wares in my emporiums, either female or eunuch. Get it through your head. I will mate with the Obsidion woman to produce heirs and satisfy expectations of my fellow businessmen on this planet where we’ve made our home. Not because I have any desire to fuck her or anyone else—only you.”

Antonio turned and met his gaze. “I thank you for saying that, Master, but I believe you may be deluding yourself. No, please say no more, I will try to hide my distress.”

After Antonio drifted off to sleep, Romulus lay beside him and gazed through the skylight at Obsidion’s famous glowing moons. He couldn’t help wondering if he’d made a mistake, if he’d be sorry for trying to fit in with the people of the Pleasure Planet where he’d made his home and his fortune.


Chapter One

Nearly a year later


“What will become of me?” Antonio asked, his expression clouded as he attended Romulus at his bath in preparation for his mating ceremony.

“For the sake of all the gods in the universe, quit whining.” Occasionally Romulus thought the Aurelonian physician who had turned his personal slave into a virtual duplicate of himself had done a faulty job, especially at times like this, when Antonio seemed so…needy. “Just because I’m taking a mate does not mean I intend to dispense with you.”

Romulus and Antonio had grown up together. They had shared every milestone, every dream, since Antonio had been given to Romulus and modified in his image on the occasion of Romulus’ attaining puberty.

It had always puzzled Romulus that here in his adopted homeland, the practice of modifying a slave to resemble his owner was forbidden—lumped in with cloning, which was an entirely different thing. Conversely, the making and selling of eunuch sex slaves was considered a respectable business. Obsidion’s kings habitually made complete eunuchs of their younger sons to secure the succession for the elder ones. Romulus shook his head, unable to reconcile that, while the king encouraged businessmen like himself to make their fortunes by dealing in altered sex slaves, even altering them especially to meet specific desires of their customers, the practice of modifying one to look and think like his owner was punishable by death.

When he glanced in the mirror, he saw Antonio standing beside him. Other than the two-year difference in their ages, he and his slave were practically identical in every way but one. Only Romulus could pass along his genes to the next generation. Only he could procreate in the way of Obsidion’s people—male to female, in the ways the Old Ones on their home planet had employed before science had advanced to the point that having sex with one’s mate was unnecessary for the continuation of the species.

Having sex with one’s mate was forbidden on Aurelion. Here on Obsidion, tradition forced Romulus to take a female as mate and to fuck her the old-fashioned way to get his heirs.

Fortunately he had found Meredith, the matchmaker who supposedly had never made an unsuccessful match. She’d assured him when she’d taken his money and matched him with the jeweler’s second daughter that she had found him the best life mate his substantial wealth could buy. The mating would even provide him a connection with Obsidion’s ruling family through her sister’s recent mating with Crown Prince Arik. That connection might come in handy, considering that his business depended on the king to create a favorable climate for the sex trade.

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