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Khelsey Jackson


Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing




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Text Copyright © 2013 Khelsey Jackson

All rights reserved


Published by

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, LLC.

Algonquin, IL 60102


This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious and are products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual events, or locales or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.


Edited by: Dawn White

For Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


Cover by: Rue Volley for Vivid Book Designs


Formatting by: Jason G. Anderson for Polgarus Studio



To my husband, thank you for loving
me and telling to follow my dreams.
I love you with my whole heart.


Aphrodite looks at the young girl and prays that she will make it. “Come on, you can do it.” It isn't fair that Aphrodite must watch from up here and not do anything to help. The young girl starts to have a seizure, as the man in a white jacket straps her down. “Come on Acidalia, you can do it.” Aphrodite hears someone enter her chambers. She doesn’t have to look up to know its Apollo. She has been in love with him since the beginning of time. Granted she has had many lovers, but she has always come back to Apollo and to Aries.

They have been cursed to live while watching themselves reincarnated over and over until one is perfect. Apollo and Aries have watched themselves successfully reincarnated many times, Aphrodite hasn’t. She has never seen herself be reincarnated; she has only watched herself die many times over.

“You shouldn’t be watching this, Agápe.” Aphrodite smiles at what he has called her since they first met. Agápe means unconditional love or his true love. Standing next to her, he places his warm hand into hers.

“Maybe she will be different.” Aphrodite brings her other hand up to wipe away a tear. Part of being reincarnated is that she cannot interfere. She has known for a while that Acidalia wouldn't make it. She wasn’t strong enough to survive; but it still breaks her heart to watch another of her reincarnates die. Acidalia doesn’t love the Hunters likes she should; she loves Ian more.

“Oh my Agápe, please stop watching.” Rubbing her shoulder soothingly as he tries to comfort her “We already know her outcome.” Apollo was right, as she let him pull her away from watching. “Would you like to see where the soul is going?” She had to think about that for just a minute and she nods.

“I must see who will be next. I do not understand why none of the girls make it. And it is not fair that I have to watch.” They walk over to the looking glass, and see a woman about to have a baby. Looking closer, Aphrodite notices the woman is not a woman but a child herself. She has short, brownish red hair, and when she opens her eyes, Aphrodite is shocked, seeing incredible sapphire eyes staring back at her. She squeezes Apollo's hand. “Look at that. The mother has my eyes.” She whispers.

“She does, but that does not mean that the baby being born is going to be the one.” Aphrodite knows that he is right but prays he is wrong. As the doctor pulls the baby from the young women, Aphrodite is amazed. She has not seen a more beautiful baby in all of her time.

“I know, but look at her.” Aphrodite smiles down at the beautiful baby and sees another couple burst excitedly into the room. The woman runs to the baby; slowly she brings her hands to her face as tears run freely down. The woman turns to face the man; and he smiles proudly at her. Aphrodite looks back at the young mother as she is being rolled out of the room. As the young mother passes by, she turns her head away from the newborn baby. The second woman moves to the young girl’s side and kisses her forehead. She is saying something, but Aphrodite cannot hear what. “Apollo what is going on?”

“She has been adopted amore. The younger one is not able to care for our little beauty.” Ares says as he walks in. Aphrodite understands and nods to Ares. They have already seen Apollo and Ares be reincarnated. She wonders if this one will be the one. At that moment the baby opens her eyes and seems to be looking right at Aphrodite. She gasps and wonders if this baby is the one, the one that will become her. Aphrodite concentrates and now can hear the woman and the man talking.

“James, she is beautiful. I know the perfect name for her.” The woman pauses and wipes away a few tears. “Kallos … it means beauty in Greek.”

Aphrodite starts to laugh. Maybe the woman can see the great beauty this little one holds. She sends a welcome to the new baby girl.
Welcome, Kallos


Kallos pulls her blanket over her head as the sun shines through the window. She doesn't want to get up. Maybe she can hide in a deep dark hole and never come out. Today is her first day of high school in a new town. Her dad was a teacher and was offered the position of principal here. Now, she gets to suffer for three years with him watching over her every single move at Fallenvale, with a measly population of four hundred. Her mother says that living in a small town will be nice and that it will help her blossom; Kallos disagrees.

She is ripped from her hopeless thoughts as she hears footsteps on the stairs. Kallos takes a deep breath and holds it in for a few seconds as she hears her mother's voice outside her door, “Kallos, dear, you need to get up.” She moans, as she falls out of bed, and grabs her robe before stumbling to the bathroom.

After showering, Kallos joins her parents at the kitchen table. As usual, her mom sets golden stacks of pancakes and fried bacon in front of her. She kisses Kallos’ cheek and says, “Good morning, Sweetie.” Kallos smiles as Mom asks, “Are you excited for your first day?”

As Kallos shovels in a bite of pancakes to avoid answering, she nods. To be honest, though, she
excited; she’s only frightened. Although, she doesn’t seem to understand the reason she is so petrified. She has been getting this weird feeling since they got into town a little more than a week ago; it’s as if something is trying to warn her. Her birthmark has this precarious burning sensation ever since she has gotten to this forsaken town. As Kallos finishes her last piece of bacon her dad stands up and announces, “Time to get going.” He walks over and grabs his jacket.

“Dad, I want to walk to school,” Kallos says while rolling her eyes. She still doesn't understand why he is treating her as if she was a child.

“I don’t think that would be wise on your first day. Wait until you meet some new people. I don’t want you walking to school alone, Kallos.” She picks up her plate; dragging her feet as if she is stalling to the sink and hands it to her mom.

Her mom looks up at Kallos, smiles, and turns to start washing the breakfast dishes, “Go get your backpack Sweetie and please hurry. I don’t want you to be late on your first day.” She looks from Kallos back to her husband.

“Whatever,” Kallos mumbles, rolls her eyes and runs up to her bedroom, glancing in the hallway mirror. She notices her skinny body is starting to change; it is starting to get more curves. Her skinny-legged jeans don’t seem so skinny anymore with her newly found hips. Her dark brown hair hangs to the middle of her back; it has a red tint that is only seen when the sun shines on it. Her light blue eyes are shrouded with dark lashes. Kallos laughs to herself because her mom is always telling her that she has perfect eyelashes. She walks into her bedroom. Today, she is wearing light-washed jeans with a long sleeved red shirt. She pushes up her sleeves and sees her quarter-sized, dove-shaped birthmark on her left wrist. People are always asking her if it's a tattoo.

Kallos turns, walks over to her desk, and grabs her pink and black backpack. She lifts it over one shoulder and leisurely strolls downstairs; she is in no hurry to get this retched day started. Her mom, as usual, is standing by the door waiting to give her a hug and plant a kiss on her forehead. Kallos looks intently at her mother and realizes she is an extraordinary beauty. She has long, blonde hair and light green eyes. She always wears a dress because she says it makes her feel pretty. Kallos smiles at her and takes one more hug before walking to her dad. As they walk over to the car, he opens the passenger door and Kallos slides in.

The five-minute car ride was quiet and uneventful. They pull into her dad’s reserved parking spot, and he hands her the class schedule. They get out of the car and walk towards the entrance. Kallos notices that the sidewalk is cracked and uneven; she prays she doesn’t trip and fall. The building has red bricks and the trees that line the sidewalk which have already started changing to their fall colors. Beautiful reds, yellows, and orange line her path to the two glass doors that lead into the school, and many people around.

“Well, if you need anything, you know where to find me,” tells her dad as he leans in and wraps Kallos in a hug. She quickly avoids it by pushing him away.

“Dad! Not now, I’ll be the laughing stock of the entire school!” It's going to be hard enough being his daughter.

He chuckles and says, “Okay, Sweetie.” He switches to a whisper, “I love you. Have a good day.”

“I love you too, Dad. Now run before anyone sees you.” Her dad laughs and smiles to himself.

He walks to the doors and disappears inside, leaving her standing alone. Glancing around, Kallos realizes she isn't actually alone, although she feels she is. Curious glances from the other students are being thrown in her direction, but no one addresses her. She starts shuffling into the building; there are posters on the deep maroon walls saying “Football,” and “Homecoming Dance.” She walks by a trophy case, and quickly glances at the sport team’s photos. Kallos realizes how much she misses her best friend. Breanna and her grew up together; she hated she had to leave her behind. Their goodbye was the hardest farewell she ever had to endure. Kallos wishes she were here to help her through this. Her parents said Breanna could visit and Kallos plans to hold them to that.

Kallos looks at her schedule to see that homeroom is in room one hundred and eighty six. The room next to her says one hundred and forty. She has no idea which direction she is supposed to go. She hunts for the next door and it says one hundred and forty one. Kallos is too busy noticing the room numbers go by; that she isn’t paying attention as she runs into a dark haired figure. His books drop to the ground as his hand finds Kallos' arm so she doesn’t fall. When she looks up and finds his baby blue eyes looking down at her in amusement, she forgets how to breathe for a moment.

“Are you okay?” He had to be at least six feet tall. He smiles down at Kallos, and she could see the cutest dimples appear on his perfectly smooth cheeks. She can’t form a coherent sentence; so she just nods. “Good. I don’t recognize you; you must be new.” Again, she nods. “I’m Ian Hunter.” As he stares at her she feels as if she has known him for years; as if something deep inside her says he is made for her. Wondering why he keeps staring at her before she realizes he is waiting for her name.

“I’m…Kallos Dean.” She finally manages to stutter out. She realizes his warm hand is still on her arm. Feeling the heat rising to her face; she blushes a perfect shade of pink. She bends down to pick up his books and to hide the pink on her cheeks. Both of them reach at the same time to pick up the books and smack! Their foreheads hit hard enough she is pretty sure they heard it down the hall.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Kallos says as she is holding her head. She cannot believe what just happened.

BOOK: Kallos (Kallos Series)
12.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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