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Kisses and Revenge

BOOK: Kisses and Revenge
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Kisses and Revenge



Cherron Riser




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To all my wonderful readers who have been waiting for me to put out a naughty book. I love all the support you give me!



Chapter One



The sweet scent of calla lilies filled the air as the soft sound of violins playing danced through the window. It was the perfect day for a wedding, and Leslie was all too excited for the event. Well, excited and nervous. Her stomach cramped with the fear something would go wrong. No matter how much she worked to ensure everything was perfect, there was always that nagging voice in the back of her head telling her something could go wrong. It wasn't like she was trying to think about it, but she couldn’t help it as she stood in front of the mirror, looking over her dress and smoothing down any wrinkles that had formed.

For the last six years, Leslie Bradshaw had been in a relationship with the handsome and charming Adam Finn. They had met in high school, and he had spent countless hours trying to charm her until she agreed to go out with him. Smiling at the memory of their first date, a movie and dinner like most high school kids, Leslie could not believe she was now about to marry the man she had fallen so hard for. Adam was her world, and she could not imagine a life without him.

Lost in her thoughts, Leslie jumped at the sound of the dressing room door opening. Stepping into the room were her parents, Harold and Patricia Bradshaw. Leslie smiled as she turned toward her parents and rushed over to hug them tight to her. They had always been supportive of her in every aspect of her life, and she loved them for it. Unlike Adam’s prominent family, her parents came from more humble stock. Her father was a contractor and her mother spent her days working at a day care. It was nothing special, but they were special to her. They had shown Leslie there was more to life than money—there was love.

Wrapping her arms around her father’s large body—he was getting a beer belly in his older days—Leslie smiled as she nuzzled into the squishy mass that was her dad. Harold had dark hair and eyes with deeply tanned skin from long days spent working on construction sites. Breathing in the scent of his cologne, some sort of musky fragrance he had always worn, Leslie sighed contently before turning to her mother.

Patricia Finn had a frailer frame, all legs and arms on a slender body. Her pale skin had a pink glow to it, and her hazel eyes shone with tears. Ever since Leslie had told her parents she was getting married, her mother would cry at a moment's notice. Leslie figured it was a mother thing. Instead of making her mother feel bad for it, she chose to ignore it as best she could or discreetly hand her a tissue.

“You look so beautiful. I can’t believe my little girl is getting married today.” Patricia sniffed, blotting her eyes and nose with the tissue.

Leslie couldn’t stop herself from looking down to make sure none of her mother’s tears had stained her beautiful dress. Finding nothing but a couple of wet spots, which would surely dry before the ceremony started, Leslie gave them both a huge grin. “Don’t feel bad, Mom. I can’t believe I am getting married either. It is crazy to me to think this is happening. It seems like only yesterday Adam and I were going on that first silly date to the movies. I was so nervous I thought I was going to embarrass myself.”

“The two of you were rather adorable that first night. I remember Adam’s parents had a driver take the two of you everywhere. Even back then, you two looked like little adults. So hard to think so much time has passed. I’m happy for the two of you though. I really am,” Harold added, turning to give his wife a stern look. Her father had been working hard on keeping her mother calm.

Going back to the mirror, Leslie wanted to give herself one more look over before she put on her veil and made her way to the garden. Instead of the cliché beach wedding, Adam had suggested they find a beautiful garden for their special day. Living in Florida, beaches were everywhere and something everyone ventured to on a regular basis. Adam had wanted their special day to be extraordinary. It was one of the reasons the air was so fragrant. Along with the flowers they had brought in for bouquets and centerpieces, the garden was in full bloom with an array of flowers.

With a deep breath, Leslie put on a smile and began to fasten her veil to her perfectly coiffed hair. Though her hair was not quite as dark as her father’s, it was still a beautiful brown with highlights of red and copper throughout. Her eyes she got from her mother, a lovely hazel that gazed out from her lightly tanned skin. Over all, she was a good mix of her parents, her tall body holding just enough curves to not be lanky like her mother.

“Leslie, it’s time to start. Are you ready?” Sharron Carter, Leslie’s longtime best friend and maid of honor asked, poking her head in the door.

A shiver raced the length of Leslie’s body, and then a huge smile broke out on her face. Taking her father’s arm, she watched as her mother went to take her seat. Though Adam’s family had a lot of connections, Leslie had won the argument to keep the ceremony small. They had both only chosen three people to stand next to them and had kept the guest list small. It had been important to Leslie to have only people who cared for them and truly wanted to be there attending the reception.

For her bridesmaids, Leslie had chosen a beautiful ocean blue goddess-style dress that fit them each very nicely. She had not wanted to go down as the sort of bride who dressed her bridesmaids in hideous atrocities that should be burned. Sharron looked lovely in her dress. Her generous curves and dark complexion made her look like a Spanish princess.

“I just want to let you know that I really am proud of you. I think Adam is a good man, and I know he is going to take care of you. But I want you to also take care of yourself. Don’t get so comfortable living this new life and forget who you are, Leslie baby. You are a strong woman and can do anything you put your mind to,” her father whispered as they got into position. The warm spring sun shone down on them, and Leslie felt her smile grow from behind her veil.

“Thank you, Daddy. I promise I will always try to be the woman you would be proud of. I intend to be a good wife and a good person,” Leslie answered and her father leaned down to kiss the very top of her head. Warmth spread through her as her heart filled with love, and then it was time.

The violins began to play the wedding march, and the procession started. A sheer white curtain had been placed on an archway to keep her hidden until the last possible moment. There was no way she was going to let anything curse their marriage. Her friends slowly made their way down the aisle, led by Adam’s choices for groomsmen, and then the time came for her to march through. The curtain pulled open, and all the guests stood as she and her father moved forward.

If Leslie had thought she was nervous before, it was nothing compared to how she felt in that moment. Every chair was filled and all eyes were watching her as she slowly made her way down the aisle. Suddenly she wished she had chosen to wear flats. There was less risk of tripping over her feet and falling in flats. However, the moment she looked up and saw Adam standing at the end of the aisle, watching her with a look of love and desire in his eyes, all her fears washed away.

Adam always looked handsome, but something about the way he looked in that moment was breathtaking. He wore a fine black tux with ocean blue accents. The spark of color brought out the shine of his crystal blue eyes. Leslie was sure she was blushing as dirty thoughts began to play through her mind. They had chosen not to see each other for the last couple of days, which worked out with everything that had to be done last minute. However, Adam had made sure that when she did see him she would be crazy for him. He had filled her phone with erotic messages, describing in detail everything he planned to do to her on their wedding night.

A shiver ran down her body at the thought of those messages, and her father looked down to her with a questioning look. “Is everything okay?” His words came out in a whisper as they finished their walk.

Her blush deepened, and she was thankful for the veil that kept anyone from noticing how red her cheeks were. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just nervous. It’s a big day.”

“That it is, but it is going to be the best day of your life. I love you,” her father answered and the two of them stopped at the end of the aisle so the wedding could begin.

The ceremony started with her father giving her away, and the moment her hand was placed in Adam's, Leslie was sure she felt her heart burst. His skin was warm against hers, and she shivered again thinking of what those strong hands would be doing to her later. Adam smiled back to her, biting the inside of his cheek, and Leslie was sure he had the same sort of thoughts rolling through his mind. No one would know it from just talking to him, but Adam was a very wicked man. It was a secret kept only for her.

"You look incredible, Leslie. I never thought I would see the day you got even more beautiful," Adam whispered, rubbing her hand with his thumb as the officiant began his speech.

The ceremony went by like a dream. Leslie was sure she only managed to go through the motions and say the words because they had practiced them so many times. As each step went along, Leslie found herself watching her soon-to-be husband. His eyes were teasing, his lips curved in a mischievous smile, and his fingers stroking over hers. It heated her blood more than any of the embarrassing thoughts that had plagued her earlier. Now all she could think about were those silly text messages and voice mails Adam had left her over the last couple of days.

Her thoughts were so clouded in fantasies, she didn't realize the ceremony was over until Adam lifted her veil and pulled her in for a heated kiss. He didn't simply deliver a peck on the lips. No, Adam kissed her how he loved to kiss her, hot and deep and full of passion. He licked across her lips until she opened for him so he could fully explore her mouth to his liking. Leslie found herself moaning into his mouth as she kissed him back with just as much fever.

After a couple of moments, the officiant made a coughing noise and the crowd began to chuckle. Adam pulled away with a grin, and Leslie blushed deeply as she tried to find her feet. They were introduced to the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. Adam James Finn. The crowd cheered, and Adam led her back down the aisle so they could head to the reception.

The garden manager had provided them a small room to rest and have a drink in while the crowd moved to the reception area. Adam led her into the room, then turned her, and kissed her again. This kiss was even more passionate than the public one he had just given her. He pressed her against the door, leaning into her body as he devoured her. Her heart raced, and her hands clung to the breast of his jacket.

"I love you so much, Leslie. I swear to you I am going to be the best damn husband you could imagine," he whispered when he finally pulled away.

Leslie found herself shaking and was thankful he had her pressed so tightly to the door. She was sure she would have been on the floor if not for him holding her. "I love you, too. I can't believe we did this. I can't believe we are married."

"I can. I knew the moment I met you I was going to marry you. It was all part of the plan. Too bad we have to go mingle with all those people. I so want to get started with the wedding night," Adam moaned, kissing down her neck.

Leslie shivered at his words as he ran his hand down her body. Leslie could feel her body responding to his touch immediately, and another soft sound escaped her lips. "Well, we could be really awful and go on and leave. Do you think they will really miss us?"

Adam chuckled and kissed her again. Leslie took a turn running her hands over his body, feeling just how excited he was for their wedding night as well. Part of her wanted to throw caution to the wind and have her way with him right then and there. However, their parents had spent a lot of money for this wedding, and she wanted to get more than thirty minutes out of the fine dress she was wearing.

"I like the way you think, Mrs. Finn," Adam growled against her lips, his hand cupping her face as his thumb brushed against her cheek.

"I'm sure you do, but unfortunately, we have to go out there. We will just have to revisit this after dinner. I'm sure you will be good and ready for me by then," Leslie teased, finally moving away so she could breathe.

With Adam that close to her, there was no way for her to think past anything other than having him inside of her. They had been each other's one and only, but that didn't mean they hadn't figured out how to have a good time. Adam never failed to please her each and every time they were together. He went to great lengths to make sure she got her pleasure before he let go of his.

Walking to the small table where a bottle of champagne had been set with two glasses, she poured them each a drink, her hands still shaking from her extreme lust. With a glass in each hand, she turned and handed one to her husband. Adam took his glass and tapped hers with his. "To a long and happy life together. I love you so much, Mrs. Finn, and will love you for the rest of my life."

She blushed again before taking a sip of her drink, the warmth of the alcohol sinking in to every cell of her body. It was relaxing, and she was thankful for the relief. As she lifted her glass to take another sip, a loud knock sounded on the door. Adam went to answer and laughed when his brother, Warren, announced it was time for them to head over for the reception.

Walking over to join them, Leslie reached out and clasped Adam's hand so they could make their way to the reception hall. There were only a couple of hours left before they would be off for their honeymoon. She was sure her lust could handle waiting that long. If not, Leslie was certain she could convince Adam to leave a bit early. After all, she had felt just how excited he was to be kissing her, and she could only imagine how anxious he would be after a couple of hours of dancing and socializing. 

BOOK: Kisses and Revenge
9.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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