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Bright light filtered into the room and made Carina squint. A loud whistling noise shattered the silence as something floated in the sky high above the buildings and hovered directly over her window. She threw the covers aside, ran to the window, and peered outside. Luminous multicolored lights circled the underbelly of an oval shaped object.

It mesmerized her, making it impossible to look away. The bright light pulsed and the whistling noise had changed into a low hum.

Carina gasped as the object jerked around and hovered lower in her direction.
Oh, shit!
The craft glided closer and the blinding light streamed in her window. She used her hand to shield her eyes from its intensity.

She watched dumbfounded as a red beam shot out from one of the block shaped protrusions on its side. The beam traveled the length of the street, rolling its light over every object as if searching for something. It climbed up the condominium complex until it reached her window

It pulsed once more. The strange whistling sound began again and the beam trailed over her form. A strange pulling sensation like an invisible hand grabbing her, tugged her forward.

The beam got brighter and hotter, paralyzing her. Something unseen wrapped around her and lifted her off the ground. It pulled her again.

She tried to scream. Her voice stuck in her throat.

The beam enveloped her and began dragging her closer to the window. Her face and body smashed up against the glass, yet the pulling only grew stronger.
My God it's going to pull me straight through the glass. No!

Squeezing her eyes shut, she waited for the glass to cut her, but nothing happened. There was not a mark on her. She was above the city, floating over her condominium.

She looked up.

The oval ship came closer.

Terror overwhelmed her.

She screamed. A hatch opened and swallowed her whole...

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Oh my God! I've been abducted by aliens! The thought was incredulous. Yet, Carina Garrett could not deny the proof staring her in the face.

Closing her eyes tightly, Carina took a deep shaky breath. She found herself lying naked on some type of exam table. The cold metal surface made her shiver from head to toe. However, what really distressed her was the alien face peering down.

The creature's skin was jaundiced-yellow and appeared wet but not in a slimy way. A bulbous head narrowed slightly at the top. Specks of yellow swirled in every direction within its large oval crimson eyes.

A wave of fear rolled up her spine. She swallowed saliva to wet her suddenly dry throat, and tried to still her shaking body.

The thing leaned over her

She went rigid with fear.

The creature bent its head down an inch away from her face.

She shrieked.

Its pungently fishy breath fanned across her face making her gag, “Human will quiet, not disturb others!"

Hoy shit, it was talking! Strange how the tiny slit-like mouth barely moved when it spoke. The high pitch voice sounded almost synthesized yet she was able to hear and decipher the words perfectly. How was that possible? She cringed and shook her head in disbelief.

Without warning, the alien wrapped a long bony hand around her upper arm and forced her off the table onto her feet. Damn, it was strong and taller than it looked from her previous position on the table. It waved its hand over a white pad on the shiny metallic wall. The outline of a door formed in the center and slid up, revealing a hallway.

Like the “exam,” room it was cold and sterile. Silver walls lined with florescent tubing along the ceiling came into view as she stepped out.

As the alien moved away from her, Carina noticed it had four surprisingly human-looking lower limbs right down to the long bony toes. The lower half of its body elongated and curved in the shape of a banana.

A silver four-legged suit covered the being from mid torso to end, but its feet were bare. The upper half of the body was much shorter than the bottom. It squared off a bit to form thin shoulders, connected to a long skinny neck. Long skinny arms hung from loose sockets sunk into its bony shoulders

The creature gave the impression that it could walk on all six limbs like an insect. The term insect-man-iod came to mind and she almost chuckled at her analogy

Bewildered and frightened, Carina faced the direction it pointed. She blinked several times. In front of her, a line of humanoid beings came out of the same exam-type-rooms. The rooms lined the entire length of hall, which seemed to go on forever.

Carina's mouth slacked open. Oh, crap! Before she could ask the insect man what was going on, he poked her in the back and directed her to follow the now moving line of humanoids. They were all female; at least they appeared that way if breasts and round curvy bodies were a universal symbol of femaleness

She walked with the rest of the group in a single file down the hall.

The women all had human-like characteristics. With the exception of skin tones, some ear and facial shapes, they were pretty much all built the same way. Like her, they were tall, with full breasts and hips, hourglass shaped but leaning more towards the larger side of voluptuous.

It was as if she had landed in some intergalactic plus-size beauty pageant. Other insect-men appeared alongside them to lead the line of women to some unknown destination.

It seemed hours passed before the procession stopped. Carina stood on her toes, trying to see where they were. There were so many people in front of her, she couldn't see past the heads and shoulders

An insect-man walked down the hall handing what looked like food packages to each person. She got her packaged and ripped it open as some of the other women had done. They seemed to be aware of what was going on. Many of the women looked like they may be from the same species.

Two orange-skinned women stood next to her with rather large pointed ears, partially hidden under long black straight hair. They looked rather elf like with slanted eyes and pointy chins

Both women were speaking to each other in a language she had never heard before, but surprisingly, she understood every word they said. They were as tall as she was and even more sumptuously built.

For once in her life, Carina felt almost petite in the presence of so many full figures. Being a size twelve didn't feel “plus size” for a change. She took a bite of whatever they gave her and decided it wasn't too bad. Hunger had not really registered yet, and she managed to wolf down the soft, moist cakelike food in a few quick bites.

Everything happening thus far felt so surreal. None of this made sense. These people were all extraterrestrials no other explanation could possibly fit. This was really happening. Female aliens on an alien ship. Insect men herding them like cattle.

She paused as her chest tightened. Anxiety raced through her and she gasped for breath. One of them. I'm one of them!

Okay, stay calm. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and tried to push down the panic rapidly building inside her. It was suddenly too much to contain and she burst in a fit of hysterical crying.

All eyes turned and stared at Carina. The sharp prick of a needle pierced her upper arm and everything went black.

Warm steam wafted over her body as Carina woke up. She was groggy from whatever it was the insect-men had injected into her upper arm. Her arms were high above her head and she hung from some kind of wrist shackle attached to a post that came down from the ceiling

Looking around, she saw eight other women hanging in the same position. A crescent shaped object slowly traveled the length of the women, one body at a time. On the platform in front of them, an insect-man typed into a hand held tablet. He made assessments based on whatever data the device relayed to him. Showerheads extended over each of the women.

The ceiling domed and the floor dipped in the middle with a row of drains running the length of the rectangular room. A cool spray of water shot out from the showerhead causing her to gasp and yelp loudly.

"You should not scream they would only sedate you again."

She looked to her left to see who spoke. Hanging next to her, was a woman who looked completely human. Relief settled through her with the possibility she was not the only earthling on the ship. However, she realized her language was not like any earth language, although she could understand it perfectly.

The woman was very similar to her in height and build, but there were some subtle differences. She was strikingly pretty with very pale ivory skin that was smooth and flawless. Deep chocolate brown irises contrasted against a light blue eyeball. Elegant brows arched over those lovely eyes, framed with long black lashes.

She smiled, “I am called Zya from the planet Zen."

It was a friendly smile and given the circumstances, Carina would welcome any kind of companionship. There were no other earth females; none that she had seen since her ordeal began. At least, Zya was as close as possible to another earthling in appearance

Choking back a sob, Carina smiled back, “I'm Carina from Earth."

Zya nodded her understanding, “There are no others of your kind on board. However, genetically, we relate closely. Most of the species represented on this vessel are genetically related despite the differences in appearances."

She indicated Carina's forehead with her eyes, “Just in case you're wondering why we can understand each other's speech, the Mantra inserted a microscopic translator in the frontal lobe of your brain so we can translate each other's languages."

"Thanks, that's good to know."

It wasn't really. The Mantra placing a “translator” or any other type of unnatural thing in her body was disturbing. What else have they done to me?

Zya arched her back to allow the crescent shaped doohickey travel her body. Once it had completed whatever it did on Zya, the thing moved to Carina

She cringed.

Zya gave her a reassuring smile, “Don't worry it is just a scanner to make sure you are healthy and fertile. It will only take a moment. Be prepared though, once the scanner is done it will release the cleansing bacterium."

Carina blanched a little, “Cleansing bacterium?” Why would she need “cleansing bacterium"? Better yet, did she want to be “cleansed” at all by some alien device? And what was this business about fertility? “Oh crap what now?"

The scanner slowly maneuvered over her body as it blinked a bright green light. Once it was finished, the light turned bright yellow and a warm mist of fluid came out of the top of it bathing Carina's flesh in a glowing orange substance

When that was completed, another spray of water, this time much warmer, showered her body washing the orange stuff from her flesh. Fresh and tingly all over, her skin looked smooth and silky. Well that actually wasn't too bad.

Every blemish, scar, and hair was completely gone. Looking down, she saw that her pubic mound was now as smooth and bare as a baby's bottom. Damn where was this stuff when I was getting my Brazilian wax. She turned to Zya,

"What was that stuff?” She wasn't sure if she really wanted to know.

Zya smiled sweetly, “It is called cleansing bacterium. It is a harmless bacterium the Mantra use to clean the newly acquired Breeders. It remains within our bodies, helps with healing, and keeps us healthy. It only benefits us. Your skin will remain as it is now, clean, and free of impurities."

BOOK: Kaden's Breeder
11.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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