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Hypnotic Hannah

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Hypnotic Hannah

Cheryl Dragon

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Chapter One


The sexual need of the group radiated over me. Some days, my gifts frustrated me to no end. I knew that, at that moment, Bill studied Joel’s body and wondered how to get his friend naked in his sex swing without ruining the friendship.

After a huge party to celebrate my becoming a certified hypnotherapist, it was just ten p.m. A professional psychic for twelve years, I periodically added new skills to help my customers. Now only I and my five closest friends remained at Bill’s large home.

The silence made Marina, the only other woman in the group, uneasy. “So, Hannah, have you ever messed with anyone while they were hypnotized? You know, make them do something weird like stand on their head?”

“I’d never abuse my power or my client’s trust. When I perform hypnosis, the subject must be willing, and we always make it clear why we’re doing it.”

Marina was an Italian beauty with curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a long, curvy body. Secretly she longed to experiment with women as well as men, like our friend Roger whom she’d been lusting after for years, but her shyness kept her in line. I felt her attraction to me, but that wasn’t my path for the long-term. It wouldn’t work, though the occasional fling with women did slip into my fantasies and history.

Roger lusted after Marina, but the balance, even a strong friendship, could be upended if things got awkward. Some days, I hated my telepathic powers. My friends were frustrated, and in turn, it rubbed on me sexually. But my gifts were mine; I’d made a successful career of it, and at thirty-two, I loved my professional life.

If only my personal life worked as well. I felt adrift there, searching for where I fit. My training said we all had a unique life path to follow. I wondered if my section on sexual fulfillment had been deleted.

Joel’s mind suddenly projected a plea. He didn’t mean to communicate with me; like most people, Joel’s thoughts ruled his own private world. He wanted me to hypnotize Bill and plant the suggestion that he was in love with Joel. I wanted to tell him Bill already felt that, but any time I’d tried to bring those two together, even in private conversations, they backed off from one another.
Just friends
was their safe lie.

Prompted by Joel’s thoughts and Marina’s previous question, I said, “People lie to themselves all the time. Worse, most actually learn to believe their lies. Hypnosis frees people to get past the fear of judgment, the memory blanks of time, and repression of their true needs from external pressures. It’s just a tool to get to the true self.”

Grant laughed. The sixth member of our group was my nemesis of sorts. The skeptic. He thought all of my
were crap. “It’s an excuse for people to come clean about stuff they don’t want to admit, but secretly want to talk about it. They’re paying you to get their fun and sexual fantasies out without the judgment.”

His mind was on sex tonight, too. Grant usually had more self-control. Tonight all minds were on pleasure, but I refused to allow him to devalue my work. “Most hypnosis is used to cure fears, bring out repressed memories from childhood or traumatic events, or explore a past life people can’t consciously remember.”

“Past lives.” Grant shook his head. “You’ve got quite a racket going on there, Hannah. You sell it, though. The flowing, funky-colored dress, long gold curls, and the innocent face anyone would trust. Yet you’re not pretty enough to really threaten female clients. You’ve got the whole package.”

I stifled my shock. Grant had never paid that much attention to me, and yet his thoughts drifted to my package all right. He liked my round breasts and butt to match. His thoughts grew darker, and he shut them down fast.

I fought a groan. What did he really want of me? The wetness between my legs prompted me to stand. “Thanks for the rundown of my pluses and minuses, Grant, but I do help people. Maybe you’d like a demonstration of my hypnosis skills?”

He folded his arms. “Love one.” His dark brown eyes and hair turned the heads of men as well as women. His hard body and rugged good looks made many pursue him. Grant’s ego was fed by many, but he rarely had a girlfriend.

I wondered why he seemed reluctant to date, but his negativity toward my career made me less eager to help him than the others. He owned the building where I rented an office for my psychic services, and while we had friction, we stuck together when it counted. The group brought us together. Today, however, it felt as though our differences were front and center.

“Since it seems sex is a hot topic tonight, at least on everyone’s mind, I think it’d be good for us to take down those pesky little inhibitions.”

Mariana sat up straight on the long sofa. “What?”

“Please, the frustration is palpable. Everyone’s thoughts are triple X-rated. What’s so terrible about us letting our needs loose? Unleash those desires. It’d be a very low-level hypnosis, just a suggestion of trust, releasing the inhibitions, and no guilt about exploring sexual fantasies within this safe group of friends. No one would do anything they don’t really want to, no still means no, and it’s not about changing your desires but freeing them.”

Roger, tall and lanky with light hair and blue eyes, studied Marina’s profile and then locked eyes with me. “I trust you, Hannah. I’m in for fun.”

Marina glanced over her shoulder at Roger, and then at me before looking to the floor. “Okay, me too. As long as we can say no to something we really don’t want.”

I looked to Bill and Joel, the auras pulsing between their bodies. “Sure,” they both said at the exact same time. Both looked in opposite directions.

“Only one stick-in-the-mud left, Grant. You in or are you afraid?” I teased him.

Grant glanced at me. “You can’t hypnotize me.”

I shrugged. “I can try. You have to be willing. Let down your guard, and all those fantasies can come true. Worth the risk? Or are you afraid?”

“Hazel-eyed witch.” It was his favorite insult to me.

“Uptight landlord.” He presented himself as a professional, but his thoughts were kinkier than those of anyone I’d met. Yet I felt there were even darker thoughts he hid from me.

“What about you?” he challenged. “You won’t be under your own spell. You’ll be inhibited.”

“Grant, I thought you knew me better than that.” I smiled and pushed my blue and white swirled dress off my shoulders and down to the floor. Unhooking my lacy scrap of a bra, I let it fall. “I don’t have any inhibitions. I’d love to sexually explore every one of my friends and give in to your deepest fantasies. I read all of your thoughts and yet have received no relief. I’m offering us all a chance to let loose and blow off some steam.”

All eyes stared at me, and my skin tingled. Grant’s eyes seemed to go darker as he studied my hard peach nipples. I felt Marina taking me in as well. The thrill of the exposure, of daring to be at their mercy for critique or praise, coursed through my mind and body, adding to my aroused state.

“You’re going to hypnotize us with your breasts?” Grant sat on the couch next to Marina. “Not very professional.”

I didn’t bother to correct him. I’d made my point, and Grant didn’t object. He might not go under hypnosis -- an unwilling mind could resist -- but I knew he’d play along for the sexual exploration.

Slipping my dress back on, I grabbed a simple thread necklace with a piece of jade hanging on it from my bag. Not the recommended tool, but the stone worked on tricky subjects. A focal point wasn’t necessary for all, but some it helped.

I talked through the deep breathing with eyes closed. I sensed Grant peek twice, but I didn’t let him break my flow. “Deep breaths in, going deeper into yourself and relaxing every muscle. You’re among friends. Let the trust flow through you and exhale. Relax your body and open your mind.” I continued until I could feel all of them in the zone where I could make the suggestions.

“Tonight we’ll be letting down our inhibitions to explore our true desires. There is no guilt, no wrong or embarrassment. If your partner is willing, you’ll explore any secret pleasure with no shame. You’ll remember every detail of this suggestion, and it will stay with you until I say the word ‘jade’ and count you out of the state fully. Understood?”

The murmurs in the affirmative as well as the positive thoughts told me I’d succeeded. “Okay, everyone will keep their suggestion and return to the normal state of consciousness on the count of three. One, two, and three.”

Marina rubbed her eyes as the guys stretched and breathed deeply.

“That’s it?” Grant asked.

I didn’t expect Grant to have gone under, but I’d let the others lead and follow their desires.

“You’re so beautiful, but you looked better the other way.” Marina stood and pushed my dress down as her soft lips claimed mine. Her firm hands massaged my breasts and my pussy tightened for attention. Tonight would be something none of us would ever forget. I’d succeeded. It thrilled me almost as much as Mar’s firm touch.

Bold little Marina stepped back and turned to the couch. She leaned down to kiss Roger, who had pulled his growing cock from his jeans already.

I looked to Grant, who sat on the arm of the sofa now. He stared at Marina and Roger before looking back at me. His dark eyes took it all in, clearly in no rush. That turned me on all the more. We had time for everyone’s needs.

* * * * *

The vibe in the room had clearly shifted. I stepped back, not wanting to instigate or influence. Their desires would lead them.

While Marina and Roger seemed content to undress each other with casual curiosity, Joel stood and stripped himself quickly. My body flinched with a warm zest as I studied his naked form. The tall athlete had defined muscles everywhere possible. Half-hard already, his cock hung long, but Joel didn’t move toward me.

Bill, the object of Joel’s lust, sat and stared as openly as the rest of us. He seemed frozen. I couldn’t see if Bill was hard yet, but I knew Joel had it in him to stir up the chemistry that existed between them.

Joel pulled Bill to his feet and tugged off his shirt. Not as muscled, Bill was firmly toned from his advanced yoga. Joel’s eyes took in his body like he was the most perfect thing in the universe. Grabbing Bill’s belt, Joel jerked him closer and kissed his stubbled chin as Joel undid Bill’s pants and let them fall.

This night already was proving harder than I thought as my body itched with need. Still I wanted to watch; the intimacy of emotions between them touched me. We suppress what we truly need and convince ourselves it’s for the greater good. No one suffered from suppression here and now. Their desires fueled me. I reached out with my sixth sense, feeling for anxiety of any kind due to the risk of no protection. There was nothing but open exploration to be read. None of them would endanger their friends, and it was no secret Mar and I took the pill.

BOOK: Hypnotic Hannah
7.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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