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How to Entice an Enchantress

BOOK: How to Entice an Enchantress
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“Fast, fun, and sexy stories that are a perfect read for a rainy day, a sunny day, or any day at all!”

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How to Pursue a Princess

“The latest addition to the delightful Duchess Diaries series incorporates sparkling, witty repartee and heart-tugging emotions. With a wonderfully romantic story, this book is pure, unadulterated Hawkins!”

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“Lily and Wulf’s story is incredibly witty and sweet with the kind of fairy-tale charm that cannot help but remind us of our own childhood dreams of handsome princes and happily ever after!”

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How to Capture a Countess

“A delightful, sprightly romp is what Hawkins does best, and when she sets her witty tale in Scotland and adds a charming castle and an engaging cast of characters, readers have the beginning of an appealing new series.”

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(4 stars)

“A fabulous read.”

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“Witty historical romance.”

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“A fun, light read filled with fantastic characters.”

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“A fast-paced, robust historical novel filled with wit and romance!”

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“A beautifully written romance filled with passion, zest, and humor.”

Addicted to Romance

“Spiced by a chemistry that practically leaps off the pages. Readers will be thrilled to every witty repartee between these reluctant lovers.”

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Princess in Disguise

“In this fast-paced Duchess Diaries novella, Karen Hawkins delivers warmth, humor, romance, and a touch of heartache. . . . A great story to curl up with on a cold winter’s eve.”

Joyfully Reviewed

“Karen Hawkins has . . . appealing characters, an eye for detail, a talent for bringing historical events from the past to life, and wickedly entertaining plots.”

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The Taming of a Scottish Princess

“Delightfully humorous, poignant, and satisfying. . . . Memorable characters, witty and humorous dialogue, and sizzling sensuality.”

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stars, Top Pick)

“Fast-paced adventure, genuine emotion, a satisfying conclusion to the mystery that’s been at the center of the series, plenty of humor, and some of the best banter between a hero and heroine that I’ve read in a while.”

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“These two larger-than-life characters practically leap off the page and it’s hard to tell which is more captivating: their chemistry-laced bickering or the underlying sense of genuine friendship from which it evolves.”

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A Most Dangerous Profession

“Spellbinding . . . one thrilling adventure after another.”

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“Complex characters and plot, a parallel story line, a quest, two star-crossed lovers, and fast pacing make this a most delightful read.”

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Scandal in Scotland

“An entertaining romantic battle of wits.”

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“A humorous, fast-paced dramatic story that’s filled with sensual tension. Hawkins’s passionate, intelligent characters make it impossible to put down.”

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Romance and More

“Humor aplenty, as well as tenderness and steamy love scenes.”

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One Night in Scotland

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“Charming and witty.”

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“Filled with laughter, passion, and emotion . . . mystery, threats, and plenty of sexual tension.”

Single Titles

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From the Diary of the Duchess of Roxburghe

Ah, the burdens of fame! I am now known throughout the breadth of Scotland (and indeed, most reaches of the kingdom) as the most talented of matchmakers, a veritable Queen of Hearts. It is a burden that goes against every principle of my character, for intruding upon the private lives of others is anathema to me. Yet because of my vastly successful entertainments and my uncanny ability to spot potential matches between the most unlikely people, I’m credited with assisting a number of unmarried men and women to make brilliant matches.

And so now, whenever I so much as mention having a house party or a dance, I am positively
with hints, suggestions, and—yes, pleas for invitations.

Those who know me realize the truth, of course, which is that I never get involved in the affairs of others. Still, once in a great, great while, I am
moved to reach past my natural reserve and, with the most delicate of touches, assist nature. But only with very, very few, and very, very special cases. In fact, one such case—the most challenging I’ve ever faced—is even now awaiting me in the Blue Salon . . .

*   *   *

The Duchess of Roxburghe sailed down the stairs, her red wig firmly pinned upon her head. Her morning gown of pale blue silk swished as her pugs bounded after her, two of them trying to catch the fluttering ribbons of the tie at her waist.

There were six pugs in all—Feenie, Meenie, Teenie, Weenie, Beenie, and Randolph. Randolph was the oldest by several years. Graying and usually dignified, of late he’d refused to scramble down the steps after the younger dogs, but stood at the top step, looking so forlorn that her grace had assigned a footman to carry the pudgy pug.

Her butler, MacDougal, thought the measure extreme. Seeing the relative ease with which Randolph could bound up and down stairs when tempted with a tidbit, MacDougal thought her grace was being played a fool. Not that he dared suggest such a thing aloud. He’d been with the duchess far too long not to know that, while it was perfectly fine to allude to her grace’s pugs as stubborn, unmannerly, and unruly, they were never to be accused of trickery or sloth.

Her grace reached the bottom step and the footman, Angus, stooped to place Randolph with the
other pugs panting at her feet. “That’s a good boy,” cooed her grace.

A proud expression bloomed on Angus’s freckled face. “Thank ye.”

MacDougal locked a stern gaze on the young footman. “Her grace was talkin’ to the dog, ye blatherin’ fool.”

Angus flushed. “Och, I’m sorry, yer grace.”

“I was getting to you next,” she said graciously. “You did a fine job carrying Randolph.”

Angus couldn’t have looked more pleased. “Thank ye, yer grace!” He hazarded a superior look at the butler.

MacDougal scowled back so fiercely that the footman’s smug expression instantly disappeared. Satisfied he had quelled the upstart, MacDougal turned to the duchess and offered a pleasant smile. “Yer grace, yer guest is in the Blue Salon, as ye requested, but we dinna ken where Lady Charlotte might be.”

“Perhaps she fell asleep in a corner somewhere. She’s gotten very bad about that since she’s taken to reading novels at all hours of the night.”

MacDougal nodded thoughtfully. “Verrah good, yer grace. I’ll send someone to look upon every settee in the castle.” He cast his eye toward the hapless Angus. “Off wit’ ye, and dinna miss a single settee until ye find Lady Charlotte.”

“Aye, sir!” Angus hurried off.

Her grace glanced at the doors leading to the Blue Salon. “I hope you made our guest comfortable.”

“Aye, yer grace, we did wha’ we could, but—” The
butler sighed. “ ’Tis no’ me place to say aught aboot yer visitors, but this one is a bit—” He scrunched his nose, obviously searching for a word. Finally, his brow cleared. “—

“You mean rude,” she said in a dry tone.

“I would ne’er say such a thing aboot one o’ yer guests, yer grace.”

“I would. ’Tis well known that Lord Alasdair Kirk growls at everyone in sight. The man has beastly manners.”

“Tha’ might be understandable, considerin’—” The butler glanced about the empty hallway before he tapped his cheek.

“Because of his scar.”

“Jus’ so, yer grace. ’Tis a horrid sight. He’s a handsome man except fer tha’, which makes it all the worse. He limps, too, and seems to be in a bit o’ pain when he walks. ’Tis only fair to say tha’ if I had a horrid scar upon me face and a mighty limp, I might be rude meself.”

“Pah!” the duchess said impatiently. “There’s no excuse for bad manners.”

MacDougal wasn’t so certain of that, but he nodded sagely. “Verrah true, yer grace. I dinna suppose he’s here fer yer help in findin’ a match? Tha’ might be a tall order.”

“Of course that’s why he’s here. Lord Kirk is my godson. But never fear, for Lady Charlotte and I are quite aware of the challenge he presents.” The duchess looked at the closed door and added in a wistful
tone, “His mother, God rest her soul, died when he was quite young, a year after his father.”

“Tha’ is verrah sad, yer grace.”

“That’s not all of it. He was then placed in the care of an uncle who, busy with his own family, left Lord Kirk to be raised by the servants. Overcome with sympathy, they spoiled their charge atrociously. Kirk then compounded his misfortune by marrying a lady who, though lovely, was sadly lacking in backbone.”

BOOK: How to Entice an Enchantress
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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