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My brief comparison of today’s firefighters with knights of old gave me a fresh perspective on both. I hope you enjoy the result when you read BORDER LASS.

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From the desks of Rita Herron and Diana Holqist

Dear Reader,

Something remarkable happened this month that is too interesting to be a coincidence. In the Deep South, outside Atlanta, Georgia, Rita Herron wrote INSATIABLE DESIRE (on sale now) the first book in her new trilogy
The Demonborn.
Meanwhile, in the deep North, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Diana Holquist wrote HUNGRY FOR MORE (also on sale now), the last book In her
One True Love
trilogy. These books couldn't be more different; the authors have never met; and yet, each book is about a being with almost the exact same remarkable talent.


The authors discuss:

Diana Holquist:
Rita, I can’t believe that in your book INSATIABLE DESIRE, the God of Fear touches people, then knows their greatest fear and uses that fear to kill them. In my book HUNGRY FOR MORE, the heroine, Amy, touches people and then knows the name of their soul mate, their greatest love. And guess what—the soul mate almost always turns out to embody the person’s greatest fear in some way. Of course, in HUNGRY FOR MORE, no one’s trying to kill anyone. . . .

Rita Herron:
Yeah, killing demons probably wouldn’t work so well in romantic comedy. But seriously, the idea that what people fear most is the very thing they have to face to make them whole is such a visceral, primal theme. It works across genres, from my dark paranormal to your romantic comedy.

Diana Holquist:
Which is what makes this month so fascinating: two very different authors treating the same theme. And we really couldn’t be more different. HUNGRY FOR MORE is a sexy romantic comedy about a Gypsy con-woman who falls for a sexy chef.

Rita Herron:
And INSATIABLE DESIRE is a dark paranormal thriller about a medium who falls for a sexy FBI agent. Only he is part demon, part human, and must battle his inner dark side while fighting demonic crimes.

Diana Holquist:
Even the titles of the books are similar. HUNGRY FOR MORE. INSATIABLE DESIRE. Er, do your characters’ insatiable desires have to do with sex? Because in HUNGRY FOR MORE, they’re not just talking about food . . .

Rita Herron:
Hmm . . . maybe there’s another similarity between our books. My hero’s insatiable desires are definitely for sex, lots of it. In fact, he needs a woman daily to keep his dark side at bay, and only his soul mate’s love can keep him balanced.

Diana Holquist:
I love that! It’s just like in HUNGRY FOR MORE. Well, the soul-mate-balance part, not the dark-side-at-bay stuff.

Rita Herron:
In INSATIABLE DESIRE, the hero also possesses a dark hunger for blood, which enables him to get into the minds of killers and to track them down. And evil has definitely risen from the underworld to test him. . . .

Diana Holquist:
OK, so I don’t have the blood-lust or evil-from-the-underworld stuff, either. HUNGRY FOR MORE is about really, really yummy food, though. A dark hunger for truffles, maybe—it’s about the inner workings of restaurants. Also, it’s about how food and sex are linked in mysterious, funny ways.

Rita Herron:
Which is why I can’t wait to pick up HUNGRY FOR MORE. It sounds really fun.

Diana Holquist:
And INSATIABLE DESIRE sounds exciting, scary, and very sexy! I can’t wait to read it to see how you treat this material. So let’s stop writing and get reading! Enjoy, everyone! Two very different books with a lot in common. Happy reading!


Dear Reader

Look for DARK HUNGER, the next exciting installment in my paranormal romantic suspense series “The Demonborn,” coming in ’09 from Grand Central Publishing!

Quinton Valtrez, loner and cold-blooded assassin, wants nothing from Annabelle Armstrong except her luscious body. But the sexy reporter from CNN is determined to unravel his secrets and expose him as a killer.

Then Quinton receives an unsettling call from a man who claims not only to be Quinton’s brother, but that they share demon blood. Quinton is skeptical, but when a serial bomber strikes, hitting three targets simultaneously, it soon becomes apparent that supernatural enemies abound.

When the dark forces target Annabelle to ensnare Quinton, he must face his destiny by joining forces with his demonborn brother to save Annabelle and to fight the evil threatening to overtake the world. . . .

Hope you enjoy DARK HUNGER!

Happy Reading!

BOOK: Insatiable Desire
9.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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