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Hold Me: Delos Series, 5B1

BOOK: Hold Me: Delos Series, 5B1
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Hold Me

Lindsay McKenna



Praise for Lindsay McKenna

“A treasure of a book . . . highly recommended reading that everyone will enjoy and learn from.”

—Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired, on Breaking Point

“Readers will root for this complex heroine, scarred both inside and out, and hope she finds peace with her steadfast and loving hero. Rife with realistic conflict and spiced with danger, this is a worthy page-turner.”

— on Taking Fire

March 2015 Top Pick in Romance

“. . . is fast-paced romantic suspense that renders a beautiful love story, start to finish. McKenna’s writing is flawless, and her story line fully absorbing. More, please.”

—Annalisa Pesek, Library Journal on Taking Fire

“Ms. McKenna masterfully blends the two different paces to convey a beautiful saga about love, trust, patience and having faith in each other.”

—Fresh Fiction on Never Surrender

“Genuine and moving, this romantic story set in the complex world of military ops grabs at the heart.”

—RT Book Reviews on Risk Taker

“McKenna does a beautiful job of illustrating difficult topics through the development of well-formed, sympathetic characters.”

—Publisher’s Weekly (starred review) on Wolf Haven

One of the Best Books of 2014, Publisher’s Weekly

“McKenna delivers a story that is raw and heartfelt. The relationship between Kell and Leah is both passionate and tender. Kell is the hero every woman wants, and McKenna employs skill and s empathy to craft a physically and emotionally abused character in Leah. Using tension and steady pacing, McKenna is adept at expressing growing, tender love in the midst of high stakes danger.”

—RT Book Reviews on Taking Fire

“Her military background lends authenticity to this outstanding tale, and readers will fall in love with the upstanding hero and his fierce determination to save the woman he loves.

—Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Never Surrender

One of the Best Books of 2014, Publisher’s Weekly

“Readers will find this addition to the Shadow Warriors series full of intensity and action-packed romance. There is great chemistry between the characters and tremendous realism, making Breaking Point a great read.”

—RT Book Reviews

“This sequel to Risk Taker is an action-packed, compelling story, and the sizzling chemistry between Ethan and Sarah makes this a good read.”

—RT Book Reviews on Degree of Risk

“McKenna elicits tears, laughter, fist-pumping triumph, and most all, a desire for the next tale in this powerful series.”

—Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Running Fire

“McKenna’s military experience shines through in this moving tale . . . McKenna (High Country Rebel) skillfully takes readers on an emotional journey into modern warfare and two people’s hearts.”

—Publisher’s Weekly on Down Range

“Lindsay McKenna has proven that she knows what she’s doing when it comes to these military action/romance books.”

—Terry Lynn, Amazon on Zone of Fire.

“At no time do you want to put your book down and come back to it later! Last Chance is a well written, fast paced, short (remember that) story that will please any military romance reader!”

—LBDDiaries, Amazon on Last Chance.

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Lindsay McKenna

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Hold Me

Copyright © 2016 by Nauman Living Trust

ISBN: 978-1-929977-35-2

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Excerpt from
Unbound Pursuit

Copyright © 2016 by Nauman Living Trust

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Delos Series and thank you for purchasing this book! I truly hope you enjoy it. If it leaves you with warm fuzzies, please think about writing a review on it for me? Reviews are VERY important and helpful in bringing new readers to my series. If you would love to review but never have, just get a hold of me at my contact information, which can be found at my website
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The novella,
Hold Me
, is a continuation of
Hold On
with our hero and heroine Beau and Callie.

Beau Gardner, Army Delta Force sergeant, has only a few months left before he can leave military life behind to marry Callie McKinley, the woman of his dreams. Callie has been recovering from an attack at the hands of the Taliban at her parents’ Montana ranch, but she knows Beau must return to Afghanistan. But it is a dangerous place, and Beau soon finds himself in the line of fire.

Let me hear from you about the Delos series. Happy reading!


To Tricia Speed, who does it all and I couldn’t do it without her!

Table of Contents

Title Page

Praise for Lindsay McKenna

Also available from Lindsay McKenna

Copyright Page

Dear Reader


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Excerpt from Unbound Pursuit

The Books of Delos

Everything Delos!


January 2

allie McKinley tried
to stuff down her fears as she stood with her fiancé, Beau Gardner, a Delta Force Army sergeant, at the Butte, Montana airport. He was leaving on this cold January under clear skies, typical of a Montana winter morning. She felt his arm curved around her shoulders and took comfort in it, but it didn’t dissolve her growing terror as he prepared to complete his fifth tour in Afghanistan. Callie felt his fingers move soothingly up and down her upper arm as she leaned against his tall, hard body. Was he reading her mind? She tried to appear relaxed and calm, but inside she was drowning in a storm of anxiety.

People were making their way home from the Christmas and New Year holidays. Beau was dressed in civilian clothes and Callie didn’t think anyone in the bustling airport would know he was a deadly operator. He had saved her life late November when her civilian charity van was attacked by Taliban on the way to a “safe” Afghan village to render medical aid. She had been a devoted child care worker for Hope Charity, spending six months of every year in Kabul, the capital, where she assisted fifty orphaned Afghan babies and young children. She loved her work with them, even while knowing that Kabul wasn’t truly safe.

She sighed, resting her brow against Beau’s Levi’s jacket, closing her eyes and squeezing him around his trim waist. Instantly, Beau responded, dropping a light kiss on her hair and holding her a bit more tightly for a moment, as if to reassure her. He knew she was worried about his going back over there. His enlistment wasn’t up until June of this year and it was only January.
Six months.
Callie knew that in the winter, the Taliban attacks slowed down or stopped because the heavy snowfall didn’t allow the enemy to travel around the country very easily. They all headed back to Pakistan to wait until the spring thaw in April. Then, they would return to begin systematic attacks against anyone, Afghan, American, or otherwise, who did not share their beliefs.

“You doing okay?” Beau asked as he leaned down, his lips brushing the curve of her ear.

“I’m doing okay,” she lied. The last thing Callie wanted was to have Beau worry about her and not focus on his job in black ops. She heard a rumble in his broad chest.

“You’re such a beautiful liar, Ms. McKinley, but I love you anyway.”

She absorbed his West Virginia drawl, soothed by the low, husky sound of his voice and feeling how much he loved her. Callie had thought she knew what love was after dating a series of “Mr. Wrongs.” Then, Beau, a twenty-seven-year-old Army Delta Force sergeant, had more or less crashed into her life when she was working in Kabul, changing it forever. Rousing herself, she lifted her head, angling it so she could meet his amused gray eyes focused solely on her. Lips twisting, she whispered, “I’m not lying, Beau. Well, maybe a little . . .”

“Hey, I know you. You’re a first-class worry wart, sweetheart. I’ll be fine,” he promised, dropping another kiss on her furrowed brow. “I’ll be home before you know it and I’ll meet you right here in this airport.” He lifted his head, angling his chin. “And Grandpa Graham will be here with you.”

Callie rallied a small smile. Her Grandpa Graham, formerly a Marine Corps sniper and black ops veteran, was standing near the swinging doors, looking around as he always did. She supposed it was his top secret security background that made him more alert to the situations around him. “Yes, Grandpa will be here with me, for sure. But the rest of the McKinley family will probably be here to meet you, too. Everyone loves you. You know that.” And her Montana ranch family truly did love Beau. He fit in so well with the ranching lifestyle.

His own folks, Cletus and Amber Gardner, lived on Black Mountain in West Virginia. They were from a long line of hill people who had lived over a hundred years on that mountain. Beau might not have come from a ranch background, but he was used to living close to nature, had a rural soul, was a hunter and fisherman, and helped his father, a furniture maker.

“Yes, I love your family,” he agreed, rocking her in his arms, squeezing her once more to comfort her. “I can hardly wait for you to meet
family. They’re dying to meet you.”

“Ugh, don’t use the word, ‘dying,’ Beau,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

“Oh . . . sorry . . . well, yes, they want to meet the woman I’m going to marry after I get home in June. The good news is that they’re driving up here to be with us when we get married at the Eagle Feather Ranch. It’s going to be a great big shindig, for sure,” he said, smiling down into her eyes.

BOOK: Hold Me: Delos Series, 5B1
8.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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