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Authors: Mia Dymond

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Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll

BOOK: Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll
Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll

By Mia Dymond




Copyright 2011 Mia Dymond

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“Cameron, I can’t believe you’re making me do

Rachel took one look around the jam-packed
auditorium of the Diablo Convention Center and felt the sudden urge
to lose her lunch. No way could she do what Cameron expected her to
do. The mere thought of it was totally ridiculous. She glanced at
the closest exit sign and opened her mouth to speak.

“Don’t even think about it,” Cameron said
from beside her.


Rachel’s stomach spun and her cheeks heated
as Cameron tugged her through a sea of spandex and sequins.

“You tossed your back stage pass, remember?”
Cameron’s infectious giggle was swallowed by the sound of
hysterical, screaming women.

Rachel squeezed her eyes closed and swallowed
How could I forget?

Still, she had to try to change Cameron’s
mind one more time. “Can’t I just buy you a pair of shoes?”

Rachel glanced down at Cameron’s feet,
wrapped in a pair of strappy black sandals that boosted her height
at least six inches. Surely the Louis Vuitton pumps in Bergmann’s
window could provide a tempting incentive.

A sly grin creased Cameron’s lips. “Nah,” she
said as she wrinkled her nose and pulled Rachel through the

Rachel exhaled in frustration. Cameron had
managed to talk her into doing something completely out of her
comfort zone. Cameron had this bright idea (one of her best, she
claimed) to get backstage to meet world-renowned rock star, Jaydon
Hawke, at his concert. A completely Cameron thing to do, but oh so
not Rachel’s modus operandi.

Cameron tightened her hold on Rachel’s elbow.
“I won’t miss this opportunity, not even for you.”

Rachel frowned. Although she understood
Cameron’s excitement, she wasn’t being entirely rational. “You
realize less than 25% of women who attempt this feat actually
succeed, don’t you?”

Cameron looked at her like she grew two
heads. “Where on Earth did you hear that?”

“I didn’t. I researched it. It’s true.”

Cameron shook her head. “You really need to
relax, Rachel.”

Rachel gave a heavy sigh. “There’s no
guarantee we’ll get back there, let alone see Hawke.”

Cameron stopped and folded her arms. “First
of all, let me remind you that it was you who forced me to
orchestrate this mission.”

Rachel flinched as guilt poked her. “I know
and I’m sorry. I was sure you’d go back there without me.” Rachel
tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “If you’ll just wait two
seconds, I can run to the hospitality counter and explain. I’m sure
I can finagle another pass.”

The mischievous look that overtook Cameron’s
face made Rachel’s nerves tremble.

“Too late.” Cameron dismissed her with a wave
of her hand and nudged her toward the stage. “Besides, you know as
well as I do, I don’t care if we see Hawke or not.”

Rachel paused. She knew good and well Cameron
nursed a huge crush on Hawke’s drummer, Sean Pirelli. And
apparently, being the object of Cameron’s raging hormones was a
dangerous thing.

“Yes, but what if someone sees me?”

Cameron chuckled. “Believe me, Rachel, no one
expects to see you here.”

Rachel didn’t know whether to be insulted or
relieved. But, Cameron had a point. Rachel had never been to a rock
concert in her life and certainly never tried to get back

So she followed behind, both amazed and
terrified when Cameron maneuvered them all the way up front and two
feet from the backstage entrance. Unfortunately, the massive, bald,
mountain of a man standing guard appeared to be unimpressed by
Cameron’s tactics.

He gave a slight nod. “Ladies.”

Rachel forced a smile and tried to hide as
best she could behind Cameron’s five foot frame.

In her usual sassy manner, Cameron tossed her
naturally blonde curls, flashed her black and white VIP pass, and
pointed behind him. “We’re supposed to be back there.”

In one practiced swoop, he took her pass and
slid it into his left front jeans pocket. “The meet-and-greet was
two hours ago.”

Rachel’s nerves skipped a happy dance.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
. Her relief, however, was
short lived when she reached for Cameron’s elbow and grasped only

Cameron took two steps closer to the

Rachel could only stare as Cameron fluttered
her eyelids and molded her soft curves to his hard, muscled body.
Then, with a steamy smile, she stood on her tiptoes to caress the
top of his smooth, shiny head with her fingertips, and leaned in to
tickle his ear with a whisper.

Rachel stole a quick look around the area to
make sure they hadn’t attracted any attention. When her gaze rested
back on the bouncer, he stood with his hands crossed over his
sculpted chest, his head lowered to gaze over the top of his Armani
sunglasses, lazily perusing Cameron’s body from top to bottom.
Rachel let some of the tension slide from her shoulders. Cameron
had everything under control. He was quite obviously occupied for
now. Maybe Cameron could pull this off alone.

Cameron braced one smooth, shapely leg
against his hip and Rachel’s eyes widened when she noticed the
zipper of his black denim jeans strained to restrain his
enthusiasm. Rachel moaned under her breath and fought the sudden
urge to leave Cameron holding the bag. But once again, loyalty to
Cameron stopped her and she shifted from foot to foot, certain they
would be thrown out any minute. Instead, he stood morbidly

Rachel swallowed hard when Cameron took a
step back and placed both hands on the hem of her blouse.

“Now,” she told Rachel.

Against her better judgment, Rachel followed
Cameron’s example and in the next second she and Cameron lifted
their shirts and presented their lush, firm, bare breasts to the
valiant soldier. He cocked an eyebrow and Rachel could’ve sworn his
upper lip lifted a millimeter. Although she was totally
embarrassed, Rachel felt somewhat relieved that his gaze was zeroed
in on Cameron. And, obviously he’d forgotten all about her

Rachel shook herself free of her temporary
insanity and yanked her shirt back in place, shocked that she
actually participated. But even more shocking was motorcycle-man’s
overly satisfied smile as he pushed his shades back up over his
eyes, unclipped the velvet rope of the barrier, and waved them
through the entrance.

“See?” Cameron smoothed her top with both
hands and plumped her breasts back up to the top. “Piece of cake.
Now you’re ready for Harley’s.”

“A biker bar?!” Rachel tossed her hair over
her shoulder in defiance as she repositioned herself. “No way.”

“Way.” Cameron threw a playful wink at the
burly watch dog still poised at the gate. “You’ve just proven your
equipment is in tip-top condition.”

Rachel gave Cameron her best
when hell
look. “From now on, my equipment stays put.”

“Well, we’re back here. Nothing’s stopping us

“What exactly did you say to him?”

“I just explained we only had one pass but it
would be worth his while to pretend we had two. Obviously, he

Although still not convinced the whole
evening had not been a terrible nightmare, Rachel followed Cameron
down the corridor, puzzled by the lack of security. Surely there
were more bouncers than the one at the gate. A twinge of
apprehension tickled the base of her back bone.

“Uh, Cameron, where is everybody?”

Even Cameron seemed to be bothered by the
emptiness. “Kinda weird, huh? You’d think—”

Rachel stopped in mid-step, just in time to
stop herself from plowing into Cameron. “What’s wrong?”

Rachel glanced around Cameron and her mouth
fell open. There, in the flesh, headed straight for them was Jaydon
Hawke himself. She looked closer. In the flesh was an
understatement. His shirt flaps blew in the breeze behind him, his
toned, sculpted abs rippled with each step. And lower, his tight
red, leather pants had been left unzipped enough to catch a glimpse
of his obliques, carved into a sexy valley leading to a nicely
wrapped package between his legs.

“Hey ladies.”

Rachel raised her gaze from his groin to his
face, a split second before Cameron passed smooth out, her lemon
drop curls threatening to smack the cement on the way down. Baffled
by both Cameron’s reaction and Hawke’s arrival, Rachel managed to
overcome her confusion long enough to catch Cameron and fold her
neatly on the floor.

“Darn you, Cameron, this was your idea,” she

Rachel squatted beside Cameron and fanned her
vigorously, tempted to slap her silly.


Hawke’s half-curse stalled her motion.

“What now?” she snapped.

Almost embarrassed by her sharp tone, Rachel
released a heavy breath. It wasn’t his fault her evening had gone
to hell.

“I need you to come here for a minute.”

Rachel snorted and resumed moving the air
around Cameron. She gave Cameron’s shoulder a shake.
For Pete’s
sake, wake up!
“I can’t leave her like this.”

“She’s fine,” he insisted, “it happens all
the time. I really need your help.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. Of course this
happened all the time. Forcing herself to admit Cameron was still
out cold, she glanced over her shoulder.

“Oh, God.” Her jaw fell open. “What are you

Hawke stood inches from her with his hands
between his legs and a smirk on his face. ”Not what you think.” He
moved his hands to the side. “My zipper is jammed. You’re going to
have to help me.”

Mortified, all she could do was stare like a
star struck idiot.
This is not happening.
“You have got to
be kidding.”

“I wish like hell I was.”

Rachel glanced down at his groin and then
back at him. “No.”

He released a throaty chuckle. “You don’t
expect me to go out there like this, do you?”

Rachel couldn’t help but lower her eyes
again. His pants were so tight, it was quite obvious what rested
beneath. He’d cause a riot.

Without moving her gaze, she made a last
ditch effort to sway his decision. “Just leave your shirt

Another low, sexy laugh. “You’ve never seen
my show, have you?”

Rachel shook her head.

“My pants really need to be zipped,” he said.
“My shirt won’t stay on long.”

Rachel closed her eyes and briefly chastised
herself for blindly following Cameron.
This is exactly what I
get. First I flash the bodyguard, now this

Determined to end the madness, she released
an aggravated sigh. “Can you come closer? I really don’t want to
leave her.”

She saw his jaw clench as he inched closer.
Rachel glanced back down at Cameron who appeared to be sleeping
peacefully. Surely this wouldn’t take long. And he did appear to be
sincere about needing her help.

Rachel turned and crouched between his legs,
positioning one palm on each side of his zipper. Sudden movement
under her right hand made her flinch.

“Um.” She swallowed hard. “That’s only going
to complicate matters.”

He placed a finger under her chin and tilted
her head until their eyes met. “Sweetheart, there’s not a damn
thing I can do about that.”

Rachel’s cheeks burnt. There was absolutely
no way she would work the zipper around that obstacle. “I don’t
think I’m the right person for this. Let me get someone else.”

Something between panic and amusement flashed
in his eyes. “No time. I’ve got to get out there.”

Rachel released another sigh and refocused on
her task. The zipper was stuck halfway up the tract. If she could
force it back down, he could take it from there.

“Can you squeeze the edges together?”

For a split second she thought he might
argue. And then he reached down and pinched the fabric between his

Rachel moved her hand from the overwhelming
warmth of his body and grasped the zipper. After a few quick tugs,
it slid free. Just as Rachel was about to declare victory, she
heard Cameron’s voice behind her.

“That was definitely not part of the

Sheer, white terror enveloped her as Rachel
looked over her shoulder. Too late she realized that in her
surprise, her hands lay plastered to Hawke’s groin, her fingers all
but wrapped around his anatomy. Cameron now sat on the concrete
floor, her legs folded beneath her, both eyebrows raised in

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