Jase (MMA Bad Boys Book 3)

BOOK: Jase (MMA Bad Boys Book 3)
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Firstly, I want to thank my amazing cover designer, Clarissa Wild -
- for designing my AMAZING cover. I love it. And because perfection is her middle name, she’s made it that way. Amazing talent and an amazing friend.


I want to thank Leigh Stone for formatting for me again, I really appreciate it. https://www.facebook.com/IrishInkBelfast/


I want to thank my amazing friend, Sheila Kell. She’s been absolutely fantastic and has helped me so much. She’s a valued friend and much like family to me. Thank you! (FANTASTIC AUTHOR too!)


Kelly Hamley, you’ve supported me since I first started writing and without the encouragement you sent my way, I would never have even got passed the first book! (AMAZING AUTHOR too!)


Abigail Davies, you’ve kicked my arse to get me focused in writing this and I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been pretty much keeping me together and keeping me laughing when I didn’t feel like it. Thank you! (AMAZING AUTHOR)


Line Norgaard Fallesen (Line Neilsen), you’re the most amazing, strongest, woman I know. You’ve been there to listen to me, you’ve helped through shit that I couldn’t have gotten through by myself. You’re like a sister to me and I love you dearly!


Bailey Lee; Thank you for being the annoying big brother I never had. You’ve supported me from the very start and even though you’re not modelling anymore, I’ll always treasure the covers of mine that you’re on. Thank you for being you!!!


My STREET TEAM, Bonnie Mancuso, Mary M. Sembera, Lisa Morgan, Emma Parrott, Brandi, Louise Bailey, Amber, Marie Yule, Becky, Ebony, Maria, Abigail and everyone else, thank you so so much for all your support, even before reading my work you showed untimely support and I will be forever grateful.


Keren Hughes, by far my #1 fan! You’ve been nothing short of fantastic to me, making me swag, designing my bookmarks and telling me how much you love my books. I love ya to pieces, remember you’re like a sister to me. Xx


To Bella Williams; girl you’re amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done from me. I love you, chick! <3 xxx


My mum, Jacs Dugdale, for supporting me in my adventure into writing, who has brought every book I’ve written.


My auntie Liane, you’ve inspired me so much! When you wrote your first book, I knew I wanted to follow in your footsteps, and here I am! Thank you for always believing in me.


Thank you to Eric Battershell for all your support, you inspire me daily with your wonderful photography. And I think this has to be my favourite cover!


My little princess. Sofia. I love you so much baby girl, you inspire me every day to be a better person, to not slip off the deep end. I love you unconditionally and I love watching you grow into your own little person. You battle your severe eczema with so much pride, that I envy you for not letting other kids pick on you because of your face when it flares up, and how brave you through your asthma episodes. I love you so much, princess. <3 Here’s to our future! *raises can of coke*.


To all the bloggers that have shared the shit out of my work, I can’t honestly thank you enough.


Lastly, to you, the readers, for reading my ramblings and reviewing like crazy. Without you I’m a nobody. Thank you!


I'm hurting, baby, I'm broken down

I need your loving, loving

I need it now

When I'm without you

I'm something weak

You got me begging, begging

I'm on my knees.’

Maroon 5




You know the feeling you get when you see all your friends settling down and you’re the last man standing? The sinking feeling that starts in your chest and pools in your gut? Yeah, I’m feeling that shit right now. First Beast and now Roofie. I’m the fifth wheel now. Am I ready to settle shit down? Not really, but if I found just one woman I deemed worthy of my love than I would. Cocky, egotistical, arrogant… that’s me. But I know what I deserve and I know how women work… to some extent anyway.

The one thing really stopping me right now is the ex that won’t back off. Don’t even ask me how I managed to get a grade-A clinger because for the first two months of the relationship, she was sweetest person ever. After that, she was unbelievably jealous of everyone, and I mean everyone; Beast and Roofie included. It got to be so fucking unbearable that I packed her shit that she kept bringing here and left the bags by the bins. Harsh? I don’t give a fuck. I also had a sneaky suspicion that she was cheating on me. Nothing would surprise me with that girl anymore.

Sitting by the mini fridge at the side of the ring, I nurse a bottle of ice cold water as I get my breathing under control. Sparring with Roofie is great fun but he has so much stamina that I don’t understand how Gemma keeps up, I barely can.

“When do you start work?” Roofie says from beside me, playing with the label of his bottle.

BOOK: Jase (MMA Bad Boys Book 3)
11.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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