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She leaned back, letting him encircle her shoulders with his arm. She tensed for a moment when his fingers touched her breast. But it felt wonderful. She relaxed and closed her eyes. She began at the very beginning and told him about everything—Cyrus and Birdie’s game, his marriage to Hannah, his use of the servant Indira, his brutal attacks on her, the murders he had committed.

“He was not in his right mind. The night you came for me, he meant to kill himself and have
performed. I was to be burned alive on his funeral pyre,” she explained. “For a time that night, I was totally under his control. It seemed I had no choice but to die with him.”

“Persia darling, you’ve been through so much.” Zack cradled her in his arms, never wanting to let her go, wanting to protect her from the world always.

“We all have,” she answered quietly.

“And that’s why you’ve pushed me away all these months? Because you couldn’t bear thinking about the terrible things that had happened. Why did you turn me away when I came for you?”

“I had no choice. They had a gun on you. I had to keep you away. The thought of your being killed… It was just too awful! He also threatened to sell little Sindhu into white slavery if I made a false move. Thank God you’re both safe from him now; you here, and Sindhu with a good family.” She paused as if her thoughts were drifting. Then she shook her head and continued, “Afterward, it seemed that a barrier to love had come down. I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“And now?”

His hands were cradling her cheeks, and his lips hovered over hers, so close that she could feel his words on her face.

“Oh, Zack,” she said softly, feeling her body warm to his. “Kiss me.”

When he answered her demand, Zack found her lips parted and ready to accept him.

Persia felt no need to draw away. She answered his velvet probing with hungry thrusts of her own. A new need arose within her, but it was nothing to be feared. This longing was good and true and spawned by love.

Gently, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed, holding his breath for fear she might protest. But she snuggled close to his chest, showering little kisses on his neck and sighing softly.

When he placed her on the bed, she cast aside her wrapper and asked timidly, “Would you help me with these little buttons?”

Zack’s fingers trembled as he worked at the tiny things. And he felt a rush of need when she moaned as his fingers brushed her bare breasts.

When she lay before him, ready, he took great care to love her slowly, tenderly, throughly. And when he entered her, she clung to him, sighing his name and whispering her words of love.

Suddenly the world was filled with sound of bells. It was Christmas! The most wonderful Christmas Persia had ever known. She needed no carolers to serenade her; the song in her heart was the sweetest on earth. And there was no pretty wrapped gift that could be half as precious to her as the gift of Zack’s love.

There was peace on earth and in her heart.

And there was love…
true love
… forevermore.

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BOOK: Hot Winds From Bombay
2.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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