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Kindle Paperwhite for Dummies

BOOK: Kindle Paperwhite for Dummies
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Paperwhite For Dummies

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Paperwhite For Dummies

by Leslie H. Nicoll and Harvey Chute

Paperwhite For Dummies

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About the Authors

Leslie H. Nicoll, Ph.D.,
is a wife, mother, and nurse, as well as a lifelong voracious reader. She purchased her first Kindle in April 2008 at the urging of her daughter, Hannah. The plan was that they would share the device, but within a week, Leslie realized the futility of that idea and was quickly placing an order for a second Kindle.

Leslie has never been one to do things halfway and quickly threw herself into learning everything she could about the Kindle — and helping others do the same. For many months she informally maintained “The Amazon Kindle FAQ” at the Amazon Kindle forum. In September 2008, she pulled the questions and answers together and published the information as a Kindle book. In November 2008, it became the number one selling how-to guide on Amazon.

Leslie has owned every version of the Kindle that has been released. She also happily reads Kindle books on her iPhone and laptop, using the free Kindle app for these two devices. Still, she admits a preference for the clear and crisp e-ink screen and the built-in light on her latest Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite. This book is the third
For Dummies
book that Leslie has co-authored; in addition, she has written extensively for professional nursing literature with a resume that boasts books, book chapters, and more than 120 peer-reviewed articles. When she has time to do so, Leslie writes fiction under the pen name E.N. Holland.

Harvey Chute
created the independent Kindle discussion forum, KindleBoards (
). The site is an active hub for Kindle owners, with sixty thousand registered members and over one million posts about all things Kindle.

Harvey is a program manager for a systems integration company and is the author or technical editor for seven other
For Dummies

As a lover of reading, innovative technology, and gadgets, Harvey has had a natural passion for Amazon’s Kindle since the first generation of the device was released in 2007. His other interests include software development, music, photography, and enjoying life with his wife and three daughters.

Authors’ Acknowledgments

Leslie wants to thank the community of people she has met through online Kindle forums, in particular KindleBoards. To be able to interact with a community of thousands of folks who share her love of reading is truly a wonderful experience. She also wants to thank her husband, Tony, her children, Lance and Hannah, and her future daughter-in-law, Jocelyn, for their ongoing love and support.

Harvey wants to acknowledge the members of KindleBoards for the insight, good humor, and helpfulness demonstrated by them in thousands of discussion threads. He also appreciates their great indie e-book recommendations! He especially thanks the board’s moderators — Ann, Betsy, Heather, Leslie, Lynn, and Geoffrey — who do so much to make the boards a useful and enjoyable destination for Kindle owners.


Leslie dedicates this book to her daughter, Hannah, who started her on this amazing journey of Kindle discovery.

Harvey dedicates this book to his wife, Carrie, who is affectionately known as KindleWidow in the KindleBoards online forums.

Publisher’s Acknowledgments

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BOOK: Kindle Paperwhite for Dummies
8.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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