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Authors: Anita Rimmer

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Home Schooled - Learning to Please (Taboo Step Brother Step Sister Erotica)

BOOK: Home Schooled - Learning to Please (Taboo Step Brother Step Sister Erotica)
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Home Schooled
- Learning to Please
By Anita

Home Schooled -
Learning to Please


Copyright 2014
by Anita Rimmer


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For as long as I can remember, my family and I have
lived on a farm, miles away from anyone else. Our nearest neighbors
are an old couple that sometimes would babysit for me and my
brother, but other than them we don’t see many other folk around
here. Jimmy, my brother, works the farm with my Pa from sun up to
sun down. He’s 18 now, but he’s been doing that for as long as I
can remember. I’m 18 as well, but I spend most of my days feeding
the chickens and helping my Ma in the kitchen.

We aren’t twins, Jimmy and I.
Truth be told, he’s not really my brother. Not by blood, anyway.
Just as Pa isn’t really my Pa, but he may as well be as I don’t
even remember my real father. Ma said he was killed in a tractor
accident soon after I was born, and she married my new Pa fairly
soon after that. She needed someone to run the farm, and he was
newly widowed himself, and with a young son to boot. So I guess
they kind of needed each other.

Since we lived so far from
everyone else, we spent a lot of time at the farm growing up. Since
Jimmy and I were brought together when we were so young, I’ve
always thought of him as my true brother, just as I think of my Pa
as my true Daddy. But Jimmy and I still fight a lot, probably
because we’re so close in age and don’t get to spend enough time
with other kids. Sometimes I wish we were closer.

As it was, though, the farm became
our playground most of the time, but it was also our school
whenever my parents had time. Of course, anyone who’s lived on a
farm knows that there really isn’t a lot of time, especially when
you just have a family of four with only two men. So although Ma
and Pa did their best to teach us when they could, most of our
lessons were limited to the winter months. Even then, though,
things were busy around here - there are still animals to take care
of, repairs to make on the buildings, etc. That means that even
though I’m already 18, it’s December and I’m having to sit through
another class with my brother and Pa.

As usual, we were in a large bedroom that my parents
had converted into a little classroom. There was a chalkboard on
the wall and a couple of desks. I was sitting behind one, and my
brother behind the other as my Pa stood in front of us. He liked
for us to be formal, just like a school, so that we’d take it

What are we learning about
today?” Jimmy asked. His desk was a few feet from mine, because
whenever we use to move it closer we’d get in trouble for
distracting each other and fooling around.

I think we need to talk about
biology,” Pa said. “You two are old enough that you should start to
understand how the body works.”

Daddy! I hope you aren’t talking
about the birds and the bees. Mom had that talk with us years

Daddy smiled, his face opening up and showing his
white teeth. He was a handsome man, and today he was wearing a
light shirt underneath a flannel open top. His broad chest was
still apparent even with both of those layers covering it. “Oh did
she now,” he said. “Well that’s lucky then, because it means we can
move on to more important topics like digestion or your immune
system. What you're referring to is more anatomy, anyway.”

I think the birds and the bees
sounds much more interesting,” said Jimmy. I looked over at him and
he flashed his typical crooked smile. He was the spitting image of
his dad. Dark hair over striking blue eyes, broad shoulders and
chest, and very white teeth. I laughed as well, agreeing with

Well your sister already knows
everything about that topic, so digestion it is,” Daddy

She doesn’t
Jimmy said. “She just thinks she does.”

I know more than you,” I shot
back. Jimmy always teased me about being a know-it-all but in this
case I’m sure that I did know more than he did.

How would you know more than me,
I got the same talk from mom as you did! Or did you forget that I
was sitting right next to you?”

She told me some stuff after
class,” I said, although I immediately regretted it. At the time,
she had told me to keep it a secret, although that was years ago so
I wasn’t even sure that promise still applied.

What kind of stuff?” Jimmy asked,
his eyebrows almost invisible against his hairline they were so
high on his head.

Just stuff,” I said, thinking
better of opening my mouth. Mom was out this afternoon getting
groceries and I couldn’t confirm with her whether or not I could
share what she had told me. At the time, what she had said had made
me laugh and turn bright red. Even though I’d thought about it a
lot over the years, we hadn’t mentioned it since and I wasn’t even
sure I would remember it all correctly anyway.

Actually, I’m pretty curious
myself,” Pa said. “What did she tell you that she couldn’t tell

Now I was in a bind. If my Pa was asking me, I
couldn’t really refuse him, could I?

I looked down, nervously tucking a
strand of my long brown hair behind my ear as it fell in front of
my face.

Well, Ma said to keep it to
myself. She said it was just stuff to know about for when I got

When was this?”

Back a few years ago, when we
first had the talk.”

Well, you’re older now. Is what
she told you then more meaningful now?”

I just shrugged. I could feel a heat in my face as I
continued to stare intently at the desk in front of me. I traced
the lines in the wood from where I had dug my name into it over the
years with my pen.


I looked up to see Daddy’s cool blue eyes watching
me intently. He was waiting for an answer and I wasn’t going to be
able to avoid it.

She… she just told me things
about… ummm… keeping a man.”

Keeping a man? What does that

Well… she said that when you meet
a man and you like him… there are certain things you can do to make
sure he really likes you back. And wants to stay with

Daddy looked at me with an odd face. If I didn’t
know any better, I’d think there was a bit of a smile in there
somewhere, but for the most part it was pretty serious.

What kind of things?”

I thought about what my mother had
told me back then. At the time, it had caused me to burst out into
laughter until I realized she was serious. Then I was horrified.
But as I thought about it more and more over the years, the idea
had started to interest me. Now I just felt embarrassed at the
thought of bringing it up to my Pa, not to mention with Jimmy right
next to me!

I decided to just go for it. Taking a deep breath, I
blurted it out. “She said that girls can put a boy’s willie in
their mouth and suck on it.”

This time it was my Daddy’s
eyebrows that tried to merge with his hairline, but it was Jimmy
who made the first sound. It was kind of like a half sputtering,
half gurgling noise before he found his voice. “What?”

I shrugged again. “I don’t know, that’s what she

Well how long do you do that
for?” my brother asked.

Mom said you’ll know when you’re
done. I don’t know what she meant by that, though.”

I do!” Jimmy

Really?” my eyes lit up. Ever
since I’d had the conversation with my mother and she had ended it
so cryptically, I’ve wondered what she meant.

Jimmy was nodding. “I bet it’s the same as when I
rub on it. If I do it long enough, I make cream.”

Cream? Like a cow?”

Sort of. But I assume it’s the
baby juice that mom talked about when she gave us the birds and the
bees talk.”

The baby juice. Right. The stuff that the boy
squirts out of his willie into the girl to put a baby in her belly.
At the time that had sounded disgusting as well, but no worse than
having it in her mouth, she supposed.

I noticed Pa had been quiet during this exchange, so
I looked back over at him. He was still staring at us both. His
lips were pursed, but I was pretty sure that he was, in fact,
wearing a slight smile.

Your mother,” he said, shaking
his head slightly. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

What do you mean,” I

She’s always been pretty free and
open about stuff like that,” he said. “So it shouldn’t surprise me
that she told you all that.”

Is she right?” I

About what?”

Is putting a boy’s thingy in my
mouth a way to make him like me?”

Daddy laughed now. “Well it certainly can’t hurt.
But that’s not to say you should be doing it to just anyone. You
save that for someone you love.”

Okay Daddy,” I said.

You know what?” he said suddenly.
“I think our lesson is done for the day. I just heard your mother
come home, and I think I need to have a bit of a talk with her.
I’ll see you kids at dinner.” Pa left the room in a bit of a hurry,
and Jimmy and I followed quickly after him. We were never ones to
stick around the classroom any longer than required. I went to my
room and Jimmy went to his. It was at least an hour or two before

I lay on my bed, thinking about
what had just been discussed and the conversation I had had years
ago that led up to it. As had happened often in the past, just the
mere thought of putting a boy’s willie in my mouth made me feel all
weird. In the past, the feeling had been kind of disgusting and
grossed me out. More often than not lately, though, it hadn’t been
grossing me out as much as intriguing me. In fact, most of the time
when I thought about it for more than a minute or two, I started to
feel all tingly between my legs. It was a problem I had taken to
solving by using my fingers to rub the feeling away. It was weird
how that worked, too. The more I rubbed, the more the tingles grew.
But then they would crash into me and cause me to shudder in
pleasure. Only after that had happened would they finally start to

This time, though, I was thinking more about what my
Daddy had said about it than the actual act itself. I needed to
save it for someone I loved, and it would probably help to make
that person like me more.

A sudden blast of music came from the shared wall
between Jimmy’s room and mine. He had turned on his stereo and as
usual it was far too loud. I know Ma and Pa didn’t mind as they
were usually half way across the house and could barely hear it,
but when it was right next to my wall it is always really annoying.
But I knew from the past that if I told him to turn it down, he
would get mad and we’d end up fighting, which saddened me. I just
wished that Jimmy and I got along better. When we were younger we
were much closer, but as we’ve gotten older, we’d been fighting
more and more. Ma said it was just his testosterone flaring up,
making him into a hot head. Whatever it was, I wished it would go
away. I love my brother, but sometimes I just can’t stand him.

BOOK: Home Schooled - Learning to Please (Taboo Step Brother Step Sister Erotica)
5.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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