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Hot Off The Red Carpet





Paige Tyler



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Tyler, Paige

Hot Off The Red Carpet

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Chapter One



Breathe, Addison Mattingly told herself.  But the whole in-through-nose-out-through-mouth thing was a little hard to do when she was sitting in front of the palatial Beverly Hills home of the hottest actor in Hollywood, Trevor Braden.

She still couldn’t believe the guards at the gate had let her in.  She’d been sure the men would see right through her charade.  In all honesty, she was still a little bit afraid the cops might show up and drag her off at any minute.  Then again, the guards really didn’t have any reason to suspect she wasn’t who she said she was.  Her name was listed on the access roster as Trevor Braden’s new personal assistant, after all.

Okay, to be honest, her name wasn’t on the access roster – her sister’s was.

Her twin sister, Madison - the perfect one - had gotten the job as Trevor Braden’s personal assistant.  She always got everything she wanted, usually with little effort on her part.  It had been like that from the time they were little.  Everything just seemed to go the other girl’s way.  Of the two of them, Madison had always gotten the higher grades, the cuter boyfriends, the better job offers.  She had “over-achiever” stamped all over her resume.  When she had applied for the position as Trevor Braden’s personal assistant, it had been on nothing more than a whim.  But of course, she had gotten the job.  She hadn’t even had to go to LA for a face-to-face interview with the actor.  Her resume was so impressive that his manager had hired her over the phone.

While Addison had stopped being jealous of her sister’s accomplishments a long time ago, the fact that Madison had managed to land this job had really hurt.  Addison idolized Trevor Braden.  Well, maybe not idolized him.  But she definitely had a huge crush on the man, and Madison knew it.  To think that her sister would be spending practically every waking hour with the gorgeous movie star had almost been enough to make Addison scream.

But then, two days before she was supposed to move down to LA, Madison had decided she didn’t want the job anymore.

“Sure, Trevor Braden is a hottie,” she’d told Addison.  “And while being his personal assistant would have its perks, I don’t feel like spending my time babysitting some spoiled Hollywood actor.  Where’s the long-term potential in that?”

Then Madison had announced she’d taken a job as a personal assistant to some two-hundred-year-old Wall Street banker instead.  Addison had just stared at her sister in disbelief, unable to believe that she would give up the chance to work for Trevor Braden.  But apparently, Madison had visions of Manhattan penthouses, stock options, and a corner office at a prestigious big name firm.  Who cared if the guy she was going to be working for was old enough to be her grandfather?

“If you think being Trevor Braden’s personal assistant is so great, why don’t you do it?” Madison had sneered.  “Oh, I forgot.  You couldn’t get the job – not even in your dreams.”

A few hours later, Madison had left for the East Coast, but not before she’d asked Addison to call Trevor Braden’s manager and tell him that she had changed her mind about taking the job.

But Addison hadn’t called.  Deciding that she’d had enough of her sister’s gloating, she had put on the only suit she owned, thrown the rest of her clothes in a couple of suitcases, and driven down the coast to Los Angeles.

Now, sitting in front of his house in her rather beat up Camry, she was too petrified to move.  What the hell had she been thinking?  She couldn’t pull this off.  She didn’t know the first thing about being a personal assistant.  Before she’d left San Francisco, she’d done some research on the Internet to get an idea of what the job entailed, and from everything she’d read, it sounded more than a little demanding.  Madison might be a Grade-A bitch most of the time, but she had been right about one thing. Addison could have never gotten this job on her experience.

Though Addison had gone to a good college, it hadn’t been the Ivy League school that her twin had gone to.  And whereas her sister had known exactly what she’d wanted to do, Addison had taken a little of everything.  While she had enjoyed it, she’d ended up graduating with what amounted to a four-year liberal arts degree.  Though it was nothing to scoff at, it hadn’t helped her figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

So, while her sister had gone on to get her Master’s degree in business administration, which had led to a very prestigious intern position, Addison had moved from one job to another after college.  Even now, at twenty-eight, she still wasn’t sure exactly where she was headed.  But she was damn sure she was going to like it when she got there.

Addison looked up at the huge, two-story house again and debated about what she should do.  Common sense told her she should turn the car around and go back home to San Francisco.  But how could she pass up an opportunity like this?  If she left, she knew would end up regretting it for the rest of her life.  On the other hand, if she stayed, she ran the risk of completely humiliating herself in front of Trevor Braden.  She cringed at the thought.

Chiding herself for being such a coward, she started to turn the key in the ignition when a flash of movement in one of the upstairs windows caught her eye.  She blinked.  Oh God.  It was him.  Trevor Braden.  Had he been pulling on his shirt?  Was he just getting dressed?  Or better yet, undressed?  She blushed at the image that thought conjured up.

Before she even realized what she was doing, Addison was out of the car and hurrying up the front steps to ring the doorbell.

Unable to believe she was really doing this, she stood there holding her breath, her pulse racing.  She should have run a brush through her hair before she got out of the car, she thought.  And checked her make-up, too.  God, she hoped she looked all right.  But before she could think about it anymore, the door swung open.

Addison had expected a maid to open the door.  Maybe a butler.  Or even a bodyguard.  Heck, even his manager.  Anyone but Trevor Braden himself.

But there he stood.  All mouth-watering, six-foot-four inches of him.  And even more gorgeous in person.

She’d known he was tall, of course, but in real life, he seemed taller.  His shoulders seemed broader, too.  And his soulful dark eyes a more golden brown.  His dark hair was slightly tousled as if he’d just run his fingers through it, and there was a slight scruff of beard outlining that amazingly chiseled jaw.  He hadn’t bothered to tuck in the button-up shirt he was wearing, and beneath his jeans, his feet were bare.  She’d been right.  He had been getting dressed.

“Hi,” he said, giving her a smile.  “Come on in.”

Addison blinked.  Trevor Braden, the most gorgeous, in-demand, sexiest hunk in Hollywood had just spoken to her.  And she was just standing there staring at him like a dufus.

When she didn’t reply, his brow furrowed.  “You are Madison Mattingly, right?  My new assistant.”

“Addison,” she automatically corrected.  She was so used to people getting them mixed up that she’d done it without even thinking.

His frown deepened.  “Oh.  Sorry about that.  I thought Murray said your name was Madison.  I must have misheard him.”  He flashed her another grin.  “And I’m usually pretty good at remembering names.  Comes with the job.”

Addison would have laughed at his joke, but she was too busy calling herself an idiot.  How the heck could she expect to pull this off if she was already making mistakes like that?  Crap!  But she supposed it was too late to backtrack now.  Even if she could, though, she wouldn’t.  For some ridiculous reason, she wanted Trevor Braden to call her by her own name instead of her sister’s.

“It’s Addison, actually,” she explained, giving him a smile.  “But it’s easy to see how he could have mistaken it for Madison.”

Trevor nodded.  “Addison it is then.”  He took a step back.  “Come on in.”

Addison took a deep breath and stepped into the entryway.  The inside of the house was as beautiful as the outside.  Though obviously expensive, it wasn’t ostentatious at all.  Instead, it was decorated in sleek, modern lines.  Designed with an open floor-plan, it had two sweeping staircases that met in the middle and underneath them, Addison could see a set of French doors. Beyond that, there was a huge patio with a beautiful swimming pool.

“So, how was the drive down?” Trevor asked as he shut the door.

She turned to look at him, her pulse skipping a little at his words.  Good heavens, from the way her body was reacting, you’d think he’d just asked her go to the Oscars with him or something.  He was only making small talk, for heaven’s sake.

Addison reached up to tuck her long, blond hair behind her ear.  “Fine, thanks.”

He nodded.  “That’s good.  Well, if your car is unlocked, I’ll go grab your bags and bring them up to your room.”

She looked at him in surprise.  Hollywood actors didn’t offer to carry suitcases for the hired help.  Or at least she’d never thought they did.

Abruptly realizing he was still waiting for an answer, she opened her mouth to tell him that she could bring in her bags herself when a man’s voice interrupted her.

“Don’t be silly. That’s what Bob’s here for, Trevor.  He can go out and get them.”

Addison saw Trevor’s mouth tighten at the words and she turned to see two men walking into the entryway.  One was tall with dark hair and built like a football player; the other was closer to her height, bespectacled, and didn’t look athletic in the least.

The man with the glasses held out his hand.  “You must be Madison. I’m Murray Siedle, Trevor’s manager,” he said.  “We spoke on the phone.”

She reached out to shake his hand.  “It’s Addison, actually,” she said.

The small man looked at her in confusion for a moment, and Addison felt herself tense.  But then he laughed, much to her relief.  “I must have gotten your name wrong, I guess.  Sorry about that.”  He glanced at Trevor.  “I’m going to go get Addison up to speed.  Let Bob get her bags and take them up to her bedroom, would you?”

Trevor looked like he wanted to say something in reply to his manager’s words, but Murray didn’t give him a chance.  Instead, the man took Addison’s arm and hurried her toward the back of the house. She barely had time to glance over her shoulder at Trevor before Murray hustled her into a room and shut the door.

Addison tottered a little on her four-inch heels as she came to a stop. She looked around the room and saw that it was an office, and a very well-equipped one at that.  She wondered if it was Murray’s or hers.  Did a personal assistant even have an office?

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