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I Need You (Learning to Let Go)

BOOK: I Need You (Learning to Let Go)
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I Need You

Book Two of the Learning to Let Go Series

By Hazel St James

Copyright Hazel St James 2013
Kindle Edition

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To my hubs. It’s only gonna get better.

To Blondie and MacGyver, my babies. Thank you for remembering to kiss me goodnight.

To Riane Holt. I don’t know what I would do without you. You bring peace to my chaotic thoughts. I was blessed the day we met.

To my beta readers, Dawn, Julia and Karen. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to share in my journey.

To Tanya Keetch, The Word Maid. You should be awarded a medal for putting up with me. I am forever bringing you things to do at the very last second and begging for help. You are a kind soul.

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Last, but certainly not least, D-dog. Thanks for putting up with me. And for the awesome hot sauce story.

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August 9

fter being gone for three days, Sara was starting to miss her sister. Within the last month, they had started working on their differences, even spending time together without yelling. It felt good to have a healthy relationship with at least one member of her family, since their mother had made her living arrangements in Florida permanent. Truth be told, Sara was actually grateful that she was on her own now, without her mother’s unyielding control. It was easier for both of the girls to work on their issues without their mother questioning every decision they made.

It was early evening on Sunday when Sara decided to head over to Bryn’s apartment with a huge laundry basket full of clothes. She had been using the laundromat in town, but had been steadily losing her favorite pieces of clothing. The first thing to go missing was her Aero jeans, and then her Love Pink sweatshirt. Deciding that it would be cheaper to do laundry at Bryn and her roommate, Corey’s apartment, it had become a Sunday ritual that the girls shared together for a month before Bryn had left for Sturgis.

Sara let herself into the apartment with her spare key, cursing when she tripped on a pair of work boots thrown near the door. She wasn’t sure how Bryn could handle living with a slob like Corey, but she seemed to like picking up after him. One Sunday, Bryn had even gone as far as doing Corey’s laundry as well as her own. Sara smiled, thinking that Bryn was really a people pleaser deep down under that tough exterior.

After starting a load of laundry, Sara decided to walk down to the lake while she waited. It was a beautiful August day, and she could walk along the boardwalk near Main Street and enjoy the sunshine. Her phone chirped in her jean shorts pocket, signaling that she had a text. It was from Darrin; he insisted on typing out his entire message instead of the cryptic shorthand Sara and Bryn used.

You coming over tonight?

Her reply was short and to the point,
Yes, baby

It didn’t take Sara long to end up walking all the way to the other end of town, next to the old historic train station. Sara watched as a fairly well-built man, dressed in all black and wearing a bandana around his head sat on a motorcycle with his shoulders slumped down, fiddling with a piece of paper in his hand.

Sara was sure that the person on the bike was Brett, one of the twins that had accompanied her sister and their friends to Sturgis. Walking up to him, Sara called out softly, “Hi, Brett. I’m Sara Lonneman, Bryn’s little sister. Can I ask how she did on the ride out to Sturgis?”

There was no way that Sara could have prepared herself for what she saw next. The man lifted his head, turning to face her in the same motion, but it was certainly not Brett Smith. Sara could feel the air rush out of her lungs when she recognized the gorgeous grey eyes and chiseled features.

“Chris,” was all she could say before he bounded over to her, sweeping her up in his arms, spinning her around.

“I found you, Sara. Oh, sweet Jesus, I finally found you, little one.”

Chris set her down on the ground as he pulled her close to his body, the familiar mix of his cologne and manly scent permeated her nose. Without giving it a second thought, Sara pulled his face down and was kissing him, with all her passion flowing into the connection between their lips.

Sara could hear tires squealing next to them, and a door slamming before she was being pulled back from a reluctant Chris. Suddenly, the crunching sound of a fist landing on bone split the evening air and Chris was flying backwards.

“What the fuck are you doing with my girl, man?” was all Sara heard before her actions started to register in her brain.

She only said one word before her world tipped on its axis, “Darrin.”

Chapter One

3 Months Earlier, May

ara Lonneman stopped dead in her tracks as she walked the short path from the house to the garage. She thought she could hear her mother humming behind her, but she spun around quickly, and there was no one there. “Thank God,” she muttered to herself keeping her steps short as she hurried to get out of sight from the house. She needed to put as much distance between herself and her mother as possible. If Sara had to lie one more time about knowing where her sister Bryn was, she was going to explode.

Earlier in the day, Bryn had been in a motorcycle accident, and was now at the local ER. It didn’t seem too serious, but precautions were being taken. Sara didn’t know that Bryn rode a motorcycle, and she was damn sure that their overbearing mother didn’t know either. Most of the Lonneman family despised motorcycles, due to a family accident years ago.

Corey had needed to get Bryn to the hospital as quickly as possible, and called his brother Darrin to help clean up the wreckage. Darrin lived near the Lonneman farm, and was the “handyman” whenever something broke. Sara just happened to be there when he got the call that her sister had been hurt. God forbid that Bryn would actually call her own sister for help; the two girls lived together with their mother in their family home for the last six months, but hardly spoke at all. In fact, no one in the house spoke much anymore; they were all as emotionally distant from each other as humanly possible.

“SARA!!!” she heard coming from the kitchen.

“What? I’m outside,” Sara yelled back. Sure enough her mother came to the front door, peeking out.

“Is Bryn back yet? She was supposed to be home two hours ago with those papers from the bank. I need those statements from your father’s accounts before I can finish my book work.”

“I’ll go over to Darrin’s shop and see if she is over there, Mom,” Sara tossed over her shoulder as she kept on walking.

“Why would Darrin know where she is, Sara?”

“I don’t know, Mom…I just really don’t want to sit around and watch you pace the floor anymore. I’ll be back later.” And with that she continued her walk. It wasn’t that far to Darrin’s house and it was a beautiful night.

Sara glanced down at her stick shadow on the ground as she ambled down the gravel road. She sported some well-earned muscles from years of working on the farm, but her body held very few curves. Her mousy, light brown hair was boring, with no life or bounce at all. Kind of like her life right now. Her hair was plain, her body was plain, and her life was plain. Sara stopped walking, taking a deep breath of the country air before she gave in and started to cry. There was a time that someone thought of her as gorgeous, even calling her sexy more than once.

It wasn’t very long ago that Sara was in Colorado working on a college degree. She had met a deliciously dangerous man that she spent one night with, sparking feelings in her that were foreign. Chris Lake was certainly an excellent lover, and taught Sara about sensual submission. Not knowing the difference between lust and love, Sara decided that she was merely obsessed with what Chris had done to her body. It didn’t matter anyway; he was gone the next morning. Now, it seemed like a life-time ago since she’d felt the rush of being wanted by someone.

A short while later, Sara’s mother was in an accident on the farm, and she needed to come home to help. Her father had died when she was a freshman in high school, leaving just Sara, Bryn and her mother to run the family farm. Putting her own dreams aside for now, Sara was trying to make the family farm survive. In the end, it was too much for the girls to handle, and they sold all the livestock.

Darrin was just returning home from the Marines when Sara came home from Colorado. Learning quickly that you have to make the most out of life, Sara threw everything she had into being helpful to her family. She wasn’t going to wallow in self-pity. Darrin was just starting up a handyman service, and it seemed like she was always the one that had to run to his shop to get parts, take him broken pieces of crap to repair, or pick up something he had just fixed.

He was so handsome, he was mouthwatering to Sara; always wearing boot cut jeans that hugged his ass in the most tempting way, and work boots. Never sandals, never tennis shoes, not even a pair of loafers. He said that he had to be ready to run to the shop whenever he was needed, which was all the time. He was street smart, book smart, good with machines, cars, people and the list went on and on. He had been in the service for four years and had even earned a medal or two while serving in the Middle East. He didn’t talk about it much, usually avoiding the subject at all costs.

Sara didn’t put a lot of stock in sexual relationships, but she eagerly remembered her night in Colorado and how good it felt. Darrin oddly reminded Sara of that strong male persona, and made her attraction to him even more compelling. There was only one problem–Darrin saw her as a kid.

Sara had made it almost half way to Darrin’s house when she saw his truck pull out of his driveway. He was speeding down the gravel road, only slowing as he reached her. “Whatcha up to, kid?”

“I was coming to see you. I can’t stand sitting there listening to Mom work herself up into a heart attack and Corey still has my car at the ER.”

BOOK: I Need You (Learning to Let Go)
7.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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