Interspecies: Lustful Alpha Beast Erotica (Selection Book 1)

BOOK: Interspecies: Lustful Alpha Beast Erotica (Selection Book 1)
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Part 1





NOTE TO READERS             


Interspecies Selected is a new erotic romance story with explicit themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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You’d think being selected by my government and given to aliens would be the worst thing that could have happened to me. You would be very wrong. You see, the aliens have decided I was a “threat” to their health due to earthly bacteria I left with.


Go figure they traded me to another alien for metals they needed.


This new alien? Well, he’s large, dominant and very much has a thing for earthlings…





Part One



“It’s been dark for days,” I said under my breath as I watched the stars zip by in the cockpit of the crammed spaceship.

The alien I was traded to had fallen asleep hours ago. Adrenaline from the initial trade with my government to the previous aliens still hadn’t worn off yet, and I knew for certain I was doomed. No way was I ever to see the light of day on Earth again. Aside from that, I’ve been eating what tasted like noodles and chicken. I doubt it was chicken though.

Attempting to take in my surroundings, I turned myself around in circles, feeling at the walls, levers, and eventually the alien.


It groaned deeply as I bumped my hand against his leg.

Oddly enough, these creatures looked similar to humans. The biggest difference was the fact this alien was larger and certainly had an odd demeanor that seemed to change drastically whenever I even started to glance in its direction.

A high pitched squealing filled the room, which immediately jolted the alien awake.

His footsteps sounded urgent as he ran to the cockpit past me.

Turning around, our eyes met and drew me into them. Blue – such deep blue.

After what seemed like eternity, the alien turned back around to the loud whistling and began quickly typing at a keyboard all the while muttering to himself. Unable to understand his chattering, I piped up, “Anything I can do? What’s going on?”

I looked up past the glass to see a planet growing larger by the second.

“We are setting down. Damn intake is blown,” the creature spoke firmly as he rushed to the back of the ship.

My adrenaline shot up even further, which didn’t even seem possible at the time. My hands shaking, I took the device the alien gave me.

“Here, strap this around your body like this…”

His hands quickly took the device and strapped it around my body, immediately followed by him doing the same to himself.

With both devices attached, I watched as it grew larger and larger, eventually nearly fully encompassing around my body. I appeared to be within some sort of spongy sphere.

Good god, the ship is going down and now I’m going to die. That’s one way for my ridiculous story to end.

Staring at the creature through each of our spheres, I watched him sit down on the floor with his hands around his head as we entered the atmosphere.

The ship shook violently as we crashed into the trees. Pieces were torn and ripped away as I stood inside the bubble watching the absolutely insane view from compete safety.

Suddenly it was all over. It was quiet… and dark.


My mind immediately flashed back to back on Earth when I was selected. It all started with a vague phone call with a professional sounding man asking questions.

If you knew me, you would know I’m polite and would never hang up on someone, even if they called while I was in the middle of lunch with my grandmother.

“Who’s on the phone?” Grammy asked with her old person ‘tell me now’ tone.

I placed my hand over the speaker and turned to her, smiling, “Oh I think it’s a salesman of sort.”

She nodded and went back to eating her TV dinner while flipping through channels on her old television. The darn thing was still black and white, but she, just like me, was very stubborn, so I couldn’t give her any grief.

After what seemed like very odd questions coming from the salesman, I hung up – confused.

“Grammy, I’m heading to bed. Not feeling so great,” I stammer, thinking about the long week of work ahead of me.

I made it to the foot of the stairs, and then heard a knock at the door. Turning on my heels and sighing, I turned and walked up then peeked through the peephole.

Little did I know, that was the last time I would ever see my grammy.


“Wake up, wake up!” I heard as I felt my face patted with warm hands.

Opening my eyes, I looked straight forward. I was on my back with my head in the lap of this large alien. His thick muscular arms were to my side and his hands on my face.

If I didn’t know better, I would think he was fairly attractive in an odd sort of way.

“I’m awake,” I muttered as I placed my hands on the ground and lifted myself up off him all the while taking in the surroundings of the new alien planet. At least I was alive. I guess.

The lush green environment around me was stunning. Massive green leaves with pointed tips hung from thick trees that rose out of the ground like statues. Everything was much larger than it was on Earth. It almost reminded me of the redwoods with enormous trunks. Almost.

I was immediately snapped out of my trance from the environment by the creature towering before me. This was the first time I’ve seen him in the light. With enormous bulging muscles and perfectly toned tan skin, he stood there. Staring at me.

“Hungry?” he said as he held out what appeared to be some sort of fruit. I looked at it with caution for a moment before my stomach took hold of my mind.
Here goes nothing.

Taking a bite, the flavors exploded within my mouth. My mind wavered for a moment in pure ecstasy as my fingertips tingled and the world around me spun with pleasure. Every sense within my body was tripled, no… quadrupled.

“What is this stuff?” I said as I took another bite from the odd looking red fruit.

The alien grinned, “It’s good huh? I thought you might like it. Earthlings say it has some sort of effect on their conscious and body.”

I nodded as I finished the fruit quickly. Oddly enough, I felt like I could do anything. I was invincible.

“So what’s the plan? Are we stuck here?”

He looked back at the wreck of the ship.

The engine was ripped off along with the walls. Bits of sparking wires flitted around within the cabin as he walked up and glanced around the wreckage.

“Yeah… it would seem so. I don’t think we’ll be getting out of here anytime soon I’m afraid. It’s quite unfortunate.”

I nodded as I walked up beside him.

His hand rested on my shoulder. The touch exploded pleasure within my body as I felt his fingers clutch tighter.

Looking up at the creature I questioned, “If we are going to be here a while, what can I call you? You must have a name.”

He replied firmly in a flat tone, “Anar.”

“Well, it’s nice to finally have a name for you. I’m Jessie by the way.”

Anar turned and smiled at me. Our eyes locked.

His deep blue eyes drew me in as I stared into what appeared to be his very soul. Every fiber of my being suddenly wanted to be with him. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was the fruit or maybe it was the fact we were on a deserted planet in god knows where. Perhaps it was even the fact that I hadn’t been with a man in years. Or maybe, just maybe, I thought that fucking him would somehow keep me alive longer.

Wind rustled through the leaves as we stood there contemplating the next action.

“Rain. We need to find shelter, soon.” Anar said as he slung a backpack over his shoulder and turned away from the ship.

I nodded in agreement as I followed behind him.

Anar’s butt kept me in a daze as I walked through the forest occasionally brushing the leaves away from my face. In an entirely new world, most people would be confused, scared and without hope… but for me, it felt entirely different. I almost felt at home, and I never feel at home in the wild. Maybe it was just Anar that had a settling presence around him that just made me feel better. Whatever it was, I was glad I wasn’t in any immediate danger… yet.

A massive mountain appeared to jut out of the ground as we walked to the edge of the forest which opened into a plains covered in short yellow grass.

“We aren’t walking all the way to that mountain, are we?”

Anar turned to me and smiled. His face was directly in front of mine as he leaned down nose to nose with me. “Perhaps. Why? Are you tired?”

I nodded.

Truth be told, I was exhausted. After not sleeping for days, my body was completely done for.

Replying quickly as I didn’t want to walk all the way to the mountain I spoke up, “Can’t we just stay here for tonight?”

He shook his head. “No. Too dangerous.”

Anar’s arm wrapped around my body and easily lifted me up and slung me over his shoulder. “Now we go.”

I watched as the grass under us moved while he walked. My eyes fell lower and lower with each blink as the chilly air for the night began to set in.

The last thing I remember was feeling his hand on my butt as he walked forward across the plains.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but surely… surely he wasn’t feeling me up. Was he?


“Wake up, wake up!”

My eyes flittered open for the second time that day.

Anar’s voice grew concerned as he repeated himself as I laid there with my eyes closed. “Wake up!! Hey!”

Being still so tired, I laid there with a smile on my face. I was comfortable and warm in his arms and didn’t want to move.

His hand ran over my stomach, lightly circling around my belly button. Warm sensations filled my tummy as I stretched out on the ground with my head in his lap.

A sudden warmth filled my body as I felt alien fingers start to creep into places they shouldn’t be in.

Opening my mouth to stop him, I decided to keep my mouth shut. Why not let him have his fun? I could certainly do with some release. It can’t be that bad… can it?

Anar’s fingers slid down under my panties and curled up within me. I could already feel my walls starting to clench and release around him as he felt deeper and deeper.

Breathing in suddenly in pleasure, I felt him pull his fingers out and place his hand back on my shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” I said quickly and without hesitation.

“Oh. Sorry. I thought you were sleeping and I couldn’t help myself…”

“You thought I was sleeping? So you wanted to take advantage of me?”

He stuttered trying to regain his composure the best he could, “I… I didn’t think you would mind?”

“I don’t. That’s the thing,” I said with a smile as I took his hand and placed it between my legs. I was already wet and by god I was going to have some fun if he was down for it as well.

Looking around and finally taking in my surroundings, I realized we were within a cave with a small fire lit before us. Under me was what appeared to be a small bed of the yellow grass. Not too bad uncomfortable honestly.

Anar rolled on his side and stared at the campfire for a moment before slowly closing his eyes. I did the same.

Awakened by the sound of footsteps, I felt a rush of fear flow through my fingers for a moment as I realized Anar was still sleeping.

Two dark shadows approached me then slipped into the light, staring directly into my soul. Their eyes were dark as night and their hands long and thin. Watching them, their tongues left their mouth and wiggled around in the air. Long tongues.

Walking towards me, I slowly scooted further into the darkness, closing my eyes and praying to any god that could hear me,
Oh please… please make them go away. I’ll return to my classes, I swear it!

Opening one eye, I saw the beast bend down and look at me in the eye. Mere inches from my face, it snorted, blowing hot sweaty air into my face. Quickly waving the stench away, the beast stood up on its hind legs and stretched. It was massive, well over twelve feet.

BOOK: Interspecies: Lustful Alpha Beast Erotica (Selection Book 1)
9.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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