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Authors: Anna DeStefano

Tags: #Romantic Suspense, #Contemporary, #Clandestine

Her Forgotten Betrayal (22 page)

BOOK: Her Forgotten Betrayal


I’d like to thank the talented Entangled editors who’ve given this story its chance to charm readers, and who’ve worked tirelessly to bring Shaw and Cole’s spooky mountain adventure to life. Nina Bruhns, Vicki Wilkerson, and Liz Pelletier—you’re the bomb!

I’d like to thank the best beta reader and critique partner in the world.

Anna Adams, you are a beautiful writer, editor, and friend. I’d be lost without your support and encouragement, our half-day phone calls, and the power writing/critique meetings that are the high point of every book you’ve helped me bring to life. This writer’s journey began ten years ago over lunch with you in a mall food court. You returned my very first critique and said that I had a unique voice readers would enjoy—which I took to mean that even though I had a lot to learn, I should keep trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. So I did, and you’ve nurtured my passion to tell stories ever since. You are the sister of my low-country heart and at the very core of my faith in my own ability to create. This year, I’m creeping up on having twenty published novels to share with readers—because of you, my friend, all because of you. TOA.

I’d also like to acknowledge Jen Talty, who’s a fountain of wisdom, experience, and support in the realm of digital book publishing, marketing, and promotion. Your help with branding and your long-range perspective on the digital presence of an author and her body of work have become almost as valuable to me as our friendship. I couldn’t be in better hands on both accounts. I’m so very grateful to have you in my corner.

About the Author

Nationally best-selling, award-winning author Anna DeStefano has searched her entire life for the soul of the matter at the heart of her world’s mysteries. Her passion is transforming these inner landscapes into rich storytelling. Also a workshop and keynote speaker, writing coach and editor, Anna’s creative vision permeates every challenge she undertakes. She wants you to stop, look, and keep digging, until you find the soul of your own fantasies. She speaks and blogs regularly about life, what makes her giggle and weep, the wacky world of writing, and all things that inspire her creative soul. Join her at

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