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“I haven’t had sex since my sister’s death,” she admitted softly. “I bet you have no idea what it’s like to go that long. Vibrators are great but not the same. Watching internet porn while masturbating will do in a pinch but mostly I miss the feel of touching someone else, the sensation of a real guy inside me. Dildos might look realistic but they sure don’t feel that way to me. I don’t even bother to use them.”

She studied his cock to avoid looking into his eyes while she babbled. She was painfully aware that she made excuses to herself and to him, trying to make it okay to take things further. Knowing that humiliated her but she didn’t care when her body hurt with need. It was sad that she’d reached such a low point in her life but at least she would give him a choice, be completely honest.

“Here’s the deal. I’m going to kill you but if you’re really a man, you might want to get nailed first. A come-before-you-go kind of deal.” Her fingers traced his shaft up to the crown, her thumb rubbing the rim before she found the courage to meet his gaze. His eyes seemed to be glowing again. “Are you in or out? I mean that literally.”

His gaze dropped down her body. “In. I always said I wanted to go out with a lass under me but I’ll take one on top any day.” He paused, his gaze piercing as it met hers. “I just want you to know two things first.”

She hesitated, almost afraid to ask. “What?”

“My name is Lethal, but I don’t kill humans.”

“Noted.” She tilted her head. “That’s your real name? Seriously? Your mother tagged you with that?” She knew he couldn’t miss the sarcasm in her voice.

“Morgan, but I don’t use it and haven’t for a really long time. My friends call me Lethal and I like it.”

“And the other thing?”

“May I ask your name?”

“Lacey, and yes, that’s on my birth certificate.” She had a sudden, horrible thought as reality intruded. “Wait! I know vamps don’t carry diseases so you can’t transmit anything through sex…right?”

“No.” He looked insulted.

Very convincing.
She believed him. Amused, she reached behind her, unfastened her bra and dropped it to the floor.

Chapter Three


Lethal couldn’t believe his changing luck. He’d gone from being shot after coming out of the club to being restrained with a hot naked woman straddling his thighs. She was going to kill him but what a way to go. He studied her amber gaze, her long, streaked blonde hair that teased her rosy taut nipples, and he wished he could reach them with his mouth.

He’d planted an idea in her mind—her wanting sex with him—and nurtured it. He’d made her see him as a man, not the monster she hated. Encouraged her latent desire, stoked her fire. But she resisted his suggestion that she release him. He could force the issue but the lass had spirit. She only allowed him so much leeway. It meant she was honestly attracted to him. He could relate. And, surprisingly, he wanted her to retain her power to choose this. He would just enable her to rationalize her actions.

His gaze lowered to her soft belly and womanly, rounded hips. He was grateful she wasn’t some waif who starved herself. The lass was healthy and curvy in all the right places.

Her fingers played with his cock, her touch so light it tormented him, and he wished he could brace his feet in anticipation of when she sank down on him. He’d love to drive up into her and really give her a ride.

Her other hand lifted to cup her breast, squeezing the lush mound, and his passion notched higher. He’d tie her down and torment her with his mouth if he could break free. She released her breast and slid her hand down her belly, her thighs spreading more, and he wished his cock wasn’t straining so hard since it blocked his view of her sex.

He twisted his head to see around it and groaned when she ran her fingers along the seam of her pussy. She shaved it bare. Her pale flesh spread enough to see the pink bud her fingertips brushed and he held back a growl. It would probably scare her away or change her mind if he made any noises she might find alarming.

“Move up here. My mouth can do a better job than your fingers.” He’d love to lick her clit and test how wet she was with his tongue.

She smiled at him. “Right. I’m really going to ride the face of a vampire with sharp fangs. You’d bite into me and bleed me dry.”

“I won’t bite.”

“I’m not stupid. It’s tempting, but no.”

She leaned back, released his cock and closed her eyes. Her head tilted back as she played with her clit. The scent of her building arousal drove him a little crazy. The desire to taste her pussy was stronger than his blood lust. He just knew it would be so sweet, enticing, and his cock throbbed with need.

Her breathing changed to soft little pants and his thighs tensed. “Ride me, sexy. At least free my legs. Don’t make me just lie here. I’ll give you the best bucking of your life.”

Her head lowered as she stared at him. “I’m so tempted, but no.” Her hand moved away from the vee of her spread thighs and she leaned up, her hands bracing on his stomach. He tensed as she lifted her hips.

“Try not to come before I do.” She stared into his eyes. “Please? I’m so close that it’s not asking for much.”

He wondered if men had left her wanting often. They were fools if they didn’t appreciate her beauty to the fullest. “You can fuck me for hours. I’ll stay hard no matter how many times I come.”

Interest sparked in her eyes. “Really? So you do get off?”

“Yes, lass, I sure do.”

“You have sex with humans?”

She amused him. “I told you, I’m not dead. I’m still a man.”

Her hand lifted off his stomach and gently squeezed his cock. She hovered just above him. She lowered a little, rubbing the crown against her very warm, wet pussy. Lethal groaned in anticipation of what she’d feel like once he was buried balls-deep.

“Don’t torture me, Lacey.” He wanted to get inside her.

She eased down and he ground his teeth together, his fangs lengthening at the sheer ecstasy of how tight and welcoming her body was. Sleek heat constricted around his cock as she took more of him. Her moan of pleasure became the most wonderful sound ever as she began to move up and down on him. Her hands slid up to his chest, braced against him, and he couldn’t look away from her beautiful eyes when they met his gaze.

He was tempted to strongly enforce his will and order her to unchain him. She was wide open to him both physically and mentally now as the pleasure between them mounted. He resisted using mind control, not willing to interfere with her actions. She felt too good riding him and he wanted her a bit too much. It was best if he remained restrained. He didn’t trust that he wouldn’t lose all control. She was fragile and accidentally hurting her was a possibility if he was in charge.

There were other suggestions he had no qualms about, however.
You won’t kill me
You no longer have that desire. You want to believe what I say and deep down you know I’m nothing like the vampire who murdered your sister. You want to figure me out and shield me from others who will do me harm.


Lacey rode Lethal frantically, her gaze locked with his, and the glowing beauty of his eyes turned her on more. His cock was large, thick and incredibly hard. No man had ever felt so good. She adjusted her hand, reached between their joined bodies, and her fingertip massaged her clit. She broke eye contact with him as the climax hit, so powerful she cried out and shook from the force of it. The man under her tensed his legs, bucking his hips upward as much as he could with the chains holding him down. He slammed into her hard and furiously, groaning her name as he came.

She felt it when he did as her vaginal muscles fluttered from the aftermath of her own release, milking his cock, and his warm semen flooded deep inside her. She panted, stunned by the intense response to his body as she nearly collapsed on top of him. She would have but knew it would put her in range of his fangs.

That would be really stupid.
She opened her eyes. He looked even sexier after sex. Those white fangs pressed against his lower lip as if he’d tried to muffle the sounds he made. That was disappointing. She would have loved to hear every one.

His irises truly glowed and she wondered if he attempted to take control of her mind. She should look away, though vampires had never been able to make her brainless with their suggestive abilities, it was possible that she just hadn’t come across one who was strong enough. He was a master and none of her team knew exactly what one was capable of, what power they possessed. They’d never caught one of those and didn’t know anyone who had.

She just couldn’t look away, despite the risk. Part of her wondered if she’d been compromised but she disregarded it. He’d have forced her to remove the chains, not have sex with him.

He licked the tip of his fangs. “I’m sorry if I frighten you. I have no intention of biting but they tend to come out when I’m really turned-on.”

She shrugged and brushed her hand down over his stomach, tracing the muscles there. Fear wasn’t at the top of her list of what she currently felt. It was a little disheartening that the best lay of her life happened to be with a bloodsucker. It made it ten times worse that it was her duty to kill him. It was a depressing concept.

“No worries. I’m not going near your mouth so it doesn’t matter.”

He hesitated. “I’ll die a happy man now.” Amusement curved his lips. “I’ll close my eyes when death comes and remember how gorgeous you are and how amazing that was.”

His words stunned her. She figured he might try to change her mind about opening the skylight. Most men would be pretty smug about getting a woman off. Not this one. It made her like him a little more.
Not good.

“Do you know anything about the vampire who killed your sister? Do you have a description of him?”

The question surprised her. “Why do you want to know?”

“I’d like you to do me one favor after you open that skylight and turn me to ash. Leave a note at that club you took me from, detailing what you know about her killer. My friends will hunt him down.” He paused. “We don’t abide vampires who take lives. It not only increases the danger of our exposure to your kind but it pisses us off. Just do it quickly. They’ll realize they’ve been compromised when I don’t return and move their location.”

“Why would you offer me that?”

“You gifted me with a memorable last evening. It’s a good way to die.”

She didn’t believe him.

“Trust me, Lacey. I’ve imagined how I would go out of this life many a time. Most of my kind die in battle or from the stakes of humans who kill us for sport. You have a noble cause. Family is important enough to avenge. That is honorable and I respect that.” His gaze lowered to her breasts, a smile playing at his lips. “And a beautiful body. I wish to help you fulfill your quest to take out your sister’s murderer as a way to show my gratitude.”

She stared at his face, looking for some hint of deception. What was his angle? Maybe he hoped she was dim-witted enough to share details with someone at that club so they could figure out how to find her. They would come seeking revenge for Lethal’s death.

“I don’t think so.”

He frowned. “Fine. There’s a rogue vampire out there attacking and killing humans and he won’t stop until someone takes him out. You have known the loss of a loved one. Why make others experience that same pain?”

She leaned forward, her hands braced against his chest again in case he lunged up to try to sink his teeth into her. With her arms locked it would throw her back if he attempted it. She wanted to believe him but anyone in his situation would say anything to save his own life.

“What makes you think they could find him?”

“There aren’t many of us in each city. It’s just a matter of having a description and setting up surveillance of anyone who fits it. They’ll be there to stop him permanently the first time he goes after another woman. We weren’t aware of any murders or we would have already taken care of it. We haven’t been in town long and only the high-profile cases have caught our attention. With your help, they’ll know who to hunt.”

He is really good.
He looked at her with such sincerity that, if she didn’t know what he was, she’d have believed him. Long black eyelashes adorned those really arresting eyes.
What if he is telling the truth?
She bit her lip, considering that. The idea of finding Beth’s killer was too tempting to easily dismiss.

“Her death ruined everything,” she admitted. “I was engaged, had a job I loved and a great life. After she died this jerk showed up at my apartment to tell me he knew what had killed her. I thought he was insane but he showed me one like you. They’d captured a vamp and made me watch him burn alive in the sun. I became obsessed with finding your kind to prevent others from knowing my loss. I couldn’t stomach lying to everyone I knew so I avoided getting close to anyone after I walked away from my old life.”

“Why did they even tell you?” He frowned. “I mean, what was the point? The truth would only torment you more.”

“They needed help going after vampires and my father was a Marine sniper, which was posted in Beth’s obituary. Our dad raised us after our mother took off. He taught us how to use guns and the picture I’d given to the newspaper showed us together at the firing range.”

He sighed. “Did you shoot me or was it your father?”

“He died a year before I lost Beth. It’s just me now.” It was a roundabout admission. It didn’t sit well with her to admit that she was the one who’d taken him down now that their relationship had become far more intimate. She couldn’t ignore that.

“Please leave the note. Don’t make my death meaningless. I always believed I’d die in battle.” His gaze flicked to the ceiling where the sun awaited him when she opened the skylight. “Give me the peace of knowing my friends will go after that animal who killed your sister. It’s what my friends and I do. We kill the bad ones.”

She gazed into his pretty eyes and unless he was the most convincing liar in the world, he honestly meant every word. She
to believe him. She had fried vamps before for the team, a few times actually, and she’d done it without hesitation. Just thinking about watching Lethal burst into flames, the screams of agony that would follow, and him fading into ash turned her stomach. She couldn’t do it.

Her emotions were in turmoil. He was a killer, a vampire. Everyone on the team had suffered personal loss. For three years she’d helped take out vamps but had never found the son of a bitch she wanted to kill most. Lethal had the resources to accomplish that if he was being truthful.

It wasn’t easy working for her boss. Jeff could be a first-rate jerk whenever anyone disagreed with his orders. He kept the team on a shoestring budget. He always stripped the vamps of their money and used it to fund the team since it was impossible for most of them to keep full-time jobs with all the assignments he passed out. He didn’t care about tracking Beth’s killer, any vampire would do, and he gave her hell every time she brought up the subject. Lethal offered her more help than Jeff ever had, yet he was facing the dawn. Could she trust him? Did he really want to help? If so, that said something about his character that she couldn’t ignore.

Inexplicably, she’d had mind-blowing sex with Lethal and she’d never been one to take that lightly. Her body and heart were connected.
I can’t do it. I can’t watch his destruction. What if he’s telling the truth?
Some people were just killers, rapists, and worse than rabid animals. Others were good, kind, wonderful people.
What if vampires are the same?
That question would haunt her if she opened that skylight.

BOOK: Lacey and Lethal
2.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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