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“Well what are we waiting for?” she said, laughing. “What happens next?”

“Usually next the man takes his pants off.”

She was reaching for his belt almost before he finished speaking. She unbuckled it, dropped his pants and gasped once again. “It is so… long.
And hard.
Are they all like that?”

Jack chuckled again, endeared by her curiosity. “Well, they come in all different sizes.”

“I like your size,” she said admiringly, running her fingers down the length. He sucked air in quickly and she realized the power she was quite literally holding in her hand. “Show me what to do.”

Jack wrapped her fingers around his shaft and showed her how to slowly stroke it. After a few repetitions she understood what he liked and took over. She stared at his face, fascinated, as he moaned in time with her strokes. Curious, she increased her speed. She got the response that she was hoping for - Jack seemed to very much like what she was doing. Snow was struck once again by how powerful she felt as she caressed him. She was surprised when he put his hand on hers to make her stop. “Not yet,” he gasped. “Not like this.”

“Did I do it wrong?” she asked nervously.

“No, darling, you did it perfectly. Do you remember the peak of pleasure I brought you to? You can have many of those without resting, but I can have only one. I want to save it.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Lay down here on the grass and I’ll show you.”

Snow lay on the grass, happy the sun had warmed it but nervous about what was going to happen next. She sensed that they were reaching an important point. Jack propped himself on top of her. “I just want to prepare you. This may hurt for a moment, but every girl I’ve been with has told me it’s over quickly,” he said. “I promise that I will be gentle.”

“And just how many girls have you been with, Jack?” she replied pertly.

“None as beautiful or sweet as you,” he said, kissing her nose.

He reached down and parted her legs. She took another deep breath and reminded herself he wouldn’t hurt her. Jack positioned himself at her entrance and then slid himself slowly inside her. Snow was grateful for the wetness between her legs; she was certain it made things easier. Even with the increased lubrication she still felt a sharp pain and bit her lip to keep from crying out. Jack was patient with her, waiting until her brown
. “I am fine,” she whispered. “You can keep going.”

Jack pulled out and then slowly eased his way back into her tight tunnel. There was pain again and Snow tried not to let it show on her face. Once again he pulled out and slowly pushed himself back in and then something amazing happened. She felt her muscles relax and suddenly it didn’t seem like she was too tight for him - it seemed like a perfect fit. She pushed her hips up to let him know what had happened. He understood and began to speed up. This feeling was much different from what she’d felt when he used his mouth. Every time he slid into her she felt a sensation that radiated up into her belly and then throughout the rest of her body. She felt herself beginning to climb again with each stroke.

“Jack, it’s happening again!” she said.

“That’s a good thing,” he said, never slowing his pace. “Just let it happen.”

Snow gave in entirely to the sensations which were coursing through her body. She bucked her hips up once again and moaned and Jack responded by thrusting harder into her. She felt as if they were both a part of something bigger, that they were working together towards something she did not quite understand. That was when her orgasm ripped through her. It was much more intense than the one she had previously and she screamed so loudly she was grateful there was no one around for miles. She felt herself tighten around Jack. That seemed to cause a reaction in him as well. His movements became jerky and then she heard him grunt and felt
a warmth
inside her. He pulled out and collapsed on the ground next to her.

“That was incredible,” he said, still breathing fast.

“It was more amazing than I ever could have imagined,” she responded, smiling.

They lay on the ground with their arms wrapped around each other. Suddenly Snow burst into tears. Jack held her as she sobbed.

“I cannot believe my parents are dead! And my aunt tried to kill me! What will I do now?”

“Come back to the village with me,” said Jack. “People love you and they do not love your Aunt
. When they hear what she tried to do they will support

“But what if that plan fails? She will kill you for not doing as she said! I cannot allow you to take that chance for me,” said Snow through her tears.

“Then I will go away with you!”

“Jack, if you do not return Aunt
will know I am still alive. My best chance is for her to believe me dead. I have to disappear. Bring her the deer heart and let her think you did what she ordered. That will give me time to decide what I want to do.”

“At least let me bring you food and supplies. What will you do in the forest all by yourself?”

Snow had to admit she knew nothing of the forest. They agreed Jack would return before dark with supplies for her. Jack left her sitting on a rock, looking forlorn and beautiful, while he
hunted the deer.

He returned to the castle and presented
with the heart.
was thrilled her plan had worked and immediately began making plans for her coronation. It made him ill to hear her cackle with delight because she thought her niece to be dead. Jack kept imagining Snow’s face as it lit up with pleasure. How could anyone wish her ill?

He hurried back after leaving the castle to meet Snow. He retraced his steps using all his skill as a hunter; he knew he was in the same place he left her. But Snow was no longer there. All that was left of her was a single drop of bright red blood on the rock.


To be continued…





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Fairest, Part 1

Lorelei Knox



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BOOK: Hunted (First Time Erotic Fairy Tale) (Fairest)
6.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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