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Inseparable Bond

BOOK: Inseparable Bond
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Inseperable Bond

David Poulter

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He was
christened John Bell, whose parents had high hopes for their only
son and that one day he may become famous. In a way, they saw their
dreams realised –although not quite as they had wished.

John Bell was
a lonely homosexual with an insatiable sexual appetite from the age
of twelve. He longed to be loved by the neighbours who regarded him
as the ‘weirdo’, and he had aspirations of becoming someone in
politics. To that end, he began a deliberate campaign to win over
the local population of Fleetwood. A close and only friend he had,
with connections in the local council showed him how; he would have
to become a local benefactor with particular emphasis on the
neighbourhood children.

John set about
his task with gusto. He designed a clown’s outfit himself then set
about creating a character. Very soon he was a local celebrity as
‘DowDo’ the Clown, performing in the streets, at children’s parties
and other functions.

John at the
age of 38 clowned for the kids and posed for prosperity in local
locations of Thornton, Bispham and Blackpool. Although he had been
convicted twice for sex assaults on children in Stanley Park, he
continued to perform to the many crowds.

His mother had
heavily influenced John since childhood. His older sister also
seemed to dominate him. He was a weak-willed man who carried his
resentment towards women with him though later life. Nevertheless,
he was determined to succeed in business and that much he did, from
humble beginnings he built up a construction business that

John took
advantage of the rising unemployment in Fleetwood and Blackpool and
offered jobs to young and unskilled men who stood the least chance
of finding employment.

His local lads
were all about 20 years old and received unemployment benefit.
Others he picked up from the railway station and the bus station on
Talbot Road, these were often drifters from Scotland or the poorer
districts of surrounding northern cities.

He was admired
by publicly saying, ‘Young people always get a raw deal, but if you
give them responsibility they rise to the occasion, they are hard
workers and proud of their work.’

John’s teenage
workforce were well paid and happy; as the contracts continued to
pour in, he needed more labourers. At the end of a hard day, John
Bell would get into his car and head for the Promenade in
Blackpool, looking for more employees among the itinerants. He
always found somebody.

He had been
married to a girl from St Annes but she divorced him after two
years when he started bringing home a lot of pictures of naked men
and enduring her to mental cruelty when he returned home in a
drunken rage.

He would go
out every night and frequent local bars in Blackpool populated by
young homosexuals and male prostitutes.

All the time,
John was winning friends and influencing people with his clown
performances and antics. He made hefty contributions to charity
events and the local council, which he supported

The police at
this time were looking for a local boy who had gone missing while
walking his dog through Thornton Park, and with John having a keen
interest in and fixation for police matters, he joined-in the
search along with other neighbours where his house overlooked the
park from his extensive overgrown garden.

He loved to
play policeman, and had owned guns and other paraphernalia,
including handcuffs and facemasks.

When John got
a young man back to his house, he would show the unsuspected fellow
the ‘handcuff trick’ assuring him that he would be released after
only a few seconds. Instead, of course once the victim was in
John’s power he would become the subject of a wild homosexual rape.
Instead of learning as John had promised, how to get free from the
handcuffs, the victim would hear John say, ‘The only way to get out
of this is to have the keys to the cuffs, that’s the real

One night on
his late night search through the streets of Blackpool, he met a
guy in a bar on Topping Street and took him back to his dimly lit
house in Thornton.

John took his
latest conquest to the basement which he had boasted about and
indeed, it was a basement to be proud of. There was equipment for
every kind of craftsman, the welder, the sheet metal worker and the

The young lad
looked at the 40-gallon vat of sulphuric acid in one corner. His
curiosity drove him to ask about the need for such a strange array
of equipment. His questions were never answered. Crouching behind
him, John viciously swung a hammer with a hefty blow to his
victim’s head; he had now slaughtered his first victim.

He undressed
his victim and viciously raped him, he then methodically
dismembered the body, starting with the removal of his genitals.
The remaining parts of the dismembered body he put into the vat of
sulphuric acid. The acid in the large vat bubbled and smoked as
each body part was thrown into it; he would need to occasionally
run outside for a breath of fresh air. The next day his victim’s
remains had dissolved into a mass of sludge. John then disposed of
this bucket by bucket, sloshing the ghastly residue into a basement
manhole connected to the sewer system.

John soon
acquired a pinball arcade on the South Promenade in Blackpool after
realising that many young drifters would hang around there for the
warmth in winter.

Many customers
soon poured into the arcade, particularly in the summer months, and
John was soon taking money hand over fist. But it was not enough to
buy the lifestyle he wanted and greed soon drove him to his next
murder for profit.

On a hot night
in July he went to the house of his parent’s friends, who lived in
the wealthy suburb of Stanley Park.

The occupants,
an elderly couple, were familiar with John and had visited the
house many times with his parents when he was younger.

While the
couple were in the kitchen preparing tea and sandwiches, John
returned to his car to collect a baseball bat, he entered the
kitchen from the back door and bludgeoned them to death as they
prepared a meal for him.

He drove his
car alongside the house and dragged the bodies into the boot of his

He drove to
his house and dragged the bodies into his basement. Afterwards he
dissolved their bodies in the vat of sulphuric acid and poured the
reeking sludge down the manhole into the sewer.

He was aware
that the couple did not have any children and John forged documents
where he helped himself to the house and savings, being the only
benefactor of their estate.

At dusk a
couple of months later, John was driving on the coast road to
Preston when he pulled-over in a lay-by to see a young couple
kissing in the parked car in front of him. He approached the white
Vauxhall Cresta and he interrupted them by knocking on the window,
pointing a gun at the man in the driving seat.

The terrified
couple thought it was a hold up and robbery. They offered John
their money, watches and even their car. He told the driver to open
the back door and John climbed in the back. With a gun to the back
of the driver’s head, he ordered the girl to undress and perform
oral sex on the driver. He ordered the man to drive to Thornton as
she continued the sex act. The driver was nervous with the back
seat driving of his captor who was giving instructions as they
drove along the promenade.

On the arrival
at his Thornton house, he ordered them in and with the gun pointed
at the man’s head he ordered them upstairs to a bedroom.

Once inside he
ordered them to remove all their clothes and perform a sex act
while he watched from a chair in the corner of the room. They
nervously engaged in sex as the girl cried hysterically and the man
shouted abuse at their captor.

through, he ordered him off the girls trembling body and tied her
hands and ankles to the bedposts, while he ordered the man to kneel
and perform oral sex on him. Although his cries for mercy went
unheard, and with a gun pointing to his head, he had little choice
and performed the act while his girlfriend watched on, sobbing.

Once John had
ejaculated in his victim’s mouth, he marched the naked couple to
the basement of the house and shot them once in the head. Although
the girl was still conscious, he dragged both bodies into the vat
of acid and went into his kitchen to prepare a meal while the
bodies bubbled and smoked in the basement below.

BOOK: Inseparable Bond
12.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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