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Kiss Me Book 1

BOOK: Kiss Me Book 1
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2015 by Chloe

This book is a work of fiction. The names,
characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s
imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be
constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead,
actual events, locales or organizations is entirely

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced,
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permission from the author except in the case of brief quotation
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Kiss Me Book 1

Carrie, I don’t think that
is such a good idea,” Amy said into the phone as she tucked it
between her ear and shoulder. She slipped the key into the lock and
the door creaked open.

Aims, c’mon. I’m tired of
you moping around the house watching those boring ass chick
flicks,” her sister whined in her ear.

Amy frowned as she
cautiously pushed the front door open. The interior was dark. Her
hands were shaking slightly, the keys jingling softly. Her sister
was still rambling in her ear about something, but Amy had long
since stopped listening.

Carrie . . .”

. . . And I really think
that you should get out there and meet someone.”

CARRIE!” Amy shouted into
the phone. Her heart froze when she heard something inside the
house fall and shatter.

Amy? Are you okay? What
was that sound?”

I—I think someone is in my
house,” she whispered as she backed away from the door.

What? Are you fucking
kidding me? Get back in your car and call the police!” Carrie

Amy didn’t hesitate;
however, she did nearly fall backward down the brick steps. She
scrambled across her neatly manicured lawn and climbed back into
her Lexus SUV. She slammed the door and hit the lock

I’ve got to hang up now,”
she said.

You better call me right
back. I’m on my way over right now. Don’t get out of your car and
if you see anyone haul your ass out of there, you hear

Amy nodded, knowing that
her sister couldn’t see it. She hung up and quickly dialed 9-1-1.
She told the operator what was going on, and the operator assured
her that the police were on their way. Amy hung up. She squinted
into the darkness, waiting for someone to make an

She nearly screamed her
head off when a dark shadow moved in front of the living room
window. She could feel eyes watching her and it took everything in
her to keep from putting the car in reverse and flying out of the
driveway. Moments later, a dark figure emerged onto the front porch
and sprinted down the steps and across the yard. She watched as the
shadow hit the sidewalk and took off down the street. Her
neighbor’s tall fence blocked out where he went.

Five minutes later a
police cruiser pulled alongside the curb, and about two minutes
after that her sister’s minivan rushed into the drive behind her.
Carrie got out of her van and ran to her sister’s arms.

I—I saw him,” Amy

You saw who?”

She didn’t get a chance to
answer as two uniformed officers made their way across the yard to
them. They didn’t appear to be in any kind of hurry.

Good evening ma’am. Can
you tell us what happened?”

She can tell you what
happened after you go in and make sure that asshole is gone,” her
sister snapped.

And who might you be?” one
of the officers asked.

I’m her sister. I was on
the phone with her when she got here.”

If you ladies will just
hang tight, we’ll go check everything out, and then we’ll get a

The girls nodded and
watched as they pulled out flashlights and slowly crept up the
front steps. Through the windows she could see the beams of the
lights sweeping over the walls of each room as they passed through.
Pretty soon the interior lights switched on, as did the porch

The officers came out and
stood on the brick steps.

It seems that whoever was
in here is long gone. We need you to come inside to see if anything
has been taken. We’ll get a statement.”

Amy nodded and walked up
to them.

I—I saw someone in the
window and then they ran across the yard and up the

And you didn’t tell us
this when we got here?” the shorter, fatter officer grunted as he
took off down the yard and stopped at the edge of the

I’m sorry, but I wasn’t
thinking clearly,” Amy stammered as she hugged her arms around

Well, you not thinking
clearly very well could have just let the perp get away,” he
snorted as he walked back to the front steps.

I’m so sorry that I was
scared half out of my mind by someone being in my house when I came
home. The next time it happens I will be sure to stop and ask him
for a fucking photo i.d,” Amy snapped, hotly.

What Officer Cates was
getting at, but has a shitty way of saying, is, did you see
anything about him that can give us a clue who he might have been?”
the other officer asked.

Amy shook her head. “I’m
sorry. It just happened so fast.”

The younger and thinner of
the officers nodded as he jotted something in his little ledger. He
was rather attractive but couldn’t have been more than twenty-one.
“It’s fine, just tell us what happened from the very

Amy nodded. “I was coming
home from work.”

What do you

I’m an interior decorator.
I have an office in the city,” she said.

Did you set your

I—I don’t remember,” she

You don’t remember?” the
fat cop said.

Amy turned angry eyes in
his direction. “If you’re not going to be anything but an ass, you
can get the fuck off my yard?” She turned her attention back to the
other officer, who was smiling apologetically at her.

I have a habit of
forgetting to set it. Roger used to get on to me all the time for

Who is Roger?”

He’s my husband . . . I
mean, ex-husband.”

I understand,” he said,
kindly, and jotted something down. “Let’s go in and see if anything
is missing and then we’ll be out of your way.”

The four of them walked
into the house, and Amy’s heart fell to her feet. The place was
trashed. The cushions on the couch were torn away and

Is anything missing?” he
asked as she surveyed the damage.

Amy scanned the room, eyes
roaming over everything. Her television and sound system remained
on the wall, as well as her DVD collection and stereo. However,
something did catch her eye.

Art. My statues and
paintings are all gone,” she said.

They stole

She nodded. “Yes. These
weren’t ordinary pieces. These were one of a kind.”

How can you be sure?” the
officer asked.

Because I made

So these were your art

She nodded. “Yes, before I
became a decorator, I was an artist.”

She’s been in art shows
and galleries all over the world,” her sister chimed in.

So, your pieces are well

In certain circles, I
would suppose so.”

Would you consider them

Amy shrugged, feeling
uncomfortable talking about her art.

Oh, for heaven’s sake,”
Carrie said with a dramatic sigh. “Yes, they were. One of the
missing sculptures that were stolen was appraised at being worth
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The others were close to a
hundred grand.”

The young officer’s eyes
grew wide. “Wow! Why don’t you have them on display?”

Amy blushed. “I don’t
particularly like being in the spotlight any more than I have to

The younger officer
continued to jot things down while the fat cop muttered and walked
around the room. “Let’s see if there is anything else missing,
shall we?”

Amy nodded, and they all
walked through the house. In total, three sculptures were missing
as well as two paintings. “He must have taken them out before you
got here,” the cop said as he stood on the front porch. “I’ll be
sure to get down to the station and get started on this. I didn’t
get much when I dusted for prints, mostly a few partials, but we’ll
see where that leads us, okay?”

Amy nodded wearily. “Thank
you, Officer.”

He tipped his hat and gave
her a wide smile. He walked down the stairs and turned to her. “And
Ms. Jackson?”


Remember to set that alarm
next time,” he said, flashing her a slow smile and giving her a
wink. Amy couldn’t help but chuckle.

Yes, sir.”

The officer hurried back
to his cruiser where his partner was sitting impatiently behind the

Mmm, there’s just
something about a man in a uniform,” Carrie said, coming to stand
beside Amy.

Amy rolled her eyes. “He
looks like he has barely hit puberty, Care.”

I would still like to take
him for a test drive,” her sister said, licking her lips
dramatically. No matter how bad the situation, her sister always
seemed to make her laugh.

Come on,” Amy said,
tugging her sister by the arm. “You’re going to help me clean

Awww, do I half’ta?” she
whined playfully.

I’ve got a whole bunch of
wine,” Amy said.

Sold to the highest bidder
for a bottle of that fancy Pinot,” she said loudly.

Amy laughed again and
together the girls went back into the house.


I don’t want to go, Care.
These things aren’t my scene anymore,” Amy said as she stepped into
the snug black dress and pulled the zipper up the side. It was a
piece she’d only worn once before, but she loved it. The material
hugged every inch of her like a second skin. The hem brushed the
floor while there was a split all the way up to her hip. It was
revealing, which was why Robert had forbid her to wear it. It had a
single strap of Swarovski crystals angled over her right shoulder
while her left shoulder was left bare. The back scooped dangerously
low, revealing a daring amount of her back.

Damn,” her sister said,
eyeing her as she entered the room and carrying yet another bottle
of wine from Amy’s cellar.

Carrie was dressed to the
nines as well. She’d married a lawyer and was living the rich and
comfortable life, while her husband traveled all the time with his
mistress. It didn’t bother Carrie because she had her own list of
lovers, which apparently now included the young cop on Amy’s

Carrie was wearing a
stunning red number that hugged her tightly. The back of the dress
was high; however, the front swept down to her navel, giving a
teasing side glimpse of her ten thousand dollar tits.

You’re going to be drunk
before we even get there,” Amy said as she took the bottle from her

That’s the fun of

Amy frowned. “If you don’t
stop drinking now, I’m not going.”

Carrie’s frown matched her
own. “But you look hot.”

That doesn’t mean shit.
The only reason I am even going is because you bought the damn
tickets without even asking if I wanted to go.”

BOOK: Kiss Me Book 1
10.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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