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Her Brother's Best Friend

BOOK: Her Brother's Best Friend
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By Sarah Daltry

Copyright 2013 Sarah Daltry

All rights reserved

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Her Brother's Best Friend

I have had a crush on Derek since I was 14. He and my brother were high school freshmen that year and did not even acknowledge Jon’s eighth grade sister, but I learned to touch myself on our family’s camping trip because of him. Jon, Derek, and I stayed up late, after our parents went to bed, just hanging out and I couldn’t help staring at Derek in the light of the campfire. He was so sexy to me at the time. Looking back, I think it’s funny that I was so turned on by a lanky teenager, but that night, I barely slept while I discovered my pussy and its pleasures for the first time. Even then, when I did not even know what a cock was, I wanted Derek’s buried deep inside me.

For three years of high school, I watched Derek grow up and no one noticed how flustered I got whenever he would come over. He and Jon were inseparable but I was invisible. At night, though, in my bed, Derek and I got to know one another very, very well. When he and my brother went away to college this past summer, it was heartbreaking. Four years and I never told him how I felt. Although at least I can say that I have been able to focus on school this year without the distraction of Derek’s incredibly attractive ass. And what an ass it has grown up to be!

That is, I was able to focus until now. Jon and Derek came home this weekend because my parents wanted to celebrate my 18th birthday. Since Derek may as well be family, he naturally came along with Jon. They are asleep in Derek’s room right now, and I am getting it on with myself. My friend Abby bought me a vibrator for my birthday, so what a way to try it out, having only a wall between me and the object of years of lust. I start the motor and it does its work on my clit. I picture Derek as I touch myself.

My pussy has been wet since the restaurant and getting my fingers inside of it is such a relief. It is this complete and total sense of joy that prevents me from hearing my door open.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry,” Derek says. “I am half asleep. I was looking for the bathroom.”

“Across the hall,” I say, although I doubt it comes out that clear. The whirring of the vibrator is not exactly subtle as Derek stands in my doorway in his boxers. What the fuck is wrong with him? Who walks around half-naked when there are horny teenage girls in the next room?

“Sorry. Um...” He is flustered and I can’t believe he is disrupting me while I masturbate. I try not to scream at him as my cunt pulses under the covers. The vibrator is slipping and I am so frustrated.

“Close the damn door,” I say through gritted teeth.

“Yeah. Okay.”

It closes and I move my hand back to my pussy, releasing the breath I was holding. I move the vibrator back in position. It starts to tease my clit again and my pussy throbs. “Oh fuck. Derek,” I purr.


I bolt upright, the vibrator spinning out of control as it falls between my legs. I am not wearing anything under the sheets and I try to cover my nakedness. Derek is just standing there, on the wrong side of the door. I can’t help but run my eyes over his body. He is no longer lanky. “What are you
? I told you to close the door!”

“I did,” he says.

“I meant with you on the
side of it!”

“Oh.” He just stands there, confused and half-asleep. My cunt is on fire and I am dying. This cannot be happening. “Should I go?”

“That might be a good idea,” I reply.

“Alright, I’ll go. I mean, unless you want some help?”

“What?” I feel my cheeks flush. Maybe he isn’t as clueless as I imagined.

“I feel bad. Your pussy must be aching. I wouldn’t mind watching, if you wouldn’t mind letting me watch.”

“Oh Jesus, Derek. Get over here.” I drop the sheet and reach for the vibrator. Derek sits next to me on the bed and I get back to pleasuring myself. He watches the vibrator move around my clit; hot as hell, I slip it into my pussy. The vibrations tease the walls and I thank God for Abby. My hips rise off the bed and I can’t help whispering Derek’s name again.

“You’re so grown up now, Lily,” he says. “So grown up.”

“Mmm.” I don’t have much to say because my cunt is busy being fucked with a vibrator.

“Can I touch you?” Derek asks and I groan some sort of assent. His hands cup my tits and I move the vibrator faster inside of me. “Oh Christ, Lily, I have waited so long for you. Please let me fuck you.”

“What?” I try to focus on what he is saying, while also trying to get off.

“How many years do you think I have dreamed of that pussy?” He licks my neck and moves his hand down to help me masturbate. I feel his cock hard against my thigh.

“Derek, I would have fucked you years ago.”

“Aren’t you a virgin?” He asks as he takes the vibrator away and replaces it with his fingers. I buck my hips into his hand, wetter than I have ever been.

“No thanks to you. I have been touching myself since we went camping, wishing it was your cock.”

He kisses me and I come as his mouth covers mine. I drench his fingers with my cum and he thrusts himself into my leg.

“I’ve just been waiting for you to be old enough, Lily. Did you think I didn’t notice that ass? Or these unbelievable tits?” He grabs them to prove his point.

Aroused beyond coherent thought, I reach down and pull at his boxers. “I didn’t think you noticed.”

He laughs and pulls his boxers all the way off. “Lily, I’ve been staying here since we were eight. You think I don’t know where the bathroom is?”

I finally get what is happening and lie back, so pleased to be finally here. I spread my legs and stroke his cock as he gets himself in position to fuck me. “God, Derek, give me that cock. Give it to me so fucking hard.”

The tip of him pushes against my pussy lips. I can’t believe the boy I have loved my entire life, my brother’s best friend, is finally going to enter me. I reach down to open myself more so he has even better access and he buries himself deep in my cunt. The feeling is everything I had hoped it would be and more; I clutch him with my pussy and lift my knees so they are almost at my shoulders. He plows me and I reach for my pillow to cover my face.

“Don’t,” he whispers. “I want to hear you scream.”

I open my legs even wider, until they are spread as far as they can go. He grabs my ankles and fucks me hard, giving me what I have wanted and dreamed of for four years. Four years of frustration and waiting overwhelm me and my body spasms; I give in to the feeling of his throbbing cock and come like I never have.

“Jesus Derek. Fuck me!” I scream.

“Harder?” He teases.

“Yes! Fuck me with all you’ve got. I need your cock!” Part of my brain worries that my brother or parents will hear us, but my body just doesn’t care. I succumb to the waves of pleasure that drown me and raise my ass until he can’t go any further in my pussy. I come again, my body not even my own anymore. I move with his thrusts and he begins to lose control, his pulsating cock growing thicker in my cunt. He explodes all over me and I lie on my bed, covered in Derek’s cum.

“Wow,” he says. “You’re as good as I always fantasized you would be.”

I smile, enjoying the warm stickiness of him on my belly. I think of our camping trip and all of my nights of finger fucking myself to random comments he made to me in passing. I could not have asked for a better birthday present.

“Derek,” I ask, playing the innocent little girl he knew years ago. I roll over onto my side and run my hands down his chest and torso, stopping at his cock. I begin to stroke him, feeling him harden beneath my touch. “Could I ask you for a really big favor?”

He folds his arms behind his head and lets me play with his erection. “Anything you’d like, Lily.”

“Would it be okay if I sucked your dick?”

He moans. “Christ, yes. Please.”

Happy, I go to him and wrap my mouth over his cock. Licking up and down the length of him, I hear what I am doing to him and it makes me crazy. Virgin or not, I have been readying myself for this night. I take all of him into my mouth and he yells my name. My pussy is dripping wet again, so I straddle him, my knees digging into his hips. Lowering myself onto him, I gasp as he slides into me. This is still new to me and I can’t believe how amazing it feels to fuck him.

“I don’t really know what I’m doing,” I tell him. “But I want to make you come.”

“Lily, you don’t have to do anything other than ride me with that incredible pussy.”

He sits up to meet me and holds me as we tangle ourselves together. His lips are all over me and my body is so warm. I ride him fast and hard, the angle perfect, and I bend back as my orgasm starts. Soon I am lying all the way back on the bed while he sits up. I relinquish control to him and he grips my hips. He shifts so that he is able to fuck me like some kind of rag doll. My body is tossed back and forth in nonstop ecstasy and the end of my orgasm is so intense. I hold my breath until I feel it in every nerve. My pussy tightens around him and I let out the breath I have been holding, feeling the tingles all the way down to my toes.

“Oh Derek, thank you,” I cry.

He leans down over me now that I’ve lost the ability to move and pushes himself into my cunt. “Lily,” he whispers. The simplicity of hearing him say my name is all it takes; I come again. He tenses and suddenly I get a warm load of cum in my pussy. When he is done, he collapses on top of me.

“Happy birthday,” he says and kisses me. The softness of his kiss is sweet. He reaches up to my hair and links his fingers in it. I wrap my arms and legs around him, so comfortable knowing that he was my first. It is all I have wanted for years.

We fall asleep tangled together; when the morning wakes us, I worry that Jon will notice Derek is gone. Everyone is still asleep, so he gives me a quick kiss and puts his boxers back on.

“I’m not done with you,” he tells me. “But in the meantime, I suggest you keep that vibrator at the ready.”

“You’re not going to go back to college and forget me, are you?” I ask.

He kisses me. “Lily, I waited four years to do what we did last night. I am going to spend at least the next four enjoying the hell out of you.”

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BOOK: Her Brother's Best Friend
11.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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