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“Did I score…” Marcus tried to ask, but Jenna’s bare pussy was so wet that, even though he had sweatpants on, he could feel her excitement. “High.”

“Very.” She captured his lips as her arms held tighter to his body. A little moan escaped and she bit at her lip. “Fuuuuuucccckkkk.”

“Is that a request?”

Jenna took his lips without haste while her sex rode him through rough fabric that brought the whole pleasure with pain argument to another level.

“I wanna taste you, Marcus,” she gasped when they released. “Every inch.”

As she slid down his body her teeth nipped at his chest, abs, and finally reached his waistband. Her moves were calculating as she made sure not to hit his wound.

“I didn’t hurt you when I was on your lap did I?”

Yeah right, he grunted to himself, maybe if she weighed another seventy pounds.

“No baby, bouncing won’t hurt me now.” He smiled down at her as she kneeled between his legs.

Her pink lips curled into a smile when she looked at him full and erect. She kissed inside his thighs and made sure to double-check his bandaged leg. It made him smile. And when her lips glided over the head of his manhood he was the one to fall back. Her full pink lips slid right down his dark manhood with her fingers leading the way stroking to his base and back to the tip. The sensation of her wet mouth and tongue mixed with her fingers, split over the head, and slicked his length.

Knitting his fingers in her blond hair, he helped with the rhythm. As strokes quickened he felt his balls clench and he pulled her head all the way up and back right as the hot jets burst forth. The warm cum landed on her chest, spritzing the little bit of exposed skin, and flowed down to her breasts.

“Oh my God,” she moaned through glistening lips. “I need that inside me so bad. I have condoms in the bedroom!”


There had been many things Jenna had wanted in her life, but none more than Marcus Peterson between her legs. He was larger than she’d imagined and twice as thick. He had filled her mouth in a way that had her core throbbing. Now she wanted to be filled to capacity and have every nerve ungulate around it. Practically pulling Marcus from the living room they both began to stumble and she remembered his leg.

“Slow down, especially if you’re being my cane. Remember, old and injured here.”

“Injured I’ll give you.” She shook her head at his body. He’d pulled up his sweatpants, but his abs and chest… she got weak looking at them. “Old? Not with that body.”

“Preplanning,” he joked as they fell into the room and onto the bed.

He rolled on his back and she removed his pants, tossing them aside like day old bread. As she unbuttoned her shirt and cleaned off his cum he began stroking himself. She bit her bottom lip at the sight of him getting hard for her. To help him along she turned around and shimmied her skirt to the floor while keeping her ass high in the air.

A few wiggles and a wink over her shoulder and he was more than ready for her. She crawled up the bed and dug a condom out of her nightstand. His eyes were devouring her, and as much as she needed him inside her, Jenna couldn’t believe how powerful the effects of just being watched were on her body. His fingers stroked back the little bit of hair that fell over her eyes as his hand cupped her cheek.

“I’ve never been more happy about a case of mistaken identity than I was a week ago. In a million years I never thought I’d find someone as amazing as you.”

Jenna fought every cynical bone in her body. There was still a third step and neither of them had truly passed it. She wanted Marcus for more than this moment and it hurt her to think it could all end.

Reaching for him she took his lips and searched for an anchor. Anything to tell her it could be more than this night as she lifted herself and straddled his abdomen.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I think we may have to get creative.”

“You’re the one who understands design.”

“Well let me get out my graphing calculator, ruler, and distance meter.”

“Who knew architects were so kinky,” Marcus teased.

Jenna looked over her shoulder at Marcus’ bandaged leg. A smile crept across her face as she stretched her imagination.

She kissed him again and turned her body around. Sheathing him in a condom she rose up on her knees and placed one of her legs between his and her other one on the other side of his right leg.

“Are you sure… oh hell woman,” he growled as she held his length and slid herself over him.

The angle was amazing. His cock was penetrating and hitting directly on her g-spot all while her clit rubbed against his firm thigh. Why had she never tried this position before? She needed more injured lovers to make her become inventive.

Marcus held firm to her hips with his thumbs meeting right at the base of her spine. The two little dimples she had there made for a nice guide, and the pressure from his strong hands as he began moving her over him made her feel as if she could do anything because he was her support. Filled to capacity, Jenna rode his hardness until she felt herself coming undone. She wanted more, needed more. Just when every muscle in her body was spasming and she thought she’d collapse, Marcus sat up and braced her body.

“Not yet, Baby, you need a little more.”

“I don’t think I can take much more.”

“You feel too good around me. I need a few more minutes.”

Minutes! She was going to last thirty seconds. Her core became a vice around his cock and the thrusts turned to hard rocking.

“That’s it. Hold on, Jenna,” Marcus growled as his hands began massaging her breasts. Even though she peaked and didn’t think she had an ounce of energy left she began rocking back. Friction and heat surged up from her pussy. She swore when she screamed in pleasure a beam of light must have shot from her body to drain the last of her life force. Marcus pulsed inside her making the walls of her core vibrate until they both collapsed back on the bed.


Jenna lay sated on the pillow next to Marcus. Her finger traced the tattoo of his police badge. Her eyes were heavy lidded and all Marcus could focus on was the contrast of her light skin against his and the beauty it created. Jenna turned and Marcus pulled her into his arms. Her soft flesh was a warm caress against his.

“Is there another step?” Marcus asked as his fingers strummed against her belly.

“Step three is the job. Can I live…” she stopped, but it was probably his fault for nibbling on her neck and distracting her.

“Can you live with what?” he whispered in her ear and felt her shiver in response.

“What you do…” She pulled away and sat up in the bed with a sheet covering her chest. Marcus rested his head on her legs and looked at her. “And can he live with what I do?”

“My job, I totally get. Being with a cop is stressful.”

“Thanks for the crash course on that one, by the way.”

“No reason to go in blind. It could be worse.”

“What’s worse than thinking you’re dying…outside of you actually dying?”

“Last year I killed a fourteen-year-old kid.”

“That must have been…” she held her hand to her chest.

“Horrifying. I console myself with the knowledge that in the exact same situation I would do the exact same thing. He had a gun drawn on my partner. Les was trying to talk him down, but it doesn’t matter. If a gun is raised at you, you shoot. Les would have shot him if he had his gun out. I still have nightmares. They’re better, but I still have them.”

“That is worse.”

“I’ve only been cleared for service for a few months.”

“That must have been hard.”

“It was, but I used the time to study for my detective exam.”

“I like that. You turned a negative into a positive.”

“But your job, outside of the hours what’s wrong with your job?”


“What about money?” Marcus asked, remembering he forgot to finish his search on salaries.

“If… sorry when, I get this building done, on time, and better yet on or below budget, I’ll be a partner.”


“And I’ll be making close to seven figures.”

“Oh.” Well shit, he’d feared she’d be making his top out detective’s salary, but a million? Just the thought had his mind running in different directions.

“And there’s the face.” Jenna crossed her arms and he could feel the disconnect immediately.

“What face?”

“The face of a man who went from being sure of himself to… Ah no.”

“Do you slum it with cops and blue collar workers?”

“I find men with a mind of their own, aspirations, and a strong love of self, attractive. Until about five minutes ago you were the sexiest man alive.”

Jenna got up and crossed to her bathroom to retrieve a robe.

“I’m not ashamed of my success,” she said as she tied the sash. “I work hard and deserve this promotion and all that comes with it.”

“Why would you want a man who at best may make eighty thousand at the end of the year?”

“Because he’s a man and doing what he loves and is good at. I shouldn’t have said anything. This is where all my relationships end.” She went into the bathroom and he heard the shower come on.

A million a year? What could he be to her? Some idiot sex toy on her arm? Why had her comment emasculated him so much? Blood rushed from his head as he caught a chill. Marcus leaned against the headboard and stared at the ceiling hoping for enlightenment.

He was proud to be a cop and he was damn good at it. He had all of the qualities she listed, or he did when he walked through the door. He did when he took her to bed. So what if he had a rich wife that made it so he didn’t have to work? Would she expect him to stay home if they had kids? Why was he thinking about this? It was one night. One amazing round of sex. Sure long term is what he wanted, but he wouldn’t lower himself to be with anyone. Then again Jenna made it very clear neither would she.

After pulling on his pants, Marcus ran his hand over his cleanly shaven head and sighed. Jenna’s bedroom was dimly lit by light spilling from the bathroom. The smell of lavender wafted in the air from Jenna’s shower. It drew him to the door like a Greek Siren pulling him to shore. It may be the death of him, but he needed to see her one more time.


February 14th

A hand wrapped around Jenna’s waist as she looked out the window. She fell back onto a firm body she’d become very accustomed to and closed her eyes. A velvet petal touched her forehead and she began to smell roses. The rose caressed her skin as it found its way down her nose, where she inhaled deeply until it landed on her lips, kissing them before continuing its journey and landing in between her breasts.

“You’d thought they’d give you a bigger office,” Marcus whispered in her ear.

Jenna licked her lips, but kept her eyes closed. With her eyes closed she could imagine the shower this morning where Marcus had his body pressed against hers like he did now.

“I like the view from here. And I’m not officially a partner until March first. I thought you had to work all day.”

“Minor deception. Do you still have your eyes closed?”

“Yes, why?” Jenna asked. Of course the question made her open her eyes and she looked down at the rose.

In the center of the stark white petals was a perfectly placed princess cut diamond engagement ring catching the light from her window.

“Oh my God,” she cupped the rose in her hands and turned around. Marcus kneeled and took one of her hands from around the rose.

“Jenna Turner, my reward for not being scared of a blind date, the best mix-up in the world. You love me for who I am and have never asked me to change.”

Jenna felt warm tears streaming down her face, but tried to stay composed.

“I never knew how important a thing that was until I met you. I love you. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and I could search the world and never find another Jenna, with a relative named Kurt,” Jenna giggled and tried to push down the lump in her throat. “That I could love more. You’re not the only one who can see for centuries and when I look I can see no one by my side but you. Will you, Jenna Turner, marry me, plant a tree, and love me from now until forever?”

“Yes,” she cried and leaned down to find his lips. “Now and forever.”


About the Author

Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling "It's my turn damn it!!!" She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at a scouting event or cheering for her son in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

BOOK: Kiss From a Rose
3.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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