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In memory of my grandmother Marie, who told me that anything in life was possible…“with a little elbow grease.” You are forever missed and never forgotten.


To all those around me, both family and friends, who put up with my many quirks, thanks for sticking by me. To my husband of near 29 years—I love you forever and always.

Chapter One

Heather and the rest of the gang had drawn their summer trip names, and the stage, as well as their trip, was set. When she’d first seen the tweet fly by casting her, Heather Greenly, as the winner, she’d almost fainted. Honestly, she’d entered the vacation contest as a fluke spurred on by her best friends and coworkers. Winning five tickets to the grand opening of Inhibition-X would have most jumping for joy. Instead she found her stomach twisting, turning, and threatening to revolt. In fact, she’d gotten so nervous, she’d almost hid the news of her win from them and given the prize away before remembering that the winner had to be among those going.

They’d talked her into the trip by swearing this would be the wildest summer yet. She’d relented and agreed to go. A short time later the mystery began in the form of text messages. All from an unknown number, unknown person, and flirty as hell. Eventually he told her to call him Erix. Obviously a fictitious name. Since Heather was a pretty darn common name, she saw no reason to lie.

She did, however, create an alter ego. One who happened to be petite, thin, and with a set of big hooters, when in reality she stood tall and curvy and sported an average set of B-sized boobs.

Something buried deep within her liked the risqué flirts. A little anonymous flirting wouldn’t hurt anyone, and she thrilled at the naughty nature of doing so.

Hello, can we say safe sex?

Yeah, she’d caught shows about phone sex.

So after a day’s contemplation and adding some bright red streaks to her caramel-blonde hair, she’d nervously replied. And so started her illicit sexting affair. This came as close to having sex, involving another living person, as she’d be having anytime soon. Her vibrator with the awesome little bee on the end buzzed fab and all, but it bombed out on after-sex conversations.

While her friends were excited about the upcoming trip, she was excited to get home from work and get ready for the next

Hey gorgeous. What are you wearing tonight?

Nothing. And you?

Not a stitch, darling, not a damn one.

Where are you?

On my back deck. You?

Lying across my bed…

With your bare backside against your comforter. Something cool like silk I bet. Am I right?

Yes. Wait, how did you guess I have a silk comforter?

I would assume only the softest of fabrics for such delicate feminine skin.
Even though they texted, she’d lay money the man spoke with a deep voice. She envisioned a tall, muscular man with a heavy tan and deep-corded muscles. The ultimate alpha male. He took what he wanted and made no apologies about doing so.

Touch yourself, angel.
The words scrolled across her tiny screen.


Where do you want to be touched?

, she’d tapped, growing ever achy and full of need.

Eyes closed, she touched herself, sliding her hands up her smooth belly to her breasts. They were heavy and sensitive now. Her nipples stiffened and begged for attention. Her mind floated, imagined him there with her, caressing her, suckling her, loving her in all the ways an in-the-flesh man would.

Touch your breasts.

I already am
, she admitted as heat bloomed in her cheeks.

Good girl. Now use one hand and play with your clit.

I can’t hold the phone, my breast, and touch myself.

Improvise, my little angel.

Drawing her knees up, she tried to nestle the phone against her left leg so she wouldn’t miss the texts. The position still didn’t quite work for her.

“Heather? Hello? Knock knock, it’s just me.”

Bolting upright, she snatched the sheet to cover herself. What the hell was Mick doing here?

“Uh, hold on a sec, I’m in the middle of changing.”

“At ten o’clock at night? Going out to the club?”

Damn. Why tonight, of all nights, did Mick have to be so flippin’ quick-thinking?

She jerked the door open with far more bravado than intended, but well, hell…he’d interrupted the brightest spot of her whole day.

“Hey, I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” His grin seemed almost too informed.

“No, no, of course not, but what in the hell are you doing here, and how the hell did you get in?”

“I used the emergency key you showed me years back. Your car was in the driveway, and when you didn’t answer the door I got a little concerned. Figured I’d better come in and check on you.” Again she caught a peculiar glint in his eyes. “Plus, didn’t you mention a break-in near you? You can’t be too safe anymore.”

He’d been concerned?

Double damn, now she felt like a complete heel. He’d been worried, and she’d given her close friend the third degree.
Nice trade-off. Not.
Shit, anytime any of them had to work late, Mick would walk them all to their cars. His older sister Willow had been assaulted when Mick was a kid. The whole family, including Mick, had loved Willow’s new boyfriend Luke. Trusted him. Luke took Mick fishing, camping, and out for things like ice cream. He’d been a child who’d trusted and got hurt early on.

Mick had come clean with her one day about his biggest regret. She couldn’t remember what had brought it up, but he’d told her about Luke and how he hadn’t understood why Luke up and disappeared. He’d been angry and blamed his sister until his mother finally broke down and told him what happened.

He’d been plagued by guilt for years over the shit he’d given his sister for his assumption she’d made him go away. They’d all tried to reassure him—he was just an eight-year-old kid who didn’t understand—but Mick made it a point to look out for the women in his life.

“Shit. I didn’t mean to come off as such a bitch. I’ve had a rotten day and was changing into my pajamas. Sorry. So, what did you need? Something bad happened at work?”

“No, not at all. Missed seeing you today and am heading out to that sci-fi convention my buddies talked me into attending. I mentioned it last week. Figured I’d pop in to wish you a safe and adventurous trip.”

“Damn, Mick, I really wish you would reconsider going to the convention and come party with us instead.” Even now her stomach flipped a little at the thought of being with Mick on a tropical island. Basking on a beach, rubbing oil on each other. Ugh. These thoughts fell into the “must not think about” category, as she wanted to bury the old crush once and for all.

“I would if I hadn’t already committed. No way I can ditch them.”

He leaned against the door frame, and the innocent move brought her attention back to his lean, muscled form.

No. No. Brain back on business.

“Well, we’ll all miss you, but hope you have fun with your buddies.” Had her voice come out too whiny? Oh hell, she sure hoped not.

“Okay, on to serious work stuff. I’m opening tomorrow and getting the back-up staff in place before leaving, and, that said, the hour’s late and I need to cruise. Have fun, and maybe, for once in your life, cut loose a little, but be safe.”

The way he nudged her chin with his knuckles reminded her why Mick remained so off-limits. He didn’t view her as a woman, never had. Mick was a commanding type in an offbeat, quiet sort of way. He definitely oozed sex appeal. Lots and lots of the stuff. Over six feet and muscled in every area she’d ever been lucky enough to catch sight of. He also carried an aura around him. Something decadent and bit dark. Beth had mentioned once Mick got into the kinky shit. But he always seemed so quiet that she’d never been able to picture him all dark and BDSM-ish. Not that she thought she’d be into such a wicked thing. She’d never tried the dark side of sex, but even the descriptions she’d read didn’t seem to speak to her.

“Thanks, and yes, I’ll try to let my hair down a wee bit.” She held her fingers apart just a smidgeon, then laughed and widened them.

He barked with laugher. “I’d love to be around to witness you, Ms. Politically Correct, get wild and crazy.”

“Hey, I can get wild with the best of them.” She stuck her lip out in a pout.

He laughed so hard he almost choked.

“Sure you can.” He had an odd twinkle in his eye but pecked her cheek like normal and left.

That was kinda weird.

If Beth was right about their buddy Mick, then
, out of all them, was the best suited for the club they were heading to. Dark, edgy, and with the promise of full-on, kinky sex. She’d caught a few rumors about him herself from the occasional girlfriend who’d drunk a bit too much and blurted out private details. Things like bondage and dominance. Yeah, he was a take-charge kind of guy, but dominance? She still wasn’t convinced Mick was into the whole scene. Dabbled? Maybe.

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