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In the dimly lit room, I gradually nibbled and licked and caressed his heated skin, stroking him with my fingers, slowly lowering until I was sitting on the bed with my legs on either side of his, licking my way over the hard, muscled hills and valleys of his abdomen. His breathing and heartbeat had accelerated, and when I gripped his —
holy shit
— huge fucking cock, he jerked automatically, thrusting into my hand repeatedly, a rumbling sexy moan reverberating from his chest.

Trying to reposition myself upon realizing how huge he was I quickly took my hand away, but he took my action the wrong way, his fists tightening in my hair as he groaned in disappointment, and he rapidly stated, “I’m sorry, but it has been a long fucking time.” I glanced up at him at his honest words. His thumb caressed my cheek softly. “I won’t push. You can go at your own pace.”

I shook my head inside his hold, turned on even more by touching him. “It’s not what you think. You’re just larger than I expected.” I quickly maneuvered so I was on my knees again. “There, now I can do this.”

“Ah.” I watched as an adorable blush stole over his sharp cheekbones, even though his green gaze held mine. “Right.”

I smiled up at him. A real one. “I’m going to taste you now.”

His chest heaved, and he nodded once, eyes on my mouth, the desire on his face hard etched. He didn’t say anything, but it was there in his eyes, in the way he was only just holding himself back from taking over, his muscles clenched tight, and I knew in that moment he was permitting me to do this the way I wanted. He was much larger than me, more powerful than me, and possibly more dominant than me. He wasn’t saying any of this, allowing me to lead, but it was obvious that he wanted me to hurry the fuck up.

I grinned then lifted my head, staring down at his cock, heavy and hard with need. His grip tightened incrementally on my hair, but again, he didn’t push as I opened my mouth wide — because it sure as hell needed to be with his massive size — and slipped the head of his cock into my mouth. He jerked, a brash, deep shout rumbling from him as I sucked, rolling my tongue around the crown, relishing how his scent and taste intensified here.

Groaning at the feel of him, I gripped the base of his cock with my right hand, fondling his heavy sac with my other, and the arousal that had started inside my gut heated even lower, my core throbbing at his flavor and the feel of his velvety hardness, the warmth inside making me dizzy with craving. His grip tightened fiercely in my hair while I sucked him hard, bobbing my head as far as I could go while my hand moved with my mouth’s motions, because there was no way in hell I could take him all the way down my throat, my moans of pleasure joining his deep ones.

As I rubbed my tongue under the head of his cock, he jolted, shouting, “Fucking shit.” His Vampire growled deeply, and his head dipped down. His eyes, focused solely on me as I glanced up, were almost pitch black except for the tiny rim of spring green around the edges, and I knew he was done letting me play, his body beginning to tremble right before he started thrusting in time to my movements. “Harder, sweetheart…fuck, harder.”

I moaned when his hands, fists full of my hair, started guiding my head as he drove his cock inside my mouth, the feeling of velvet over steel running in and out my mouth, past my lips, across my tongue. I sucked even more firmly and felt him shudder. The inside of my thighs were growing slick as he plunged in and out of my mouth repeatedly, groaning deeply, and feeling restless, I squirmed, whimpering, needing contact.

I heard him inhale deeply and curse quietly, yanking my head back. “Hush,” he whispered, pressing me back on the bed, his cheeks flushed and his dark, dilated eyes staring at me. Slowly, he lowered his body over mine, my whole frame trembling past desire and on to pained need as his hard, warm contours pressed against my soft ones. I instinctively opened my legs wide for him, another whimper of carnal need leaving my lips at feeling his cock rub against my wet, swollen flesh. “Do you want my cock or fingers or tongue in you first?”

Panting, I tilted my hips against his. “Your cock. Definitely, your cock.”

He nodded, gently brushing his lips against mine with the motion. “How rough do you need it?”

My dilated gaze met his. “It’s been over a year since we last had sex.” A small moan slipped past my lips as he rubbed his cock back and forth over my slick flesh, his gaze intense. “I want you to fuck the living shit out of me.”

“I think I can handle that,” he growled softly, his large warm palms sliding up my sides, over my shoulders, my neck, my cheeks, and into my hair. He fisted my hair in an unbreakable hold. “Just tell me if I hurt you, and I’ll stop.”

I nodded, running my hands down his muscled back where it dipped at his waist, and grabbed — I sucked in a breath…fuck, his ass was perfect — two rounded muscled globes. My nails dug in as I gripped him tight, and he moaned softly, his forehead touching mine as he stared me in the eyes. He tipped his hips back, the head of his cock at my core’s entrance, and I squirmed my hips, moaning for him to hurry.

He thrust brutally, answering my call.

We both shouted as his huge cock slid inside my slick, tight channel only a few inches, stretching me to the point of pain, and my wolf raised her head again, practically nodded as she double-checked it was my husband, before her head fell back down, absolute approval in the motion.

Eyes hooded, he panted, “Shit, you’re fucking tight.” I wasn’t so positive I was all that damn tight, especially after having Isa. Pretty sure the culprit was his huge cock. Nostrils flared, his jaw clenched, he pulled his hips back, thrusting again, my body bowing as I cried out his name; the only thing keeping me in place was the grip he had on my hair. He shuddered, pressing his forehead harder on mine, and I felt his ass flex as he tilted his hips back, then he drove his cock all the way inside my channel, his hips flush with mine. “
Jesus fucking Christ,”
he groaned shakily, “
you feel perfect.”

I couldn’t even breathe as my channel tried to adjust to his size, but it didn’t mean he didn’t feel damn wonderful inside me, stretching me full. I blinked up at him, my husband, who wore the same expression of pained ecstasy that I must have been wearing, and whispered, “Please.” I needed it, my lower belly burning for friction. “Too long. It’s been too fucking long.”

Breathless, his lips lifted, and he softly kissed my own, speaking against them. “I’ll do as you asked.” His nose brushed mine before he planted another gentle kiss on my lips. “But after we’re done, I’m going to taste every inch of your flesh, and we’ll go at this slower.” His hips pulled back, and he did exactly as I had requested.

Fucked the living shit out of me.

I screamed against his lips as he slammed his hips against mine, driving his cock into me with bruising force, perfect force, the rhythm ruthless. My slick channel coated his pistoning cock to maximum perfection, our skin slapping almost as loudly as our shouts and groans filled the room. “God, baby…oh, fucking yes!” I saw his lips curl as he grabbed the top of the headboard, mocha biceps flexing above me while he pounded in and out of me with relentless fury, easing an ache inside me I hadn’t realized was there until our first kiss. Lifting my legs farther up his sides, I threw my hands above me, pressing back against the headboard when his furious thrusting threatened to throw me into it.

“More? Do you need more?” he groaned in a pant, sweat beginning to bead on our bodies.

I nodded vigorously. Fuck, yes. If he could give more of that wonderful friction, I wanted it all.

My jaw fell open as he tilted his hips, and that quickly, I jerked, a keening cry echoing as my vision hazed, eyes closing. Liquid lightning shot from my stomach to my limbs and brain, a sparkling, sensual rain running like a soothing flood over and through me as I climaxed, convulsing hard while my core pulsated against his driving cock. “

“Fucking shit!” I heard him shout, dropping down against me, shuddering as he gripped my hands, entwining our fingers above my head. He started hammering into me, his cock driving deeper as he held my convulsing frame down, his muscles clenched tightly over and around me. “Holy hell.” I choked on air, and blinked my eyes open, only just coming down and able to see again. His face was carved with harsh pleasure, staring down at me, and breathless, he ordered, “You are going to do that again.” And he thrust into me, his cock sliding past my cervix, pressing hard inside me. “Again. Understand?”

I nodded, and I gripped his hands tighter, and I knew…yep, as soon as I tilted my hips, rubbing firmly against his pelvic bone, I shuddered and screamed, flying again. Hearing him shout, I felt his mouth land on mine, his slick tongue driving into meet mine, and I whimpered in my haze, tilting my head and meeting each of his thrusts by both his tongue and his cock, wanting both to be deep as I quivered under him, warmth suffusing my limbs.

He ate at my mouth, the strokes ravenous, starving, and I felt him tremble against me, our slick bodies rubbing sensually. Chest heaving, he shouted against my lips and slammed his cock so deep I screamed with him, jerking as I felt his hot cum shooting inside me, his cock pumping as he shook violently on top of me, his lips still on mine, his tongue still demanding, thrusting deeply. Moaning at the sensations, I kept my legs wrapped tight around him and gripped his hands as hard as he was mine and held him close, uncaring that both of us were leaving bruises.

And he didn’t stop there, doing as he said he would do.

Even though our heartbeats hadn’t even begun to calm, our aftershocks barely through, he pulled out of me and lowered his mouth to my flesh.

“Is there something you need?” the green-eyed devil purred quietly against my ear as he thrust into me firmly but gently from behind. On my knees, my hands dug under his pillows to press against the headboard. I whimpered against the plush black pillow, trying to push against his fingers more firmly where he had wrapped his arm around and under my waist, his fingers teasing my clit endlessly, taking me to the edge…only to stop before I got there, tormenting me. “I’m about to cum…and you know what I want…” He gently massaged with his fingers, making me jerk and moan, driving his hips against mine harder. His body began to tighten around me, proving he wasn’t lying. “Say it, sweetheart, and I’ll take you with me.”

He had made good on his word, tasting every part of my flesh, and already having given me the two orgasms earlier, and then another one with his damn talented mouth and tongue and fingers. But he had been going at it slow this time. He was building my orgasm to a fever pitch, so I trembled under him in need, a literal haze beginning to blind me. I shouted in frustration, again trying to press more firmly against him, but he only gripped my hip tighter with his free hand, groaning a chuckle, his body starting to tremble.

“Asshole,” I groaned low.

Again, he chuckled gently, his chest vibrating against my back. “That’s not the word I want,” he rumbled, biting my shoulder — without fangs, since I hadn’t offered up my blood — his thrusting cock pumping faster inside me. “I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Oh, God,” I groaned, shaking my head back and forth, feeling his cock stretch my slick channel to perfection. I shouted when he started rubbing faster with his fingers…only to fucking stop. “Fine…fine…I’ll say it.” I thrust my hips back. “Just stop toying with me.”

“Now.” A harsh demand. “Say it.”

“Fine,” I groaned. “
There. Now do it!
Please, baby

“Fucking right, wife,” he growled low as he drove into me more forcefully, his steady drives altering to a more hammering rhythm as he shouted my name, filling me repeatedly, the friction mesmerizing and making me scream as he pinched my clit firmly and rubbed in solid and quick motions like his cock.

We both stilled at the same time, and I shoved back against him as he slammed his hips against mine, sliding further inside my channel’s depths. Our shouts sounded in unison as we fell over the edge, our pleasure consuming us, a sensual mist shrouding me in flames of warmth as my channel pulsed in time to his cock pumping his hot cum deep inside me. Our bodies trembled against each other in mutual pleasure. Bit by bit, we slid flush to the bed’s satin sheet, our chests heaving and heart rates slowly lowering.

Half passed out in pleasure and exhaustion, I barely heard him whisper against my ear, “You’re all mine, sweetheart.”

With his body’s warmth crushing my backside in a comfortable way, I tilted my head a smidge and yawned. Eyes closed, on the edge between awareness and sleep, I murmured, “And you’re my husband.” I yawned again, snuggling the side of my face into the pillow. “All mine, baby.”

And blessedly sated, I went under, unconsciousness taking hold, and he lifted away from me, the action feeling like a dream itself. His heat was gone for only a moment before it returned next to me as he furrowed his hand under the pillow my head rested on and slid my wedding ring back onto my thumb with a slightly cautious kiss to my damp forehead.

Chapter Eleven

Waking to the sound of an alarm clock buzzing, I yawned. Then I froze when I felt what was, by all accounts, a hot, naked body lying behind me — actually spooning my own naked frame — reach over me and slam their arm down, the
of flesh smacking plastic sounding.

The alarm stopped.

Startled, my eyes flying wide open, I viewed my surroundings as I scented the air. The most potent smell was that of the man burrowing his arm back under the black blanket over us and running his warm palm down my arm to my hand and entwining our fingers so that our thumb rings, our wedding rings, rested against each other. It was Ezra, my husband, and slowly the memory of last night filtered through the haze of sleep I lingered in. Sighing softly, I relaxed a smidge, even if still a little apprehensive of what this day after our carnal events of last night might bring, and I snuggled more firmly against his heated body.

He grunted softly, mumbling sleepily, “Don’t wiggle your ass like that or we’ll be in this bed all morning long and people might wonder where the hell we are.”

BOOK: King Tomb (Forever Evermore)
7.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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