Her Prada Cowboy: McCulloch County Series #1

BOOK: Her Prada Cowboy: McCulloch County Series #1
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Her Prada Cowboy


Sabel Simmons



Copyright © 2014 Sabel

All rights reserved.


Her Prada Cowboy.


© 2014 Sabel Simmons




by Isabel Oosthuizen

Artist: Isabel Oosthuizen


book is a work of fiction.  The names, characters, places, and incidents are
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Chapter One

I don’t have time for this!”

Shannon Davis muttered irritably when
the rental car spluttered for the umpteenth time.  She only had another 50 or
60 miles to go to reach her destination. The stupid car started spluttering 20
miles back, but then the spluttering stopped, only to give a final
splat-split-splat and die.

“NO! Nonononono!”

It just … died!

Right there, in the middle of the

In the middle of nowhere!

Shannon slumped over the steering
wheel and then thumped her head hard against it.

“Ouch!  Oh clever, Shannon!  Give
yourself a concussion while you’re at it!”

She looked around and sighed
forlornly.  There was nothing!  Apart from wide open prairie! She popped the hood
and got out of the car. She walked around to the front and opened the hood. 
She searched for the ‘steely thing’ she’d seen her Dad pop up when he opened
his car’s engine.

“Argh!  Where are you?”

A few curses and a crack of her head
against the hood later, she found the ‘steely thing’ on the side of the
engine.  She cursed when she stretched as far as she could, but it was just out
of reach. She shuffled around the front of the car, running her hands on the hood
to keep it open.

“Shit!  What happened to abracadabra? 
A puff of smoke and there awaits my knight in shining armor!”

She managed to get the hood up, amidst
coughing spells, from the smoke emanating from the engine.

“Trust them to give me the one
defective car in their fleet!  What the am I supposed to do now?”

stood back and scowled at the engine.

“Well done, Shannon!  The hood is
open!  Big deal - you don’t know the first thing about the inside of that

Her husky, sensual voice, reached the
silent man sitting on his massive horse, chewing on a blade of grass.  His eyes
still glittered from the enticing view of her ass cheeks peeking beneath the
edge of the very short, very tight, denim mini skirt. Giving him an excellent
view, when she bent over to open the hood.  He refused to recall the white
strip of a thong that left those ass cheeks totally bare to his glittering

His dick stirred in remembrance and he
cursed.  Down boy!  There was no chance of any hanky panky on the side of this
road.  He was too annoyed to find someone on his private road, running through
his ranch.

Shannon shook her long, dark brown
tresses over her shoulders and it tumbled to her waist. She took a step back
and stood glaring at the car with her hands on her waist.  At least she was
wearing a short, sleeveless stretch cotton top that ended above her midriff and
the mini skirt allowed the air to cool her legs. 

Guh … who am I fooling.  Even the air
was sizzling hot!

She made a 360 degree turn and still
saw nothing but open air and green prairie!  And … holy mother of … where did
he come from?  He … oh wow!   Only in Texas would you find a massive hunk like

I guess abracadabra did work!

Their eyes met over the distance, he
sat motionless on the massive horse.  He was tall; she could see that from the
length of his torso and his legs in the stirrups.  Probably six three or four! 
She did not know which of the two had the nicest mane of hair, man or beast. 
The black horse was intimidating in his size, but so was the seriously muscled
man on his back.  He had black hair which seems to be pulled back behind his
head in a ponytail.

A ponytail?  When last had she seen a
man with hair that long?  His hawk like face could have been chiseled by an
artist it was so symmetric.  His straight eyebrows seemed to extend outwards in
a line to his temples above his straight narrow nose.  He had the most kissable
wide lips she had ever seen on a man … her salivating mouth attested to that fact! 
The top lip formed in a perfect curve with the dip in the middle … a man’s
cupid lip, and a fuller bottom lip.  He sported a scruffy beard that outlined
his rigid jaw to perfection.

Shannon’s breath hitched in her throat
when her eyes travelled lower.  He was shirtless and he bulged … oh damn, so
deliciously!  His broad neck had a perfect slope to his rounded, muscled
shoulders that continued down his strong arms.  His chest … oh lord, her hands
itched to touch those strong hard contours and down over those corrugated abs
and stomach. She blinked as they started moving closer. 

They stopped a mere two feet from
her.  They both stared at her, as if the aliens just dropped her from the sky. 
Even the horse had a look of distrust in his eyes.  He caught her gaze and
snorted, nodding his head aggressively.  She bit on her lip but forced her legs
not to take the step back they so desperately wanted to do.

She felt herself blush when the
cowboy’s eyes moved with insulting slowness down her body, covering every inch
- up and down … twice.  Shannon’s nipples tingled and she cursed.  Those damn
near black eyes saw everything and he definitely did not miss the budding
nipples.  His eyes shot to hers and he started chewing slowly on the blade of
grass between his lips.

The cowboy got off the massive black
horse without saying a word and strutted closer to peer into the engine.  He
just shook his head and slammed the hood closed.  He shrugged his shoulders, as
if to say, sorry chick, motor blown, can’t help.  He turned and walked back to
his horse and effortlessly jumped on its back.  He turned the black stallion
around as if to leave, she shrieked when she came out of her trance.

“Hey!  You can’t just leave me here! 
What is wrong with the car?”

“No water in the coolin’ tank, it
looks like the head gasket blew.”  His voice was raspy and deep. He did not
talk with a Texan accent and she wondered absently where he originated from.

“Wha … but it’s a rental … aren’t they
… oh bloody hell!  What do I do now?  I have to get to Houston before sunset.”

“Houston? You’re aimin’ to travel 300
miles before sunset?”

“What do you mean 300 miles?  I can’t
be more than 60 miles from there!”

“Where did you travel from, doll face?”

Doll face, who the devil is his doll


“Hmm.  Seems to me, you don’t know
west from east, Chick.”

Chick?  What the hell?

“What do you mean?”

“Left to right then?”

“I know west fro … where am I?”

“McCulloch Country near Brady.”


“The one and only.”

“How did I get to Brady?”

“Do you really want me to answer that,
doll face?”

She spluttered and glared at him.  He
lifted his hand to his temple in a salute and swung his horse around again.

Good Lord, he meant to leave me here!
In the middle of nowhere!

“Wait!  Please!  I need help!”

He dropped his head on his chest and
sighed heavily.  He really did not want to help the damn woman.  What the hell
was she doing here in the middle of nowhere anyway!  His dick of course did not
agree with him and has been digging even harder against his jeans’ zipper, from
the moment those damn dark blue eyes met his and she opened those cupid puffed
lips.  Not to mention those bloody boobs straining against the tiny top she
wore. As a notorious sucker for boobs, it was the center of his attention. He
was not even going to go to those sinfully long legs, bared all the way to the
top of her thighs in a useless short denim skirt.


He turned his horse around and trotted
him to a halt next to her.  She tilted her head and looked up.

“Exactly what do you expect me to do,
doll face?”

Her hands fluttered in the air and she
pointed to the smoking car.

“Fix it!  I need to … I can’t stay
here in the middle of nowhere!”

“Fix … where the hell did you come
from woman?  Is there a single brain cell in that doll brain of yours that
actually works?  I told you the head gasket is shot.  Does it look like I carry
one around with me?”

“You don’t have to be insulting!  What
do I know about cars?”

“Phone a tow-in service.  They should
be here within two hours.”

He turned his horse around again and
she dug her cell out of her skirt pocket. 

No signal!  She shrieked when he
started his horse to a canter. 

“Come back here!  I don’t have a

He looked over his shoulder and nearly
cracked in two at the small woman standing with her hands on her hips stomping
her foot in vexation, her eyes shooting sparks.  His damn dick moved in  appreciation
of her  jiggling boobs!

He turned his horse back whom snorted
annoyingly and he did not blame him.

“You are pretty demandin’ for someone who
needs a favor, doll face.”

“I am not your doll face!  I … please,
I really need your help.”

He dug his own phone out of his pocket
and cursed when he too had no signal.  He glared at her as if was her fault. 
He nodded his head to the back of his horse.

“Get on.”

Her mouth gaped open and she pointed to
the horse whose flank stood higher than the top of her head.  Then she pulled
at the tiny, short skirt and swallowed.

“I … ehm … am not really dressed for

“Do you want my damn help or not?”

She nodded and quickly grabbed her
handbag from the passenger seat and turned back to him.

“What about my bags?”

His glare nearly sliced her in two.

it look like we are pullin’ a buggy  behind us?  Lock the car.  I’ll send one
of my guys to fetch it.  Trust me, no one ever drives on this road … how the heck
you ended on it in the first place is a mystery!  And take off those damn
spikes on your feet.  You’ll poke my horse to death with them!”

She glared at him, but leaned down to
pull her Louboutin stilettos from her feet.  She stuffed them in her oversized
handbag and swung it over her shoulder.  She stepped carefully over the rough
stones, wincing when they dug into her soft soles.

“Is this goin’ to take much longer?  I
would like to get home at some time this afternoon!”

“Are you always this rude to

“No, only irritatin’ trespassers that
waste my time! … Oh, dag nab it!”

He pushed the horse next to her and
grabbed her arm, yanking her up and positioning her behind him on the horse. 
She shrieked and barely had her leg over the horse when he pulled him around.

“Wait!  Please … just give me a

She desperately tried to yank her mini
skirt down over her ass, but it was futile.  The skirt was just too narrow and
bundled up around her hips, leaving her thighs bare all the way to her hips and
her ass … she felt the heat of the sun on her ass cheeks.

“Oh lord!”

Jarrod realized her dilemma and
chuckled.  The sound raspy and deep. The sensual sound shot like an arrow
directly to her groin, wetting her panties.

“You might as well give up, doll
face.  There is no way that slip of a skirt is goin’ to cover anythin’.”

“Oh, this is so embarrassing!”

He chuckled again and kicked his horse
and set off in a fast gallop.  Startled Shannon grabbed him around his waist.

He sucked in his breath the moment her
hands grabbed him around his waist.  Her small hands pressed into his lower
stomach.  He cursed when he felt her hard nipples rub against his back.

This was not going to work!  There was
no way he was going to last for fifteen minutes with those damn boobs of hers
rubbing up and down his back with every bounce of the horse!

He yanked Hades to a halt and Shannon
screamed as her legs slipped over the back of the horse.  She clung to the
Cowboy with her eyes clamped shut.

“Are … you … completely … crazy?”

He took hold of her one arm and tried
to loosen the other from his waist, but she had a death grip on him.

“Darn it woman, let go!”

“I am falling of the bloody horse,
your jackass!  I am not letting go!”

He swung his head around and cursed
when he saw her legs slipping. He refused to acknowledge the naked ass above
those flailing legs.   

“Listen, doll face, I’ve got your arm.
I want to move you to the front.  I ain’t fixin to drop you.”

“I don’t trust you!”

“Do you see anyone around who you can
turn to, Sugar buns?”

“I am warning you, Sugar stud, if you
drop me …”

“Oh, get over it, Chick, you don’t
even weigh as much as my one leg!”

The next moment he yanked her from
behind him and slammed her down in front of him.  She huffed down and the
stallion whinnied.  She scowled at him, yanking desperately at the hem of her

BOOK: Her Prada Cowboy: McCulloch County Series #1
6.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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