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Lesbian Mind Control Adventures: One




McKenna Danvers





The Neighborhood Ladies



Stacey sat outside the house and watched the women enter. She parked in her car a little ways from the front entrance so it wasn't immediately obvious that was what she was doing. It wouldn't do for her to scare them away before she had them where she wanted them.

Five women had dared to show up, five women in this cookie cutter neighborhood where each house concealed a bunch of unsated lusts and masturbating unhappy couples. Stacey knew the place very well, even though she'd never been here before.
The Control buried deep inside her allowed to taste the atmosphere of the area like a snake scenting the air. Each of these neighborhoods, just far enough out from the crime ridden central cities, were the same.

The women were a little different each time however. The five women entering the house for the sex toy party were all the MILF type, tight bodies
, and even tighter wound on the inside she was sure. Three white women with perky breasts and well-done nails, a Latina like herself, and a very tall and curvy black woman. Despite their different ethnicities, they were all the same on the inside. Or they would be.

Stacey pushed the mirror down in her car, and checked out her makeup. It was flawless—just enough to
accentuate her pretty face but not enough to look like a hooker. In her line of business it was very important not to look like a hooker.

She brushed her lips together and thought of soft, warm female flesh obeying her every rule if they wanted to or not. Stacey was a Control, one of those freaks of nature with the powe
r to compel others to do things—even if they sometimes resisted. It had made her the top selling agent in whatever marketing job she wanted, and it also made her hungry. Normal sex was for normal people, and Stacey was not normal in any sense of the word.

She'd moved quickly on from just fucking women, to fucking women that really didn't identify as lesbian. Stacey flicked back her blonde
streaked hair from her eyes. She rather hated lesbians...and everywhere seemed to be full of them these days. It was fashionable among the younger, hipper set—which was why Stacey had to hunt out in the suburbs, where just the fractionally older house wives lived.

Pushing open the door on her red mustang, Stacey slid out one long leg, grabbed her bag of tricks
, and wriggled her way out of the car. Her tight black mini skirt was short, but again not so short as to scare off the women awaiting her. She preferred to let her gifts sneak up on them. One of those gifts was no panties and a shaved nude cunt. So she smoothed down the skirt, and did up one more button on her crisp white shirt. Soon enough they'd be getting a look at her tits, but she didn’t want them to get freaked out too soon.

Walking briskly up to the door, she rang the bell and waited. Her heart was racing just as it always did before she got what she wanted. Despite the many times she'd used the Control on others, there was still a part of her that was a little afraid there would be a time when it would not work.

Rachel answered the door. It was she that Stacey had convinced to host the party. She'd met her in the grocery store, walking in tight white jeans around the produce aisle looking bored. It had been easy for Stacey to find an excuse to touch her hand; a fake run in with her cart had been more than enough. Once she'd made skin to skin contact, the Control over her had been established. Stacey could use it on anyone within sight, but the nearer the easier it was.

had been simple, since Stacey could read her desperation in her eyes, and the way her nipples tightened under her shirt. Rachel was desperate for contact, horny, and wet in those tight jeans.

They'd got to talking
, and soon enough Stacey had convinced her to host a party. It was racy, naughty, and just the thing Rachel needed. It made her feel that she was still young, unmarried and horny.

Rachel grinned, unconsciously licking the top line of her lip, "so glad to see you. Come in."

She smiled as she entered. The house was beautiful, large and immaculate, but Stacey did not compliment
Rachel on it. It wasn't the type of thing she wanted to hear, as a Control she knew that immediately.

"We're all free of husbands and kids for the night,"
Rachel said, her voice going rather fast, communicating her nerves. "We’re all pretty good friends already, so this sort of thing shouldn’t be too embarrassing. The girls are in here."

Still without saying a word, Stacey followed her into the living room
with its broad couches, chairs, and lush rugs on the polished wooden floor. The other four ladies were there, sitting nervously on the edges of their seats, or feigning relaxation with a glass of wine.

Rachel introduced them, Stacey categorized each, and let her Control run over them. Amber was a fit younger woman, maybe only twenty-two at the most. She had short pixie cut dark hair, and a slim athletic build. Erica was the tall, black woman. She had curves in all the right places, and met Stacey's eyes evenly. She gave the distinct impression she might have a clue what was happening. Sofia was the Latina woman with the most startling blue eyes, and long wavy hair. Stacey couldn't wait to get her dragged her around by it. Finally, there was Tara who was an olive skinned woman with pert breasts under a tank top that Stacey just knew would bounce deliciously.

Best of all, in all of them she could feel it; the willingness to break out of their humdrum life. They were all beautiful, sexy women, and she could taste in he deepest core how they needed to feel that. A coil of desire began to take over from a coil of anticipation
in the pit of her stomach.

"Good evening, ladies," Stacey said with a smile, laying her bag on the coffee table before them. "Shall w
e have a glass of wine to start?"

Gently, she let the touch of her Control out among them. Soon, even those that had not meant to drink were reaching for a glass. It was a good start; lowering their
inhibitions now with alcohol would make her goals much easier.

While they poured glasses for each other, chatted, and made nervous jokes, Stacey laid out her demonstration devices—not the
hard-core ones yet—but something to get their blood flowing.

Along the front of the coffee table she placed her body powders, her excitement
enhancement creams, and then behind them the starting line up of her vibrators. However, she limited them to her small pink ones.

Despite their hesitation, they leaned forward as she began.

The body powder was a good start. "Comes in six flavors," she said, holding out the small jar to Amber. She took it as Stacey informed them, "Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, melon, brown sugar, and maple."

The women all made nods and slight noises of interest, but it wasn't until she asked them to try it, that she knew she had them.
Amber dipped her finger in the delicate powder and raised it to her lips.

"Oh that is good!" she crooned.

Stacey smiled to herself. This was going to be an easy group; they were half-way to sucking each others tits before she'd even walked in the door.

"It's even better on the naked skin," she urged them, and her Control began to work its way into that lizard-brain part of them. She saw
Sophia shift slightly in her chair. It had to be a twitch she was feeling. A good start.

"Imagine licking this off the naked skin of your lover," Stacey said softly. "Feeling them shiver."

The women glanced between themselves, and there were only a few nervous giggles. It was when the giggling died away completely that Stacey would know she had them.

"What's this,"
Sophia asked, picking up the enhancement cream.

"That's our female rev cream." Stacey unscrewed the tin and held it out. "Once little smear of this on your clit and you'll be seeing stars again."

"Haven't seen those for quite awhile," Erica whispered to Sophia with a smile, and Stacey observed a little frisson between the two of them. She'd have them fucking each other with her as yet unrevealed toys before the end of the night.

Stacey herself was
getting wetter and more hungry as she felt their combined rising horniness seep into her. The Control worked in both directions ways after all. Yet, this was not her first of these parties and she knew the longer she held off the more satisfying it would be—both for her sexually and financially.

She pushed the vibrators
foreword a little, and on the back of the coffee table loaded up the spankers and handcuffs. These were no flimsy Chinese imports, but good strong pieces of American handy work; there was nothing pink or fluffy about her equipment.

The women, who only a few moments earlier might have gasped, simply looked at the leather and metal with wide eager eyes.

"Now ladies, we are getting to the good bit." Stacey whispered it so that they all leaned forward. "We reach the spanking stage. Don't try and pretend you haven't thought about it. The combination of pain and pleasure can be exhilarating..."

, who up until now had not spoken, actually dropped to her knees on the carpet so she could get a better look. Stacey watched her and knew immediately she had her first conquest. "Would you like to hold a spanker, Tara?"

She looked up at her with wide brown eyes. "I couldn't I.."

"Then how about some of the body powder?" Stacey leaned forward, and placed the chocolate into Tara’s hand. "Rachel’s breasts look like a good place to start."

didn't want to do that. She was horny and lonely, but she'd never thought of her friend like that. It didn't matter Stacey pressed the Control on her.

wriggled over to Rachel, and pulled down the blonde’s tank top. Rachel remained frozen because Stacey wanted it that way. All the other women she held in place, while Tara smeared the powder on Rachel’s nipple. It went from rose colored to copper-stained immediately.

"Now lick it off," Stacey commanded, her voice rising like a whip to spur the woman on.

When Tara’s tongue connected with that sweet tit, Rachel let out a long groan. She tilted her head back as Tara suckled on her, and her legs feel open unconsciously. Stacey wouldn't have to make much use of the Control on her. Holding the other women still, but working their libidos with the Control, Stacey rose and grabbed Tara by the back of her head, forcing her mouth to work on Rachel’s other tit.

"Don't stop," she ordered. "Don't stop
touching each other until I tell you."

Her eyes went to the other three women, her mind already picking out which of them she wanted to fuck first.

She stood over them, feeling their panic and desires rising around her like delicious wine. Erica, the lush black woman was staring at her, and there was something she recognized in that stare. She wanted to fuck someone.

Stacey grinned
and turned to the lovely Latina, Sophia.

"Take your clothes off," she said.

The woman's mind struggled against her for an instant. Her upbringing told it was wrong, though her pussy was as wet as everyone else’s. "I…I can't…"

"You can, and you will," Stacey replied, "both of you will."

Erica had her dress over her head in an instant, revealing a body that had firm waist and abs, but a sweet rounded ass, and perfect full breasts. Sophia more reluctantly followed suit. Her body was petite, with pert, sweet breasts that begged to be tongued. She stood there hesitant, her hands covering her pussy, and her eyes everywhere, but at the emerging naked women around her.

Stacey knew that woman had to be taught a lesson. She picked up the thick strap on cock from her bag and handed it to
Erica. "I want you to fuck her in the ass," she said, a growl of anger staining her voice. She didn't like it when anyone came close to breaking the Control. She had to teach them a lesson. "Give it to her hard."

couldn't run, but only watch helplessly as Erica stepped into the strap-on. Stacey pulled open her blouse, and ran her fingers over her own nipples, and full breasts. Rachel and Tara had moved on by themselves to kissing each other, and squeezing and pinching each other breasts. It was quite the sight.

Stacey looked down at
Amber even as she hitched up her skirt. "I hope you know how to lick." She had come prepared with no panties for this occasion.

The woman looked at her helplessly. Stacey didn't even bother with words, she merely used the Control to get
Amber to take off her top. Stacey let out a sigh, another perfect set of tits. She'd chosen very well with this group.

She slumped back in the chair by the fireplace and beckoned the woman to her. She came crawling on her knees, her eyes wide with fright. Stacey grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pulled her down against her crotch. When
Amber’s tongue connected it was bliss.

BOOK: Lesbian Mind Control Adventures: One
12.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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