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Kanda's Alien: A Scifi Romance (Dagrinian Love 2)

BOOK: Kanda's Alien: A Scifi Romance (Dagrinian Love 2)
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Dagrinian Love 2






Kanda’s Alien: A Scifi Romance

Dagrinian Love 2

Copyright © 2015 by Pixie


First Publication: August


Cover design by Pixie

All art and logo copyright
© 2015

This literary work may
be reproduced or
transmitted in
form or by any means, including electronic or photographic
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Such action is illegal and in
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All characters and events
in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons
living or dead is strictly coincidental.


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To my husband and children
for all their crazy support. Love you guys!

A shout-out goes to Kara,
Jesse and Alexander Bettin for their helpful input!

And to all the people who
love a juicy alien story—I’m with ya!

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Kanda’s Alien: A Scifi Romance
(Dagrinian Love 2)

Year: 5005

~ Kanda Oistin ~ Augh! I’m
here for his pleasure! This alien bloke is pissing me off. If his
scent didn’t set off wildfires of pure desire within me I’d tell
him to nick off.

The longer I’m around the
muscular alien the more I want him. This is insane. I should be
fighting him not drooling over his firm plum colored flesh. When
he’s not making me mad the approving look in his diamond shaped
ocean blue eyes is melting my heart and making me long to be his
best mate forever.

~ Klimen Trillobe ~ The
fiery little human I bought to be my sesien min is doing strange
things to my heart. She is navigating her way under my skin at the
speed of a falling star.

The more I get to know her
the harder it is to keep her in her place…naked and underneath me.
If she keeps this up I may have to let her stand naked at my


Dagrinian Love 2


Pixie Moon






~ Kanda Oistin ~




Year 5005




I dance over to the
blackberry bush and snatch up a plump berry. I plop it into my
mouth and glory in the sweet flavor. After eating a few more I
start putting them in my cloth sack.


Rogan, my brother and best
mate since he was born, is going to be so excited. He loves berries
as much as I love him. We are a team. Right now I’m the most
valuable player.


I have a gift for
searching and finding things. Rogan has the gift as well, but at
eighteen he hasn’t developed it to my level yet. Each day he gets
closer though. I’m quite proud of him. I can’t stop smiling as I
look at the berries. This coup is one I’ll lord over him for at
least a few days.


I plop another berry into
my mouth and munch happily. When I feel a tingle run through my
body I frown and look at the berries. Is there something wrong with
them? They look fine and taste fine. Rogan is going to lord this
over me if I’ve eaten bad berries. Damn.


A strange sensation starts
at my toes and snakes its way up my body. I don’t like it. I don’t
think it’s poison though. Needing to get back to Rogan, I try to
take a step. When my feet don’t move, I look down.


A strangled cry erupts
from deep within me. My legs are transparent! I have to get the
fuck out of here. As my whole body becomes transparent my heart
tries to pound its way out of my chest. My bag of berries hits the
ground with a light thud. It’s the last sound I hear before a
floating sensation takes over my body.


In the blink of an eye, I
find myself standing on a small circular platform. Before I can
fully grasp what is going on, a scary being comes from the shadows.
I scream like a little girl.


The thing makes high
pitched sounds as it grabs my arms and pulls them behind me. I
start quaking in fear. I struggle but the bastard is


W…what are you?” My
stomach takes flight when another one comes toward me and wraps a
chain around my neck.


I struggle again but the
powerful beings are relentless. I’m led away by the length of chain
that is attached to my noose. The one holding my hands never misses
a beat. The two talk in their strange sounding language as they
lead me out of the dark room and into a bright corridor.


This can’t be happening to
me. My heart is flying around in my chest like a wild bird on
drugs. If the aliens don’t kill me, I might die from heart


I’ve heard stories of
alien abduction. I’ve heard stories that it’s happening all over
earth. I just can’t believe I’ve been taken. Especially since I
thought the stories were told to scare young children.


I stare at the alien in
front of me. The thing is yellow and more than twice my size. I
look at the one holding my hands. His three red eyes squint as he
reveals a row of sharp teeth. This can’t be real.


This can’t be real,” I
shout, hoping to make it all stop. I need to get back to my


A vicious jerk of my chain
has pain firing through my neck and shoulders. My body trembles
hard as I’m led into a room. A room with cages!


No!” I try to back up.
The alien holding my hands pushes me forward. The one holding my
chain opens a cage door and pulls me forward and then shoves me
into the cage.


I cry out when I hit the
solid floor. The sound of the door slamming shut has me spinning
around. I watch with wide eyes as my kidnappers leave the


You struggled bravely.
Your ancestors are proud.”


I jump at the sound of a
female voice. I look into the cage next to mine and see a pretty
dark haired female sitting calmly near the corner of her cage. How
can she be so calm?


What’s your name? How
long have you been here?” I ask as I brush dirt from my sweaty
palms. I glance into the next cage and gasp at the sight that
greets me. There is a pretty maroon skinned being staring at me
through light blue eyes. His full pink lips curl into a slight
smile. I automatically give him a smile in return. I hope it
doesn’t look as pained as it feels.


I’m Niya Fox. I don’t
know exactly how long I’ve been here but I think it’s only been a
few hours. What’s your name?”


My gaze snaps back to
Niya. “I’m Kanda Oistin.” My gaze travels to the maroon male and
then goes back to Niya. “Do you know what he is?”


Niya’s gaze roams over the
male and then returns to mine. “No, I tried to talk to him but he
doesn’t speak English. So far he hasn’t tried to threaten me at
all. I wish we could communicate. I would love to know where he is


Me, too. This is so
strange. I never guessed I’d be taken. I really didn’t think the
stories could be true. I never planned for such a horrible event.”
Tears well in my eyes, I blink them away. Niya is not crying nor is
the pretty maroon being. “What do you think they are going to do to
us?” Part of me wants to know, part of me doesn’t.


Only time will tell us
that. Do not let fear of the unknown eat you up,” Niya


She’s right. I can’t think
about ending up in someone’s food bowl or about being probed and
tortured before I’m returned to Earth as a rambling mess. Maybe
some of the crazy seeming people aren’t crazy at all. Maybe they
have been tortured by aliens and then returned. The trauma would
make them somewhat unstable and since they couldn’t tell what
happened to them and be believed the aliens wouldn’t have anything
to worry about.


The thought of never
seeing Rogan again causes white hot pain to flash through my heart.
We were supposed to be best mates forever. We were even going to
raise families together. One big happy family. A huge lump forms in
my throat. If I don’t find a way back to Earth I’ll never meet the
shelia of Rogan’s dreams. I’ll never get to teach my nieces and
nephews to find food, shelter, and safety.


I have to get out of here.
Moving over to the door, I desperately look for any weakness. The
chain around my neck clinks and sways. I ignore it as I rattle and
inspect every angle of the door and then start looking for
weaknesses in the cage. There has to be a way out. I’m a team
player, damn it. I cannot stay here.


An eternity later, I drop
to the floor. The clinking of my chain sends a new wave of sadness
through me. I hate the metal circling my neck and trailing to the
ground. In a fit of rage I start feeling the links around my neck.
If I can get it off I’m going to. Time passes as I meticulously
feel for any weakness.


My shoulders sag when I
finally give up. A tear races down my cheek followed by another. I
wipe them away and glance at my companions. The male is watching me
with pity in his light blue eyes. Niya is sitting cross legged with
her eyes closed and is breathing in a smooth rhythm.


I take strength from both
of them. Niya and the maroon being are good examples of how I
should be acting—biding my time and staying calm and


I wait for her to open her
eyes. When she does, I ask, “What were you doing when they took


I hope she doesn’t mind me
asking, but I need to hear her voice. The eerie silence is starting
to get to me. I am definitely not the most valuable player right


I was on a cleansing
journey,” she says.


I think Niya is a Native
American from the USA. Australians go on journeys too, but I want
to hear more about hers. “Will you tell me about your cleansing


Niya shifts causing her
chain to clink. “In my tribe, we go on what we call cleansing
journeys at least twice a year. It usually takes two to three days
of fasting from food. At this time we meditate to get our mind,
body, and soul aligned. We do it to keep ourselves


I like the sound of that.
We go on walkabouts to clear our minds and hearts. Since I take
care of my brother my walkabouts are extremely short.” I frown at
the thought of never seeing Rogan again. I have to get out of


How old is your brother?”
Niya asks.

BOOK: Kanda's Alien: A Scifi Romance (Dagrinian Love 2)
3.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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