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Kathir's Redemption (Book 6)

BOOK: Kathir's Redemption (Book 6)
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s Redemption


Book Six of the Dragon Stone Saga


Kristian Alva

Defiant Press





Table of Contents

Title Page


Map of Durn

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Kathir's Redemption

Dragons of Durn

1. The Dungeons of Balbor

2. The High Priest

3. The Hangman’s Square

4. The Fall of Mount Velik

5. Fleeing the Mountain

6. The Refugees

7. Negotiations

8. The High Council Speaks

9. Back to Parthos

10. An Ambush

11. Kathir Speaks

12. Old Wounds

13. The High Priestess

14. Bad Blood

15. Return to Mount Velik

16. Into the Tunnels

17. King Nar Speaks

18. Runestones and Markers

19. Destruction

20. The Clans Choose

21. The Final Encounter


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s Redemption: Book Six of the Dragon Stone Saga (Chronicles of Tallin)

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Kathir's Redemption


The Dragons of Durn

Dragons Paired with Riders

Brinsop, f. carnelian dragon paired with Sela Matu

Duskeye, m. sapphire dragon, paired with Tallin Arai

Nydeired, m. diamond dragon, paired with Elias Dorgumir (offspring of Starclaw)

Orshek, m. onyx dragon, paired with Galti Thallan

Karela, f. onyx dragon, paired with Holf Thallan

Starclaw, f. emerald dragon, paired with Chua Hakmorr

Blacktooth, m. onyx dragon, paired with F
anor the elf

Poth, m. onyx dragon, paired with Carnes
r the elf

Nagendra, f. carnelian dragon, paired with Amandila the elf

Charlight, f. (deceased), paired with Hanko

Other Dragons

Shesha, f. carnelian dragon

Atejul, m, emerald dragon (offspring of Duskeye and Nagendra)



1. The Dungeons of Balbor

Tallin awoke in darkness, deep inside the dungeons of Balbor. Many days ago, their group had gone to Balbor to destroy the temple and had been captured. Tallin, his aunt Mugla, and two elf dragon riders, Amandila and F
anor, had been dragged into the underground dungeons.

The Balborites abandoned them in a dark cell without food and then ignored them. Armed guards walked back and forth in front of their cell day and night, the sound of their boots striking the ground on the other side of the door. No one spoke to the prisoners or even acknowledged they were there.

Tallin glanced over at Mugla. She lay against the far wall, emaciated from hunger. Even Tallin, who was used to going without food for days at a time, could feel the lack of sustenance gnawing at him. Luckily, they had access to water, which was occasionally shoved through the door in a leather water skin.

There were no windows in the cell

only a tiny slit in the door, which left the air inside stuffy and hot. They were all  tied with enchanted ropes, except the elves, who were shackled against the wall.

Tallin felt his legs throbbing. He had been frozen in the same position for hours. He tried to wiggle his feet to increase blood flow, but it didn

t help much.

The Balborites had seized all their weapons, but Tallin had managed to conceal a small light crystal in his boot. Tallin kept the magical light deliberately dim when he used it. Any flicker of light was risky, but using the crystal was worth it to stave off despair. Sitting in darkness made their situation feel even worse. The small spark of light that the crystal produced would have been barely noticeable to human eyes, but since Tallin was half dwarf, it was bright enough to see everything around him.

While Tallin and Mugla sat on the floor, the elves were chained to the wall and, were in much poorer shape. Amandila and F

s ears were pierced with iron wire, which was designed to disrupt their powerful magic, including their ability to shape-change. Tallin had never thought he would feel any sympathy for elves, but it was impossible not to feel something for the two miserable-looking creatures who hung limply at his side.

The elves were both semi-conscious. With their ears pierced by iron wire, their carefully-maintained glamour was gone. Their eyes were slick and shiny, their faces swollen and bruised.

Both had screamed in agony when their ears were pierced, but now they just groaned, twisting their bodies as the iron slowly worked its way through their bloodstream. The iron was poisoning them, weakening them by degrees. Though the elves hung near one another, neither  seemed to realize that the other was even there. Or perhaps their pain was so great that they simply didn

t care.

Tallin could reach out and touch them, and he had tried to remove the iron. But as soon as he had touched it, the wire only twisted tighter, causing Amandila to cry out in pain. He didn

t try again after that.

Mugla raised her head weakly.

Do ye know what day it is, dear?

Tallin shook his head.


m not sure. I think it

s been five days, but I

ve lost track of time. I can

t tell if it

s day or night anymore.

He kept his voice low.

Mugla sat up and propped herself up against the wall. She looked emaciated and had cracks at the corners of her mouth. But when she spoke, her voice was strong and level.


re starvin

us, weakenin


Tallin looked toward the elves.

What about them?

Their faces were almost unrecognizable

grossly swollen and puffy.

Will they survive?

The odds aren

t in their favor, but at least they

re still alive. Keepin

an elf in captivity is a risky business. Elves are powerful and vindictive if they escape. I

m surprised the Balborites haven

t killed

em yet.

I don

t understand why they haven

t killed all of us,

Tallin said.


m sure they

ave their reasons. The High Priest probably wants to make an example out of us. As for the elves, they

ll fare worse than us. We

ll be hanged, but the elves will be tortured. The Balborites will kill them for sport.

Tallin raised his eyebrows.


A humorless smile lifted the corners of Mugla

s lips.

An elf capture is a rare thing. The high priest enjoys watchin

em tortured. Because elves are immortal, the show lasts a very long time. They

ll die eventually

but very, very slowly. Sometimes , they chain prisoners to a post and release dogs on them, to tear them apart. They kill rebellious slaves that way.


s barbaric,

Tallin said.

A metal door opened and shut, and then came the sound of heavy footsteps approaching. Tallin put a finger to his lips and shook his head back and forth. He extinguished his light crystal and tucked it carefully back into his boot.

They watched a square of light at the far side of the room grow as the door to their cell opened. Tallin blinked from the bright light that entered their cell. Skera-Kina stood behind the guard. She was accompanied by a younger man who was dressed similarly, but did not have facial tattoos. Tallin guessed he was her apprentice.

She pointed at Tallin.

You there

halfling. Stand up. The High Priest demands your presence.

The guardsman covered his nose, but the sour smell inside the cell didn

t seem to bother Skera-Kina. 

BOOK: Kathir's Redemption (Book 6)
12.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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