Her Five Favorite Words

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Her Five Favorite

by Gina Gordan

Breathless Press

Calgary, Alberta


This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, places, and

incidents are products of the

author’s imagination or are

used fictitiously and are not to

be construed as real. Any

resemblance to actual events,

locales, organizations, or

persons, living or dead, is

entirely coincidental.

Her Five Favorite Words

Copyright© 2010 Gina Gordan

ISBN: 978-1-926771-36-6

Cover Artist: Justyn Perry

Editor: Piper Grey

All rights reserved. No part of

this book may be used or

reproduced electronically or in




permission, except in the case

of brief quotations embodied in


Breathless Press


For D.

Becca knelt on the tiled bathroom

floor and gazed at the impressive bulge

level with her eyes. The background

chatter seeping through the door almost

drowned out the heavy click of metal as he

locked them in, ensuring their privacy in

the single washroom of the coffee shop.

She leaned forward, taking in the

musky scent contrasting with the smell of

pine hanging in the air around them. His

long fingers slid his zipper down,

releasing his erection. He was long. He

was pink. He was—

“What can I get you?” The lady

standing at the register tapped her fingers

on the counter.

Becca cleared her throat and shook

away the remnant of her fantasy. Then she

whispered her five favorite words,

“Grande, vanilla, extra-hot latte.”

Saying them had become a ritual.

Or rather half of it. Every morning she

started her day with a drink and a hot

daydream about Mr. Sexy.

The object of her obsession stood

just a couple of people behind her in the

line. His presence heightened Becca’s

senses: The coffee smelled sweeter, the

music sang louder, and the ache between

her legs throbbed harder, exciting her to

the brink of gasping.

She stole a glance over her

shoulder before she took back her credit

card. He was wearing his lime green golf

shirt. Not many men could pull it off but

he could, with his cropped brown hair and

his chocolate eyes.

His lean frame towered over the

others, making it easy for her to watch him

while she waited for her latte. One simple

glance had her visualizing his hard body

lying on top of her and his strong hands

creeping up her skirt, stroking her until she

crippled over in orgasm.

“Grande, vanilla, extra-hot latte!”

The merry voice almost sang the last


Becca secured a lid to her

cardboard cup and stole one last look. Her

legs weakened at the sight of his sly smile.

Before she could melt into a puddle, she

raced out the double doors into the cool

office building’s lobby.






concourse, she tried to tamp down her

sexual energy. She focused on the beat of

her heels clicking against the granite

squares. The fresh aroma of her coffee and

milk pulled her back, sending her insides

into another tizzy.

Her shoe clicked one last time

before she hit the carpet. She pushed the

plastic button with the arrow pointing up

to summon the elevator. With a hesitant

breath, she surveyed the lobby from side

to side. Surprisingly, she waited alone.

She sipped down her latte and

savored the sweet aftertaste, longing for

another type of thick, creamy liquid to

coat the back of her throat. She wanted to

take a man into her mouth and suck, lick,

and stroke until he rewarded her with his


Becca still held hope she’d get to

use the stash of foil packets hidden in her

purse. All she wanted was fast and

satisfying sex. Was it so difficult for a girl

to get laid?

The elevator dinged. When she

stepped into the car, she pulled in a deep,

calming breath. She used her knuckle to

select the forty-seventh floor then took

position against the mirrored back wall.

She held her cup tight and mindlessly

watched the small television screen

flashing the daily news.

The silver steel doors closing her in

came to an abrupt halt when an arm thrust

itself in between them. Her breath caught

at the small glimpse of lime green. She

had often fantasized about this—an

elevator romp with Mr. Sexy. Standing up,

bent over, or on the ground. Every time

her orgasm was quick and mind blowing.

He stepped in bringing the fresh

aromas of his coffee and his spicy

aftershave. After pressing his finger

against the number thirty-two, he made his

way to the opposite side of the car.

The moment he settled into his spot

his eyes locked on her, sending a tingle up

and down the length of her body. It

intensified when he focused all his

attention on her face. Her stomach

fluttered, and she felt a rush of heat travel

up her neck to her cheeks.

He rested casually against the wall,

his coffee flush against his chest and his

black dress pants hugging his tight bottom.

Boxers or briefs? She would probably

never know.

They rode in silence, but his eyes

stayed focused on her body. The slight

rattle within the elevator shaft provided

the only noise to focus on. Damn! Her

body craved the touch of a man. Trying to

ease the ache between her legs, she

squeezed tight. If she could have his touch,

just one touch, oh how satisfied she would


She was mid-sip when the elevator

lurched to a stop.

“Shit! Fuck!”

It went completely dark before the

soft glow of the generator lights

illuminated the space. This couldn’t be

happening. She braced herself up against

the wall, her cup shaking in her hand, and

felt the rise of panic.






happening?” Of all the scenarios she

could dream up, she’d never expected her

first words to Mr. Sexy to be spoken out

of terror.

“’Fraid so.” He approached the

control panel and opened up the small


He picked up the receiver and

spoke, but the pounding of her heart

drowned him out. She held on to her cup

for dear life as the space closed in around


“Are you all right?”

“Fine,” she spit out in between

gasps. “Just a little claustrophobia, no big

deal.” She paced the elevator with

unsteady legs. “We need to get out of here.

Right now!”

“They said they would get us out as

soon as possible.”

His voice was calming underneath

the frenzy of emotions running through her.

Approaching her with caution, he grabbed

her arms, holding her steady, and captured

her gaze. “It’s going to be okay.”

She lost sense of everything around

her. A different type of disorientation

replaced the raging panic that came with

her fear of enclosed spaces. A butterfly-

inducing haze began the moment he came

into close proximity.

“Let me take that. You’re shaking.”

He grabbed the drink out of her hand and

placed it on the floor in the corner beside

his own. She hadn’t even noticed he’d put

his down.

She returned to pacing, her mind

racing. “This is no good, Becks. This isn’t

the way to start a new day. Not to mention

you finally get to talk to Mr. Sexy and

you’re acting like a crazy woman that just


He chuckled under his breath.

God! Did she say that out loud?

embarrassment to her list of symptoms.

What about mortification?

“Is there something I can do for


Sure. Two minutes ago she was

willing to lift her skirt and bend over for

him, but now she just wished she could be

somewhere else, anywhere else.

“Distract me.”

“Distract you?”

“Yeah.” She continued to wear out

the marble floor, his eyes following her

every move. “I just need to relax. If you

distract me, then I won’t have time to think

about where I am and what will happen.”

“I can do that.” He folded his arms

across his chiselled chest. “Mr. Sexy?”

She burst out laughing. “Sorry. I

just…I see you all the time, and you’re

very attractive. I’ve always wanted to tell

you how good that lime green is on you. It

suits you.”


You’re attractive. It looks good on

Was she being punished for

being sexually needy? She was finally

getting a chance to live out a fantasy, and

her first impression couldn’t be any less


A loud banging overhead made her

jump, and the unexpected dip of the

elevator car thrust reality back in her face.

“Oh God, we’re going to fall!” She

pinned herself to the wall, her breathing

coming again in quick pants.

He came closer and ran his strong

hands up and down her arms in comfort.

“We’ll be out of here soon.”

She saw the change in his eyes, a

flicker of naughty intentions. He inched

even closer. The soft swell of his lower

lip grazed along her forehead. He

whispered, “Hopefully not too soon.”

Her blood simmered at the feel of

his warm breath tickling her sensitive


“What are you doing?”

“I’m distracting you.”

Her head fell back against the wall

as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh.”

She should take advantage of this.

She should take the moment by the balls

and kiss him senseless.

“What if I told you I thought of you

as hot office girl?”

“You do not.” She looked up

expecting an easy smile. Instead the air

grew heavy, ripe with sexual need. It

sizzled and crackled between them.

His mouth came down on hers

before she could even muster the courage

to make a move. He pulled her against his

body, grinding his already hard, pulsing

cock against her stomach. A slow burn

sparked between her thighs.

When his tongue glided along the

seam of her mouth, she parted for him,

moaning as he delved into her warmth.

The bitter taste of his coffee mingled with

the sweet flavor of her latte. He was

gentle and tender, his fingers tracing

circles on the small of her back.

The dim lights above cast a soft

glow over the car. The atmosphere took

on a dream quality, some sort of surreal

sexual adventure. She settled into his

body, savoring the taste of him, the feel of

him, and the stiffness of his cock. Her

mouth watered at the thought of that

hardness gliding along her lips.

He broke away from their kiss. He

wanted this. She could see it in his hungry


“Are you distracted now?”

BOOK: Her Five Favorite Words
10.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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